Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows

EditMitternacht (LP)
1. Mitternacht ("Midnight")
2. Beautiful
3. La Prima Vez ("The First Time")
4. Bang-Bang (Sonny Bono)
5. The Boy has built a Catacomb
6. Carnival of Souls (Verne Langdon)
7. Confessional
8. Under his Light
9. You cannot make him love you
10. Into the Night" (Angelo Badalamenti,
David Lynch)
11. If you could only read my Mind
12. It's just that my Sadness
13. Under his Light (2)
14. Miniature

Release Date: 2014
EditHave You Seen This Ghost? (LP)

Release Date: 2011
EditLes Fleurs du Mal (LP)
1. "Architecture (All That's Erected Are

2. "Always Within the Hour"

3. "In der Palastra"

4. "A Little Bar of Soap"

5. "Bitter Sweet"

6. "Our Lady of the Broken Hearts"

7. "La Mort d'Arthur"

8. "The Simple Joys of Maidenhood"

9. "Helvetia Sexualis"

10. "Les Fleurs du Mal"

11. "Shave, If You Love Me"

12. "Some Men Are Like Chocolate"

13. "The Virgin Queen"

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Vampyre Sucking At His Own Vein (LP)
A1 Omen Sinistrum
A2 Dead Souls
A3 Stake Of My Soul
A4 Beautiful Thorn
Side II
B1 Baptisma
B2 The Feast Of Blood
B3 Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est
Side III
C1 The Dreadful Mirror
C2 Reprise
C3 Birth-Fiendish Figuration
C4 Penance & Pain
Side IV
D1 Holy Water Moonlight
D2 Infant
D3 Über Den Fluss
D4 Dark Delight

Release Date: 2003
EditTodeswunsch: Sous le soleil de Saturne (LP)
1. Flesh Crucifix (Suffering From Objectivity)
2. Die Bruderschaft des Schmerzes (Die Unbegreiflichkeit des Dunklen Pfades, den die Kinder Saturns gehen)
3. Shadowsphere (The Monologue-World and the Subconscious Symbols) - Part One
4. Shadowsphere (The Monologue-World and the Subconscious Symbols) - Part Two
5. Saltatio Crudelitatis (Tanz der Grausamkeit, Vers.)
6. Just a Song Without a Name
7. Soror Sui Excidium (Geliebte Schwester Selbstzerstörung
8. Le théâtre de la blessure sacrée
9. The Devil's Instrument
10. Todeswunsch (Vers.)
11. Drama der Geschlechtslosigkeit (Part 1) 12. Freitod-Phantasien
13. Drama der Geschlechtslosigkeit (Part 2)
14. Saturn-Impressionen
15. Somnabulist's Secret Bardo-Life (Does the Increase of Pain Invite the Absence of Time?)
16. Not Dead but Dying
17. Only the Dead in the Mist
18. This Profane Finality
19. Cage Within a Cage... (...Within a Cage Within a Cage...)

Release Date: 1995


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