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Clutch Psychic Warfare3.5
3.7 Exactly what I was expecting. Good old stoner rock.
David Bowie Space Oddity3.5
GZA Liquid Swords2.5
High Dive New Teeth3.5
OverClocked ReMix 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda...Composer Tribute3.5
Shinobu 10 Thermidor4.0
Sean Bonnette Skateboarding's Greatest Hits3.5
Some down-tempo covers of songs from a plethora of rock genres, all pretty damn stellar. Definitely worth at least a cursory listen.
Alec Holowka Offspring Fling4.0
Simply "Fantastic", and not in the "Oh, that sounds great" way, I mean as in FANTASY. Listening to this I really do feel transported to a whimsical fluffy world. Many times I'm reminded of environments like in the PS2 game dark cloud 2 (or "dark chronicle" outside the US), but other times the songs take on an almost Kirkhope-ian feeling like in the tracks "John Waters" and "Lil Piggy". No matter the track though, every single bit of this is beautiful, inventive, and oh so very cuddly.
Tiny Empires Weird Headspace3.5
Definitely one of the better pick-ups from quoteunquote. Distinctive amid all the other punk garage bands out there.
Not a terrible album, but ultimately very forgettable... Give it a try if you want, but it's the same stuff you've already heard a million times before.
Aivi & Surasshu The Black Box4.0
Diners It's All True2.5
Jeff Rosenstock Summer Seven Club4.0
Heatmiser Dead Air3.0
Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse3.0
Motoi Sakuraba Dark Souls Soundtrack4.5
One of the most atmospheric and satisfying soundtracks that I've listened to in years. The booming and threatening choral segments perfectly frame Dark Souls' magnificent boss battles, while the more subtle/sombre numbers really evoke that feeling of lonesomeness and mystery that is so prevalent in Lordran. A magnificent score for a magnificent game. 4.4/5
Opeth Pale Communion3.0
More of a step in the right direction than Heritage was, but still nowhere near the grandeur of Opeth b/w "My Arms, Your Hearse" and "Ghost Reveries" 2.9/5
Time To Burn Is.Land4.0
Bleak, Heavy, and Exhilarating. The beautiful marriage of the best parts of Emo and Post-Metal. 4.2/5
The Wild Dreams Are Maps4.0
Sweet, earnest Indie-Folk done right. Not the perfect album, but a good balance of relaxing folk counterbalanced equally by uproarious Indie-Rock. 3.8/5
Dir En Grey Dum Spiro Spero3.5
A great album, I just can't find my self enjoying this more than I do Uroboros. 3.7/5
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)4.0
Haunting, Soothing, and quite enjoyable. Just what I'd expect from the man. 4.1/5
Cap'n Jazz Shmap'n Shmazz3.0
Angsty and Imperfect; just the way classic emo should be. It may just be the fuddy-duddy in me getting older, but it's getting harder and harder to listen to stuff like this. The musicianship is without a doubt top-notch... but ear-retching vocals keep me from really enjoying what the band is trying to put forth. 3.1/5
Qualia Everything is Going to Be Fine3.5
Nice mellow post-rock. It swells don't reach the emotional heights of the kings like Sigur Ros and GY!BE, but it's worth a listen if all you want is something smooth and relaxing. 3.7/5
The Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us Is the Killer4.0
Good to know that DEP still know how to do it. Maybe not quite so enjoyable as Option Paralysis personally, but still a great album. 3.8/5
Irion Da Ronin Abstract Memories3.5
Some nice atmospheric background music. Not really anything super experimental, but well put together and worth a listen. 3.5/5
Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle4.0
Concentrated Mike Patton. Off-the-wall randomness that never fails to astound as well as please. A little less consistent than California (not necessarily in a structural sense, more of in a thematic sense), but still a solid album by someone who has yet to at least interest me with every least. 4.1/5
Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Lab... Portal 2: Songs to Test By2.0
One thing I've always stood by with soundtracks is that they have to stand on their own two feet, even without the game/movie backing them... I mean, I'm not saying that they should be treated like your standard album, but that the music should accentuate key themes and moods of the medium they're scoring. This pivotal point is where the Portal 2 soundtrack just doesn't stand up for me. A major aspect of the game is mystery; both in respect to what'd happened between this game and the first, as well as the idea of how Aperture Labs came to be... and at least for me, the music ads nothing to the experience. Instead of adding suspense or intrigue, each and every track just drags and drags, not really adding much to the experience at all. Worst of all, they didn't even have the decency to add the turret symphony or Jonathan Coulton song a closer. 1.9/5
Breakbeat Heartbeat Edit3.0
Smooth and relaxing. Mostly electronic ambient, but some physical instruments come in every now and then when the atmosphere calls for it. 3.2/5
F-777 System Fix2.0
Fast-paced and catchy dance music in which each song sounds, maybe not exactly alike, but similar enough to mistake it for the last... definitely not for me. 2.1/5
The Clockwork Dolls When Banners Fall2.5
A Symphonic-rock album with a WWII concept. The vocalist is great, but there's nothing distinctly new or fresh, just a reworking of what's been done before. Worth a listen if you're an avid fan of the genre, but otherwise I'd just skip over it. 2.7/5
Marquis of Vaudeville The Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts3.0
Something of an Anglo- equivalent to Japanese Visual Kei. It definitely feels like it's cashing in on a current fad. And while it doesn't succomb to the cookie-cutter nihilization that most "fad" music dissolves into, it feels like any originality the band could've had is now gone. The music isn't technically or objectively bad... it just feels repetitive and emotionless. 2.9/5
Nick Drake Five Leaves Left3.0
Very odd... for as much as I enjoyed Pink Moon and Bryter Layter, I was expecting this to be very much the same; relaxing and pensive singer-songwriter folk... but I'm seriously getting nothing from this. 2.9/5
Chewing On Tinfoil Marrowbone Lane4.5
Freaking Beautiful! I remember Chewing on Tinfoil to be just another one of those "good, not fantastic" bands I found through quoteunquote... This is not that same band. Fantastic Irish punk with a handful of other great genres peppered throughout (Dat Harmonica on "Mothers & Sons"). If you haven't listened to this yet, get on it NOW! 4.4/5
Tom Waits Bad As Me3.5
What can I say, it's Tom F**king Waits... Not "Rain Dogs", but a solid display of the man's indescribable musical ability. 3.6/5
Cloudkicker Subsume3.5
Ben Sharp returning to his metal aesthetic. I personally loved his softer more ambient work, but this is a great display of how he's matured as a musician (see ]]][[[ and The Discovery for comparison). Last song is orgasmic. 3.6/5
David Housden Thomas Was Alone Original Soundtrack4.0
One of the best game soundtracks to come out in years! Really great ambient/post-rock with a bit of electronic manipulation. Very mellow and works perfectly with the game's storyline. 4.1/5
Frank Turner England Keep My Bones4.0
I REALLY should have checked this out sooner; kicking myself for missing out on this for so long. 4.0/5
Thriftworks Deviation4.0
Another solid release from J Atlas. It feels so smooth and effortless even when we all know how much work he put into this. It's an art... 3.8/5
Grant Kirkhope Donkey Kong 64 Original Soundtrack4.5
Without a doubt some of Grant's best work. The atmosphere that this music can create is mind-boggling. Obviously the nostalgia factor adds a bit my enjoyment, but even objectively looking at this, it's no surprise that people put him on the same level as other video-game scorers like Nobuo Uematsu and Koji Kondo. 4.3/5
Pg. 99 Document #83.5
Fantastic screamo a majority of the time, but the generic punk-rock-ness of the final track really holds this album back for me. Pg. 99, you make fantastic music out of such confusing cacophony, stick to what you do good and don't try being every punk garage band ever. 3.7/5
Carcass Surgical Steel4.0
Doesn't hit me in the core of my soul on first listen like Heartwork did back in the day, but it's a more than worthwhile return for the legendary band. It musically feels somewhere between Heartwork and Swansong, so the darkness of Necroticism and earlier is almost entirely lost, but the band's proficiency is otherwise self-evident. 4.1/5
Meishi Smile .exe3.0
A mix of electronic dance and j-pop. I personally prefer the fewer j-poppy ones like "Summer Breeze", so the dance music doesn't really appeal to me (which is the majority of the comp-album. Check it out if you're a fan of the genres though. 2.8/5
Far Water & Solutions3.5
Solid 90's Emo/Post-Hardcore. Not the best or most influential stuff out there, but it's definitely a good listen for fans if the era/genre. 3.7/5
Tom Waits Franks Wild Years2.5
It has its gems (like the "Train Song" or the two "Innocent when you Dream"), but for the most part this album is a lot more docile than some of his other/better work, and that works against Waits' strong points as a musician. 2.6/5
Fiona Apple Tidal4.0
If any other person in the world were singing this, it's probably an album you could leave or take. Fiona Apple is singing this... that should be all the incentive you need to listen to it NOW. 3.8/5
Gabriel Martins Silence2.5
A little pop, a little smooth jazz, and a little electronic noodling; also it doesn't sound like English is Gabriel's first language. To be more honest, this album just suffers from its middle-of-the-road-ness and the fact that it sounds a little unprofessional (with the exception of some sax on a track and the vocals, everything else sounds like it could be made with the right software on a laptop). 2.4/5
Streetlight Manifesto The Hands That Thieve4.5
A 3rd reason to not doubt this band. Some say that ska is dead, bands like these are what give me hope for the future. 4.4/5
Husker Du Zen Arcade3.5
I'm definitely enjoying this more than "New Day Rising", but it still doesn't have a lot that really pulls me in. I guess Old-school hardcore/punk is just not for me. 3.3/5
Grinny Grandad The Car Bootleg EP3.0
The 1st and last tracks are pretty entertaining, the first using Monty Python's The Holy Grail theme and the last using Zappa's "Willie the Pimp". The middle track doesn't really do much for me, and in the end all three are pretty much just remixes and don't really stand up unless you already have the inspiration's in mind. 3.1/5
Devin Townsend Unplugged2.5
As much as I want to like this... nothing about it is at all reminiscent of what I love about all of Devin Townsend's other music. Much of what draws me to Devin is the energy and vitality in his music; even on slower/more subtle albums like Ki and Ocean Machine: Biomech. This "Unplugged" collection just feels like all the energy and excitement he had with the previous tracks was sucked dry and this is just a skeleton of what once was... very disappointing... 2.3/5
Coalesce 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening4.0
Yet another fantastic metallic hardcore album. Enough variation to keep it interesting without deviating too far from the core focus of the album. 3.9/5
Sunny Day Real Estate Live3.5
Not a mind-blowing live-performance, but a solid setlist. It's enjoyable, but I agree with the rest, any their LP's would make for a more entertaining 45 minutes... 3.4/5
Slime Girls Vacation Wasteland4.0
Excellent chiptune. If you like stuff like Anamanaguchi, then this will be right up your alley. 3.9/5
Hum Downward Is Heavenward4.5
I originally downloaded this album years ago on recommendation for my enjoyment of Irepress, and just listening to it now, I cannot put into words my absolute amazement! Rarely does a band create a sound that entirely escapes description. Shoegaze, sludge, post-hardcore, 90's alt., psych-rock; all of these names describe the band's sound, but none of them nearly do the band's sound justice. I never would have found this band on my own and it is a tragedy that such an amazing album is so overlooked. 4.6/5
The Ocean Fluxion3.5
Solid post metal, but nothing about this enthralls me like "Precambrian" or even the "Fogdiver" EP did. A great debut Full-Length, and a good display of the band's potential, but sadly not as good as some of their best work. 3.4/5
Elvis Costello This Year's Model3.5
Don't know what it is about it, this just hits me so much better than "My Aim is True." Maybe it's experience, maybe it's something else; all I know is that Costello's sophomore performance is an unquestionable success. 3.7/5
Pig Destroyer Book Burner2.0
A couple good riffs here and there, but that's really all I'm getting from this. 2.1/5
Mastodon The Hunter4.0
Not the Mastodon of "Remission" and "Leviathan", but just as great and memorable. The band hasn't necessarily discarded their sludgy heaviness, but they've completed the prog transformation that started with "Crack the Skye." I honestly wasn't expecting much seeing as their previous album didn't do much for me, but I was completely surprised when I loved this as much as I did; you've renewed my faith in you Mastodon. 4.1/5
The Cure Disintegration3.5
A really great album objectively, It's just not doing a lot for me personally. 3.3/5
The Dear Hunter White4.0
An all-around phenomenal clincher to the Color Spectrum collection. Ballad-ey and majestic, pure and simple. 4.0/5
The Dear Hunter Violet4.5
The alt-prog masterpiece you've been expecting. More in-line with their other (non-color spectrum) work and well worth the wait (if, like me, you were listening from black to white ROYGBIV-style). 4.3/5
The Dear Hunter Indigo3.5
The Prog/Psych album of the "Color Spectrum", and probably one of the top 3 EPs of the collection. Spacey, atmospheric, and beautiful. 3.7/5
The Dear Hunter Blue3.5
As my marathon session continues, I'm continually surprised by how well the EPs match their respective colors. "Black" was aggressive, "Yellow" was happy, "Green" was mellow, and "Blue" is somber. When most bands come up with a vague concept series like this, most fail or at least don't live up to our already low expectations; The Dear Hunter have defied the trend and succeed phenomenally. 3.7/5
The Dear Hunter Green4.0
Probably the most docile of the "Color Spectrum", really more alt/indie than alt-prog. As long as you aren't expecting the standard Dear Hunter, this an extremely enjoyable EP, the perfect slow bit to give you a rest if you're trying to marathon the collection. 3.8/5
The Dear Hunter Yellow3.5
Exactly how I expected a "Yellow" album, cheery and happy as a summer day. Still alt-prog, but with a much poppier edge than their other EPs/Albums. 3.7/5
The Dear Hunter Orange3.5
Not exactly a reprise (seeing as "Red" wasn't really all that bad), but definitely an improvement to the previous EP. The band sounds like it has a bit more emotion on this EP, something I feel that was lacking on "Red." 3.4/5
The Dear Hunter Red3.0
Not as exhilarating as "Black", but a solid EP; first track sounds like the song was half-over when they started recording. 3.2/5
The Smiths The Smiths3.5
A bit weaker than The Queen is Dead, but a phenomenal debut album. I generally despise the 80's alt scene as a whole, but for some reason The Smiths absolutely work for me; them and David Byrne. 3.7/5
Destroyer Kaputt2.5
I've tried this in earnest 3 separate times, each time it has done absolutely nothing. It's not bad music by a long shot, but nothing about this sets it apart from the crowd for me... 2.6/5
Sithu Aye 263.0
Another good release. It still has yet to really thrill me, but it's undeniable that the guy has talent. 3.2/5
Rammstein Reise, Reise4.0
Surprisingly, one of the few bands that has held up since high-school. Rammstein has a distinct sound (mostly thanks to Till's amazing voice) and it can't be found any better than on here. From song to song these guys are continuously changing it up, that's probably why this more than their other albums can stand more repeated listens. As long as you don't go into this expecting too much, I'm sure it'll be a great listen. 4.0/5
Clutch Earth Rocker4.0
Another strong Clutch album. A bit strong than their more recent work, but Blast Tyrant still stands strong as the benchmark I'll have to judge everything else they do by. 3.8/5
Koji Kondo Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack3.0
Honestly in serious need of editing. If this soundtrack were nothing more than the songs everyone knows and loves + maybe a little extra (eg; bowser laughing just before the stage music starts, like in the game) I'm sure I'd give this a 5. Sadly though, this "soundtrack" kind of falls flat with half of its run-time cluttered by star-get sound effects and toad-talk themes. Trim the fat and this gets a whole lot more listenable. 3.2 (with the fat trimmed, 4.4/5)
Coroner No More Color4.0
Fantastic thrash. While sputnik seems to be more hit-or-miss when it comes to more contemporary music (indie/folk/alt.) they are without a doubt the right people to go to for phenomenal passed-by gems. If this album is anything to go by, I may have found a new go-to for my thrash fix. 4.2/5
The National Alligator4.0
Comparable to most other National albums; technically perfect... something about the it just doesn't draw me like other bands or genres do. Matt's voice is orgasmic and everyone else in the band is playing beautifully... I don't know what it is; it's not that it's not clicking... it's something else... 4.0/5
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I3.5
On one hand very good; cohesive and very well executed. On the other hand kind of a disappointment; more of the same progressive death that's been becoming more common, without any real evolution. With all the hype this was getting, I was kind of expecting a bit more. 3.7/5
Fiona Apple When the Pawn...4.5
I'm not going to BS around and just cut straight to the point. On any other Fiona Apple album you're gonna hear the same beautiful Fiona and will climax at the sound of her voice (as you should). What sets this album apart is solely that everything else accompanies "Perfectly". Each and every instrument accompanies her perfectly on here and the transitions between songs couldn't have been handled more perfectly. I honestly don't know what it is that sets this album apart from the rest of her discography other than it just works perfectly. 4.5/5
The Band Music from Big Pink4.0
As much as I didn't expect it, this sounds SO good to me. With a couple exceptions (classic prog generally) most music made before the 80's seems foreign to my ears and it's hard for me to really enjoy it and latch onto it... but this, THIS! Even decades later it can still hit new listeners in the same perfect way it hit my grandparents when it came out. 4.2/5
Devin Townsend Project Ghost3.0
While Ghost is beautiful and subtle, most HevyDevy fans would agree with me in saying that those aren't his strong points. Whether it be the face-melting heavyness of SYL, the randomness of Deconstruction or Ziltoid, or the majestic Prog of his solo work (Terria, Synchestra, OM: Biomech), Devin plays to his overwhelming strengths when he's working with a lot of things at once (some might say too much). Devin's strength comes from working on 10 things at once and having them all lead to a momentous conclusion. To me this album feels like Devin was forcing limits on himself and it inevitably weakened of how far he could take his final product. 3.1/5
Sigur Ros Kveikur4.5
Sigur Ros have proven that, once again, it is pretty much impossible for them to make a disappointing album. While their last album was a bit lacking in the "energy" department (though it was still a great album) Kveikur more than makes up for it. Keep up the good work Jonsi and co., you Adonises, you gods among men. 4.3/5
