Neikka RPM

EditChain Letters (LP)
1. Warped
2. Mind on the Trigger
3. Hunt You Down
4. Kingdom of Fire
5. Wish You Were Here
6. Here’s Your Revolution (Rebuild & Reload)
7. Umbrae Sub Noctem
8. Thrust
9. No One Is Beautiful
10. Sum Corvus
11. Everlasting
12. I Feel Your Pain

Release Date: 2011
EditDeceive and Destroy (Compilation)
1 Warped Version II (Neikka RPM remix)
2 Umbrae Sub Noctem (DJ Blackout Remix)
3 Kingdom of Fire (Memmaker Remix)
4 Warped (Firemensch Remix)
5 Umbrae Sub Noctem Version II (Neikka Rpm remix)
6 Hunt You Down (EX.ES Remix) 4:27
7 Thrust Version II (Neikka Rpm remix)
8 Warped (Katz & Maus Dctb Version)
9 Kingdom Of Fire (Red Industrie Remix)
10 Thrust (Serrated Mix by Syndika Zero)

Release Date: 2011
EditRise Of The 13th Serpent (LP)
1. This Chapter Opens
2. Demon Breeder
3. Shackles Of Steel (Rust Through Me)
4. Spread Myself/My Sex On You
5. Sacrifice (Sever The Delusion)
6. Chained To My Rib Cage
7. My Innocence Is Gone (feat. Claus Kruse of Plastic Noise Experience)
8. Storm Of Hell (Feat. Rexx Arkana Of Fgfc820)
9. Kill All Machines (feat. Kenji Siratori)
10. Find A Way (feat. Len Lemeire of Implant)
11. Voyeur
12. I Ride The Flames
13. This Chapter Closes

Release Date: 2007
EditHere's Your Revolution (Compilation)
1 Here's Your Revolution (Red Venom)
2 Here's Your Revolution (Negative Format Mix)
3 One And Only (Human Decay Mix) 3:32
4 Here's Your Revolution (Implant Mix)
5 Here's Your Revolution (Rotersand Rework)
6 Here's Your Revolution (DJ Delobbo Mix)
7 Bound With Sympathy (Razed In Black Mix)
8 Here's Your Revolution (Soft Molotov Mix by Blank)
9 Here's Your Revolution (Diskonnekted Extended Club Mix)
10 Here's Your Revolution (Deep Space Rescue Mix by Dunkelwerk)
11 Here's Your Revolution (Architec Mix)
12 Here's Your Revolution (With Vengeance)

Release Date: 2006
EditThe Gemini Prophecies (LP)
1. Here’s Your Revolution (Red Venom)
2. Bound With Sympathy
3. I Am Your Girl (Damnation)
4. I Will Find What You Try To Hide (feat. Claus Kruse of P.N.E.)
5. Feel Your Soul (Sanctified)
6. Let Me Destroy You (feat. Deranged Psyche of NEBULA-H)
7. Seduction
8. No Mercy
9. A Strangle Hold (feat. Len Lemeire of IMPLANT)
10. One And Only
11. Surrender (feat. Claus Kruse of P.N.E.)
12. Break Your Heart
13. Closing In
14. Twist The Blade (feat. Len Lemeire of IMPLANT)
15. Here’s Your Revolution (With Vengeance)
16. One And Only (HUMAN DECAY mix)
17. Bound With Sympathy (GRENDEL mix)
18. Here’s Your Revolution (macro rework mix by ROTERSAND)

Release Date: 2004


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