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These threads can be bumped at any time.

General Discussion
These are important discussion threads about various punk related topics.

Forced Listening The Community Thread - The ultimate general discussion thread! Forced Listening - This thread is a game where you are forced to listen to certain songs. Read the first post before participating. Gig Diary - This is the thread where you can tell about that awesome gig you went to last night! DIY Thread - This is where you can ask about making your own shirts or stencils or other do-it-yourself projects. Official Punk Soulseek Thread - A list of all the punk forum users who use the p2p program Soulseek. Can also be used for trading and asking troubleshooting questions Punk Forum Group/Thread - This is where you discuss the website http:/, post your charts, and join the group on the site. Social Issues - The one political thread in the punk forum. Here you can discuss any politics under the sun.

Music Discussion
This list is any official genre discussion thread inside the forum. Many double as education threads.
Punk Forum Band List General Education (General genre education, no discussion) Hardcore/Metalcore Ska (Also provides education) Grindcore/Power Violence/Crust (contains band list) Emo Folk-Punk Thrash/Crossover (contains band list) Street Punk (provides education) Anarcho-Punk (provides education on genre and anarchism) Oi! (provides education) Psychobilly (provides education)

Official Band Threads
These threads are to be the only threads about these bands. Leftover Crack/Choking Victim The Clash/Joe Strummer Dead Kennedys/Jello Biafra Streetlight Manifesto/Catch 22/Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution Against Me! AFI

Alternate Punk History
These threads provide the true history of punk! The Punk Bible Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope The Punk Bible Wars: Episode V: Politics Strike Back The Punk Bible Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Dead Guy Indy-ska-na Peebles and the Raiders of the Lost Skark Interesting Ska Facts

These threads are various lists compiled by punk users The Top 100 Punk Albums The Top 100 Punk Albums (Part 2) The Top 50 Punk Posters The Top 50 Punks Posters Part Two Top 100 Punk Bands Bottom 8 Worst Punk Bands

Historic Threads
These threads are important to the history of the punk forum Ban Game (when moderators get bored) Community Thread Close-Gate (when the community thread is closed, drama ensues! The Constitution of Gnar (when Skrunnch took over the punk forum, he established the land of Gnar!)

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