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Originally Posted by Lionheart1827
I'm not trying to start a PC vs Mac war here, but I really dont see why people say that Macs are so much better than PC's. I've been using PC's for years and recently had to babysit my little cousin and his family has a Mac. I dinked around on it for a few hours and came to a conclusion that its nothing special at all.

The only times I've really truly had trouble with PC's is when there was a computer that my whole family shared. Ever since I built my own PC I hadn't had any major problems or annoyances.

On-topic: Like a few others said, Window Blinds and/or
For me, it's not one is better than the other. They are built for different purposes. PCs are built for general home use, office work (administration, data entry, etc) and programing - Macs are built for graphics. Without a doubt, every Graphic Design studio will be filled with Macs for the designers. As will any movie editing studio. They are each better than the other in different areas. People always start flaming whenever Macs are mentioned because the people who do it generaly have very little experience in using Macs. They maybe used them once or twice to see what they were like, and decided to stick to Windows. Which is fine because the things they will be doing with it will just be general computer use. I only really suggest a Mac to anyone who will be doing any form of design work, be it for screen, print, movie or whatever.
Having been using a Mac for a while now, I get really annoyed at PCs because they work differently to a Mac - it's the same for those who use PCs - they get annoyed at Macs because they work differently, they're not used to it, and end up "hating" Macs and their users, simply because they didn't take the time to use them properly and get used to them.

Each do their own, but I hate OS wars... I prefer OS X, but I do graphics. If I was a programer I wouldn't think of buying a Mac.

That went for a bit longer than I expected...
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