Usurp Synapse

EditDisinformation Fix (LP)
1. Mexidudes
2. Beard of Remoras
3. Modulator/Demodulator
4. Misc. Arrangement of Black Market Parts
5. Muscle on the Wolf
6. Pathogen Gimmick
7. Giga Please!
8. Take Advantage of the Free Headlock
9. Brundlefly
10. 3 Clicks
11. Good Luck With Your Book
12. Wrist, Meet Razor
13. Maybe You Should Kill Yourself, You Thought
You Were Special, You Were
14. Just Do It!
15. I'm a Fufufucking Vavavampire
16. What Would You Say If I Said I Love You
17. I Was Born With a Hard-On
18. Upenya
19. Main Ingredient
20. Come and Get It Mole
21. Doin' the Backwards
22. We Shoot from the Hip
23. Live It! Live It!
24. Here's $100 Seniorita
25. Keith Sweat
26. Murder Was the Case They Gave Me
27. Born Different
28. I Know a Guy Who Likes Dynamite

1. Going Down With Both Guns Blazin'
2. Truth About Pyecraft
3. Talk to Tucker
4. Robot Insurance
5. Fuck You, Mankind
6. Meryl Streep Is a Fucking Liar
7. Pete Rose's Homerun Derby
8. When Good Pets Go Bad
9. Lil' Guys
10. Rottweiler Death
11. Hairdo 2000 Ad
12. This City's a Grid
13. Oh...You Are Sick
14. Bloody Hardhat
15. Don't Be Cruel
16. Reach Out and Touch Me With That Emo Hand
17. Circle of Thank-You's
18. Carebear Stare
19. My Spidey Sense in Going Fucking Nuts
20. Robocop as a Fragrance
21. Segueway into Dayhumping
22. Infestation of Richard Pryor
23. Art Carney Wannabe Motherfucker
24. Deadly Handshake, Friendly Milkshake
25. Energy Condom
26. Carving a Ferrari Out of a Pumpkin
27. Extra Guys Screaming

Release Date: 2003
EditIn Examination of (EP)

Release Date: 1999
EditThis endless breath (EP)

Release Date: 1999
EditThe main ingredient (EP)

Release Date:


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