Devin Townsend Project By A Thread: Live in London 20114.5
Ki: The absolute best second best "Live Album" experience I've ever had, 4.7/5. Addicted: The absolute best "Live Album" experience I've ever had, 4.8/5. Deconstruction: An amazing performance that has created in me a newfound respect and love for the album, 4.2/5. Ghost: Ghost never did much for me when it first came out, doesn't do much for me now..., 3.4/5. Encores: Great Devin Townsend songs, each and every one. Not as much of an experience as the albums, fantastic to hear "Life" live though, the Punky Bruster stuff though? not so much, 4.1/5. Overall: Maybe a bit long, but otherwise a fantastic series of CDs. A must listen for any HevyDevy fan whether it be a die-hard from back during the SYL days or a new fan looking for a starting point. 4.3/5
CunninLynguists Will Rap For Food4.0
I generally don't listen to rap, but when I do it's THIS. Well though out lyrics, no staleness, a bit of comedy; THIS is the exact thing I want in my rap/hip-hop. 3.8/5
Tomahawk Oddfellows3.0
It has its high points, but in the end it kind of falls into the "good but forgettable" section of Patton's immense discography. 3.1/5
Nice Wings, Icarus! Nice Wings, Icarus!3.5
I really don't see the hate/dislike for this band? Yeah it's not GY! BE or the like, but it's some solid post-rock. It has room for improvement, but at least it has emotion (something that can't really be said about a lot of other more prominent post-rock bands out there). 3.7/5
The Strokes Is This It3.5
I can hear the talent... definitely... but this just isn't resonating with me at all. At various points on the album I definitely hear bits that inspired one of favorites Jeff Rosenstock, but that alone isn't enough for me to fall in love with this (same thing with Elliott Smith and The Beatles). 3.3/5
Anamanaguchi Endless Fantasy4.0
Since I first heard them a while back doing the opening theme for The Nerdist (;geek plug) I've detected a lot of potential; and on Endless Fantasy they finally realize that potential. While Anamanaguchi were by no means bad, I have to admit their previous albums/EPs were more akin to snack-foods than real meals. rWith chip-tune and the like it is very easy to be a one-trick pony; Anamanaguchi easily avoid this as most songs on here stands out well on their own. In addition, the key use of vocals on "Japan Air" and "Prom Night" works perfectly with rounding out the edges of an already well put together album. 4.1/5
Koji Kondo The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask OST4.5
A fantastic soundtrack as far as Zelda games go. The increasing speed of Clock Town's music with each passing day really works well in creating urgency and tension in the player. 4.3/5
Grant Kirkhope Banjo-Tooie3.5
A little less memorable than the original Banjo-Kazooie but still a solid soundtrack; "Hailfire Peaks" particularly stands out as one of the more interesting BGM I've listened. 3.6
A Lot Like Birds Conversation Piece3.0
Alex Silveri's soundoff said it perfectly; while the band has kept the technical proficiency, they've lost the integral part that set them apart from all the other prog/post-hardcore groups out there... 2.9/5
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV4.0
IMHO, the weaker pair of "The Alchemy Index." "Air" is very mellow in the same way that "Water" was, this time shedding the aforementioned album's murkiness and going straight forward with for the most part soft and soothing ballads. The final volume has the band tapping into a more folky vein. No matter what way you slice it, these albums are an unquestionable success. Even if you don't like one album, the other three almost assuredly have you covered. Air: 3.6/5, Earth: 3.9/5
Ben Sollee Learning to Bend2.5
Seeing as it's so similar to Jeff Buckley, I really should love this... but something's not meshing with me; maybe it's the delivery that's getting at me. While it wasn't exactly a groundbreaking approach, on Grace it sounded like Jeff was putting the entirety of heart and soul into each individual song... all I'm getting with this is a guy with a good voice mimicking his idols (though not Buckley specifically). 2.6/5
Ohashi Trio A Bird3.5
Japanese Indie-Jazz... what can I say? Despite the language barrier this is quite enjoyable for me. Give it a try yourself! 3.3/5
Coheed and Cambria The Afterman: Descension3.5
A Little less enjoyable than Ascension, but both are are easily better than GA:2 and YotBR, so Coheed has definitely re-found their direction. 3.6/5
Dustin Kensrue Please Come Home3.5
While the parts where Kensrue gets a little too fauxlky for his own good can get a little grating, the album is for the most part very enjoyable. Dustin did his best work with the band, but for any real fan of the band this is definitely worth checking out. 3.6/5
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile4.0
Doesn't really hit me with the force that "The Downward Spiral" or "Year Zero" do, but makes up for it in length. Keep up the good work Reznor. 3.8/5
Grant Kirkhope Banjo​-​Kazooie4.5
SO MUCH FREAKING NOSTALGIA IT HURTS!!!!! Even so, Grant Kirkhope knows how to make the perfect soundtrack for such a light-hearted and fun adventure. 4.3/5
Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be Something On4.5
When you have as extensive a backlog of "need-to-listens" as I do (slowly chipping away at a 200+ heap), when deciding whether to keep an album or not, you probably follow something of a forumla. About 99% of the time it comes down to: judging an album on its merits and flaws, and either keeping or trashing accordingly. Rarely does something magical happens where you're completely blown away by the sheer beauty of the music; that's what happened to me today with "How it Feels to Be Something On." 4.6/5
Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire2.5
Unabashed, thickly layered 70's prog... I honestly can't find a thing to love on here... 2.3/5
Flow Isle2.0
This album really disappointed me. On albums like Splash!!! and Game, Flow had the perfect amount of fun energetic pop-punk mixed in with their accessible/mainstream j-rock sound. On this album, the j-rock element has completely taken over. Littered with dime-a-dozen power ballads and bouncy hip-pop sound effects, when I listen to this it feels like the individuality that originally drew me to the band has been completely sucked out... 1.8/5
Catch 22 Keasbey Nights4.5
From start to finish, this album is the beautiful embodiment of 3rd wave ska. Energetic and catchy AS HELL, not a single stale moment on here. 4.6/5
Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance4.0
I remember first picking this up and finding it very skippable, gave it another spin today and it's definitely sounding much better. This still probably sits as my least favorite of the three when compared to Vheissu and The Illusion of Safety; still, a fantastic album exemplary of what post-millennial Post-Hardcore should be. 3.8/5
Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine4.0
Another reason to love Fiona but at the same time hate her for the unbearable wait between releases. A bit more accessible than her subsequent album, and just as good. 3.9/5
The Specials Specials2.5
Sorry, maybe it's due to my complacency after finding bands like BtMI! and Op. Ivy, but it seems I need a lot more energy in my ska for me to really enjoy it. 2.6/5
Chotto Ghetto Lover Covers3.5
Despite how terrible it could've been, this is a surprisingly good collection of covers. True Love Waits (ft. Jeff Rosenstock) definitely stands out for me, but the whole thing is definitely worth checking out even if just for the novelty of it. 3.6/5
The Henry Clay People For Cheap or for Free2.5
Your standard indie-rock release. The music is enjoyable, but there isn't really anything unique or special that sets this apart from everything else out there. 2.3/5
Laura Stevenson Sit Resist4.5
Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. Why the f**k did I let this sit on my ipod for 23 f**king months without a single f**king play?!? 4.4/5
Steven Wilson Grace for Drowning4.0
While a fantastic album in its own right, this thing is mind-bogglingly fantastic considering it's a solo album. Keep up the Good work Steven! 4.0/5
Devin Townsend Terria4.5
I went into this expecting a lot Devin... and damn-it, you blew me away again. Long-live the immortal god of Canada. 4.5/5
AJJ Knife Man4.0
Andrew Jackson Jihad is the folk-punk equivalent to BtMI!'s ska-punk, never serious and always having fun making brilliant music. 3.8/5
Archipelago Good as Gone4.0
A very wintery vibe with this one. Just as good as the last album, if not better. Why can't there be more indie like this? Instead we just get The National clones and 2-bit hipster bandwagoneers. 3.9/5
Muse Showbiz3.5
While not the highest, a high point for a band that had so far to fall. Not phantasmic at every turn like Origin of Symmetry, but definitely worth a listen. 3.7/5
Propagandhi Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes3.5
Good old-school punk rock. No unnecessary frills or flair, just a bunch of great musicians doing what they're good at. 3.7/5
Kinniku Shojo Tai Buddha L2.5
Okay disco, I totally agree with you that there's a definite 80's vibe all throughout this. Bad news? I really can't stand the 80's signature sound, so there is pretty much nothing for me here. 2.4/5
Atheist Piece of Time4.0
One of the best DM albums I've listened to quite a while. Atheist find the perfect amount of thrash aggression and counterbalance it with excellent technicality. 4.0/5
Takeharu Ishimoto "Subarashiki Konosekai" + TWEWY (LP)2.0
Pretty much nothing but remixes of the more popular TWEWY songs. Not terrible, but not really worth going out of your way to check out (even for avid fans of the game). 2.2/5
Anthrax Spreading the Disease2.0
Pretty much an embodiment of my hate for the 80's. 1.8/5
Nice Wings, Icarus! Aurora4.0
Another reason why I'm constantly scouring bandcamp for undiscovered gold. It had been a while since their S/T, but I didn't think they'd mature this much this quickly! Definitely check this out, I still have yet to figure a name for the genre but's that progressive/Post-Rock/Math/Whatever with little-to-no vocals that's been exponentially gaining popularity recently. 3.8/5
Elvis Costello My Aim Is True3.5
Classic old-school rock, and a not-too-shabby debut either. If this album is anything to go by, chock Elvis Costello up on my big board of artists whose discographies I need to get to know better. 3.4/5
Opeth Lamentations3.0
Pretty underwhelming to be honest. Back end of the album makes up for the snooze-fest of the first ten or so songs, but everything about this album screams "Their live concerts must be a lot less fun than their albums" for me. 2.9/5
Grimes Visions2.0
An excellent album (as long as you ignore tracks 3-13). It definitely sounded like it had some potential on the first track, but everything went downhill from there. Just another fad, move along, move along. 2.2/5
Brian Wilson Smile3.5
A very diverse album that at points it feels diametrically opposite to the classic Beach Boys sound. I can definitely see how to a Beach Boys fanboy this would be like sex, but for me but I can name dozens of albums that impacted me more in a heartbeat. 3.6/5
Kashiwa Daisuke Program Music I4.5
Beautiful, Exciting, Harmonious, Confusing, Scary, Majestic; Everything a good post-rock album should be. I see this becoming a 5 very quickly. 4.4/5
A Lily Wake:Sleep2.0
A regrettably lacklustre album. I understand that both Electronica and Post-Rock are genres prone to at least a little staleness, but this album really takes the cake. There's so much filler on here that sometimes it's hard to tell if there's any actual music underneath it all. 2.1/5
In This Moment The Dream1.5
Serart Serart3.0
Uhhh.... yeah.... I don't know what to say about this. Serj being there makes it a lot more accessible, but not by enough... I mean it sound beautiful and everything, but I do NOT see this being one of my regulars. 3.1/5
Windir Arntor3.0
A bit harder for me to get into than 1184. I really thing this is going to be a grower. 3.2/5
Heatmiser Mic City Sons3.5
Yeah, I'm not gonna' try dancing around the fact that I'm an Elliott Smith fanboy, but everything he touches is great. The other parts of this album are great and all, but the ES-centric songs are where this album shines. 3.7/5
Kid Kilowatt Guitar Method 1996-19993.5
It's some solid emo, what else can I say? Nothing about it really sets it apart from any other emo album out there, but if nothing else its got equally high doses of emotion and fantastic musicianship. 3.7/5
Nick Drake Bryter Layter4.0
It's Nick Drake... do I really need to say anything else to make it worth your time? I didn't think so. 3.9/5
letlive. Fake History3.5
Fake History is both the best post-hardcore album and the worst. It's energetic and exciting, and has more than enough stylistic variation. At the same time though, these two reasons are why this album saddens me. With the constant onslaught of musically great post-hardcore, most listeners can't stop and notice what this band's real problem is. Some of the things that made post-hardcore classics like Relationship of Command and Worship and Tribute so great were that they weren't trying to be something they're not. All I hear on this is a band being a ditto. I'm serious, when the Jason isn't trying to be Daryl, he's trying to be Claudio. Hopefully by next release these guys actually play their own music. 3.6/5
Thursday No Devolucion4.0
An amazing swansong if I ever heard one. With as many times as I've tried listening to Full Collapse and failed to love it (or even like it really) I came into this expecting absolutely nothing; I was entirely blown away. While at first I was a little irked that the vocals felt like the were pushed through the same filter that Chino Moreno uses, but I quickly got past that and was able to really enjoy the album (and maybe the band) for what it is. 3.9/5
They Might Be Giants Join Us3.0
Enjoyable, but just too distant for me to really latch onto. They Might Be Giants are a classic 90's band, but this just reads to me like an augmented version of what they (and many other bands) did over 20 years ago. 3.2/5
The Mountain Goats All Eternals Deck3.0
There's no escaping the fact that it's that mainstream as hell folk/indie singer-songwriter hipster crap... that much is obvious. However once you come to terms with that, The Mountain Goats (aka John Darnielle) get a lot more enjoyable. As for where this album rests in John's lengthy discography? I'd probably somewhere about the middle; better than a good portion of his work, but ultimately weaker than his best stuff. 3.2/5
The Beatles With the Beatles2.5
A pretty weak album. I don't think there's a single song that really stands out from the rest on here, but what can you expect, they're still so young. Really glad they diversified their sound as they got older. 2.7/5
The Beatles Beatles for Sale3.0
Sgt. Pepper's... or Rubber Soul it ain't, but definitely a much more all-around enjoyable album than some of their other albums. 3.2/5
Maybeshewill I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone4.0
Another exemplary album from Maybeshewill. Energetic and majestic; Serene and Bombastic. 3.9/5
The Devin Townsend Band Synchestra4.0
As always, superb stuff from the crazy Canadian... Not as brilliant as Ocean Machine: Biomech or Infinity, but definitely better than Accelerated Evolution. 4.0/5
Buddy Holly The Definitive Collection2.5
A perfect example of how compilation albums fail. On their respective albums you find that each song flows beautifully into the next and compliments the previous song; in this compilation, that feeling harmony of found in the original is all but lost with one song bumbling into the next. 2.7/5
Charles Mingus Let My Children Hear Music4.0
That Sax! Mother of... THAT SAX!!!!! LISTEN TO THAT!!!!!!..... the other music is good too... 4.2/5
Frank Zappa Apostrophe4.5
My all-around favorite Frank Zappa album, hands down. Perfectly quirky and odd, while still being a solid album musically (which is honestly an extremely hard thing to do). 4.3/5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!4.0
Not as mind-numbing and beautiful as "Lift Your Skinny Fists...", but it's undoubtedly better than "Yanqui U.X.O." and that counts as a win for me. 3.9/5
Thriftworks Terry - D3.5
Still getting into the genre, but if I had to say one thing about this? "Relaxing". I don't know what it is about the music, it just clears your mind and leaves you feeling refreshed. 3.7/5
The Mountain Goats Transcendental Youth3.5
It's definitely a lot more 'Cleaned-Up' than his only other album I've listened to (Coroner's Gambit), but it doesn't take away from it. There's a bit of emotion that's been lost, but the skill and the love for the music remains. 3.7/5
The Mountain Goats The Coroner's Gambit4.0
Somewhere between Nick Drake and Jeff Mangum; Absolutely beautiful. I'd heard of the guy (John Darnielle) and I thought I'd like him; turns out I love him. Seeing as I haven't checked out his other stuff, this rating might fluctuate, but at the very least, I'm liking it. 3.9/5
A Tribe Called Quest People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths of Rhythm2.5
Not really feeling anything from this. I think this is the nail in the coffin, Hip-Hop is just something I'll never enjoy. 2.4/5
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour2.5
The least consistent Beatles album I've listened to to date. Usually with the Beatles you can expect classic 60's pop (Rubber Soul, Revolver), perfectly balanced experimentation (Sgt. Pepper's), or drug-trippy obfuscation (Abbey Road). With this I'm getting mixed messages; about half the time it's the beauty you find in Sgt. Pepper's, the other half is crazy gibberish. I'll admit there are a handful of fantastic songs on here ("All You Need is Love", "I am the Walrus" and "Hello Goodbye") but the bad definitely outweigh the good. 2.6/5
Tom Waits Mule Variations4.0
With this being the 3rd album of Waits' that I've listened to, I've resigned myself to never trying to understand Tom. One minute he's weirding the hell out of the listener with some spastic scat-singing affront, the next he's composing the most beautiful lullaby-like ballad I've heard in years. Whoever he is, he's undoubtedly a genius. 4.1/5
Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones4.0
With this album I'm definitely getting more of an "...Interesting..." feeling than the "Wow, this is confusingly beautiful" feeling that I got with Rain Dogs. A solid album; definitely not for everybody, but nonetheless impressive. 3.8/5
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine: 2010 Remaster4.0
What can I say? It's Reznor doing what he does best. I'll be honest and say I haven't listened to the original mastering, but after this I don't feel I really need to. 4.0/5
Light Bearer Silver Tongue3.0
I'll admit that there's a lot of continuous building, but that's just what Post-rock/metal is. To be honest, the really beautiful moments are few and far between; still, it's far from a "worthless" album like some are supposing. 3.0/5
Steely Dan Aja3.0
I see the skill in music, I just can't get into this at all. 2.8/5
Gojira The Link3.0
This is definitely a difficult album to rate. At some points I'm banging my head to one of the best riffs I've heard in years; at others I am cringing at the repetition and monotony that opponents of the band justifiably complain about. Overall, the highs don't outnumber the lows and the album turns out to be more of a chore than some of their other albums. 2.9/5
Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel...4.0
I don't know if this is absolutely revolutionary or just terribly self-indulgent... then again I could say the same thing about Sufjan Stevens who I love with a passion.
