Liam Lynch

EditThe Middle (LP)
1.Are You Ready?
2.I Feel All Right
3.Don't Say It
5.Uh Oh
7.The Middle
8.Goodbye Goodnight
10.Beautiful Things
11.The Holy Rollers
12.Rider Rider
13.The New Now

Release Date: 2011
EditGet Up On The Raft (LP)
1.Get Up on the Raft
2.Hit Me Again
4.I Came to Fall
5.Tracing the Shap
6.The Wind
7.Rivers Slip
8.It's Not Over
9.Things Have Changed
10.Let's Shine
11.I'm Not Ready
12.Light of Day
14.Safe and Nowhere
15.You're an Arrow

Release Date: 2008
EditHow To Be A Satellite (LP)
1. "Gimmie A Ride"
2. "This Town Sucks"
3. "Step Out Of Time"
4. "Tip Toe"
5. "The Fresh Electric"
6. "Here I Here I Am"
7. "The Border"
8. "How Long"
9. "Motavater"
10. "Crow"
11. "Club Sucker"
12. "Dear Zero"
13. "B-Side"
14. "On Waves Low and High"
15. "Legal Advice"
16. "How to Be a Satellite"

Release Date: 2006
EditFake Songs (LP)
1. SOS
2. United States of Whatever
3. Fake Bjork Song
4. Still Wasted from the Party Last Night
5. Cuz You Do (w/ Ringo Starr on drums)
6. I'm All Bloody Inside
7. Electrician's Day
8. Rapbot
9. Fake David Bowie Song
10. Rock and Roll Whore (duet with Jack Black)
11. Sugar Walkin'
12. Fake Pixies Song
13. Happy
14. Well Hung
15. Fake Depeche Mode Song
16. Try Me (w/ Ringo Starr on drums)
17. Vulture's Son
18. Horny Kind of Love
19. Fake Talking Heads Song
20. Sir Track

Release Date: 2003
EditWe're All Nighters (LP)
1."Try Me"
4."Cuz You Do"
7."Show Me You Know Me"
8."Tired But Walking"
9."Amazed Amazed"
10."London Morning"
11."Any Girl In That City"
12."Butter Rum"
13."All You Ever Wanted"
14."House of Cards"
15."The Run Around"
16."Make Me Want To Say It"
18."Road To Heaven"
19."Soul On The Outside"
21."We're All Nighters"

Release Date: 2002
EditEel (LP)
1. Wax Wings
2. Try Another
3. Aphrodisiac
4. Shafali
5. Severed
6. Blind Dolls
7. Polly Jean
8. Deeper They
9. Steller Feller
10. Molly's Car
11. Creep
12. 3 AM Long Blvd.
13. Giving it Back

Release Date: 1995


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