EditA Long Cold Stare (LP)
1. Posterity Induced Reality
2. The Prophet Inside
3. Labyrinths
4. Happy Absurdity
5. Rejecting to Belong
6. A Part of me
7. Beyond the Evidence
8. Running from Myself
9. Fanatical Monstrosity
10. Under the Guillhotine
11. Insane
12. Slowly it is Comming
13. Master of Hypocrisy
14. Daily Hell
15. Intolerant Morons
16. Turning Again
17. Enough of Preachers
18. Life Will Serve Life
19. Pushing the Stone
20. Wonderland
21. One of Many
22. A Nice Day to Die
23. Eternal Sunday
24. What Reason? What Cause?
25. Fertilized with Poison
26. No Wonder!
27. Para Sempre e Sempre
28. The Greatest Fevers

Release Date: 2002
EditSociopathic Behaviour (LP)
1. Feasting His Death
2. What a Joke
3. Unjustifable Fruit
4. Life Is Not So Kind
5. No Fear to Sin
6. Being Different
7. Strong Asociality
8. Clones
9. Happiness Get Away
10. Seeding the Absurd
11. Learn Some Respect
12. Russian Roulette
13. Infibulation
14. Humanity Has Begun
15. Filled With Hatred
16. All Around Me
17. Modern Days
18. Downtrodden
19. Happening in the Scene
20. Nothing to Hope
21. Abstract
22. Wonderful Tomorrow
23. Catching the Fish-Hook
24. Thank You Anyway
25. Stinks Like Shit
26. Dream After Dream
27. From Creation to Colapse
28. Nightmare Factory
29. Symptoms of a New Age
30. Common Sense
31. Amazing Lunacy
32. No Longer a Threat
33. Social Gears

Release Date: 1998
EditCruel face of life (LP)
A1 Fatality?
A2 Smiling Faces
A3 Game Of Hypocrisy
A4 Musculous Ignorance
A5 Puppet
A6 Restricted
A7 The Flower
A8 Hidden From Yourself
A9 No Will To Change
A10 Cooperation Not Competition
A11 Living To Deceive
A12 Anger Against Conformity
A13 Fools To Resist
A14 It Isn't Your Problem
B1 Friends? Not Mine!
B2 Express Your Opinion
B3 Lack Of Ideals
B4 Drunk Driver
B5 No Equality
B6 Still Not For Me
B7 Accepting The Foretold
B8 The Actor
B9 Reality Based On Lies
B10 My Enemy
B11 Nice Face / Shit Intelligence
B12 Cruel Face Of Life
B13 Very Important People
B14 What I Feel Is What I Want
B15 No Gods - No Masters
B16 Save The Scene
B17 Removing The Mask
B18 Catch As-Catch Can

Release Date: 1994
EditDrowned in Restrictions (EP)

Release Date: 1992


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