*A couple listens later*
Okay, now I'm getting it. Much better on second listen. 3.9/5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III4.0
Honestly the first Led Zeppelin album I've enjoyed every minute of. With all the other albums I can hear the influence and prowess in the music, but nothing is connecting with me on a integral level; this is the first one to do that. 4.1/5
Baroness Yellow and Green3.5
I can definitely hear the change in direction. Instead of the sludgy prog-metal of their first 2 albums, it's more of a the middle-of-the-road prog-rock sound. While at first it doesn't sound all that appealing, a couple tracks into the double-album Baroness start making the listen worth while. While not perfect, the album just works. 3.6/5
Swans The Seer2.5
Not wholly devoid of worth, but again sputnik has disappointed me. This isn't musical perfection, it's a bunch of off-the-wall experimentation that SOMETIMES strikes upon brilliance, 90% of the time wanders lost in confusion. 2.4/5
Manchester Orchestra Simple Math3.5
It seems that the new fad sweeping the nation is one of alt./Indie Rock (play Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, and From Indian Lakes consecutively and I'm sure 75% of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference) much like Nu-Metal did in the 90's. Thankfully, THIS genre is for the most part much more listenable. When you get down to it this is just that, one of your standard Alt./Indie Rock albums. Nothing on here that hasn't been done before, but in the whole scheme of things, it's a solid album from a band capable of just a bit more. 3.7/5
Primus Frizzle Fry4.0
More than just "Too Many Puppies" and "John the Fisherman". This thing is choc-full-of fun, innovative, interesting music. At times Claypool can get a little too deep in his own world and can get out of contact with his audience, but he found the perfect equilibrium with this album. 3.8/5
Jimmy Doyle and The Engineers JD+E3.5
While I initially had the assumption that this was a poor man's BtMI! (which is weird since BtMI! is free to begin with), but after another listen I can definitely that there is a bit more than that here. I'm still not foaming at the mouth, but you've gotten my attention Jimmy Doyle. 3.6/5
Buckethead Electric Sea2.5
As much as I wanted this to be a minimalistic masterpiece like Colma was, this does absolutely nothing for me. I definitely see where people can love the serenity of the whole thing, but this thing is just going in one ear and out the other for me. 2.6/5
Sunny Day Real Estate The Rising Tide3.5
Not the same band that did Diary, but still an entirely enjoyable listen. An acceptable closer to such an influential band's career, but I'm sure I'm not the only listener with a lingering hope in their heart for just one more album. 3.7/5
Beach House Bloom2.5
Yeah, this is just some lame'o indie crap masquerading as something different. Just skip over this; check something else out that you've been needing to get to. 2.4/5
My Bloody Valentine Isn't Anything2.0
How in hell did this turn into Loveless??? Loveless is mesmerizing and beautiful! This is monotonous and grating. What in the world happend between these two albums?? 1.9/5
Botch An Anthology of Dead Ends4.0
The perfect bite-sized supplement of Botch. Doesn't hit the heights of We are the Romans, but still works perfectly well given how short it is. 4.1/5
Weird Al Yankovic Polka Party2.0
The Talking Heads style parody was fun, but everything else was pretty much forgettable. 2.2/5
Porcupine Tree The Incident4.0
Even if a bit predictable, still an enjoyable album. The band hasn't really gained or lost anything over the past decade, just that they've found a formula that they all enjoy and they're sticking to it. The variables in this formula are always fluctuating (members' emotional states, new instrumental techniques, new found inspiration, etc.) but, if anything, this album shows me that Porcupine Tree will continue making competent albums (if not amazing ones) from here until the end of time. 3.8/5
Black Flag Damaged2.5
Unfiltered angst and aggression, and on that front it succeeds. Musically however, it fails to live up to the hype. Very similar to the Ramones in a way. They both played integral parts in shaping the way music sounded afterward, but the successors of the genre definitely improved on the previous' groundwork. 2.5/5
King Diamond Abigail3.0
Obviously impeccable musicianship by each and every person on this album, but I can't seem to rate this any higher than a 3.5 and the reason stems from two primary issues. The first of the two is the overuse of guitar solos; if every song were just the chorus/verse/interludes I'd be more than happy, but I am undeniably glad that that relic from the 80's stayed there. The second of the two issues is Diamond's voice; just like some people absolutely abhor "death growls" I have grown to be the same way with King Diamond's falsetto. If not for those two issues, I'm sure this would be a near-perfect album for me. 3.2/5
The Mars Volta Octahedron3.5
I'm going to have to agree with Sobhi, if the entire album was the energetic prog/post-hardcore that was ever-present on their debut then I would be a lot more excited about the band. The white-noise/ambient/electronica that accompanies the actual songs does absolutely nothing for the band. 3.4/5
The Mars Volta The Bedlam in Goliath3.5
Kind of the same middle-of-the-road jazz as Amputechture, but more on the prog/post-hardcore side than experimental on this album. When it comes down to it, TMV mastered the two aforementioned styles on their first two albums and anything they've done since is just trying to recapture what they did then in one way or another. 3.5/5
The Mars Volta Amputechture3.5
Yeah, I don't know where the hate for this is coming, in the end it probably stems from the fact that it's the exact middle of the road between Deloused in the Comatorium and Frances the Mute. Neither is it the fresh, post-hardcore heavy debut of the former nor is it the experimental smorgasbord of the latter; however, that doesn't mean that it should be treated as an unwanted bastard child. If you were to ask me I'd recommend Deloused -> This -> Frances for the beginner seeing as for many listeners Frances can be a bit jarring. 3.5/5
Jaga Jazzist What We Must2.5
I really thought I was going to love this... I really did... but listening to it now, I get absolutely nothing. Instead of whatever ambient/post-rock/electronic bliss you guys are getting, I'm hearing none of; just jazz-noodling done by a bunch of post-rockers. 2.7/5
Giant Squid Cenotes4.5
Giant Squid have really found their sound with this EP. More than just some depressive, heavy post-metal, Giant Squid have crafted a unique blend of post-metal with the continued excellent cello-work by Gratz. I have renewed faith in this band now. 4.3/5
Supermachiner Rise of the Great Machine2.5
While the little slivers of ambiance here and there work perfectly on a Converge album, the ambiance works a little less perfectly here. If every song were like "I am Legend" or "Fireflies Light the Way" It would be a different story, but in the case of this album the vast majority of the music is honestly worth skipping over. 2.7/5
Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...4.0
Even as someone who generally detests hip-hop/rap, this is easily identifiable as the better stuff. No over-produced, superfluous crap. 4.1/5
Brains (Ireland) Alchemy2.5
Blues-rock loosely in the vein of bands like Clutch, The Sword,and Firebird. Not the greatest band out there, but it's a solid debut for the band. Hopefully someone more in love with the genre will stumble upon this and give it a listen; the band is definitely skilled and deserve a bit of attention, they're just not getting it from me... 2.7/5
SikTh The Trees Are Dead and Dried Out 4.0
Now why couldn't PtH take a hint from these guys and DEP and make good music? This album is just about on-par with Death of a Dead Day and which one is better is honestly up to personal taste. Definitely one of the better math-core bands out there even if the vocals get a bit grating every so often. 4.1/5
Ludwig van Beethoven "Pathétique" Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 133.0
Didn't love it when I tried it a year ago, don't love it today. I don't know that it is..... Weird. 3.2/5
Maximum the Hormone Ootori3.0
They found their sound, they just haven't crystallized it yet. 3.0/5
Maximum the Hormone A.S.A. Crew3.0
Yeah, this really isn't that great. It's some great old-school thrash (kind of reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies), but it's clearly noticeable that the band had yet to capture their "sound" that set them apart from everyone else out there. 2.8/5
The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin4.0
Wayne Coyne working more of is beautiful magic. This still sits just a bit lower than Yoshimi, but it's still a fantastic album. For all you out there not listening to The Flaming Lips; Stop, just Stop.... I'm serious, Stop. 4.1/5
Katatonia Dead End Kings3.0
I want to say this would be an album I'd have loved 3 years ago, but going back and looking, I didn't even like it then (when Night is the New Day came out). This band it seems is a lot like Opeth, a highly skilled band that can open up a listener's horizons. However, once that point has been reached by the listener, the band kind of loses its pizzazz. 3.2/5
Rosetta A Determinism of Morality4.0
A strong step in the right direction where Wake/Lift took a definite wrong step. Without a doubt, nothing they've done recently can stand up to the brilliance that was Galilean Satellites, but this album has assured me that the band isn't just another one-album-wonder band. 3.8/5
Eighteen Visions Eighteen Visions1.5
Henryk Gorecki Symphony No. 3, Op. 363.0
I love post-rock, so I feel that I should really love this... I really should... I just don't, I guess. The harmonies are all beautiful and everything, and the woman's voice is undoubtedly beautiful, but I'm getting nothing emotionally from this. 3.1/5
Cursive I Am Gemini3.0
I think the Cello on The Ugly Organ is the only reason I was drawn to this album. I mean... this album is pretty listenable and it definitely has that "Cursive" vibe that I like... I just can't come to love anything they've done since nearly as much. 3.1/5
Sithu Aye Invent the Universe3.5
Yeah, the shine is kinda' wearing off right about now... still, solid stuff. 3.4/5
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead4.5
Probably the only good thing to ever come out of the 80's. 4.6/5 (I think i'm 5 this within the week.
