EditDopeman Music (LP)
1. Picking Up the Pieces
2. Dopeman Music
3. Lyrical Assaukt
4. FaSho Money (Skit)
5. Gwap
6. Get Lost
7. The N Word
8. The Ghetto Report
9. 2 the Beat
10. Wanted
11. Hustle Game
12. Riff Raff (Skit)
13. In My Blood
14. Bad Man

Release Date: 2010
EditEmeritus (LP)
1 "Intro"
2 "High Powered"
3 "Forget About Me" ft Lil Wayne, Bun B
4 "Can't Get Right" ft Bilal
5 "Still Here"
6 "It's Not A Game"
7 "Who Are They" ft K-Rino, Slim Thug
8 "Soldier Story" ft The Product, Z-Ro
9 "Redemption Song"
10 "High Note"
11 "We Need You" ft Wacko
12 "Unexpected"
14 "Outro"

Release Date: 2008
EditMade (LP)
1 "Intro" Mike Dean 1:07
2 "Never" Drumma Boy & N.O. Joe 3:00
3 "Big Dogg Status" N.O. Joe; Wacko 4:40
4 "Girl You Know" Nottz 4:14
5 "Burn" N.O. Joe Z-Ro 3:53
6 "Go" One Drop Scott; Nina 3:39
7 "Dollar" Tone Capone 4:26
8 "Boy Meets Girl" John Bido, N.O. Joe and Mike Dean; Tanya Herron 3:58
9 "Who Do You Believe In" Enigma 4:46
10 "Git Out My Face" Enigma 3:23
11 "Suicide Note" Tone Capone & Cozmo, N.O. Joe and Mike Dean 4:08
12 "Outro" Mike Dean 1:16
13 "'B' Word"* N.O. Joe 2:32
14 "Crack"* N.O. Joe 4:18
15 "Big Dogg Status (Remix)"* N.O. Joe; Lil Wayne, T.I. & U.T.P. 5:06

Release Date: 2007
EditMy Homies Part 2 (LP)
Disc 1

1. Intro
2. Definition Of Real
3. Never Snitch
4. Man Cry
5. Street Lights
6. We Out Here
7. Gotta Get Paid
8. Club Bangaz
9. Platinum Starz
10. Always
11. Tryin' To Fuck Something
12. Pass The Itchy
13. Southern Nigga
14. My Life

Disc 2

1. Gangsta
2. Too Much
3. What It Do
4. Never Snitch [Original
5. Pimp Hard
6. Deez Bitches
7. Crazy
8. The Corner [Remix]
9. Street Shit
10. Twinkle Twinkle
11. Problems

Release Date: 2006
EditBalls And My Word (LP)
1. Balls & My Word
2. Recognize
3. On My Grind
4. Bitch Nigga
5. Stuck At A Standstill
6. Strapped
7. Only Your Mother
8. Make Your Peace
9. Spend The Night
10. Mary II
11. Dirty Money
12. Fuck'n With Face
13. Invincible
14. Real Nigga Blues

Release Date: 2003
EditThe Fix (LP)
1. Fix, The
2. Safe
3. In Cold Blood
4. Guess Who's Back - (featuring Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel)
5. On My Block
6. Keep Me Down
7. What Can I Do? - (featuring Kelly Price)
8. In Between Us - (featuring Nas)
9. Someday - (featuring Faith Evans)
10. Sellout
11. Heaven - (featuring Kelly Price)
12. I Ain't the One - (featuring W.C.)
13. Fixed

Release Date: 2002
EditThe Last Of A Dying Breed (LP)
1 "11-09-70" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee
2 "The Last Of A Dying Breed" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface
3 "Look Me In My Eyes" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface
4 "It Ain't Part II" Erick Sermon; Scarface
5 "They Down With Us" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface, UGK
6 "Sorry For What?" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface
7 "O.G. To Me" Scarface, Mike Dean; Scarface, Jayo Felony, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt
8 "The Gangsta Shit" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface
9 "Conspiracy Theory" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface
10 "Watch Ya Step" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Swift; Scarface
11 "Get Out" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface, Jay-Z
12 "In & Out" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface, Devin the Dude, Too Short
13 "And Yo" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee; Scarface, Redman, Young Noble
14 "In My Time" Scarface, Tone Capone, Mike Dean; Scarface
15 "11-09-2000" Scarface, N.O. Joe, Mr. Lee

