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01.06.13 Games I Love

Games I Love

Games that are nostalgic, games that I spent hours on, games that had an rimpact on me, many rrrrrrrrrrrrof them might not be anything truly groundbreaking rbut defined my childhood.rAlso keep rrrin rrrrrrrmind rrI'm only 17 so you wont find oldschool games on this.
1Danny Brown

Dark Souls- I love this game because simply put, its beautifully crafted.
It has a very good lore, the areas are distinct and beautiful I especially like Anor
Londo, the combat is so varied that if offers a giant amount of replayability.
I have about 100 hours combined of gameplay and i'm still not tired.
2Pierce The Veil
Collide With The Sky

Call Of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops 2- Before you start your ranting I enjoy call of
duty for what it is,
a fun arcade shooter that requires little skill to pick up.
The game offers 3 distinct modes ( although the campaign in both games isn't
anything special) that you can sink hours into, so it is worth your money content-
OK Computer

Counter Strike 1.6- My favorite shooter, and has been for 3 years now.
The difference between this and number 2, is that this game does require skill and there's no greater satisfaction than being
able to run up behind someone and knife
I still remember my first kill on cs, I was getting shot from behind I turn around and
instinctly shot the awp and kill the guy with no scope, I felt like such a bad-ass
4Iron Maiden
Brave New World

Dragon Quest 8- I can't stress how much I love this game, I had 200 hours on this
game and unlike alot of games the final boss wasn't an anticlimactic piece of shit
( I'm talking to you dark souls, borderlands 2) the guy kept me on my toes the
whole fight i spent at least five minutes each turn planning exactly what I should
do next and after I finally beat him jokes on me you still have to fight a bunch of
I hope they bring this game to psn.
The Listening

Ratchet and Clank 3- I beat this game 15 times back on the ps2 , to this day no
other ratchet felt has good as this one and I don't know why.
I collected everything I had to collect in this game, gold bolts, all the purple stuff
in the sewers, I had all the costumes, all the guns maxed out, also why the fuck didn't they add the split-screen option in latter
games on the ps3
6Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

God Of War Franchise- Kratos is a bad-ass, the environments were beautiful, the
kills were so gruesomely fun, and the story was interesting.
Also I smoke my first joint to this game, I was with my uncle and he was playing
god of war 2 he gave me the remote and went to the living room while I was inside
a fucking reanimated statue stealing all its energy, he came
back smoking after a while he asked me to pass the remote
and handed me the joint and said go ahead don't worry i wont tell your mom to this
day i'm not sure if I was high, the game definitely got more colorful though
Soul Pirate

Jak and Daxter: precursors legacy-
the latter games just tried to innovate too much,
the second was ok but I hated the third NO I DON'T WANT TO FUCKING DRIVE
this one however just clicked with me, because how much it reminded me of
ratchet and clank and I also really enjoyed the plataforming.
Ten Thousand Fists

Need For Speed Underground 2 and Most Wanted (the old one)- Love them, its
need for speed I don't really need to say why its awesome.
the remake however for most wanted is just horrible, if your thinking about buying it
because you're hoping its similar to the original, don't just don't.
Straight Outta Compton

GTA 3 , GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas- My favorite of the 3 is easily san
andreas because it felt more complete than all the other ones on top of that it was
gangsta as shit but all of them are great.?
Also when I first played my first gta which was 3(again with my uncle) I never
heard of it soon i discovered i could beat people to death steal their money, hijack
cars and i was instantly hooked
The Slim Shady LP

Hitman Blood Money- My favorite assassins game screw Ezio agent 47 would wipe him off
the map and put him inside a garbage bin.
also anyone know if absolution is worth the money?
11Dr. Dre
The Chronic

Crash Bandicoot- I can't remember nothing about the game itself but just picturing
the game cover brings alot of memories, I wish I was 10 again
12The Antlers

Borderlands 1 and 2 - Diablo had sex with battleflied 3 and then cheated on him
with Dragon Ball.
Its awesome, the one thing that gets on my nerves is loot whores so if you can
play this game with friends do it
Trunk Muzik

Uncharted Franchise- You actually feel like indiana jones when playing this
that makes me really like this game, one thing that bothers me is sometimes the
puzzles are a bit too simple kinda takes away from the experience but whatever.
14Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago

Pokemon RPG's- Addicting as crack and nearly twice as lethal, just kidding.
All games are good on their own right, but I was raised on the first and second gen
pokemon so the pokemons on gameboy advance and color are my favourite.
also am I the only one that thinks that the new pokemons, dont look like pokemon?
15Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather

Super Mario- I was never a mario addict but its always a fun game to play.
that pizza loving italian is awesome
16Bob Marley and The Wailers

Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi Games- I don't know if I still like these games how
much as I did, but they are fun and since I love the anime it just made the
entire experience two times better for me
Clockwork Angels

Half-Life 2- Using the that gravity gun never gets old, slicing zombies in half or just throwing things around when an npc is
talking to you.
also the zombies that appear right after you get the shotgun scare the shit outta me
Back In Black

The Elder Scrolls Series- I have a love-hate relationship with this game, everytime they release a new one they get things
right and they get things wrong.
Skyrim is the perfect example dialogue is more fluid, the khajit and argonian don't look like well shit, the story is more
interesting(this one is personal btw) there's more stuff to do but at the same time the leveling system is so bad at level 15 I
was crushing people with a bow, you cant talk with everyone like you used to, the combat isn't has stiff but now just feels to
easy, why the fuck would they let us use two destruction spells at the same time
19Talking Heads
Remain In Light

Devil May Cry 3 and 4- Devil May Cry 3 is my favorite because the backtracking in 4 made it a bit boring but still both are very
good games and getting a S rank always make you feel like a badass.
I also heard very good things about DMC 1 gotta get around and buy it.
20 Band
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