Don Caballero

EditPunkgasm (LP)
1. Loudest Shop Vac In The World
2. The Irrespective Dick Area
3. Bulk Eye
4. Shit Kids Galore
5. Celestial Dusty Groove
6. Pour You Into The Rug
7. Challenge Jets
8. Lord Krepelka
9. Why Is The Couch Always Wet?
10. Slaughbaugh’s Ought Not Own Dog Data
11. Dirty Looks
12. Who’s A Puppy Cat
13. Awe Man That’s Jive Skip
14. Punkgasm

Release Date: 2008
EditWorld Class Listening Problem (LP)
1. Mmmmm Acting, I Love Me Some Good Acting
2. Sure We Had Knives Around
3. And And And, He Lowered The Twin Down
4. I Agree...No!...I Disagree
5. Palm Trees In The Fecking Bahamas
6. World Class Listening Problem
7. Railroad Cancellation
8. Theme From Bricktop Clowns
9. Savage Composition
10. I'm Goofballs For Bozzo Jazz

Release Date: 2006
EditAmerican Don (LP)
1. Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex
2. The Peter Criss Jazz
3. Haven't Lived Aftro Pop
4. You Drink A Lot Of Coffee For A Teenager
5. Ones All Over The Place
6. I Never Liked You
7. Details On How To Get ICEMAN On Yoru License Plate
8. A Lot Of People Tell Me I Have A Fake British Accent
9. Let's Face It Pal, You Didn't Need That Eye Surgery

Release Date: 2000
EditSingles Breaking Up (LP)
1. Lucky Father Brown
2. Belted Sweater
3. Shoe Shine
4. Unresolved Kharma
5. Puddin' In My Eye
6. My Ten Year Old Lady Is Giving It Away
7. Our Caballero
9. First Hits
10. No More Peace And Quiet For The Warlike
11. If You've Read Dr. Adder Then You Know What I Want
12. Trey Dog's Acid
13. Room Temperature Lounge

Release Date: 1999
EditWhat Burns Never Returns (LP)
1. Don Cabellero 3
2. In The Abscence Of Strong Evidence To The Contrary/One May Step Out Of The Way Of The Charging Bull
3. Delivering The Groceries At 138 Beats Per Minute
4. Slice Where You Live Like Pie
5. Room Temperature Suite
6. The World In Perforated Lines
7. From The Desk Of Elsewhere Go
8. June Is Finally Here

Release Date: 1998
EditDon Caballero II (LP)
1. Stupid Puma
2. Please Tokio, Please This Is Tokio
3. Dick Suffers Is Furious With You
4. Cold Knees (In April)
5. P, P, P, Antless
6. Repeat Defender
7. Rollerblade Success Story
8. No One Gives A Hoot About Faux-Ass Nonsense

Release Date: 1995
EditFor Respect (LP)
1. For Respect
2. Chief Sitting Duck
3. New Laws
4. Nicked And Liqued (1.8mb)
5. Rocco
6. Subded Confections
7. Got A Mile, Got A Mile, Got An Inch
8. Our Caballero
9. Bears See Things Pretty Much The Way They Are
10. Well Built Road
11. Belted Sweater

Release Date: 1993


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