Release Date: 2000
EditMy Homies (LP)
Disc One:
1 "Ma Homiez" Scarface, Mike Dean, Domo; Scarface
2 "Hustler" Mr. Lee; Hoodlumz
3 "Do What You Do" Tone Capone; Bushwick Bill, K.B., B-Legit
4 "Southside: Houston, Texas" Scarface, John Bido; Scarface, Devin the Dude, Tela
5 "Don't Testify" Scarface, Mr. Lee; Scarface, Facemob, Hoodlumz
6 "Homies & Thuggs [Remix]" Scarface; Scarface, Master P, Doracell, 2Pac
7 "The Geto" N.O. Joe; Scarface, Willie D, Ice Cube, K.B.
8 "Fuck Faces" Scarface, Mike Dean; Scarface, Too Short, Tela, Devin the Dude
9 "What's Goin' On" 88 Keys; Scarface, A-G-2-A-KE
10 "2 Real" Scarface, Mr. Lee; Mr. 3-2, UGK, F.L.A.J.
11 "Rules 4 Real Niggas" Scarface, Mr. Lee; Scarface, Hoodlumz
12 "Win Lose Or Draw" Scarface, Mike Dean, Mr. Lee; Scarface, Johnny P, DMG, Lo-Ke
13 "Overnight" Joe Bythewood; Do or Die, Rock Roc, Snypaz
14 "Small Time" Mike Dean, Precise; Scarface, The Ghetto Twinz
15 "Krunch Time" Mike Dean; K.B.

Disc Two:
1 "City Under Siege" Mr. Lee; Scarface, Facemob
2 "Do What You Want" N.O. Joe, Jo Jo; Scarface, Devin the Dude
3 "Dog These Ho's" Scarface, Mr. Lee; Scarface, E-Rock, C-Note
4 "Boo Boo'n" Domo; Scarface, Devin the Dude
5 "You Owe Me" Mr. Lee; Scarface, Facemob
6 "In My Blood" Mike Dean; Scarface, Big Mike, DMG, Yukmouth
7 "Sleepin' In My Nikes" Mike Dean; Scarface, Seagram
8 "Greed" N.O. Joe, Jo Jo; Scarface
9 "Who Run This" Scarface, Mike Dean; Scarface, 007
10 "Cocaine" 88 Keys; Scarface, A-G-2-A-KE
11 "All Night Long" Scarface; Scarface, F.L.A.J.
12 "Use Them Ho's" Domo; Scarface, Devin the Dude, K.B.
13 "Menace Niggas Never Die" Mr. Lee; Scarface, Menace Clan, Caine "Kaydee" Lawson
14 "Homies & Thuggs [The Original]" N.O. Joe, Mike Dean; Scarface, Master P, 2Pac
15 "Warriors" Rag Tag; Scarface, Rag Tag

Release Date: 1998
EditThe Untouchable (LP)
Untouchable (feat. Roger Troutman)
No Warning
Money Makes The World Go Round (feat. Daz Dillinger, Devin The Dude, Big Mike)
For Real
Ya' Money or Ya' Life
Mary Jane
Smile (2Pac feat. Scarface, Johnny P.)
Smartz (feat. Devin The Dude)
Game Over (feat. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Too Short)

Release Date: 1997
EditThe Diary (LP)
1 "Intro"
2 "The White Sheet"
3 "No Tears"
4 "Jesse James"
5 "G's"
6 "I Seen a Man Die"
7 "One"
8 "Goin' Down"
9 "One Time"
10 "Hand of the Dead Body"
11 "Mind Playin' Tricks
12 "The Diary"
13 "Outro"

Release Date: 1994
EditThe World Is Yours (LP)
1 "Intro" N.O. Joe
2 "Lettin' Em Know" N.O. Joe, Scarface
3 "Comin' Agg" N.O. Joe, Scarface
4 "The Wall" N.O. Joe, Scarface
5 "Let Me Roll" Scarface, Lil' Jay
6 "You Don't Hear Me Doe" N.O. Joe, Scarface, DMG
7 "One Time" N.O. Joe, *Interlude*
8 "Dying With Your Boots On" N.O. Joe, Scarface
9 "I Need A Favor" James Smith, John Bido, Scarface
10 "Still That Nigga" Scarface
11 "Strictly For The Funk Lovers" N.O. Joe, Scarface
12 "Now I Feel Ya" James Smith, John Bido, Scarface
13 "Funky Lil Nigga" N.O. Joe Scarface, 2Low
14 "Mr. Scarface: Part III The Final Chapter" James Smith, John Bido, Scarface
15 "He's Dead" N.O. Joe, Scarface
16 "I'm Black" N.O. Joe, Scarface
17 "Outro" N.O. Joe

Release Date: 1993
EditMr. Scarface Is Back (LP)
"Mr. Scarface"
"The Pimp"
"Born Killer"
"Murder By Reason of Insanity"
"Your Ass Got Took"
"Diary of a Madman"
"Body Snatchers"
"Money and the Power"
"P D Roll'em"
"Good Girl Gone Bad"
"A Minute To Pray And a Second to Die"
"I'm Dead"

Release Date: 1991


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