Rosetta Wake/Lift3.0
Has its highs, but is sadly comprised of a vast majority of lows. It's not like I was expecting a 2nd Galilean Satellites, but I was kind of expecting more than this. 2.9/5
Witxes Sorcery/Geography2.5
Interesting drone/post-rock/??? that is mildly entertaining but ultimately fails to go anywhere. 2.4/5
Thriftworks Hermetic Thriftology4.0
This falls just a bit below Rainmaker, but I'm surprised, this might actually be getting me into electronica. 3.8/5
Sithu Aye Cassini4.0
Sithu Aye pulls it off, probably the only listenable djent in the entire world. 3.8/5
Jonathan Coulton Artificial Heart4.0
I don't know if I'm disappointed in this album or I love it?! On my first full listen none of the songs really clicked and the whole album felt really disjointed. After a week or two of more off and on listening, I stand by the statement that it is disjointed, but I am appreciating the individual songs so much more (especially "Glasses", "Alone at Home", "Now I am an Arsonist", and "Still Alive"). If you were to hand me this album and say it were a compilation album instead of a debut Full-Length I would immediately believe you. 4.0/5
Nas Illmatic3.0
A good rap album, but nothing about this really excites me. It's not the absolutely fetid crunk s**t I hear all too often, which is a plus, but then again it doesn't scream "Amazing" like many albums (no matter the genre) usually do for me. 2.9/5
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti3.5
For whatever reason, Zeppelin just doesn't hit me like other god-level bands seem to (eg; Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, The Beatles). This is still a solid album by any measure, and the last 2 tracks of disc 1 are phenomenal, but I just can't seem to put this any higher than a 3.5, for enjoyment sake. 3.6/5
Soundtrack (Film) Commentary! The Musical3.5
A fun very fun listen, especially when the whole cast harmoniously calls the listeners "F**king Nerds" in the reprise. 3.7/5
Dorena Holofon4.0
Not as amazing as About Everything and More, but still some solid post-rock. With as diverse and popular genre as post-rock you'd expect more than a million Explosions in the Sky copycats, but it seems that's what we're getting. If only more bands took Dorena's route. 4.0/5
NoGoD Genjitsu4.0
Excellent melodies and instrumentation all around, by all accounts a fantastic album. The only thing I can't seem to get past is the overwhelming "Visual Kei-ness" that this gives off if that can be said. If you've listened around or maybe just seen one too many anime openings you'll agree with me that there's a very specific voice that literally EVERY Visual Kei vocalist has, and this guy fits that sound to a T. If they got someone not so outrageously cookie-cutteresque for a vocalist, I just might be able to 5 this motherf**ker. 4.0/5
Yoko Shimomura Drammatica: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura4.0
Kingdom Hearts is what initially brought me to love Shimomura, and in that aspect this didn't disappoint, but as an added bonus this introduced me to her other work! Now, Off to play Video Games!!! 4.1/5
Yo-Yo Ma and Others New Impossibilities3.0
A whole cast of individually talented musicians coalescing to create some beautiful music. By no fault of their own though, traditional eastern and middle-eastern music just doesn't mesh well with me. What by all means should qualitatively should be a 4-4.5, this sits at a high 3 on the enjoyment scale for me. 3.2/5
The Devin Townsend Band Accelerated Evolution4.0
Devin Townsend doing what Devin Townsend does best, making beautifully emotive music with his patently majestic wall of sound. 4.1/5
Howard Shore The Lord of the Rings Symphony4.5
I remember when The LOTR movies came out, it was such a great time. I was about 10 at the time and, for an entire summer, each and every day my neighborhood friends and I would battle on "Mt. Doom" (the hill behind our houses no higher than 60 ft.). We'd use bent sticks and elastic bands to make makeshift bows and we'd use PVC piping for swords. This is honestly one of the few clear and happy memories I have of my childhood in California. Thank you, Howard Shore. 4.4/5
Huldra Signals From the Void4.0
Call it imitation, an homage to the original, or downright theft; Huldra sound hauntingly similar to the Panopticon/Oceanic era Isis that we constantly have wet dreams about. Nothing new, but what they have done they've done perfectly. 4.0/5
Nujabes Metaphorical Music4.0
Equal parts Hip-Hop and Jazz. Both genres complement the other amazingly well. Albums exactly like this are the sole composition of the small sliver of hip-hop that I actually enjoy. 4.1/5
Vasudeva Roots of the Tree3.0
Very proggy post-rock and very much in the vein of Irepress' lighter stuff. Excellent music and I know for a fact that this genre combination would appeal to many a listener here at Sputnik. I don't know what it is about me though, maybe I need a level of heaviness or darkness in my prog or post-rock for me to really love it. 3.2/5
Psychic Babble My Brother's Ears, My Sister's Eyes3.5
If you like Circa Survive, you'll probably like this. What You're pretty much in for is some solid alt-prog minus Anthony Green (even I have to admit his voice can get pretty annoying at times). 3.7/5
Maximum the Hormone Kusoban3.5
Maximum doing what maximum does, making excellent j-punk that, while not exactly the most innovative music in the world, is fun enough to warrant checking out. 3.6/5
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath4.5
The progenitor of all we know and love about metal today. In addition to its influence, it still unsurprisingly holds up after all these years. 4.4/5
mc DJ Illin-Noise3.0
A Remix of Sufjan Stevens' [i]Illinois[i/]. Not bad for what it is, but the original is obviously far superior. 2.8/5
Sithu Aye Isles3.5
Phenomenal prog-metal/Djent in a genre-pool as stagnant as it's ever been. Definitely checking out the guy's other stuff right now. 3.7/5
Damascus Of Whom I Always Think3.5
Though I don't get how it's necessarily about Tesla when not a single word is said throughout the entire album, it's great post-rock nonetheless. 3.7/5
Botch American Nervoso4.0
Not We are the Romans, but still a solid album from one of the kings of Metallic Hardcore. As always, the band matched perfectly the intensity and aggressiveness of hardcore punk with a unique sense of melodic-ness and some harmony. 4.1/5
Stampede to Timberline Tribulation2.0
Very Sexy Jeff Buckley-esque voice... but that's about it. Sorry Snox. 2.2/5
Kowloon Walled City Container Ships2.5
I don't know what it is, but Gambling on the Richter Scale was WAY better than this. I love sludge as much as the next guy, but this is not what I was expecting after how excellent their last album was. 2.6/5
In Flames Colony4.0
Clayman still sits a bit higher than this for me, but this is some solid melodeath (less on the 'melo-' than Clayman, but still). 3.9/5
The Beatles Revolver3.5
A solid Beatles album, but IMHO this is their second most over-rated album right next to "The White Album". I mean, yeah the vast majority of this album is solid work by the band, but to me "Rubber Soul" and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" sit much more solidly as near-masterpieces in the Beatles Discography. 3.4/5
Dorena About Everything and More4.5
Fresh and fun post-rock in a world full of "Explosions in the Sky" copycats and cheap, vapid imitators. Serene and majestic in the way all good post-rock should be, but still a very alive and energetic listening experience. 4.3/5
Esbjorn Svensson Trio From Gagarin's Point Of View3.5
Great jazz, no two ways about it. More the cool/easy listening type than the Mingus/Brubeck style "in your face, fast and furious" that is generally more to my interests, but still a solid jazz album. 3.7/5
The Chariot One Wing3.5
Okay, "First" and "Tongues" were good, and I definitely hear a band headed in the right direction, but there is nothing here that hasn't been already done a hundred times before. Far from deserving of the hyperbolic acclaim that this album has been receiving as of late. 3.5/5
Eschaton (AUT) Isolated Intelligence2.5
Wow, I remember "Godmode" being a whole lot better... maybe I need to go back and re-listen, because this just sounds like every other generic "metal" album ever made. 2.7/5
The Welcome Wagon Welcome to the Welcome Wagon4.0
The "Illinoise" flavored juice that Sufjan drenched this album in is probably one of the main reasons that I am enjoying this album so much. For an album primarily comprised of gospel/Praise-and-worship songs (which I have to admit I believe to be one of the weakest genres, even as a devout Christian myself), Sufjan makes this more than listenable. If only all churches were led by people like this couple I feel that there'd be a much smaller problem of filling those back pews every Sunday. 4.0/5
Damascus Salutations, Distant Satellite!3.0
A couple years ago (hell, even a few months ago) this would've been a solid 4, but I feel I needed to tighten down on how I rated albums, so this is a 3. It's your average post-rock/hardcore/progressive/Idon'tknowwhattocallit that's started to gain real popularity as of late. I really feel that the production on here were just a bit cleaner it would be a whole different world. 3.2/5
CityCop Seasons3.0
For some reason I seem to accumulate an excess of bandcamp emo on my iPod, even when I am not necessarily an emo lover. While this is great emo, I think it's my recent excess of the genre that's making me not love this. 2.8/5
Cynic The Portal Tapes3.0
I really expected I'd like this more than I actually do... Musically it feels like a "Carbon-Based Anatomy" if it were released in '94 or '95, and in that respect it is by all accounts a success. I think Cynic's move in a more progressive direction, which by itself is a perfectly logical and natural move for the band, just doesn't have the same draw that the DM Cynic originally drew me in with. 3.2/5
Dominic Dominic4.0
Extremely solid skramz. Very raw and grating yet still containing a very melodic and accessible sound. Some SERIOUSLY unnoticed talent right here. 4.2/5
Weird Al Yankovic Alapalooza3.0
For one reason or another, it seems that "Weird Al" has been undeservedly shunned on sputnik. When an artist can not just rmimic so many diverse genres but add to them respectfully and comedically (as well as successfully I might add), then that rshows a love for music as a whole that so many "normal" musicians sadly lack. 3.2/5
Powerglove Saturday Morning Apocalypse2.5
Truly, the only reason this album is rated so highly is because of nostalgia and really nothing more. When you get down to the brass tacks, this is just another power-metal album in a sea of equally as uninspired power-metal albums. This is more akin to a cover album than anything else. Fun and everything (especially their live shows) but I kind of expected more than this. 2.6/5
Thriftworks Raki Taki3.0
Solid electronica; I just know I'd like this a lot more if I actually enjoyed the genre. 3.2/5
Weird Al Yankovic Bad Hair Day3.0
Not as good as Running With Scissors and a couple of the tracks lag a bit. Still, it's Werid Al so you've gotta' love it at least a little bit. 3.2/5
Orbs Asleep Next to Science3.5
The Metalcore/Post-Hardcore equivalent of a supergroup. I mean, the album is relatively good, and each musician is obviously talented, but even after repeated listens, all I'm left with is a somewhat unsatisfied feeling. In this case, the whole isn't equal to the sum of its parts. 3.4/5
The Beatles Please Please Me3.0
The Beatles before they were The Beatles. It's some catchy old-school pop, but is in no real way unique or different at all from what was going on at the time. 2.9/5
Judy and Mary The Power Source3.5
90's J-Rock. It's j-rock so pretty much expect that... still, its pretty listenable as long as you handle pop-rock. Also, Track 3 served as the Rurouni Kenshin anime theme song, so if you're a fan of that this album suddenly seems a whole lot better. 3.6/5
Les Claypool Of Whales And Woe3.5
Your standard Les Claypool offering. Bass-driven and catchy but not exactly for everybody. Still, a solid album by Les' standards; Not every song is amazing, but then again, there weren't really any songs that hurt the album as a whole. 3.7/5
Sabrepulse First Crush3.0
A bit(lol) poppy for my tastes, but but most of this is pretty listenable. My only complaint is that once "Arcanine" hits things get way too dub-steppey (which is sad since Arcanine is tied with another for being my favorite pokemon ever). 2.9/5
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies3.5
I guess this is just one of those albums that doesn't hit me in the way it does others. When compared to How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today this album doesn't exactly hold up and gives off more of a immature "screaming into the mic" feeling. In all probability this is entirely intentional... but to me it all just feels more thrown-together rather than giving the album raw, hardcore feeling. 3.4/5
Wold Stratification2.0
Wold Screech Owl1.5
Anamanaguchi Dawn Metropolis4.0
Screw You SilentPotato, this is a good album. I'm definitely not saying this is innovative or ultra deep, and I'd personally hate it as well if this were the direction music as a whole was going, but as a standalone band these guys do some good work. Most songs work out pretty well and this album serves as an enjoyable poppy, nerdy outlet for us video game fans. 3.8/5
Choking Victim No Gods, No Managers4.0
Right up there with Op-Ivy as kings of the ska-punk genre. I could easily see this rising in rank given a couple more listens. 3.9/5
Weird Al Yankovic Running With Scissors3.5
Probably he farthest thing in the world from ground-breaking, bleeding-edge music... but if it isn't SO MUCH FUN!!! Hilarious lyrics throughout. 3.6/5
Evan Ireland Ten Songs About the Last Six Months2.0
At its core, just a handful of meandering ambient/dub-step tracks that never become anything more than soundscapes layered over muddified voice samples. I think I'm understanding this dub-step movement less and less as time goes by. 2.2/5
You Blew It! The Past in Present3.0
Not at its core a bad band, but then again there really isn't anything here that hasn't been done a hundred times be for by a thousand different bands. 3.2/5
Thriftworks Rainmaker4.0
Quite a bit more accessible than the EP, at least for me... I think this very well may have saved the genre of electronica as a whole for me! 4.0/5
Petrels Talus Dice/Beyond The High Savannahs2.5
Really more discordance and clicks than music. I Really see these guys going somewhere, but this is just nothing... 2.4/5
Petrels T R E E T I G E R3.0
Just what great shoegaze should be; lots and lots of beautiful buildup. Sadly with this one, the buildup doesn't end fantastically and fuzzy discordant section doesn't balance too well with the beautiful post-rock accompaniment. 3.2/5
Louis Armstrong The Hot Fives & Sevens, Vol III3.5
Some great swing/jazz from the man with the molasses voice, but honestly... what can I say... we just live in two entirely different eras... this just doesn't excite and amaze like it probably did way back it its heyday. Good music, just too far removed for me to enjoy like I do other albums. 3.4/5
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots4.5
I can honestly say I've never smoked marijuana, never have and probably never will, but if this album is anything to go by then The Flaming Lips are this generation's Pink Floyd. Monumentally Talented musicians that work together perfectly to create an aural experience that at times escapes description. 4.3/5
Buckethead Electric Tears3.0
With all generally renown albums, the one thing I do to be sure I judge them properly is to imagine it were some no-name artist playing the music instead of coming in with a bunch of presuppositions. Honestly, this one doesn't stand up. It's a solid album, but really doesn't warrant all the 5s and 4.5s it's getting. 3.1/5
The National High Violet4.0
My hipster-of-hipsters gene is screaming at me to hate this since it's has such a mainstream indie sound, but Matt... Your voice... Matt... 4.1/5
Lunar Day Silhouettes of Dust3.0
Probably a lot more entertaining for someone other than me. I think I should give up on electronica as a whole from now on... 3.2/5
Narrows Painted4.0
Okay, so it's probably not another "We Are the Romans" like I said about Narrows' last release, but it is one of the best thing to happen to metalcore all year alongside Converge's newest release. It's scary how under appreciated these massively talented guys are. 4.0/5
The Olivia Tremor Control Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 14.0
"Neutral Milk Beatle" is the name I'd make up describe this music. Very psychedelic and poppy, like some of the Beatles' later stuff, but still very NOT the Beatles. I can definitely tell that I've only scratched the very surface of what this album has to offer. 4.0/5 (will likely go higher)
Bridges of Konigsberg The Five Colors [Remixed]2.0
As with most remixes, these songs are pretty much the musical equivalent of junior-high art class copies of classical masterpieces. Where the originals were beautiful in their own right, when the brush is put in the hands of someone other than the original artist, something unsettling and distant is left in its place. 2.1/5
Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island4.0
A bit more broken and scattered than In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (if you can even call that composed), but still a strong companion to the masterpiece. The lyrics seem a little more lucid than Mangum's later work, and "noise rock" vibe is a lot more pronounced, so if that is what drew you to NMH then you may love this even more than the aforementioned album but even then it isn't too distracting for non-fans of the genre. All in all a solid album by Jeff that is sadly under-appreciated due to its successor's acclaim. 4.0/5
Connectedness Locus Terraforms3.0
Some interesting stuff... it just doesn't go anywhere. When I finish a piece of music I want to be at least a little bit moved or affected... and this does neither. Maybe that's just the style and I can't get into it at all, the violinist of the Moon is definitely worth listening to though. 2.9/5
Rosetta The Galilean Satellites4.5
Separate -
Disc 1: Heavy and aggressive, a perfect example of what every post-metal band should be. 4.2/5
Disc 2: More ethereal and haunting than it's predecessor. Definitely more in the "ambient" genre than "post-metal" or "sludge."
