EditVoid (LP)
1. Void
2. Toxic Pretender
3. Holy Hell
4. Digging
5. Yuth Decay
6. Personal Cross
7. Humaphobia
8. Piss Up A Rope
9. Pornocopia
10. All American’t
11. Bienvenue

Release Date: 2014
EditPreying/Purging (EP)
1. Preying
2. Purging

Release Date: 12/17/2013
EditThe Few and the Far Between (LP)
1. The Few and the Far Between
2. The Lost Art of Staying
3. Year of the Rat
4. I Said I’m Fine
5. Casket Rhythm
6. The Weekly Slap in the Face
7. Please Stay
8. A Thin Place
9. The Dreamer/The Thief/The Relic
10. When in Roam
11. His Heels

Release Date: 03/19/2013
EditAnd They Came Baring Bones (LP)
1. Black Bones
2. I, the Remover
3. History on Repeat
4. Breathing at the Bottom
5. Scarlet Shroud
6. Passages
7. Silver Sun
8. I, the Collector
9. Careless Men Lead Careless Lives (ft. Matt Lanners
of The Greenery)
10. Eyes Like the Tides
11. White Light

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Honest Hearts EP (EP)
1.Lost and Bound
2.Sending Vessels
4.Dead Language

Release Date: 2010
EditA New Hope (LP)
1. Let's Have An Earthquake
2. Into Hell's Mouth We March
3. The Same Graceful Wind
4. Like Changing Seasons
5. Trashmouth
6. Safe To Say
7. We Are Nameless
8. Sleepwalker
9. Where We Are Now
10. Ten Arms
11. Life and Limb
12. The Sun Sets Here

Release Date: 2009
EditCurses (LP)
1.The Alarm
2.The Vanishing Orchestra
3.Surgical Tools
4.The Things He Carried
5.Magnetic Knives
6.Trophy Wives
8.Country Boys... Goddamn
9.Heavens To Betsy
10.We Ate The Horse You Rode In On
11.This Map Is Old News
12.You Were Never Lovlier

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Search Party Never Came (EP)
1. A Dead Language for a Dying Lady
2. That Champagne Feeling
3. I Am the Wind, You Are the Feather
4. Schadenfreude
5. The Search Party Never Came
6. She's a Real Battleaxe

Release Date: 2006
EditThis Will Be Our Little Secret (EP)
!.I Am the Wind, You Are the Feather
2.Magnetic Knives
3.City Boys... Goddamn!
4.A Dead Language For A Dying Lady
5.Red Hands, Blue River

Release Date: 2005


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