Prosanctus Inferi

EditNoctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night (LP)

1. Gestation Within The Lunar Miasmic Envelope
2. Maternal Tongue of Sempiternal Evil 04:08
3. Host Beasts Rose As Angels Nocturnal 03:39
4. Void of the Centrifuge 03:20
5. Apex Jaws In Madrigal Posture 03:36
6. Nuptial Hymens Burst Forth Slave Carrion
7. Phantom Lust For The Pulse of Flesh 04:48
8. Seminal Moon Born Orgy of Birth 04:55

Release Date: 08/21/2013
EditRed Streams of Flesh (EP)
1. Virgin Subterfuge Chorus
2. Red Streams of Flesh
3. Viscuous Enthropic Ennui
4. Bent in Genuflection
5. Hairs of Incest
6. Flayed Ecclessian Sophistry
7. Fumigating Portentious Sacriligium

Release Date: 2011
EditPandemonic Ululations of Vesperic... (LP)
1. Flayed Ecclesian Sophistry
2. Lips of Plasma Vomiting Sanctimonious Pyx
3. Scorching the Monad Firmament
4. Conjugal Orgy in the Sacred Heart of Vespers
5. Fumigating Portentious Sacrilegium
6. Priory Darkness of Choral Flesh
7. Cauterizing Unholy Lesions
8. Pontifical Undulations of Blasphemic Gesticulation
9. Burning Vestal Apocrypha
10. Fratricide in the Holy House of God
11. Depraved Machinations
12. Sacreligious Desecration in Excelsis
13. Echoes of Pestilential Synod

Release Date: 2010
EditSacreligious Desecration In Excelsis (EP)
1. Fratricide In The Holy House of God
2. Sacreligious Desecration In Excelsis
3. Mockery Of Holy Vision
4. Holy Harlot
5. Vulgar Disgrace Of Christ
6. Sado Hunger Fuck
7. Tears Of Semen
8. Christless Splendor

Release Date: 2007


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