EditThe Last Gasp (LP)
2.Sickness Is Health
3.The Visible Man
4.You are The Dead
5.All Gut, No Glory
6.Up The Dose
7.Torture of Duty
8.Masters of Ordure
9.Right To Die
10.Dawn of The Dread
11.The Last Gasp

Release Date: 2007
EditDeath After Life (LP)
1. Goreverture
2. Mondo Medicale
3. Gutless
4. Theatre of Operations
5. Preservation of Death
6. Wrought In Hell
7. Resurrectionists
8. Critical Condition
9. The Dead Shall Dead Remain
10. Medical Waste
11. Dead Alive
12. Coda Morte

Release Date: 2005
EditMondo Medicale (LP)
1. The Hippocritic Oath
2. Dead Inside
3. Raise The Stakes
4. Operating Theater
5. Choke On It
6. We Belong Dead
7. The Worms Crawl In
8. To Die For
9. Rest In Faeces
10. Carpe Mortem

Release Date: 2002
EditThe Dead Shall Dead Remain (LP)
1. Intro
2. Faces of Death
3. Flesh and Blood
4. Trocar
5. Spirits of the Dead
6. Immaculate Defecation
7. Faecal Rites
8. Back to the Grave
9. All That Rots
10. Gorenography
11. Blood Bath

Release Date: 2000


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