Together: The absolute best of both albums. Seriously, the albums sync up beautifully and make for the most amazing post-metal
experience since I first listened to oceanic some 2 years ago. 4.7/5
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood4.0
Heavy as a ton of bricks. I foresee that this will take repeated listens in the double digits before it really sinks in... 4.0/5
Tom Waits Rain Dogs4.0
Scattered, confusing, and unsettling... but at the same time unbelievably beautiful. I can only assume that Mike Patton drew a lot of influence from this guy and with good reason, undeniably years ahead of his time. 4.2/5
The World Is a Beautiful Place... Formlessness3.5
Marginally better vocals than on "John is Dead", but the last song is the only thing on here that really bumps it above your average emo band. If all the songs were at the level "eyjaffjallajokul dance" this would easily be a 4 or 4.5. 3.3/5
The World Is a Beautiful Place... Josh Is Dead2.5
Judging by end of "To Miss Catherine" and the entirety of "Blank #6" this band would do a LOT better if they entirely abandoned vocals. I mean I know that unattractive vocals are a calling point of the genre, but this is just terrible and adds nothing to the music. 2.7/5
Septa All the Birds3.0
Great atmosphere and range, just doesn't really go anywhere. 3.2/5
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane3.5
Weird, I just listened to None So Vile the other day and absolutely loved it... this, not so much for some reason... 3.4/5
Bridges of Konigsberg The Five Colors4.0
Absolutely delightful. If I had to point to one example of the right way to evolve, it would be this album. On their earlier EP " We Have Many Faces" the whole experience came off as uninspired and underdeveloped, but the change seen with "The Five Colors" is absolutely picturesque. the band's previous lack of direction has blossomed into an adept combination of progressive depth and post-rock beauty. In addition, key vocal sections (beautiful ones btw) add a depth that couldn't be grasped with just instrumental ballads and makes me wonder why there aren't lyrics on all of the tracks instead of just a handful. DEFINITELY worth picking up since it's FREE!!! 4.1/5rFind @
Thomas Newman Wall-E4.0
An amazing soundtrack for an even more amazing movie. Symphonic and exciting at its highs, then soothing and heart-warming/tear-jerking at its lows. Perfectly matches the emotional roller-coaster that is the movie. 4.1/5
Unraveller Kinship Synthesis3.0
Listenable, but feels a little empty... like a metalhead with an NES and too much time on his hands; not fully fleshed out. I for one would much rather listen to Anamanaguchi any day of the week. 3.2/5
Bridges of Konigsberg We Have Many Faces3.0
Interesting, but fails to really succeed and inspire in any major ways. By no means a bad piece of music, just underdeveloped and therefore not really a success in my opinion. 3.1/5
iNTRiKeT The Woods4.0
Yeah, I don't really have all the butthurt for this like Aids seems to have, but this is a solid piece of work. The weird thing is, I don't feel the "Fear" vibe that Aids (and the liner notes themself) talks about, in actuality the majority this is pretty cozy and comforting for me. Always glad to see some solid work from a fellow sputniker. 4.1/5
Neil on Impression L'oceano Delle onde che Restano onde per Sempre2.5
Yeah it's post-rock, but nothing about this really sets it apart from any of the innumerable mediocre post-rock bands out there. Bands like GY!BE and Yndi Halda have succeed in finding that golden ratio between excitement and comfort; this just feels too loud at inopportune times and basically just throws everything off where it could've excelled. 2.6/5
Thriftworks Hydromancy3.5
Cryptopsy None So Vile4.5
From any angle, an absolutely impeccable DM album. Brutal, Heavy, and not a single legible lyric in the whole album! Sarcasm aside, This is the epitome of DM and what every DM album from any band should yearn to be. 4.5/5
Anamanaguchi Power Supply3.5
Not as intense or intricate as their later work, but still some solid chiptune music. 3.7/5
Rush Clockwork Angels4.5
The best album from a 46-year old and still touring band I think I've ever heard and probably ever will hear. Perfectly meshing their classic sound with newer sounds and staying relevant even after a long stint of being "another one of those 70's/80's bands that just won't die." Equally recommended for die-hard fans of classic prog as well as the uninitiated looking for a gateway album. 4.3/5
Rush Permanent Waves4.0
Another solid album by the prog-rock masters. Equal ratio of radio-hits to underrated hidden gems. 4.1/5
Rush 21123.5
Yeah it's a wank-fest, but I'm honestly feeling nothing emotionally from this music. Good in the technical sense, but I'm just not getting any of the connection I get from any of their next four (absolutely fantastic by the way) albums. 3.6/5
Yoko Shimomura Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack4.0
Nostalgia out the wazoo with this (definitely once you get around the end), though I will admit that it is weaker than the second game's OST. Still, great video game music. 4.0/5
Anamanaguchi Mess3.5
Less ups and downs than the rest of the summer singles... still good but not quite as good as its predecessors. 3.6/5
Anamanaguchi Aurora4.0
More ethereal and slow-building than their other singles, but just as fantastic. B-side is more in-line with their previous work. 4.1/5
Anamanaguchi Summer Singles4.5
The singles worked well as singles, but work even better as part of a greater entity (much like The Dear Hunter's "Color Spectrum" EP series). Definitely one of the first things I'd recommend for someone looking for a fun bunch of little songs. 4.4/5
Anamanaguchi My Skateboard Will Go On4.0
More fantastically upbeat and fun nintendocore. This song is what I imagine fully 8-bit BtMI! would be. Also the b-side of this (8-bit/Rap) was the last place in the world I was expecting a Jeff Mangum reference. 4.1/5
Anamanaguchi Airbrushed4.0
I can easily see this becoming nails on the chalkboard for someone in a funk or depression, but mostly because of what makes it so good. Such positivity and energy!!! 4.2/5
Snowmine Laminate Pet Animal3.0
"An amazing psychedelic trip you will not forget."rNot for me. While it isn't necessarily a pain to listen to, I just can't grasp what makes this so amazing; all I hear is some generic indie that wasn't unique enough to find a proper label... 3.2/5
Blitzen Trapper Destroyer Of The Void4.0
Sounds like it could come from the 80's, is confusing as hell, and is pretty much the last thing I'd think I'd expect from an album called "Destroyer of the Void", but you know what? As the last few tracks ticked by, this thing really started growing on me! Definitely not the pinnacle of cutting edge music, but I'm definitely keeping this one around. 4.1/5
Crosses EP3.0
Overall pretty good, but nothing really all that exciting. Most of the songs would be right at home as one of the softer songs on a deftones release, so don't really be expecting anything too experimental with Chino. 2.9/5
Glassjaw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang3.5
While definitely under-developed, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang still holds strong the Glassjaw standbys while still giving a good look at how they've changed (undeniably for the better). On KKBB, you can definitely hear a more "metal" vibe than on later releases; specifically, the guitars border on almost DM-like riffs at times. 3.4/5
Saosin Translating the Name4.0
Likely Saosin's only really great release. 3.9/5
Clutch Robot Hive/Exodus4.0
Pretty much Identical to every single other clutch album: Bluesy, Ballsy, and Badass. While it would be impossible to say that Clutch re-invent the wheel with every album, they do what they do well and every album they make works perfectly in instilling an overwhelming feeling of manliness in even the most estrogen-riddled pansy; this album is no different. 3.9/5
Sunny Day Real Estate Sunny Day Real Estate4.5
In a word LP2 is a lot less "gritty" than Diary; some emo music fans may take that to mean that it's a weaker album seeing as the whole appeal of "emo" music to come off as raw as possible, but I feel that it works out better in this case. Either way, both albums are must-listens for any well-rounded music connoisseur. 4.3/5
Manchester Orchestra I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child3.5
The same exact thing you've heard 100 times before, but still very enjoyable. 3.7/5
Japandroids Celebration Rock4.0
So, more than 3 years after their first full-length debut and I finally decide to give 'em a spin. Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprised... maybe not completely deserving of all the outrageous praise they seem to be getting, but definitely a duo to be proud to be a member of. 3.9/5
Narrows New Distances4.0
A Real Grower; at first I felt that it was just another scrap of hardcore/metalcore, but after listening closer I feel that this could really be as good as "We are the Romans" given enough time... 4.0/5 (though it could rise very easily)
Dominic Running with Scissors4.0
Another severely under-appreciated emo band. Slightly more substantial than their previous EP which makes it a whole lot more listenable in my eyes. 4.1/5
Dominic Dominic3.5
A Great little EP for familiarizing a listener with the band's sound, but just far too short to glean any real lasting enjoyment from. 3.7/5
Glassjaw Coloring Book4.5
Wait, what the hell is this? Progression? Progressive Post-Hardcore??? Yes... Yes this is definitely what I f**king waited 9 F**KING YEARS FOR!!! 4.3/5
Petrels All Things in Common4.0
Very Sigur Ros-ey on the first track with a strong, bright build-up... then everything gets dark and mysterious finishing up with some great electronic overlay and marimbas. Definitely worth checking out. 4.0/5
State Faults Head in the Clouds4.0
Fantastic instrumentation and overall musicianship; s**t vocals, even by screamo standards. If the man crooned like he did on "Quiet Steps" more often then it would be an entirely different story. 3.9/5 (would be a solid 4.5 if not for the vocals)
Omega Massif Kalt4.0
Massively heavy Post-Metal. Sludgy, looming, and absolutely menacing. Did I mention it's free? F**king listen to it! 4.0/5

get it here:
Mike Patton Laborintus II2.0
If Philip Glass had nothing better to do and prepared an operatic version of a conversation/argument/conversation between a group of Italians he saw as he waited for the bus. But hey, at least there's actual music on the 2nd track. 2.1/5
Protest the Hero Scurrilous3.0
Imagine for a moment a trip to the beach with your best bud. Things start out great, it's sunny with a couple nice sun-blocking clouds in the sky, not perfect but things look promising; so you start your walk. Sadly, before you have a chance to enjoy the day for what it is your buddy chimes in reminding you of how great a high-school trip with all your classmates. You start reminiscing about the magical day and realize how nothing could match the experience no matter how hard you try. That simile is this album in a nutshell; a great album in and of itself, but so reminiscent of the perfection you felt before that it drags the actual day down and makes it hard for you to enjoy it for what it is. 3.2/5
Monty Python Monty Python Sings4.0
It's a collection of Python's better musical skits, so don't go into this looking for a groundbreaking, experimental score of Biblical proportions. However, as long as you don't start the thing with completely ludicrous preconceptions, this proves to be a pretty enjoyable listen. 3.8/5
Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans4.5
Soft, Emotional, Beautiful, Majestic, Heartbreaking, Comforting, Nostalgic, Heartwarming, Depressing, Experimental; all apropos words to describe this masterpiece. Less over-sized swoons and crescendos than Illinois, but still just as malevolently beautiful. 4.4/5
Koji Kondo The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST4.5
Groundbreaking in both the fields of video games and soundtracks overall. Never before had a soundtrack so intimately permeated with the game it was framing that both would feel empty without the other. Without a doubt, nostalgia plays a major part in this soundtracks incredibly high avg. rating, but for good reason; this is likely the most memorable video game soundtrack of my as well as many other a kid's childhood. 4.6/5
Cream Disraeli Gears3.0
Yeah, this hasn't aged well; probably sounds better through a 45 year old speaker system. 3.1/5
Devin Townsend Christeen + 4 Demos4.0
Seeing as this is just a single and a couple demos, this is surprisingly well put together and very listenable. 3.9/5
Glassjaw El Mark4.0
Takes the next logical step after where "Worship and Tribute" left off with. The focus mainly lies in Glassjaw's more down-tempo/softer songs as apposed to their balls-out, badassness that we all love equally well. Honestly, I'd find it very hard for anyone with a good head on their shoulders to dislike this. 4.0/5
Solterra Umbra3.5
Definite maturation can be heard when compared to "Soul, Earth, Sun", but I still feel that the band's potential has yet to really fully realized. "Fear & Loathing" and the title track stood out as some of the better tracks, but still... something's missing. 3.7/5
Omega Massif Geisterstadt4.0
At its dark points it can be as sludgy as old motor oil mixed with molasses and as heavy as an f'n black hole; at its light points it can be haunting and mysterious. Starts off with a bang and doesn't disappoint as the album continues. Post-Metal/Sludge the way it's supposed to be done. 4.2/5
In Flames Clayman4.5
The Melodeath soundtrack to my teens and probably the sole album that got me into real DM (none of this -core crap). Every time I hear "Only for the Weak" I cry a little bit. 4.4/5
The Pillows Happy Bivouac4.5
Such an excellent Alt-Rock record that the language gap doesn't even pose a problem. LISTEN TO THIS (or the 3rd FLCL soundtrack, they're equally awesome). 4.4/5
Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix4.0
For what should be by anyone's measurements a long-dead joke, this holds up incredibly well. The great songs solidly outnumber the misses and the comedy is quite funny. Not a cornucopia of innovative musical talent, but it does what it intended to do well. 3.8/5
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet3.0
Okay, with this I have concluded that hip-hop is not for me... 2.8/5
Utada Hikaru Distance3.0
It's your standard J-Pop, everything feels like it's been done 100 times before and Utada's fantastic voice is what really holds this album up. 3.1/5
Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory OST4.5
An irreplaceable part of my and many a kid's childhood as well as one of the most memorable soundtracks I've ever known. 4.3/5
From Indian Lakes Able Bodies3.5
I SHOULD like this, I feel that I really should, but in the end all I'm feeling is TDaGaRIM over and over again. I mean it's good, but it's been done before. 3.5/5
Deftones Koi No Yokan4.0
To start things off, this doesn't live up to the astronomical hype it had accumulated building up to its release. However, on an upside, it DOES more than make up for the fumble that was "Diamond Eyes." 4.1/5 (though this may be a grower)
Pink Floyd Meddle4.0
The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band4.5
Seeing as Rubber Soul was previously my #1 Beatles album and on first listen this is easily on par or better than that, it is only a matter of time before this is a 5.
Buckethead Giant Robot4.0
Definitely one of the scariest, weirdest, and most interesting albums I've listened to in a long time. 3.8/5
Jeff Rosenstock I Look Like Shit4.0
As sad as it is, it seems that this will be one of god Rosenstock's last hurrahs. Though not quite as well worked-out and finished as his normal releases, this proves to be another example of how much left Jeff has to show us and how much more of a tragedy it is that he's hanging up his guitar 'til who knows when. 3.9/5
The Police Synchronicity2.5
"meh....", that is all I'm getting out of this. Somehow Sting and co. have achieved a status of "80's rock gods", this being their crowning achievement, but I am not feeling anything from this. The only song of the entire lot that even moderately keeps my interest is the single "Every Breath You Take", and even then this is mostly due to it being a staple contemporary and future pop-culture, so a familiarity is almost unavoidable. Basically what I feel is that this could be the no. 2 most over-hyped band in the world behind Nirvana. 2.7/5
Maximum the Hormone Greatest The Hits 2011–20114.0
Exactly what I wanted after their lengthy hiatus. If this is anything to go by, these guys still have a lot to offer us. 4.1/5
Opeth Heritage3.0
This is by no means a terrible album; however, when compared to the monolithic image Opeth has until now been able to live up to, this is without a doubt one of the lowest points in their career. While others may cry about how "'Tis not BP!", I honestly welcome the band's evolution in a direction away from death metal. Where this album fails is that it is nothing but build-up without any conclusion (except maybe with the exception of "Famine." Opeth have proven in the past that they can provide impressive progressive without relying too entirely on their DM roots (see Damnation), but for some reason or another, with this much anticipated album the gods of metal have entirely failed to excite. 3.2/5
Les Claypool And The Frog Brigade Live Frogs (Set 2)3.5
An expertly pulled off cover of a classic album, but obviously if given the choice, I'd listen to the original rather than a replica every single day of the week. 3.7/5
Maximum the Hormone Rokkinpo Goroshi3.5
More "J-Punk" than Buikiikaesu, but still fun. 3.6/5
Animal Collective Strawberry Jam4.0
Eclectic? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Worthy of all the unwarranted hype? No. Still an excellent album well worth at least one good listen? Yes. 3.8/5
Ramones Leave Home3.0
I understand the impact on later music but, with the exception of "California Sun", none of the songs really get me rockin' like punk is really supposed to. While the impact of the band on later generations is without measure, this musically is a 3 for me. 3.2/5
Cory Johnson The Legend of Zelda3.0
While this massive continuum of music is by all regards a success, it unsurprisingly fails to surpass it inspiration. Without a doubt, the "variations on a theme" formula of the album holds the artist back from achieving the heights that would otherwise be achievable if some original material had been been released instead. 3.2/5
Cloudkicker Fade4.0
Another step in the right direction for Ben Sharp. To me Fade proved to be the perfect melding of Ben's early work as a prog-metal instrumentalist and his more recent (and in my opinion better) post-rock/shoegaze work. If this is the direction Ben is continuing then he has made one fan very happy. 4.1/5
Sufjan Stevens Silver & Gold4.0
Pretty much what we were all expecting; Sufjan and his happy band of crazies doing what they do best. Broken down, Volumes 6 & 9 are pretty akin to his previous Songs for Christmas collection, with volumes 7 & 8 venturing in more experimental directions. Volume 7 is almost entirely comprised of large group choruses while volume 8 is some sort of acid-fueled space odyssey. The Final Volume "Christmas Unicorn" is where Sufjan really shines brightest though. One of the most memorable and freshest "Christmas" albums that I think I've ever heard. Thank you Sufjan, you've made the little boy in me very happy. 4.0/5
Anathema Judgement3.5
Yeah it's good prog/alternative if you're into that sort of thing, but as for me, if I'm in the meed I'd reach for something in the Steve Wilson direction 99 times out of 100. 3.7/5
Pink Floyd Pulse4.5
From beginning to end chock-full of excellent songs, one right after the other (though that's no hard feat for the single greatest band in the world). Probably the very first Live Album that I've actually enjoyed from beginning to end.. 4.3/5
Maximum the Hormone Mimi Kajiru3.5
I'll say about this what I've basically said about the band ever since I can remember; they're the Japanese SoaD. While this isn't nearly as catchy or as memorable as "Buiikikaesu" it's still an enjoyable listen. 3.4/5r
fun. Some Nights2.0
Where the debut was heartfelt and immature, this was over-produced, stale, and nearly formulaic. The letdown I feel listening to this has made me re-evaluate the debut and question what drew me to the band in the first place. Buy the debut, burn everything else. 1.8/5
The Tallest Man on Earth There's No Leaving Now4.5
In some ways better, then some ways lacking when compared to "The Wild Hunt", but overall about on par with it. A seriously consistent artist. Something can be said about the similarity, but if everything is this good I'm fine with that. 4.3/5
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)4.0
While I wouldn't in my wildest dreams call myself a die-hard fan of Rap, I can still tell the good from the bad and this is without a doubt some of the best out there. 4.2/5
RZA The Man With The Iron Fists4.0
I'm probably the worst person to judge rap, but this is absolutely fantastic; the perfect fusion of Wu-Tang and Tarantino. 3.9/5
Andrew Bird Hands of Glory4.0
The natural progression form "Break it Yourself". Soft, soothing, and though not as phenomenal as it predecessor, still a great all-around album. 3.8/5
BATS The Sleep of Reason3.0
rhythmically the music is phenomenal, but I can't help but feel that I'd like this music more if they weren't so arrogantly anti-religious. If the lyrical themes leaned more in the "Science is Amazing!" direction instead of "Science is cool, BUT THESE A**HOLES ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!! RAAAAAGHHHH!!!" I would easily 4.5 this... 3.1/5
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind4.5
first impression, "......F**K." Such an amazing release. It's not Jane Doe 2, but it's the f**king closest thing you can imagine. Absolutely fantastic in every way that Converge can make it and holy crap Kurt Ballou can you freakin shred! 4.6/5
Rx Bandits Halfway Between Here and There3.5
...a bit disappointing. It's not a chore, and there's great musicianship by the whole cast, but so many times it fails to exude that fun, energy-packed vibrancy that so much ska should innately have. 3.4/5
Chuck Berry The Great Twenty-Eight4.0
Fantastic! One moment I'm hearing what would become The Beatles, the next I hear what would become Bob Dylan, the next I'm hearing something different entirely. Listening to this it is easy to see how significant of an impact he had on music as we hear it today. 4.2/5
The Prize Fighter Inferno My Brother's Blood Machine2.5
Okay, this officially is the biggest letdown of the year. After rediscovering this band and loving the hell out of Claudio's comics as well as C&C's most recent The Afterman: Ascension I thought this would be gold as well, but I guess the dream had to end somewhere. I WANT CROONS!!! NOT HIGH-PITCHED WHISPERS CLAUDIO!!!!!! 2.4/5
Black Flag My War3.0
Excellent opener/title-track, but none of the later tracks (bar "Three Nights" seem to pull me in. I understand that these guys were integral in shaping the 80's underground punk scene, but if we're rating on basis of enjoyment, this gets a 2.9/5.
