Das Oath

EditDas Oath (Dig) (LP)
1. Reliquary
2. Scrapped
3. The Twinkle In An Eye About To Be Blackened
4. Tropical Malady
5. The Terror, The Delight, And The Unendurable Pointlessness Of Trying
6. Years Of Veneers
7. All The Songs Have Been Sung

Release Date: 2007
EditMini LP (EP)
1. You Will Never, Never, Never, Never Know Me
2. Quicktime
3. Stand Atop The Precipice And Give the Boulder A Tap
4. Tightened, Solidified, Cracking
5. Whim
6. Occupant/Applicant
7. Only Us Fakes Get All The Breaks
8. Don't Leave Anything Anywhere It Will Dissapear
9. Mouldering

Release Date: 2006
EditDas Oath (LP)
1. The Kult Starts (Some W) here
2. Great News From the South Pole
3. Awesome Rape
4. Quiet!: Subtle Pretext Chiming In
5. The Leaning Tower of Pisa Crap
6. Blood Oranges
7. Comatose Life of Wonderment
8. The Great Anything
9. Oh Gruesome Lunar Cycle
10. Disney Surgery
11. Get Out of Your Scene
12. Nobody's Married Me In Years
13. A Biggot Is A Spic
14. Harmonized
15. The Virtue of Elitism
16. [Untitled/Unlisted Hidden Track]

Release Date: 2004
EditUber Alles (Compilation)
1. I've Been Trying To Fuck Up My Life For Years
2. Say It Like A Sellout
3. Sunny Shores Of Beirut
4. All Signs Point To: ____________
5. Street Smart (Total Fury Cover)
6. We Are The Champions (Queen Cover)
7. Bush Licked
8. Blue Light Special
9. If You Feel Like An Enemy, Come Follow Me
10. Drama!
11. We Ruin Fun (Have Some)
12. Fishing Is The Fissure
13. Leeches On The Beaches
14. Comfort Like Baseball Bats
15. Excuse You, I Only Speak Superpower
16. Electronic Battleship
17. A Letter To Heartattack
18. Bridges Over Rotterdam
19. Smell The Bacon (Agnostic Front Cover)
20. Hit Parader
21. A Carefully Thought Out Bad Idea
22. Through The Crack Of Your Cage
23. We?
24. Buddy Fucker
25. Colostomy Grab Bag
26. Anomie Records Sit And Spin
27. Half Pregnant

Release Date: 2003


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