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EditOne Less Heartless To Fear (Live Album)
1. Antebellum
2. This Is Not An Exit
3. (Morays Or) Demon
4. 7s
5. The Delicate
6. Axons And Dendrites
7. Half A House
8. Bad Eve
9. Do You Remember The Avenues?

Release Date: 2010
EditClaws (EP)
1. Claws

Release Date: 2006
EditFlies The Fields (LP)

Release Date: 2005
EditThree-Four (Compilation)
1. Sickening Bridge Versus Horrible
2. Haunted On Foot
3. Paper Lanterns
4. Haymaker
5. Dogs
6. We Start To Drift
7. Variegated
8. You Can't Hide The Mark Inside
9. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
10. Non-Volant
11. Diamond Lined Star
12. Wax Museum
13. The Architect In Hell
14. Everglade

Release Date: 2003
EditSickening Bridge (EP)
1. Haunted On Foot
2. We Start To Drift
3. Now That Your Diamond Lined Star Is Failing
You, What Fair Silhouette Would Best Suit This

Release Date: 2002
EditVariegated (EP)
1. Dogs
2. Non-Volant
3. Haymaker
4. You Can't Hide The Mark Inside
5. Variegated

Release Date: 2002
EditCarrier (EP)
1. Sickening Bridge Versus Horrible Bed
2. Paper Lanterns
3. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo

Release Date: 2001
EditVery Soon, and in Pleasant Company (LP)
1. The March Song
2. Actual Blood
3. Simple Halo
4. Nine Bodies, Nine States
5. Quiet Victories
6. Contents Of A Landfill
7. How To Draw Horses

Release Date: 2001
EditSave Everything (LP)
Books on Trains
The Photoelectric Effect
All By Electricity
At A Venture
A True Lover's Knot

Release Date: 1997


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