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October 8th, 2006 | 24 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The Experience

Someday, I found in my mp'3 collection, 3 song promo called "Relationship Between Music and the Number". Band name was Rosesdead. I thought: "Huh, smells metalcore - ish, but, why not?" So, I listened to this and after that, I thought again:"Nice" and forgot about these 3 songs. Month later I returned to "RBMatN" and listened it carefully. I noticed that these 3 songs were very good. Songs were very fast, like punk on big acceleration , but the guitars were that, what made this short material specific. First of all - melodies are absolutely stunning and amazing. Every song features fast, technical, melodic, and, what is the most important, memorable and moving riffs. Things, like short solo around 3:30 at "Marcello Cabrera is a Crook", breakdowns at "Why People Move To Florida To Die?" between 2:02'n'2.35, and ending riffs, beginning around 4:06, at "Everything You Do Causes Cancer", are mind blowing . Such a disgrace! Why very talented and inventive musicians like Rosesdead aren't widely known? Why they released just the 3 - track promo??. Now, these two matters are changed, I think.

"Stages", LP debut for Rosesdead, brings the changes.
Album is opening with two snare drum notes. It is the beginning of short but sweet "The Structure" - massive assault of tech - metalcore: odd time signatures, guitars dissonances and churning section. At 0:35 there is cool breakdown, making head bobbing. Half of minute later, it becomes more melodic and climatic; this is the sample of what is about to come.

With the first track you are informed by low, guttural screaming, that there is a change in Rosesdead crew. Their previous vocalist, was delivering more high-pitched screams, more in the screamo or black metal(?) vein. It was fitting perfectly with music. Now, vox are completely different, but it doesn't mean that Mathew Wedge( Yes, THAT Mathew Wedge - Fordirelifesake vocalist) is worse. He is matching with music, because music is little different, too. It's hard to say if this is good change or not; actually i prefer SLIGHTLY better previous vocals but from the other side, Wedge's voice is more recognizable and original.

"The Structure" is fading into "All the Same: All Different". This song is logical continuation of the previous( BTW, this album is a concept album, I think) . At the beginning, we' ve got simply the same what was before, but more melodic. Drum passages grab the attention. About 1:18 there is generic metalcore pattern: double bass drum and familiar riff. After quick,melodic metrum change, we' we got fast part akin to promo style. Very nice. Song ends with repeating text: "Play your part" and intermittent melo - breakdown. Track number 2 surely is not the highlight but is solid. However, the next track is shining so bright.

Who knew, that the interludes and instrumentals could be so addicting? "A Wake in the Water" definately is. At 2.30 of lenght, this composition is simple, mostly hold in monotonous tempo(but not boring). It is simplistic and this is merit for it. "A Wake in the Water" intoxicates listener with ease. The climate, atmosphere, its construction,are moving the listener. Crash cymbal hits and blurred riffs are like sea wawes, throwing into forgetfulness, soothing mind. These piercing riffs at 1:14 are playing within the head, instantly changing mood. After that, composition becomes faster and more dynamic, completely taking away the listener. "A Wake in the Water" is completely non - metalcore -ish and non - generic, it's not the common, acoustic 50 - second garbage done, because: "real album cannot go without acoustic interlude, so we must put it to be good".

First 30 seconds of "Falling and Failing" are prove, how good these boys are. Nuff said. Further we' ve got fantastic, not usual bass and guitars collaboration(0:46 and later). One minut later song stops for a characteristic Rosesdead break: repeated melodic notes and slow drums. After that, they return to fast, melodic tech assault. But then, wow, section and guitar witty harmony causes jaw-dropp.(2:40) Holy mother, it's good!! Hard, of course tech breakdown in the end and there are no questions.

"Night Danger" is another surprise. It's completely non metalcore - ish( sorry for frequent usage of this word, but i want to show that this album is not generic and unoriginal.) at feeling. It has some strange rock vibe. After 2:00 they turn melodic again with interesting riff (2:33). End of the song is filled with clean guitar outro. Overall, "Night Danger" is another good track. Its advantage sticks in difference.

Number 6 is long, almost entirely instrumental "Now, This Feels Like the End". For a first minute, song is getting more and more tension, and in one moment it suddenly lets up, and everything stops (1:10). Thing, that was announcing to being very metallic, transforms into light, and mellow instrumental. But not at all. At 2:43 guitars and section burst, and what is interesting, they start to play just like Isis or Neurosis. Characteristic riffs, noisecore arrangement. At about 4:00 monstrous, metallic riff returns to crown the composition. Big plus for skillfully dosed tension.

