Zelda Reorchestrated

EditOcarina of Time (LP)
Title Theme
Enter Ganondorf
Deku Tree
Fairy Flying
Kokiri Forest
Open Treasure Chest
Item Catch
Small Item Catch
Inside the Deku Tree
Boss Battle
Boss Clear
Heart Container Get
Legend of Hyrule
Spiritual Stone Get
Fairy Ocarina Get
Hyrule Field Main Theme
Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme
Shooting Gallery
Hyrule Castle Courtyard
Enter Zelda
Ocarina – Zelda’s Lullaby
Zelda’s Theme
Ocarina – Epona’s Song
Lon Lon Ranch
Mini Game
Kakariko Village
Ocarina – Sun’s Song
Hyrule Field Morning Theme
Goron City
Ocarina – Saria’s Song
Lost Woods
Dodongo’s Cavern
Middle Boss Battle
Dinosaur Boss Battle
Zora’s Domain
Great Fairy’s Fountain
Potion Shop
Inside Jabu_Jabu’s Belly
Ocarina – Song of Time
Temple of Time
Door of Time
Master Sword
Ganondorf’s Theme
Chamber of Sages
Medal Get Fanfare
Sheik’s Theme
Horse Race
Horse Race Goal
Ingo’s Theme
Escape From Lon Lon Ranch
Kakariko Village Orchestra Version
Ocarina – Song Of Storms
Windmill Hut
Minuet of Forest
Forest Temple
Bolero of Fire
Fire Temple
Ice Cavern
Serenade of Water
Water Temple
Nocturne of Shadow
Prelude of Light
Shadow Temple
Gerudo Valley
Spirit Temple
Requiem of Spirit
Kotake & Koume’s Theme
Meet Zelda Again
Game Over
Ganon’s Castle Bridge
Ganon’s Castle Under Ground
Inside Ganon’s Castle
Ganondorf Battle
Escape from Ganon’s Castle
Last Battle
Seal of Six Sages
Ocarina of Time
End Credits

Release Date: 2009


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