Ash Pool

EditCremation is Irreversible (EP)
1. Cremation Is Irreversible - Part 1
2. Cremation Is Irreversible - Part 2

Release Date: 03/16/2012
EditTogether They Serve To Define The Process (EP)
1. Ravine Is Set For A Stoning
2. Torquemada's Horse
3. Among The Pines
4. Romanisation

Release Date: 2011
EditFor Which He Plies The Lash (LP)
1. Holocaust Temple
2. A Sacrifice Consumed By Fire
3. Big Bang Black Metal
4. Porcelain Cancer Spear
5. White Dwarf Death Mask
6. Dancing Death Masters
7. Moon Rose Over Sobibor
8. On The Rings Of Saturn Adam And Even Conceive Cain

Release Date: 2010
EditSaturns Slave (EP)
1. Origin of Man
2. Origin of AIDS

Release Date: 2009
EditWorld Turns On Its Hinge (LP)
1. Sin Of Life
2. Crucifixion Fantasy
3. Vices Triumph Over Wisdom
4. Shade Of Rape
5. Under Zykion Blue
6. Penetrated Slave
7. Rapist's Thrusts
8. The Sin Of Nature I The Sign Of God

Release Date: 2007
EditGenital Tomb (EP)
1. Lascivious Tyranny
2. Demolishing Obsession
3. First Rape
4. Dragged Down the Cobblestones

Release Date: 2006


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