Queen News of the World4.0
Yeah, it doesn't have Bohemian Rhapsody, but it does have two of the greatest rock anthems of all time right at the start of the album. In addition to those two, there really isn't a weak track on here; not all of them are golden, but not a single one holds the album back. 3.9/5
Burst Origo4.0
A Definite grower, but a solid 4 at the very least. First listen was a 3.4, next listen was a 3.7-8, now it's at a 4.0 on the third. Sad that I'm discovering such a great band so late, but at least I got to see them once while they were still around. 4.0/5
The Wild Set Ourselves Free4.0
Young, vibrant, fun, accessible, and colorful; all great words to describe this album. Yeah it ain't groundbreakingly new or genre-bending, but it does folk-punk just the way it's supposed to be done, Right. 4.0/5
Coheed and Cambria No World for Tomorrow3.0
While I stand firm in my belief that this is easily Coheed's weakest album, I will admit that with giving this another listen, it has grown on me. In reality though, the only people who should own this album are Claudio himself and die-hard fans who are truthfully only looking for a soundtrack to the comic book. 3.1/5
Iron And Wine The Sea and the Rhythm EP4.0
Sweet and serene folk goodness. I WOULD NOT call myself an authority on the band or the genre even, but I feel that the medicore rating for this EP betrays how good it actually is. 3.9/5
Electric Wizard Dopethrone4.0
While this is WAY better than Sunn O))), I guess drone just isn't for me. I can enjoy a s**t-ton of post-metal, and I can definitely tell where all the love for this album comes from, but I just don't have the kind of brain to call this "the pinnacle of all that is music). 3.8/5
Dionaea Grounds3.5
Crazy and off-the-wall spaz-core, yet held together very well and very beautiful near the end of the second track. 3.7/5
Devin Townsend Project Ki4.5
This is hands-down Devin Townsend's most confusing album since he got his act straight, yet at the same time it easily has the most substance and depth. One half of the album feels like he's every ounce of his strength fighting back his black-as-coal SYL heart. Later on the music develops into some of the most beautiful and calming ballads with unbelievable atmosphere. Despite the fact that it's (as others have said before me) a walking contradiction, each and every single song complements the next while also complementing its predecessor, creating the most calming/invigorating album he's made. Don't let the apparent mediocre avg. rating fool you, this album trumpets HevyDevy's reprise from his alcohol and weed riddled days. This album shows how much he still has to give us, never mind the fact that he's given us an insane amount already. 4.6/5
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan3.0
....Surprisingly, I find this a disappointment compared to his debut. Beyond "Blowin' in the Wind", I really can't find much to enjoy. 3.1/5
Queen Jazz4.0
Classic hard-rockin' Queen. The album focuses primarily on the Queen's more "rock" side, with only a few ballads mixed in for good measure. 4.1/5
Queen Greatest Hits II4.0
Slightly less amazing than the first Greatest Hits album, but still a fantastic pick of songs. 4.1/5
Queen Greatest Hits4.5
This was basically the soundtrack to my adolescence. A fantastic choice of songs from one of the most prolific bands in human history. 4.4/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 154.0
Quite good. Sounds much more mature than his symphonies of the time and as such is a much more enjoyable listen in the end. 4.0/5
Coheed and Cambria The Afterman: Ascension4.0
This is definitely a reprise when compared to Good Apollo: Volume 2 and to a less extent Year of the Black Rainbow. It's lacking something that their earlier albums had, but that is likely due to the fact that it is only half an album as intended. This is sitting at a solid 4 for me right now 4.0/5. Grows Wonderfully
Solterra Soul, Earth, Sun3.5
To me this feels like a cross between Rodrigo y Gabriela, -Gabriela, and Scale the Summit. It's an enjoyable listen, and you can definitely tell
that there is SO MUCH untapped potential that it isn't even funny, but the truth of it is that it's just that, untapped potential. 3.6/5
Nirvana Nevermind3.5
When it comes to Kurt Cobain everybody seems to think of him like some kind of musical genius, nearly to the level of Hendrix and the like; a shooting star who was cut down in his prime and could've changed the nature of music as we know it if given a few more good hears. However, this is not Kurt Cobain. Cobain was just a grunge rocker that got lucky and found mainstream success (...then got less lucky later down the road). Nevermind is without a doubt Nirvana's best album and the first third-to-half of the album is golden, the songs seem to grow weaker near the end. 3.6/5
Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols3.5
While I understand its importance providing a soundtrack for GB's youth rebellion, it comes up a bit late to the picture in terms of directly shaping future music (like The Stooges or other early "punk" bands did). There are a handful of good and catchy songs on here, but others kind of feel like they just fade into the background as generic "punk riff with sloppily yelled lyrics" songs. 3.6/5
Primus Green Naugahyde4.0
Seeing as this is my first real Primus album, it has made a complete fan of me. "Last Salmon Man" is the best single I've heard in quite some time and this album has cemented my belief that Les Claypool is the modern day Frank Zappa. 4.0/5
Suicidal Tendencies How Will I Laugh Tomorrow If I Can't Even Smile Today?3.5
Excellent thrash! If you don't like the genre, then this is definitely not for you. I myself feel that I've progressed past the part of my life where I "thrash out" on a daily basis, so I'm probably not the main demographic for this album; as such I don't think I can fully appreciate what it has to offer. Still, a great metal album. 3.7/5
Greg Edmonson Firefly4.0
Such a short-lived series that has accumulated such an amazing (and well-deserved) following! The soundtrack is fantastic in that it works
perfectly with the sci-fi setting while being entirely foreign to the genre at the same time. If you haven't seen this show you are seriously
missing out on the experience of a lifetime. 4.1/5
Buddy Holly Buddy Holly4.5
Whoa! 14 votes including mine? Somebody here at sputnik seriously needs to start pushing this on everyone because it is easily the single most passed-over piece of fantastic music in the history of this site. 4.6/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 3 in E♭ major, Op. 553.0
I don't know, this is good... It's just missing something. 3.2/5
Yoko Shimomura KH: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack4.0
Okay... Yeah it's "the new installment" in a long series, but Yoko hit it out of the park with this soundtrack. All new music to go with brand new worlds, each one fresh and fun. 4.1/5
Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and Food3.5
Again, I guess I'm just not figuring out what warrants this a 4.2 avg. rating... Remain in Light definitely has a unique vibe that none of
their other work can top, and that belief has proven itself with my listen of this. It's definitely an enjoyable listen, and is far from a "failure"
of an album, but nothing can top their #1 IMO. 3.6/5
Neutral Milk Hotel Everything Is2.0
I agree with [b]The Katz brothers[/i] above me in that this is very hard to rate/listen to. However, I feel the opposite way when it comes to which songs succeed and which songs fail. The title track is the closest thing to a "song" as can be found with the following tracks getting progressively harder to listen to. If you're a die-hard Mangum fan you might actually enjoy this, but then again, fan and non-fan alike, In the Aeroplane (and even On Avery Island for that matter) is 100X better than this even on the worst of days. 2.2/5
Devin Townsend Project Epicloud4.0
This definitely isn't a "Classic" worthy of a 5, but it's still nothing to sneeze at. Put simply it is "Addicted pt. 2", if you absolutely loved his work on that then you'll absolutely love this. If you prefer his heavier or more progressive works like City or Ghost, then this will undoubtedly seem a waste of an album. As for me I personally can't get enough of (not so)HevyDevy's brand of "Pop-Metal". 4.1/5
Bob Dylan Desire4.0
Seeing as there is such a wide dichotomy between the only two other soundoffs for this album, I don't want to lean too far in either direction, acting sort of as a bridge. I can see what Nick is saying, I kind of fell asleep inbetween "Hurricane" and "Joey", but overall this is a pretty good album. It's definitely not his GREATEST work, but it isn't as empty and hollow as you're making it seem. 4.0/5
Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane3.0
I'm not loving this like I love Brilliant Corners... I don't know what it is, it's just lacking that "oompf!" 3.2/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 363.0
It's good........ just not anywhere near as fantastic as his later concertos, symphonies, and sonatas. 3.2/5
Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy4.0
Death-Metal and Focus this is not, but a great EP it is. The first couple songs aren't really that great, but track 4 is where this it really starts workin' for me. In the end though, this probably won't get them any new fans, just give their die-hard ones another reason for why they're so awesome. 3.8/5
Yndi Halda Awake! Awoke! This Heavy Gloom2.5
Pales in comparison to their Full-Length, and is generally not very enjoyable to listen to... Then again, this was supposed to be a demo,
not an actual release to the general public. Even then I'm not giving this anything over a 2.6/5
Meshuggah Koloss3.5
Meshuggah is a hard band for me to rate, at times I can't stand the repetitiveness of the music, then others I can't get enough of their
special brand of death. This album falls somewhere between Catch Thirtythree and Obzen for me. 3.6/5
Fantastimo Fantastimo Journey1.0
Yeah, I'm not going to even grace this piece of crap with any substantial soundoff... This is crap musically. 1.0/5
Fantastimo Fantastimo Voyage1.0
Ummmmmm....... Yeah, this isn't worth even checking out. It's like someone turned on their mic one day while their cat destroyed a guitar to the best of its ability. 1.0/5
The Henry Clay People Somewhere on the Golden Coast3.5
Fantastic fun-rock! What originally drew me to these guys was the SYSK podcast; I respect the guys and knew that their taste was probably pretty, so I checked out their de-facto band out. I am not disappointed. They're definitely one of those indie-rock dime-a-dozen bands, but what they don't provide in innovation they make up for in enjoyment. They don't go out trying to sound years beyond their age like many "indie" bands do. They're just what they are. With repeated listens this could EASILY appreciate to a solid 4 rating. 3.6/5 (for now)
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Trout Mask Replica2.0
Ummmmmmm.... Yeah, I guess I just don't get this. I mean I can enjoy weird insane music as much as the next guy (see my Ratings page), but this is just way too out there for me. I'll admit that the music got a WHOLE lot better as it went on, but the vast majority of this music is just impossible for me to listen to nearly each one of those songs sounds exactly the same. 1.8/5
Love Through Cannibalism Metapodestroyer2.0
Honestly the only bearable song on this is "Fear and Loathing in Viridian Forest", everything other than that is just a bunch of average chiptune music. 2.1/5
Deftones Around the Fur3.5
Adrenaline pt. 2. Still very chaotic compared to White Pony, but definitely more well though out than its predecessor. It succeeds phenomenally in many areas where Adrenaline failed, but for those who have already heard and loved White Pony, this will feel a little sub-par. Still, a great album and well deserving of at least a 3.7/5 in my book.
The Gathering How to Measure a Planet?3.5
Seeing how much I loved HevyDevy's Addicted I though I would love this so much more. On first listen I was almost going to give this a 2/5... and that was surprising for me. Feeling something was wrong I gave it a listen and thankfully it sunk in a little... but that's the bad thing, "a little." Whenever I listen to an album and catch myself checking my mp3 to see what the name of an especially great track is, I can tell how great it is. With this entire double-album that happened a single time with "Liberty Bell." Although it's not bad enough to warrant the 2 I was originally going to give this, but in no way do I feel this deserves a 4+. 3.6/5
Opeth The Candlelight Years4.0
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor, Op. 275.0
Truly fantastic piano work from the man who defined the term "classical music" for many people. The only low point of this work of art is the Allegretto of the "Moonlight" sonata, but every other second in these two piano sonatas more than makes up for it. Absolutely beautiful in every way. 5.0/5
Elliott Smith Division Day/No Name #63.5
It's without a doubt one of his poppier numbers, and neither song would sound really at home on any of his albums except MAYBE Figure 8 and even then it's a stretch. However, even in spite of that, both songs are solid and aren't found anywhere else in his discography, so if you're a solid fan of his definitely check this out. 3.7/5
Bob Dylan Bob Dylan3.5
Not the most fantastic album in Bob Dylan's extensive career, but still a very enjoyable album well worth checking out even if just for 'House of the Rising Sun.' 3.7/5
Andrew Bird Break It Yourself4.5
For the first time in a long while an album has left me speechless in describing its impact on me. About a year ago I tried my first Andrew Bird album Armchair Apocrypha, it didn't impress me. Hesitantly I approached this album expecting nearly the same thing, happily I was left completely flabbergasted. After one listen I didn't know what to think about this, "is this fantastic was I just happy at the time I listened to it?" So, I gave it another listen. I could contest that there was an audible "THUNK!" when it clicked. On that second listen I heard all the things the people around me were raved about. On that second listen I heard raw emotion in Andrew's voice. This is without a doubt a serious contender for my AotY. 4.5
Marvin Gaye What's Going On4.0
This is undeniably great music... it's just not music I would listen to in a million years. 4.1/5
Circa Survive Violent Waves4.0
In some ways this is a weaker album than Blue Sky Noise, in other ways it is far better. There is more depth to many of the
songs near the back end, but with that depth they lost a bit of accessibility. I wholeheartedly agree with what Sam Cowen said in
his review, it probably isn't going to win them any new fans, but for those of us who already are fans, are able to appreciate every
ounce of the progress they've made over the years. 4.0/5
Kwoon When The Flowers Were Singing...4.5
Fantastic Post-Rock! Great melodies and the perfect mix of heaviness and simplicity. Also, this reminds me a lot of Yndi Halda (NAMEDROP!!! CHECK THEM OUT!! NOW!!) which is always a plus in my book. 4.3/5
John Coltrane My Favorite Things3.5
Easily accessible John Coltrane. It's not the most mind-boggling work of his, but each song is enjoyable in its own right. 3.7/5
Maximum the Hormone Tsume Tsume Tsume/F4.0
Ummmmmm... It has a f**king song about Dragon Ball Z on it, even for me who isn't the most avid fan of the series, that's a definite mark in the awesome category. The other two songs are great as well; crazy, aggressive, and fun in MtH's fashion. 3.9/5
The Beatles A Hard Day's Night3.5
Right along with "help", every song is great. The only thing that might cause rage by someone other than me is that every single song sounds eerily like the next, so if you want more experimentation and differentiation try something later on in their career. 3.4/5
Vitamin String Quartet The String Quartet Tribute to Elliott Smith3.5
As with all "tributes" it's enjoyable and fun to listen to if you're a total fan of the original, but it just doesn't stand up to the source material. All-in-all I wouldn't recommend this to you unless you're an avid ES fan like I am. 3.4/5
Mr. Bungle Disco Volante4.0
Mr. Bungle is undeniably in a musical league of its own, that I can say for sure. My first album with the band was California and I can easily say that that I was confused while at the same time amazed by the brilliant music I was hearing. This album has left me feeling a little more confused than amazed, but There is still that underlying profoundness to the music that makes me stand in awe of Mike Patton. I give it a "excellent" rating and not an "superb" or "classic" one purely because this will never stand up to Mr. Bungle's swansong and as such will never get nearly as many listens or as much appreciation on my part. 3.9/5
Sigur Ros Valtari4.0
To me 'mellow' is the word to describe this album. During the pre-release of this album I remember the teaser featuring the ship on the cover slowly drifting across the horizon as a song played in the background; this album is a lot like that image. With Agaetis Byrjun ( ) the mental image that conjures in my mind is one of majesty and brilliance; an ocean-faring adventurer at the docks, launching his expedition for treasure, notoriety, or what have you. This album is not that, it is safer, closer to home and a lot simpler; Think a tired sea-fisherman returning in the late afternoon awaiting a warm dinner and comfort from his wife and kids. This is not Sigur Ros' early work... and it shouldn't be. It is a more than natural progression of the band that we've come to love and cherish as we ourselves progress daily. 3.9/5
You Slut! Medium Bastard3.5
Very like Scale the Summit in some ways. Like StS, what you've got here is Fast-paced instru-metal that is always enjoyable and interesting, even if it doesn't always work out perfectly. Unlike StS, song lengths are just long enough to enjoy without getting repetitive or tiresome. 3.7/5
Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus4.0
This is without a doubt some of the most amazing "early work" I've ever listened to. One of the things that has drawn me to Mingus is his ability to so adeptly marry the liberal and conservative elements of jazz; that skill is displayed wonderfully here. New, yet not at all foreign, and a fantastic album for the budding jazz connoisseur. 4.1/5
Thelonious Monk Monk's Dream3.5
Surprisingly, a rough listen. Brilliant Corners was an instant hit with me... but with this I feel nothing. 3.4/5
Cursive The Storms of Early Summer2.5
Much in the vein of Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes only a lot more disappointing. Where the debut had enough hooks to latch onto to accompany such an emotional singing style, this album brings a lot less to the table rhythmically speaking. While the previous was a great, though not fantastic, sampling of a emo/alt/indie maga-genre, in this album Kasher just flounders in trying to live up to the debut... 2.6/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 213.5
Though a bit short, this is still very good. Though as can be expected, this is very "classical" and not as natural sounding or as revolutionary as his later work. I good view of where the man who would define "romanticism" where music was concerned. 3.6/5
Maybeshewill Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony4.0
Definitely a much more complete and finished product than Not for Want of Trying. This is definitely a lot louder and more aggressive; and it feels as if they've lost a lot of the "post-rock" sound that was so prominent in the last album. However, with losing that they've found their own unique sound that sets them apart and makes this album so much more enjoyable. 3.9/5
Anacrusis Screams and Whispers4.0
Some supremely overlooked, great prog-melodeath album. The only detractor I can think of would have to be it's length. While most albums of the genre are best enjoyed in 30-40 min intervals, this one drags on for just over an hour.
