Sore Throat

EditAnd We Don't Care (Compilation)
1 Channel Zero Reality
2 Man's Hate
3 Bio-Hazard
4 We'll March Against The Nazis
5 Kill Your Idols
6 Red Threat
7 Against Authority
8 Insecurity/Maturity
9 Dreamscape
10 Something That Never Was
11 Slave Labour
12 The Kill (Ing)
13 Upheaval
14 Knuckle Under
15 Napalm Attack
16 Silver Kerching
17 Horrendous Cut-Throat System
18 Straight Head (Narrow Mind)
19 Alchoholics Unanimous
20 King Of Thrash
21 Rock 'N' Roll Colostamy
22 Horrendous Slaughter
23 Smash The Clique
24 Hang Norman Tebbit
25 Invasion Of The Amerikaan HC Clones
26 Eat Organic
27 War Is Horrendous
28 Fuck The Poll Tax
29 Filthchain
30 The Mole Catcher
31 Laurel And Hardy
32 Billy Milano's Head
33 Horrendously Mutilated
34 Dominated By Fear
35 Noise Not War
36 Three Seconds Long
37 Shit For Brains
38 Our Leaders Horrendous Policies
39 Consumer Terrorism
40 Unhindered By Talent
41 Heath
42 In Their Hypocrisy They'll Probably
Sue Us
43 Toxic Existance
44 Fucking Horrendous
45 Positive Drinking Attitude
46 The Crossover (Is Over)
47 Straights
48 You're Next
49 Burn The Goths
50 (D.R.I.) Dead Rich Individuals
51 Sticks Underware
52 Exploited
53 Two Horrendous Nuclear Arsenals
54 Bonded By Booze
55 (M.D.C.) More Damn Capitalists
56 Yankees Go Home
57 Go Away
58 Hammy's Ego
59 Musical Genits
60 Record Collectors Are Still
Pretentious Assholes
61 C.B.C.
62 A Bow To Capital
63 Face Up To It
64 Genit Jonny
65 Iron Lung
66 Rememberance
67 B.N.F.L. Go To Hell
68 D.B.D.
69 Intro (Rapist Die)
70 War System
71 D.T.C.H.C.
72 Sacrilege (To The Scene)
73 Vac Head
74 Pesticide Death
75 Process Of Elimination
76 Trenchfoot
77 F.S.A. Pt II
78 Satan's Radish
79 Fungiscidal Tendencies
80 R.O.T.
81 Only The Dead
82 Bomb The Whitehouse
83 Environmental Suicide
84 Broken Brains
85 D.Y.W.R.
86 Devoid Of Compassion
87 Go Home
88 Attack Of The English Cowboy Punks
89 D.F.W.H.
90 Wehr-Crap
91 I.S.R.
92 Bloody Hardcore
93 Virus
94 Disappearing Mark
95 No Room To Talk
96 Stage Dive (Victim Of A)
97 I.C.I. Fuck Off And Die
98 Thrash Against Facism
99 Backflip Blast
100 Yo Barman!
101 Social Genocide
102 D.R.I. (E.M.I)
103 Born Again Christian
104 Utterly Tuneless
105 MFN (Music For Nobheads)
106 Lynch The Cops
107 Scream Bloody Trout
108 Life
109 Join The Army
110 The Ballad Of Billy Milano
111 Passage Of Time
112 Can You Dig It?

Release Date: 1990
EditNever Mind the Napalm Here's Sore Throat (LP)
A1 Intro / Rapists Die
A2 War System
A3 Death to Capitalist Hardcore
A4 Sacrilege (To the Scene)
A5 Vac Head
A6 Pesticide Death
A7 Process of Elimination
A8 Trenchfoot
A9 S.S.A. Part 2
A10 Satan's Radish
A11 Fungicidal Tendencies
A12 R.O.T.
A13 Only the Dead
A14 Bomb the Whitehouse
A15 Environmental Suicide
A16 Broken Brains
A17 D.Y.W.R.
A18 Devoid of Compassion
A19 Go Home
A20 Attack of the English Gumby Punks
A21 G.F.W.H.
A22 Wehr-Crap
A23 I.S.R.
A24 Bloody Hardcore
A25 Virus
A26 Disappearing Mark
A27 No Room to Talk
A28 Stagedive (Victim of A)
A29 ICI Fuck Off and Die
A30 Thrash Against Fascism
A31 Backflip Splat
A32 Yo Barman!
A33 Social Genocide
A34 D.R.I. (EMI)
A35 Born Again Christian
A36 Utterly Tuneless
A37 MFN (Music for Nobheads)
A38 Lynch the Cops
A39 Scream Bloody Trout
A40 Life
A41 Join the Army
A42 The Ballad of Billy Milano
A43 Passage of Time
B1 Channel Zero Reality
B2 Man's Hate
B3 Bio-Hazard
B4 We'll March Against the Nazis
B5 Kill Your Idols
B6 Red Threat
B7 Against Authority
B8 Insecurity/Maturity
B9 Dreamscape
B10 Something That Never Was
B11 Slave Labour
B12 The Kill(ing)
B13 Upheaval
B14 Knuckle Under
B15 Napalm Attack (With Baseball Bats)
B16 Silver Kerching
B17 Can You Dig It?

