EditViolent Resignation: The Great American Teenage Su (LP)
1. Double Digit Fun
2. Teenage Suicide - Do It!
3. Emo Violence Generation
4. Too Drunk to Molotov
5. Super Plan B
6. We Are the Kids - 1
7. Against All Youth
8. We Are the Kids - 2
9. Dork Side of the Farce
10. Greener Eyes
11. If It's Wrong It's Real
12. Let There Never Be Another Song Ever Wrote
13. Embrace Androgyny
14. Fuck the Death Penalty, Let's Compromise
15. Southern Swastikas
16. Beaten Words
17. Burn It to the Ground
18. Three Flags Over Capitol City
19. Victim in Pain
20. Me and My Shadow
21. Kill It
22. No Thanks Mr. Roboto
23. If I Can't Have What I Want (I Don't Want Anything)
24. 1, 2, 3, 4
25. Modern Hate Vibe
26. Home Away From Home
27. Stupid Children
28. Las Machinas Intermission
29. Nuclear Winter Wonderland
30. Ins and Outs of a Waste of Flesh
31. Portion of 130 Faces
32. Mystery Solved... History Behind the Mystery
33. The Execution of Clive
34. New Discarded Evidence in the Case
35. Occultonomy
36. Oh No!
37. Nutty Antichrist
38. Kids in Cults
39. We're Sick of Music and We Hate Each Other
40. Anakrimomphy
41. Silentest Night
42. Emotional Violence

Release Date: 2000
EditThe History Behind The Mystery / Music To Kill You (LP)
A1 If It's Wrong It's Real
A2 Let There Never Be Another Song Ever Wrote (SIC)
A3 Mystery Solved... History Behind The Mystery
A4 The Execution Of Clive
A5 New Discarded Evidence In The Case
B1 Too Drunk To Molotov
B2 Against All Youth
B3 Intermission
B4 Me And My Shadow
B5 No Thanks Mr. Roboto
B6 We're Sick Of Music And We Hate Each Other
B7 Kids In Cults
The Anakrinomphicon Quintology 7"
C1 Insane Machine
C2 Lady Jane's Dilemma
C3 We're So Fired Up In The 90's
C4 Wateryoo Gonnadoo
D What's The Law?

Release Date: 1998


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