My Little Airport

EditHong Kong Is One Big Shopping Mall (LP)
1 九龍公園游泳池
2 迷人的頸巾
3 通利的阿賢
4 我是為了兩千蚊才到這裡表演
5 豬隻在城中逐一消失
6 terence的心事
7 你是浪子,別泊岸
8 If You Bring Me To The Party
9 Milan
10 Rm1210
11 公司裁員三百人
12 搭的士上班去
13 西西弗斯之歌
14 給金鐘地鐵站車廂內的人
15 直到人類滅亡

Release Date: 2011
EditZoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel (LP)
1. Edward, Had You Ever Thought That the End
of the World Would Come on 20.9.01?
2. The OK Thing To Do On Sunday Afternoon Is
To Toddle In The Zoo
3. Gigi Leung Is Dead
4. Victor, Fly Me To Stafford
5. Leo, Are You Still Jumping Out of Windows
in Expensive Clothes?
6. I Don’t Know How To Download Good AV Like
Iris Does
7. You Smile Like A Blossom
8. Josephine's Shop
9. When I Listen To The Field Mice
10. Mountaintop, Doll, Lollypop
19. My Little Banana
12. Because I Was Too Nervous At That Time
13. You Don't Wanna Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe
14. Dee, It May All End Tomorrow

Release Date: 2007
EditThe ok thing to do on sunday afternoon.. (LP)
"coka, i'm fine"
"the ok thing to do on sunday afternoon is to
toddle in the zoo" (在動物園散步才是正經事)
"victor, fly me to stafford"
"edward, had you ever thought that the end of
the world would come on 20.9.01"
"audrey, about scenery" (柯德莉,關於風景)
"my little banana "
"josephine's shop"
"faye wong, about your eyebrows" (王菲,關於你的
"you don't wanna be my girlfriend, phoebe "
"dee, it may all end tomorrow "

Release Date: 2004


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