Release Date: 1989
EditUnhindered By Talent (LP)
1 Horrendous Cut-Throat System
2 Straight Head (Narrow Mind)
3 Alchoholics Unanimous
4 King Of Thrash
5 Rock'N'Roll Colostamy
6 Horrendous Slaughter
7 Smash The Clique
8 Hang Norman Tebbit
9 Invasion Of The Amerikaan HC Clones
10 Eat Organic
11 War Is Horrendous
12 Fuck The Poll Tax
13 Filthchain
14 The Mole Catcher
15 Laurel And Hardy
16 Billy Milanos Head
17 Horrendously Mutilated
18 Dominated By Fear
19 Noise Not War
20 Three Seconds Long
21 Shit For Brains
22 Our Leaders Horrendous Policies
23 Consumer Terrorisim
24 Unhindered By Talent
25 Heath
26 In Their Hypocrisy, They'll Probably Sue Us Side
27 Toxic Existance
28 Fucking Horrendous
29 Positive Drinking Attitude
30 The Crossover (Is Over)
31 Straights
32 Your Next
33 Burn The Goths
34 (D.R.I.) Dead Rich Individuals
35 Sticks Underwear
36 Exploited
37 Two Horrendous Nuclear Arsenals
38 Bonded By Booze
39 (M.D.C.) More Damn Capitalists
40 Yankees Go Home
41 Go Away
42 Hammys Ego
43 Musical Genits
44 Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes
45 C.B.C.
46 A Bow To Capital
47 Face Up To It
48 Genit Jonny
49 Iron Lung
50 Rememberance
51 B.N.F.L. Go To Hell
52 D.B.D.

Release Date: 1988
EditDisgrace to the Corpse of Sid (LP)
A1 Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid
A2 Slam of Buttocks
A3 Brasso Drinkers (Hell Raisers)
A4 Let's Go Beach Start a Riot
A5 Sid Be Swindle
A6 Raise Ghost McLaren
A7 Fuck All but We
A8 Power of Nuclear Kill Brain
A9 Speechless Fucking Dumb
A10 Let's Go Pub Drink Beer
A11 Crazy Blood Whirlwind
A12 Mosh Is Trash
A13 Head Spin (No Care)
A14 Don't Give XXX
A15 Holocaust Heavy
A16 System Sabotage Chaos
A17 O.L.D. D.I.E.
A18 Rolf Harris H.C.
A19 Let's Go Gas Board Punch Official
A20 Horrendify and Kill
A21 Stand No Stench
A22 Rotting Vegetation of Eden
A23 T.T.Y.B.
A24 Beneath Skin All the Same
A25 Dead Suffocation Life
A26 From Off-Licence to Obliteration
A27 Cyco Will Resolute
A28 Let's Go Buckingham Kill Queen
A29 Downfall Society
A30 No Infeccy (Of Jeccy)
A31 Anal Intelligence Apartheid
A32 Knees to Law (Down)
A33 Diseased Thinking Bring Doom
A34 Spleurk!
A35 Anarchy, Punk and Chaos
A36 Fallover Not Crossover
A37 Violent Bloody War Kill All
A38 Failure of Liver
A39 Do You Remember?
A40 Fuck State Before End
A41 Wasting Head With Words
A42 Trash World
A43 Kamikaze System Hatred
A44 '77 Not 666
A45 Let's Go Stock Market Disembowel
A46 Courage of Peace
A47 People Are Atomic Pollutants
A48 Drink Ale Belong to You
A49 Eric Pickles (Is Antichrist)
A50 Activate Us Anger
A51 Roar of Silence
A52 N.M.F.W.
A53 Eye of Beholder (See Not All)
A54 Sing a Song o' Sid
A55 No More Hurt of Life
A56 Poison Idea (No Handle Beer)
A57 Not Nice
A58 Pestilence of Decay
A59 Vomit on Rules Belong to Them
A60 Leurf (For Scotty)
A61 King of Thrash Be Dead
A62 PMRC All Perverts
A63 Let's Go Crazy Lynch Dwarf
A64 Life Destruction End Fun
A65 Skinhead / Deadhead / Drop Dead
A66 Stench Mass Genocide
A67 Laughter Stop With Agress
A68 Peace Wish...
A69 Soy Noise Serenade
A70 C.Y.D.I.
A71 Capitalist Vomit
A72 Execution of Intelligence
A73 Filo-Fucked Fools
A74 Skate Edge Nazis
A75 Let's Go Brighton Bomb Tories
A76 Switch Off Reality
A77 Fear of Phobia
A78 Crush Nazi Face Well
A79 Aarrrgggghhhhhh
A80 Attitude Shit (Mosh Pit)
A81 Fucking Silent for Long
A82 System of Agony Creation
A83 Distortion of Reason
A84 At War With Cops Story
A85 Echo Pain Scream
A86 Let's Go Brum Trash Daz's Car
A87 Mary Whitehouse Raving Mad
A88 Alcoholocaust
A89 In Grapple There Is No Law
A90 Not Leaving Us Soon?
B1 Different Sides... Of Same Coin
B2 Famine
B3 Pride
B4 Chapel of Ghouls
B5 Desire (Peniside)
B6 Truth
B7 The Enemy Within
B8 Prisoner
B9 Living Hell
B10 The Ballad of "Mad" Micky
B11 Hsarht Drawkcab

Release Date: 1988


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