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Edit...And the Family Telephone (LP)
1.The Ruby Ring Man
2.Wet Dog Afternoon
3.Mr. Violin And Dancing Bear
4.Be My Pianist
6.Hat And Rabbit
7.A Belly To The Sea
8.The Belly In The Fish
9.Rooster And Its Crow
10.The Joker's Joke
11.Here's A Telephone
12.Beggar's Table Legs
13.Circus Head (Nobody Knows)
14.Casting Day

Release Date: 2007
EditHello, Dear Wind (LP)
1. Chariot
2. Jesus
3. Dogs
4. Elephant
5. Junkyard
6. Bush
7. Windy
8. Grass
9. Glue
10. Up
11. Finders
12. Trampoline
13. Goodness
14. Feather

Release Date: 2006
EditPear (EP)
1.Million Man Money Hand
2.All Things, All Right
3.Talking Out-Louds
4.Ladder Man
5.The Saddest Ones
6.Young One
7.Everybody Knows
8.Say Wolf In The Summertime

Release Date: 2006
EditSister Pinecone (EP)
2.No One Likes a Bleeder
3.Weatherman, Section One
4.Weatherman, Section Three
5.Passengers Laughing
6.Antarctica (My Beloved Home)

Release Date: 2006
EditTomato Morning (EP)
1. Without A Diamond Ring
2. Give Him A Blanket
3. Who Cracked Your Egg?
4. Tomato Morning

Release Date: 2006
EditCome, I'm a Lion! (LP)
1. Spine
2. Air Pollution
3. Ribs
4. Bridge
5. Rhythm
6. Love and Interruption
7. Slippery
8. Northern Light
9. Ceiling
10. We Remain as Two
11. So Sweetly

Release Date: 2005


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