EditStitches (LP)
1. Movie Music Kills a Kiss
2. Stitches
3. Frosted Tips
4. Magdalene
5. Bells Break Arms
6. Moonbath.Brainsalt.A.Holy.Fool
7. Moses
8. A Thin Skin of Bullfight Dust
9. We Are a Payphone
10. Turtle Eggs/An Optimist

Release Date: 09/03/2013
EditAll My Friends Are Funeral Singers (LP)
1. Giving Away The Bride
2. Polish Girls
3. 1928
4. Funeral Singers
6. Buñuel
7. Ape-like
9. Evidence
10. Alice Marble Gray
11. Salt
12. Krill
14. Better Angels
15. Lunar H.

Release Date: 2009
EditRoots and Crowns (LP)
1. Pink & Sour
2. Spiders House
3. Sunday Noises
4. The Eye You Lost In The Crusades
5. A Chinese Actor
6. Our Kitten Sees Ghosts
7. Alice Crawley
8. The Orchids Listen
9. Burned By The Christians
10. Black Metal Valentine
11. Rose Petal Ear
12. 3Legged Animals
13. If You Would

Release Date: 2006
EditHeron King Blues (LP)
1. Wingbone
2. Trick Bird
3. Sawtooth Sung A Cheater's Song
4. Apple
5. Lion & Bee
6. 2 Sisters Drunk On Each Other
7. Heron King Blues
8. Outro

Release Date: 2004
EditQuicksand/Cradlesnakes (LP)
1. One
2. Horoscopic.Amputation.Honey
3. Michigan Girls
4. Cat Eats Coyote
5. Your Golden Ass
6. (Red)
7. Million Dollar Funeral
8. When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town
9. Mean Little Seed
10. Vampiring Again
11. Slower Twin
12. Stepdaughter

Release Date: 2003
EditDeceleration Two (LP)
1, Francis
2. Fireworks (No Mail Days Are Sad Days) I
3. Fireworks (No Mail Days Are Sad Days) II
4. Fireworks (No Mail Days Are Sad Days) III
5. The Moon Is Chaste. She Is Like A Little Piece Of Money
6. In The Palace Of Herod
7. Effeminate Soldiers At The Cage Of Jokaanan/Salome Hears The Prophet's Voice
8. "...Suffer Me To Touch Thy Body...Touch Thy Hair...Kiss Thy Mouth..."/Daughter Of Sodom. Get Thee Behind Me
9. The Young Syrian Slays Himself/Herod Slips In A Pool Of Blood
10. "I Love To See In A Fruit The Mark Of Thy Little Teeth."
11. "Whatsoever Thou Shalt Ask Of Me, If Thou Wilt But Dance For Me, Salome."
12. She Dances
13. "I Ask The Head Of Jokaanan In A Silver Charger."
14. Skull Ring In The Fist Of The Executioner
15. "I Will Not Look At Things, I Will Not Suffer Things To Look At Me."
16. "I Have Kissed Thy Mouth."

Release Date: 2003
EditDeceleration One (LP)
First Set: Music For Film Loops

1. Handpainted Halo/Ceiling
2. Rooftop/Static
3. Face Under Hat/Old Streetside
4. Parade Queen/Milk Waltz/Dirt Moon
5. Lakewater/Parachutes
6. Peel

Second Set: Music For "The Mascot"

7. Intro/Sleepy Child Asks For An Orange
8. Monkey, Cat, Ballerina And Hood Escape From Moving Car/Clown Loses Head/Dog Stays
9. Dog Sold/Hangs From Rearview Mirror/Loosen And Fall
10. Fruitstand Floor/Ankle Bite/Dog Steals Fallen Orange/Broom
11. Night Falls/Devil Springs Fully Formed From Spilt Whiskey/Hellions Assemble
12. Hell Orchestra With Dancers/Glass Choir
13. Cat Fights Devil/Hellions Chase Dog/Toy Police Chase Hellions
14. Garlic Head Clown Serenades Ballerina Crying Vaseline Tears
15. Dog Feeds Orange To Sleepy Child/Outro

Release Date: 2002
EditRoomsound (LP)
1. Trout Silk
2. Bottles And Bones (Shade & Sympathy)
3. Fisherman's Wife
4. Porno Starlet vs. Rodeo Clown
5. Tayzee Nubb
6. Slow Rt. Hand
7. St. Augustine (A Belly Full Of Swans)
8. Wade In The Water
9. Rattlesnakes Smell Like Split Cucumbers
10. New Black Tooth
11. Slow Right Hand
12. Don't Let Me Die Nervous
13. Fisherman's Wife
14. Untitled

Release Date: 2001
EditSometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (LP)
1. On The Steeple
2. Silvermine Pictures
3. Pastry Sharp
4. To Hush A Sick Transmission
5. Dime Fangs
6. Red Food Old Heat
7. Down The Eisenhower Sun Up W/Mule
8. Electric Fence
9. St. Martha Let It Fold
10. Beneath The Yachtsman
11. Don't Let Me Die Nervous
12. Dock Boggs
13. To Hush A Sick Transmission
14. When The Snakehandler Slips

Release Date: 2000
EditCalifone E.P. (EP)
1. Electric Fence
2. St. Martha Let It Fold
3. Beneath The Yachtsman
4. Don't Let Me Die Nervous
5. Dock Boggs

Release Date: 2000
EditCalifone (LP)
1. On The Steeple W/ The Shakes (X-mas Tigers)
2. Silvermine Pictures
3. Pastry Sharp
4. To Hush A Sick Transmission
5. Dime Fangs
6. Red Food Old Heat
7. Down Eisenhower Sun Up W/ Mule

Release Date: 1998


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