EditRare and Unreleased 1996 - 2009 (Compilation)
1. Intro
2. In the Vein of Forbidden Lust
3. Darkness, In Whose Souls Linger Here
4. Eyes of Black Oblivion
5. The Howl of Worship unto Dead Shadows
6. When Those Rise to Feed
7. Womb of the Ancients
8. Pass Through the Fires
9. Out of Flesh, In Darkness
10. Without Mercy for the Living
11. Blood Evisceration
12. Spells of Ancient Sorcery
13. Winds of the Cursed

Release Date: 2010
EditThe Luciferian Doctrine (LP)
1.The Illuminated
2.Ominous Inane
3.Roar of The Apocalypse
4.Luciferian Doctrine
5.Silent Tomb
6.Spells of Ancient Sorcery

Release Date: 2006
EditBlack Evil From Before (EP)
1. In the Vain of Forbidden Lust
2. Darkness, In Whose Souls Linger Here

Release Date: 2006
EditMaledictum Parasytus (LP)
1.Darkness In Whose Souls Linger Here
2.Cunts - Seemingly, Salivating, Wet...
3.Winds of The Cursed
4.In The Vain of Forbidden Lust
5.When Those Rise To Feed
6.Ritus Lunae

Release Date: 2005


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