Neal McCoy

EditThat's Life (LP)
1. Got Mud
2. Intro
3. The Last Day of a Dying Breed
4. That's Life
5. All Over Again
6. Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On
7. That's a Picture
8. You Let Me Be the Hero
9. Tail on the Tailgate
10. Tails I Lose
11. Jessie
12. You're My America
13. Head South
14. Hillbilly Rap [Live]

Release Date: 2005
EditThe Luckiest Man in the World (LP)
1. Sing
2. The Luckiest Man in the World
3. All At the Same Time
4. Elvis in the Airport
5. Put Your Best Dress On
6. Mine Is You
7. Never Got to Say
8. Honky Tonk Mona Lisa
9. Too Far Gone
10. I'm Your Biggest Fan

Release Date: 2003
Edit24-7-365 (LP)
1. Count on Me
2. Forever Works For Me
3. My Life Began With You
4. What Would Love Say
5. Beatin' It In
6. Every Man For Himself
7. Disconnected
8. A Love That Strong
9. 24-7-365
10. The Key to Your Heart

Release Date: 2000
EditThe Life of the Party (LP)
1. I Was
2. Lipstick On the Radio
3. Only You
4. The Girls of Summer
5. New Old Songs
6. The Life of the Party
7. Completely
8. That's Not Her
9. Ain't Nothin' Like It
10. The Strongest Man in the World
11. Straighten Up and Fly Right

Release Date: 1999
EditBe Good At It (LP)
1. If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It
2. I Know You
3. You'll Always Be in My Life
4. Same Boots
5. Back
6. Love Happens Like That
7. Party On
8. Broken Record
9. 21 to 17
10. Basic Goodbye
11. The Shake

Release Date: 1997
EditNeal McCoy (LP)
1. That Woman of Mine
2. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
3. Me Too
4. It Should've Happened That Way
5. I Ain't Complainin'
6. Going, Going, Gone
7. Betcha Can't Do That Again
8. She Can
9. If It Hadn't Been So Good
10. Hillbilly Rap

Release Date: 1996
EditYou Gotta Love That (LP)
1. You Gotta Love That
2. For a Change
3. You
4. Please Don't Leave Me Now
5. Twang
6. They're Playin' Our Song
7. Spending Every Minute in Love
8. Plain Jane
9. You're Backin' Up
10. If I Was a Drinkin' Man

Release Date: 1995
EditNo Doubt About It (LP)
1. No Doubt About It
2. The City Put the Country Back in Me
3. Why Now
4. Heaven
5. Wink
6. I Apologize
7. Mudslide
8. Why Not Tonight
9. Small Up and Simple Down
10. Something Moving in Me

Release Date: 1994
EditWhere Forever Begins (LP)
1. Now I Pray For Rain
2. Palm of My Hand
3. The Wall
4. The Day the Boys Leave the Girls Alone
5. Where Forever Begins
6. There Ain't Nothin' I Don't Like About You
7. A Little at a Time
8. Big Doggin' Around
9. Where Do Daddies Go
10. Mountains on the Moon

Release Date: 1992
EditAt This Moment (LP)
1. If I Built You a Fire
2. Take My Heart
3. Down on the River
4. Hiibilly Blue
5. This Time I Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me
6. Somebody Hold Me (Until She Passes By)
7. The Big Heat
8. If The Walls Had Ears
9. At This Moment
10. This Time I'm Takin' My Time

Release Date: 1990


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