Hummingbird of Death

EditFull Spectrum Dominance (Compilation)
1. Where's The Fun?
2. It's All You
3. Bully Moshpit
4. Nothing's Hardcore About You
5. Pass the Effing Popcorn
6. Cut Through The Crap
7. Get Your Shit Done
8. Hope You Like Infest
9. Absolute
10. Works Both Ways
11. Here, You Throw This Away
12. Fuck Christmas
13. Stop Fighting
14. Flaccid
15. Stupid Bills
16. Black Is the New White
17. No Labels Here
18. Marriage Is for Suckers
19. Frayed Nerve Endings
20. Headache
21. Your Symbol of Freedom Is My Kick-Drum Muffling Device
22. Happy Place
23. Several Orders of Magnitude Up the Fucktard-O-Meter
24. A Steady Stream of Diarrhea Into Your Mouth
25. Attack of the Titos
26. Last Refuge
27. I Wanna Be a Frog
28. Shitstain in the History Book
29. Warehouse
30. Not Done Yet
31. Coward
32. Alternative
33. The Dark Ages Are Overrated
34. Moral Arc of the Universe
35. Fadeouts Are for Chumps
36. Hallelujah, It's Raining Death
37. Flavor of the Month
38. Waste
39. Sleep Like a Baby
40. Not-So-Bullshit Attitude
41. Extraordinary Rendition
42. Big Time
43. Tanning Salon
44. Green
45. Dying Others' Deaths
46. Red
47. Battlet-ode
48. Your Crew Is Stupid
49. Life of Man
50. Blue
51. Yellow
52. Carpet Diem
53. Pointless
54. Monarchy Is the Shit
55. Food Packet Air Drop
56. Do I Know You?
57. Staredown
58. No Child Left Alive
59. Utterly Predictable
60. From God's Anus to Your Mouth
61. First We Should Observe The Ancient Ritual of the Traditional Pre-Fight Donut
62. Shittier Luck Next Time
63. Great Annoyance and Displeasure
64. Ordinary Hard-Working Law-Abiding Homophobes
65. Acid Casualty (Koro Cover)
66. Anytown USA
67. Not For Babies
68. Swallowed
69. Now and Forever
70. Mad at the Paper Boy (Screeching Weasel Cover)
71. Speed of Armageddon
72. Telecom Amnesty
73. Archaic Technologies
74. Carnies
75. Community Slugs (No Comment Cover)
76. Where's the Fun?
77. It's All You
78. Bully Moshpit
79. Pass the Effing Popcorn
80. Fadeouts Are for Chumps
81. The Dark Ages Are Overrated
82. Cut Through the Crap
83. Get Your Shit Done
84. Last Refuge
85. Alternative
86. Headfirst (Infest Cover)
87. Analdrilling Harshit Ears (Gore Beyond Necropsy Cover)
88. Servants Serving (Cold World Cover)
89. Couch Slouch (D.R.I. Cover)
90. Hacked to Chunks (No Comment Cover)
91. Works Both Ways

Release Date: 2009
EditShow Us The Meaning Of Haste (LP)
Full Spectrum Dominance
News Flash
Specter Of Fear
Walk Away
You'll Be Next
Not Winning The C. Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence
Not For Babies
Planetary Civilization
Ours Not Theirs
Archaic Technologies
I Stopped Caring
Speed Of Armageddon
Status Tats
Now And Forever
Fuck Settling Down
Scared Little Fuck

Release Date: 2009


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