It's perfect for the die-hard metal fan, but for the average "all-types" listener this might come off a little tiring. 4.0/5

After another listen, I stand by this opinion. It is only Manic Impressions that is uninspired generic thrash.
Aaron Copland Appalachian Spring4.5
An undeniably beautiful piece of music. Harmonious, beautiful, and rustically natural in a way. It is very bio-mimetic much like Beethoven's 6th symphony, only more recent and maybe not as grandiose. Most definitely one of THE greatest pieces of classical music to ever come out of America. 4.4/5
Goonies Never Say Die In a Forest Without Trees3.5
A good enough album worth checking out, and the finale is absolutely fantastic, but... something just leaves me wanting more from this album... Maybe I've just gotten a bit spoiled with Sigur, Yndi, and Godspeed to appreciate the other guys... 3.6/5
Various Artists (Post-Rock) Postrockology3.0
Dorena and Goonies Never Say Die kind of stole the show on this compilation IMO... though Moving Mountains and Athletics weren't far behind. Those were the only noteworthy bands though... most of the rest is just forgettable, somewhat bland post-rock. 3.2/5
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy4.0
A great album, but I guess I can't fully appreciate the supposed perfection of this album. The 1st and back 3 tracks are impeccable, but an album half full of good songs does not a "CLASSIC" make. This is easily a 4, but repeated listens will be needed to confirm whether this is a 5 or just what it appears, a 4 and nothing more. 3.8/5
Sufjan Stevens The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras3.5
As with almost all "b-sides/extras" albums, it's a little disappointing. However, if you're smart like me, you'll be prepared for the slight disappointment and will be better able to enjoy the album for what it is. Sufjan knew for a fact that none of these songs were as good as the ones he chose to keep on Illinoise, is it his fault if this isn't as good as that??? In the end, it's length and lack of any bombastic singles will keep the non-fanboys uninterested, but for us in the other party, it's well worth keeping around. 3.7/5
Rodrigo y Gabriela Area 523.0
While at first it seems great, after the second track It's easy to realize how mediocre an album this is. The premise seems solid, "1. Take fantastic guitar duo, 2. Add additional Instrumentation, 3. Profit" but in actuality the completed product is nowhere near as good as expected. What a couple years ago was inventive and original now is indiscernible from your dime-store, run-of-the-mill, latin bar bands. Rodrigo and Gabriela harshly toned down their own sound to fit better? with C.U.B.A, but in doing this they stripped the songs of a lot of enjoyment. I'm glad they're experimenting... but this is NOT the right direction if they're looking for opinions. 2.9/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 643.0
Good, but not everything I was expecting it to be; honestly a little disappointing, and I'm an actual Tchaikovsky fan. 3.2/5
Charles Mingus Blues & Roots4.0
Great fast-paced jazz. Exciting from the get go and just gains steam as it nears its fantastic finale. Superb musicianship from everyone involved. 4.1/5
Miles Davis Sorcerer3.5
Classic miles. All-around great jazz that's easy to get into and easy to love. 3.7/5
The Dear Hunter Black4.0
Great way to begin "The Color Spectrum" collection. Gets things going with some heavy hitting, energy-filled alt-prog croons and prepares the listener perfectly for the next EP. 3.8/5
Various Artists (Punk) A Pop Punk Summer, Vol. 22.5
A hand-full of great bands amid so many mediocre ones... This would make for some great background music at a party or something, the only problem is that each song sounds exactly the same as the last. 2.7/5
David Bowie Hunky Dory3.5
I really need some alone time with this apparently... I mean I can definitely tell why so many people have nothing but great things say about it on first listen... but I still can't grasp the "orgasmic" experience some seem to achieve when they listen to this. Ziggy Stardust took several listens to sink in for me... maybe (hopefully) the same thing is happening with this. 3.7/5 (for now)
Mastodon Live at the Aragon3.5
Par for the course basically. The majority of this live album is stuff from "Oblivion", so it that's your cup'o tea then you'll be right at home here; but for those of us that prefer Mastodon's older work this might be a bit of a letdown. As with all live albums, it's a bit bittersweet... I mean, yeah it's great music, but you just can't recreate the intense experience of a live metal concert. Nothing against the band... I've always loved the band and look forward to many more years with them... but this just isn't for me; Maybe my ultra "anti-live album" upbringing by my grandfather has tainted me in this respect. 3.4/5
Glassjaw Our Color Green (The Singles)4.5
Fact: It Isn't Worship & Tribute.
Fact: It Isn't Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Silence
Fact: It still kicks major a** any day of the week.
Ludwig van Beethoven The Late Sonatas3.0
Like with most classical music, the finales are where it's at... Among all these sonatas, only the 29th and 30th sonatas really stand out. 2.8/5
Miles Davis Pangaea3.0
"I didn't know Miles Davis released some lame self-masturbatory guitar and trumpet-solo album." Though, on an honest note, this is definitely not for everyone. For the vast majority of people this will come off the way I described it above, an overly long noodle-tastic jazz-rock abortion. It has its definite moments, but most of us aren't going to wade through 85 minutes of truly forgettable music to find those 1/2 minute nuggets of brilliance. 2.9/5
Miles Davis 'Round About Midnight3.0
It's good... but nowhere near as great as In a Silent Way or Kind of Blue. There's nothing about it that really makes it "bad", but there's also nothing here that really sets it apart from Miles' other albums. 3.2/5
Queen A Night at the Opera5.0
An all-around fantastic album. I understand that the fact that many people of the younger persuasion find such "old" music truly a chore to listen to... and that is disappointing, but I understand. For those of us who can stand (and even enjoy!) 70/80's music, this is without a doubt a crowning point of brilliance. Every song is memorable, every song is full of emotion... just by hearing the inflection in Freddie's voice you can tell that every single person involved in the forging of this masterpiece couldn't help but love the work they were doing! Hearing this it's obvious to see why the 80's happened, and not a single one of them could hope to copy something as magnificent as this. Also, for those who still need a reason? Umm.... it has f**king BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY!!! That makes it an immediate 5/5. 5.0/5
The Wild A Collection3.5
Worth downloading if you like the genre. It's pretty much their EP plus a bunch of other unreleased b-sides and live/acoustic takes. Not as good as their other stuff, but still a good listen. 3.6/5
Clutch Clutch4.0
While the monster that is "Blast Tyrant" it is not, it IS still a hell of a blues-metal album. For a time I believed this to be trash for the simple fact that it wasn't their later work... now who the hell put that f**king retarded idea in my head? In the end it's not as sparkly or polished as their later work... but it's entirely as enjoyable. 4.1/5
Charles Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus4.0
It's no "Ah Um" or "Black Saint", but it's still quite a listen. Definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in Mingus or just jazz as a whole (like I am doing right now). 4.0/5
Miles Davis Bitches Brew2.5
I agree with Nick Butler on this album. For all the hype that it got, I was expecting something much more exciting. For the vast majority of my listen I was sitting, waiting for the real stuff to start... but by the end all I was left with was a feeling of disappointment. Beyond some jazz noodling that seems to be pseudo-influential I get nothing from this. Give me "In a Silent Way" any day. 2.3/5
Streetlight Manifesto 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I4.0
A great ska-ification of fantastic punk songs, what isn't there to love? Yeah, it can't really stand up to original material... but seriously guys, this is a cover album; most cover albums are absolute s**t! Definitely worth checking out for any ska fan. 3.8/5
Black Flag The Process of Weeding Out3.0
There's definitely something there... but it's just not complete, as you would expect. This is the epitome of "Punk", a genre that is exciting, violent, and off-the-wall... this is good, but without vocals you're missing half of the fun! 3.2/5
Karlheinz Stockhausen Mantra2.0
Okay... Ummmmm?? How is this supposed to be enjoyable??.... because I'm completely lost. I mean I can enjoy some abstract art as much as the next guy (hey, I've actually listened to all of "Einstein on the Beach" in one sitting), but this is just unbearable... 1.9/5 (not a 1/5 for art's sake)
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata Nos. 16-18, Op. 314.0
Three fantastic sonatas. In addition to great virtuosity, each sonata has the perfect amount of slow melodic parts to intersperse between the fantastic peaks. Definitely one of the better sonata collections, very worth checking out. 4.1/5
Buddy Holly That'll be the Day4.0
Another great set of classic Buddy Holly songs. Definitely not for everyone... but it's always good to every now and then take a look back and see where the present music we love came from. 3.9/5
La Dispute Vancouver4.0
The greatest album of all time it is not... what it is is excellent post-hardcore with a s**t-load of emotion and great riffs. If you like any post-hardcore at all it is almost assured that this (or maybe another other of this band's releases) will easily work itself into your regular playlist. 4.1/5
Charles Mingus Mingus Ah Um5.0
This. This my good friend... is Jazz... Jazz at its very best. Where some jazz can be uninspired and noodley, this is fresh with every note. Where other jazz can be lacklustre or overly flash, this is subtle, but that subtlety perfectly frames the indescribably momentous jewels of intensity. As almost anyone would agree... anything, and I mean ANYTHING below an 5 is sheer mockery. 5/5
Russian Circles Empros3.0
I for one cannot understand where all the love is coming from for this slightly above mediocre prog band. I definitely hear the potential there, but with each song I feel let down... let down that they didn't realize all the potential packed in those few minutes. This could have easily gone over much better than it did... 3.1/5
Koji Kondo Star Fox 64 OST4.0
The perfect soundtrack it is not... but it's not bad. The nostalgia factor absolutely plays a factor in video game sound tracks, but that doesn't mean that they're absolutely terrible without the video games themselves. For me this sits at a low 4 among video game soundtracks. 3.85/5
Daft Punk Tron: Legacy4.0
Discovery it is not... but um, was it supposed to be? Obviously not. Tron, a classic sci-fi movie with a solid fan-base that Disney didn't want to disappoint. Daft Punk, possibly the geekiest electronica duo that everybody and their mother has heard of. Daft Punk was tasked with creating a perfect soundtrack that mixed the grandiose overthetop-ness of blockbuster scores with the simplistic yet perfectly not-so electronic clicks and whistles that made them icons. In this way they made the perfect album. Without the cinema backdrop this album has a tougher time standing on its own feet (I mean, the only song really worth keeping, just to listen to, would have to be "derezzed."), but that's not what this was made for, it was made to mesh perfectly with the movie... And it Did!!rAgain, I reiterate. With Movie: 4.5/5...Without Movie: 3.5/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Slavonic March in b-flat Minor, Op. 312.5
Nothing all that exciting here. Except for the absolute Tchaikovsky fanboy, not worth the time wasted in listening to it. 2.4/5
Miles Davis In a Silent Way4.0
A phenomenal first half followed by a good, but not as amazing back half. I can definitely tell why this man is considered the god of jazz, but jazz just doesn't seem to hit me the way it hits some people. Hopefully with a few more repeat listens this album's rating will inch its way up 3.8/5
Kylesa Time Will Fuse Its Worth2.5
Gloriously bland. Each song on the album sort of blends into the next... and not in the good one. I can tell little to no difference song to song, and the band's sound feels devoid of originality. Thankfully their next album more than made up for what this one lacked. 2.6
Sufjan Stevens Run Rabbit Run2.5
Almost as hard to digest as the original..... which is still pretty hard. As "Tom" below agrees, it's not that it's particularly 'good' or 'bad', it just 'is.' The real difference between the two "Rabbit"s is purely aesthetic... if you harbor a sever intolerance for electronica you'll probably lean towards this; if you can actually stand bleeps and bloops, the other one is the album for you. When it comes down to me though, I refuse to join either party and simply refuse to believe there was anything before "Michigan." 2.7/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Manfred Symphony, Op. 584.5
Your typical romantic symphony, and one of the better ones at that. At first there weren't any epic points that made me fall in love with it, but then the finale happened... Also, over the entirety of the symphony, I definitely get a better cohesive vibe than than I usual. A crowning achievement in Tchaikovsky's lengthy repertoire. 4.4/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 9 in E major, Op. 14, No. 13.5
Two sprightly sonatas. Both quite good and easy to listen to, though I don't feel either of them went above and beyond the call of duty. 3.7/5
Modest Mussorgsky A Night on Bald Mountain4.0
Not the most amazing romantic classical piece ever conceived, but more than worthy of the notoriety it's accumulated over the years (mostly thanks to it being the soundtrack for the most bad-ass Disney villain ever). 4.1/5
Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage3.0
Your average jazz album. It seems that many consider this amazing, but all I hear in this is everything I've ever heard before; not many points that stand out or draw me in. 3.2/5
Cloudkicker Loop2.0
The worst of everything Cloudkicker does normally. Rampant repetition with none of the good bits you usually find buried in the other albums. 2.1/5
Cloudkicker Let Yourself Be Huge4.0
A great step in a distinctly different direction. Usually what you get with Cloudkicker is some sometimes very repetitive instru-metal, but with this it's like.... prog/folk??? Definitely an experiment that IMO played out very well. Honestly, my favorite of everything the guy has done. 3.7/5
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Surf Bungaku Kamakura2.5
Honestly a really mainstream j-rock album, maybe good for an anime opening, but not much else. 2.7/5
Neutral Milk Hotel Ferris Wheel on Fire3.5
Classic Jeff Mangum, but seeing as the only thing I can get my hands on is the scratchy garbley version you can find on the internet, it's leaving something to be desired in this listener. 3.6/5 (though probably a 4.3/5 with the right rip)
Sioum I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend4.0
This is some quite good post-metal. Nothing as quite as epic as Isis or Cult of Luna, but still a very good album. May times it is actually quite tranquil; almost like a combination of post-rock and post-metal. 3.8
Sufjan Stevens A Sun Came2.5
Not a particularly optimistic debut, but a crucial album in Stevens' career. The different song styles are all over the place and the sweet, lucid tranquility that is synonymous with his later work is utterly unrefined. Definitely more of an avant-garde experiment than an indie masterpiece. 2.7/5
The State Lottery When the Night Comes3.5
Great fun punk. Great home-grown music, but (just like BTMI!) the guy's vocals might turn away more die-hard fans than it will invite. For the fan of excellent low-budget gold who isn't looking for cleanliness or perfection. 3.7/5
Soundtrack (Film) Once More With Feeling4.0
Less of an impact than the actual episode, but still very fun and one of the better musicals to come out of cable television. 3.8/5
Koji Kondo The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony4.0
A great symphony plays some of the most amazing video game music ever! It may just be the nostalgia talking, but this is absolutely fantastic! 3.9/5
Steve Reich Double Sextet/2X52.5
OVERALL: 2.45/5
Double Sextet: Quite a bit more exciting than the latter half... but still, I don't hear anything warranting a Pulitzer Music Prize. 2.7/5
2x5: Nothing really exciting here. Described as a "Rock and Roll Piece" but in reality just feels like something Phil Collins could've crapped out on a random Saturday and would be too embarrassed to publish. 2.2/5
Johann Sebastian Bach 6 Partitas, BWV 825–8304.0
Quite lengthy, but good all the same. Not for someone who wants something exciting or invigorating to get pumped up to... but it makes some sublime "homework music". 4.0/5
Sergei Rachmaninoff The Isle of the Dead, Op. 294.0
A very beautiful piece. Not particularly bright, but it definitely has a dark and exciting allure. 4.1/5
The Beach Boys Pet Sounds4.0
A really, really great album. Very cheery and accessible album. Honestly, if you don't find this at least a little bit enjoyable there's something seriously wrong with you. 4.2/5
Gentleman's Pistols At Her Majesty's Pleasure4.0
Great home-grown, southern party-rock... except they're from Leeds. Much in the vein of Clutch, and with Bill Steer (Carcass) manning the helm you know you're in for some greatness. 3.9/5
Head Automatica Popaganda3.5
A lot more cohesive than the last album; though what it makes up for direction, it more than looses in sincerity. The songs sound vapid an repetitive and it sounds utterly mainstream; you can't feel any of the emotion that Glassjaw's music is rampant with. This is basically all that you glean at first glance "Daryl fronting a mainstream pop/rock band", and HELL is it catchy. 3.6/5
Head Automatica Decadence3.0
Easily some of the weakest stuff Daryl has ever done, but still, it's daryl. 3.2/5
Helium Horse Fly Fishing for Ghosts3.5
A definite change in sound is immediately noticeable. Instead of going for goth/alt and focusing on female vocals, this time they go for a more ambient sound. While it is undoubtedly a move in the right direction as far as individuality goes, it's still up for debate whether this is the right sound they want. 3.4/5
Nirvana In Utero2.0
I am Disappointed. As Nirvana's swan song, I was expecting In Utero to be a near masterpiece. Instead I'm stuck with what seems like a handful of leftovers that weren't nearly good enough for Nevermind. Where 'Teen Spirit' made me want to rock out and 'Come as you are' made me angsty as hell, this made me want to fall asleep. 2.2/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Swan Lake, Op. 204.0
Long and Epic. While it is undoubtedly beautiful and breathtaking in its own right, the combination of it's sheer length and the fact that it is without it's ballet accompaniment brings the enjoyment of the piece down a bit. 3.8/5
Steve Reich Early Works3.0
Not really that great one way or the other... some may contend that it is a masterpiece and a ground-breaking work of minimalism, while his friend may claim that it's all just a bunch of conflicting melodies and is utterly unlistenable. Music like this is one of the few pieces of music that hinges entirely on the person listening. One man's trash is another man's treasure. 2.9/5 (for me at least)
Michael Jackson Thriller4.0
Astoundingly!! not as bad as I expected. Ask any one of my close friends or family members and they'll inform you that I have a obscene abhorrence for mainstream pop. This if honestly the very first "pop" album that I've ever listened to from to beginning to end and actually enjoyed. There's a reason that this is the #1 best-selling album of all time, and though it's not a "perfect" album by any stretch of the imagination, it's definitely worth at least giving a cursory listen by any music fan. 4.1/5
The Who Tommy3.0
Honestly, this really doesn't do anything for me. It undoubtedly has had an effect on the industry as a whole and for thousands it truly hits them where it counts... but for me? Nothing. All I can say is that with this album there is just too much of a generation gap. 3.2/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Storm, Op. 762.5
Good... but nothing really astounding. Search elsewhere for better Romanticism. 2.7/5
The Fire Theft The Fire Theft3.5
It still has a lot of that SDRE sound, but with the near-decade that passed between Diary and this' release a bit of the emotion that made earlier SDRE so f**king enjoyable has been for the most part lost. Not a terrible album, but it sounds way too much like a mainstream producer broke into the SDRE studio and put his own spin on the already beautiful music. 3.4/5
Various Artists Elect-Lo-Nica Compilation1.5
Yeah, not as bad as some of the other "Music" Higashiyama has decided to take part in... but a bunch of boring, unimaginative (what can hardly be called) electronica does not a good album make. 1.3/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky "Souvenir de Florence", Op. 704.0
Like almost all string quartets, an exhilarating experience. Check it out! 3.8/5
Dead Star Melancholia Dead Star Melancholia1.0
F**ked up improv/free jazz/noise/crap from Japan. It actually gave me a headache while listening... yeah, it's that bad. I don't wish this upon my worst enemy... 1.0/5
Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Suite, No. 2, Op. 553.0
Interesting, and well worth the listen... but not nearly as memorable as the first Suite. 3.2/5
Far Tin Cans with Strings to You3.5
Mostly known for containing a song from BtVS, but stands up fairly well on it's own. Cannot hold a candle to Emo/Post-Hardcore masters like Sunny Day Real Estate and the like, but still a very listenable album. Enjoyable for almost anyone. 3.7/5
Sufjan Stevens Songs For Christmas4.0
Probably one of the only "Christmas Albums" I will honestly sit down and listen to. Not every song is a hit,
but more than enough of them have that sweet nostalgic hint that partially comes from Sufjan (the sweetness) and partially from the fact that the songs are part of the public domain (the nostalgia). 3.8/5

Also, for those who can't take the entire collection in one sitting, split it up into 5 EPs. It makes it much more digestible and therefore much more enjoyable.