"Starting From Sand" - if you are already satisified after "Falling and Failing" well, just look here. After 35 seconds of song's intro, there is short, frantic passage to longer pattern, where Rosesdead shines brightest: capital harmony between guitars and section. (1:12 bass pattern!!). What's more, while after Rosesdead hits with another good breakdowns , but beware tuff HC fans, this is not the chugga chugga style. Song achieves the peak at the middle, and is slowly fading away toward end. The transition between hefty breakdowns and the dreamy, melodic and touching second half of the track, is flawless.

"Balance" is more single-textured piece, but still enjoyable as hell. It seems, like Rosesdead has a inexhaustible source of melodic solutions. What is the plague of the majority of metalcore bands(" Just make a 25 minute EP, cuz i can't compose more melodic riffs! "), is the power of Rosesdead. They're not scared off including many melodic parts in their songs. It showcases only that they're good musicians and composers. You may think that more melodic parts=less powerful and brutal music. In Rosesdead case, actually sometimes songs are loosing on intesity but not so much. Look 2:30 and later at "Balance".

Have you ever felt that you are loosing the awereness? Beginning of the "Break in the Clouds" sends chills down the spine and later takes away and causes dizziness. "Break in the Clouds" is rather some kind of void trip, not the usually composition. Unheard-of atmosphere is paralyzing listener. Multi - layered effects are adding cosmic feeling to it. You will just forget about whole world while listening to this. Just flow...

"Confluence (Of Forces)" - very fast and technical again, and again well composed. Bassist is almost breaking his fingers here. This track is just one big display of very talented bass playing. How many metalcore bass players will be able to play in that way? Not many. But, unfortunately, except bassist, this song has less to offer than anything on album. So, IMO it is weakest point of CD, but how many bands would have such weakest points?...

Rosesdead prepared one more gem for us. "The Surface" is just superb album closer. It has unbelieveable emotional charge. Begins with melodic, mellow playing, is becoming more and more brutal. At 0:45 appears first, of course fantastic breakdown. While later we have faster metalcore pattern and then, again ,breakdown ,or what is more properly, 3 different breakdowns, each one shattering and totally devastating. The third of them is backed at 2:23 with beatiful melodic guitar and actually is lasting to 3:20 with the addition of spoken words interspersed with throaty Wedge's roars. Emotions are just exploding toward numb listener. From 3:20 to 3:37 double bass is pummeling, guitarists are charming and Mathew is saying his heartfelt, last words. This is the culminating moment of the song and the album. Total music fulfilment. Words are needless. After 3:37 song is fading away, drummer only hits cymbals, but at 4:09 he stops. Guitars are still playing their incredible melody to the end, more quiet and quiet.

Last notes of “The Surface” signify that musical trip ends. But, not at all. I’m sure, that many a time, you will listen to “Stages”. Over and over again…

Along with Misery Signals, Rosesdead are future of the modern hardcore music. They show how to perfectly blend heaviness with melody, without being too poppy or generic. Enjoy!

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Slimjim367 (4.5)
Stages is an album that wont run dry, no matter how thick the play count grows....

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October 9th 2006


awesome review dude...quite detailed.

is this any melodic? cause i liked your All Shall Perish review, and that album is the sh!t! its probably a 4.5 for me.

October 21st 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

These guys are from my home town.

I'm seeing them in November, it should be pretty sweet.

February 24th 2007


Hmm I listened to the tracks on purevolume. I'm not really feeling it. Their chord progressions are super boring I think. Also the only way they vary up their time is by doing huge stop time things, which sounds cool when other bands do it but here it happens so often it cloys.

February 24th 2007


Their vocalist owes my friend 5 dollars. That's really the only memorable thing about these guys.

February 24th 2007


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

Well, uhm, I don't know what super-cool bands you guys listen to, but given the shape metalcore is in, I can see no reason for finding these guys generic.

February 24th 2007


Well the ones in your sound-off, Shai Hulud and fordirelifesake, are up there for me.

March 31st 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Marcello Cabrera is a Crook and Everything You Do Causes Cancer are their best songs

April 24th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

one of my favourite bands

RIP rosesdead

August 8th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

amazing album. I'm gonna review it soon.

June 22nd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0


October 4th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

Album is the best thing that sounds like it.

October 4th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

def some of my favourite metalcoar

October 4th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

As far as melodeath influenced metalcore goes, agreed.

February 9th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

its metalcore of course its gay

March 5th 2012


Holy shit I forgot about this.

March 6th 2012


Yeah not quite as good as I remember it. Tried out 'The Gorgeous' again too.

March 10th 2013


I liked this a lot the first few times, but it's actually really average most of the time.

December 13th 2013


thats how i feel about u

Digging: Charles Bronson - Youth Attack!

December 13th 2013



Digging: ostraca - last

July 17th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

bump because holy shit this is a good record

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