Herbie Hancock My Point of View3.5
I don't really see how this can have such a low average. Yeah, it's not utter experimental out the wazoo and doesn't take any unexpected turns... but it's a great display of that classic relaxing blues that you just need sometimes! 3.7/5
Cloudkicker A New Heavenly Body4.0
Undoubtedly, anything this good can be considered an amazing and overwhelming achievement. That being said, though it may
falter when compared to contemporaries, this is a crowning point of success for the man. (Also, this is basically "]]][[["
only remixed) 3.8/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Snow Maiden, Op. 182.0
Honestly pretty empty by its lonesome. Not worth your time unless you're actually seeing a live performance of the full opera. 2.1/5
Boards of Canada Geogaddi4.5
A real grower. Almost never an instant classic, but stick with it and it'll grow on you... I know it did for me. 4.35/10
Takeharu Ishimoto The World Ends With You OST4.0
Not the most amazing of soundtracks, but the choice of music meshes perfectly with the game. The short, catchy, exciting ditties work equally well in short 3-hit battles as well as lengthy pain-in-the-butt battles. Overall a good OST but not for those uncomfortable with hip-hop or j-pop/j-rock. 3.8/5
Takeharu Ishimoto "Subarashiki Konosekai" + TWEWY (EP)4.0
Just a small collection of the more prevalent songs in the game. Many of the songs songs here are nearly completely in English, so that might make it a bit more listenable to some. May of the songs on here are also those that usually get cut off during gameplay, so this finally gives you a chance to listen to many of them in their full glory. Definitely not the j-pop crap you'd probably expect from a game set in Shibuya. 3.8/5
Animals As Leaders Weightless3.5
Your general "Instru-metal" album... might be good for some head bobbing... but if you're looking for some real music look elsewhere. 3.4/5
Herbie Hancock Head Hunters4.5
Truly Phantasmic!! I've tried earlier Herbie Hancock albums and they haven't really done anything for me, but this... THIS!! Truly a piece of art! 4.4/5
Frightened Rabbit A Frightened Rabbit EP3.0
Exactly what can be expected... whether this is good or bad is up to the listener. To me this just sounds like a mediocre EP from a sterotypical "Indie" band. Yes, it has that soft and sweet melodic warmness that is generally indicative of the genre... but this EP brings ABSOLUTELY nothing new to the board. 2.8/5
Yoko Shimomura Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack4.5
As I've said before, I'm a bit biased when it comes to KH... but this is the greatest video
game soundtrack ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, maybe not, but you've got to admit Shimomura-sensei's talent when it comes to creating
a diverse array of music that doesn't get stale even after so many repeated listens. 4.3/10
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited4.5
The Pillows FLCL No.35.0
Everything a fantastic soundtrack should be; perfectly complementing the movie/show while still being a solid piece of standalone music in its own right. In relation to the actual music: what you'll find inside is some of the catchiest and most accessible, yet still emotive and diverse alt-rock found either side of the pacific. Even if by some random chance you've never heard of FLCL, this "greatest-hits" style soundtrack rendition (full songs instead of just sound-bytes) will not disappoint. 4.8/5
Herbie Hancock Empyrean Isles3.0
I guess I'm just not getting it. All I hear when I hear this is a bunch of noodling. 3.1/5
Miles Davis Sketches of Spain3.0
I just don't get it I guess... I mean there's definite though put behind all this, but none of it really means anything to me. 3.1/5
Ohashi Trio This is Music4.0
A Japanese jazz-dominant Sufjan Stevens. Pretty dang impressive seeing as I just randomly downloaded it when I saw the name and nothing else while browsing one day. 4.0/5
Yo-Yo Ma and Others Appalachian Journey4.0
On par with their more recent Goat Rodeo Sessions. The amazing vocals on tracks 3 & 14 really set this one apart from the other "Appalachian" sessions. 4.2/5
Animals As Leaders Animals as Leaders4.0
A quite exceptional album. A definite front-runner of the instru-metal genre, well ahead of the rest of the pack. 3.8/5
Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 184.5
A truly magnificent composition. Not just an amazing display of technical prowess, but an explosive amount of emotion as well. An amazing piece by the last great Romanticist. 4.3/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 2, No. 22.5
There's nothing really to say. It's not absolutely unlistenable... but I'm looking for more in music than that. I'm looking for exhilaration, I'm looking for excitement!... and I'm not finding it here. 2.6/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 3 in C major, Op. 2, No. 33.0
Usually I love piano sonatas... but I'm not feeling anything with this one. 3.0/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 2, No. 13.0
Honestly, pretty meh... You can really tell how early on in his career by the sound of the piece. 3.2/5
Sergei Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 433.0
Good... I guess... just not very deep... I feel almost zero emotion from this piece. 3.2/5
John Adams Doctor Atomic Symphony3.5
Very reminiscent of one of those great sci-fi "alien world" movies. Sounds just like what you'd expect it'd sound like. 3.4/5r
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning4.0
Why the HELL has this been just sitting on my mp3 player doing nothing but gathering dust for a year? This is great!!!r[*] Okay, so after repeated listens the shine has worn off a bit.... but still, an excellent album. 4.1/5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin4.0
What can I say? It's a classic album and THE Godfathers of Rock n' Roll's debut album... It's impossible to rate this badly. 3.9/5
Charles Mingus The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady4.5
To some it may come off as a bit chaotic or lengthy... but to me it's just brilliant. Quite a bit shorter than "Mingus Ah Um", thereby making it a bit more digestible, but the aforementioned sits just a hair above this when it comes down to overall enjoyment. 4.4/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonatas Nos. 19 and 20, Op. 494.0
You've got some primo stuff right here; both are BRILLIANT piano sonatas. Listening to these two pieces made me take notice of how few and far between truly great pieces of classical music are. A very model piece for the uninitiated. 4.1/5
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood4.5
He was an amazing musician no matter which way you look at it. There's no arguing that.
The inevitable thing however is, no matter how great a musician he is, each and every person's musical taste subtly and qualitatively differ, which is probably the whole reason for the diverse range of scores given to this album.

As for where I stand? When it comes down to skill and emotion, I say 5/5, an absolute perfect score. However, no matter what genre of music, if you're not completely enjoying it, it means nothing. Taking that into account, I myself feel much happier with a 4.3/5.
I can definitely see why so many fans go crazy for this man, but I don't particularly see myself putting this album on perpetual repeat like I can see several other albums that I truly treasure. 4.3/5
Utada Hikaru This is the One1.0
"AAAAGHHHAA!!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!!" - my reaction 7.24 seconds in. I cannot believe that this is the same person who brought us the amazing opening sequence themes of KH I & II. 1.2/5
Pavement Brighten the Corners4.0
Perfectly relaxing and blissfully majestic. A great album by one of the bands that best exemplifies the "Indie" genre. 3.9/5
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 5 in C minor, Op. 10, No. 13.5
A couple of piano Sonata by Beethoven... what do you want me to say?
(the third sonata is by far the best)
Yoko Shimomura KH Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days OST4.0
Birth By Sleep - Chock-full of great original music. Yeah Ven's theme is just a thinly veiled theme of theme of Roxas, but the plethora of original worlds brought with it brand new music. Definitely the puzzle-piece that makes this whole triple-soundtrack enjoyable.
Score: 4.1/5

358/2 Days - Slightly more fleshed out than Re:Coded. Most of the original songs are pretty much just modifications of songs found near the end of KHII though.
Score: 3.7/5

Re:Coded - Little new original music and repetitiveness lead this to be probably the most boring of the soundtracks... Very reflective of the "not relatively important to the story-line" vibe that comes across while playing the game itself.
Score: 3.2/5

Cumulative: 3.825/5
Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt Suite, No. 1, Op. 464.0
One of the few pieces of classical music that everybody knows but nobody remembers. Definitely one of the "greatest hits" of the Romantic era of classical music. 4.2/5
George Gershwin Gershwin Plays Gershwin: The Piano Rolls4.0
A fine collection of some of Gershwin's finest pieces, all reproduced perfectly on solo piano. Not perfect, but great for any fan of Gershwin. 3.9/5
John Coltrane A Love Supreme4.0
It's Great.... I just feel that it's lacking the integral "something" that made Blue Train so enjoyable for me. 3.8/5
John Coltrane Blue Train4.5
Probably the greatest jazz album you'll ever listen to. Almost a Classic on first listen r(and I'm not typically a jazz listener!). I'll have check out the rest of his discography rto see how this stands up in comparison. 4.4/5
Kronos Quartet Floodplain3.0
Actually fairly bearable... An good display of Arabian music. Though... I have no expectations of this being an overly-enjoyable listen for the common sputnik indie/metal/everything-except-this listener. One detractor to mention is the play time, MUCH too long, MUCH MUCH too long. 2.9/5
Kronos Quartet Alban Berg: Lyric Suite2.0
Why does this have a 5? I mean seriously... it's nothing all that special. 2.0/5
Elliott Smith Roman Candle4.0
Weakest album overall, yet still a great listen. 3.9/5
Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill4.5
Amazing in retrospect seeing as this a posthumous release. Almost never are unfinished albums even near as enjoyable as "finished" albums, but maybe by a combination of Elliott's lyrical and musical style and the fact of this being his swan-song makes this surprisingly very good. Forever your songs will be in my mind and my heart Elliott... 4.5/5
Daft Punk Discovery4.0
Most only know of this for Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, but honestly it is so
much more than just one hit track. A definite outlier in my musical repertoire, but
definitely not a miss. I'm sure this will hit a low "Classic" once I get around to watching
Interstella 5555; but as of now it's a 4.2/5
John Adams On the Transmigration of Souls2.5
Very culturally significant and relevant to Americans... but not much in the way of real
"music." 2.4/5
Yoko Shimomura Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS Field & Battle4.0
Nostalgic, just like the first piano collection, only this one covers some of the memorable battle-songs and world-soundtracks instead of core character melodies and themes. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the series. 4.2/5
Yoko Shimomura Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS4.0
I may be a little bit biased seeing as KH was (and still is) THE series I reminisce about when thinking about the good parts of childhood, but this is just fantastic. Great songs masterfully crafted by Shimomura-sensei are re-worked by various soloists for a beautiful album full of beautiful music and blissful childhood nostalgia. 4.0/5
Lynyrd Skynyrd Thyrty: The 30th Anniversary Collection3.5
Not it's not a classic album, made and meant for a single sitting session, and not it's not "The Definitive Collection" that contains every single good song of theirs, cutting the fat and leaving a perfect collection. What it is is a great collection of some of their best works, allowing those who are caught between "I want more than a 40min best-of collection" and "I really need to hear who the band is, who they are and who they were" a perfect choice of listening. 3.6/5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞4.5
Honestly... it doesn't grip me the way Slow Riot or Skinny Fists do; however,
that doesn't make it bad. No matter what you say about it, it's still GY!BE in top
form and well above most of the other crap out there. 4.25/5
Nine Inch Nails Broken4.0
It's short... though that's probably the only thing not to like about this EP. Definitely a good listen, though your mileage depending on your love for Trent Reznor. 3.9/5
Mono You Are There3.5
I don't know what to say about this album... Yeah it serves its purpose as a mellow piece of
art, but it doesn't leave me utterly astounded like Yndi Halda, GY!BE, and
Sigur Ros do.

For me, this falls somewhere between the brilliance of the aforementioned greats and the
monotony offered by most American Post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai.
3.7/5 (for a better album, check out this band's next album, Hymn to the immortal
Scale the Summit The Collective4.0
While I couldn't exactly grasp how much the band has improved on first listen, now it is blatantly obvious how much they've matured. Where Caving Desert Canyons was over-saturated at its high points and monotonously repetitive at its lows, The Collective is entertaining and interesting the whole way through. While the genre of instrumental prog may leave something to be desired as a whole, Scale the Summit have definitely found their sound as a band. 3.8/5
Sufjan Stevens Enjoy Your Rabbit2.5
Really surprising seeing as it's the same guy who made a masterpiece in "Illinois."
Honestly, VERY hard to rate. I mean, looking at it objectively, I wouldn't call it a
complete chore to listen to... but neither would I call it anything near "good." I think
resting at a solid 2.5 would be a gift Sufjan seeing as I'd never even listen to this in the
first place if it were by anyone else... 2.5/5
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique3.5
An album from a different time. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome... just... the time difference between when this was made, and the time of life where this would be most influential (not to mention the supreme cultural change during the time) is just too large of a gap to be really enjoyable. Good luck to other listeners though... 3.6/5
Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events3.5
The regular prog-metal offering from Dream Theater that we've come to be familiar with. Nothing outlandishly outstanding... other than the over-the-top antics that come with the genre. Still, a pleasurable listen. 3.7/10
The Lonely Island Incredibad3.5
Nothing great in the way of actual music, but great if you want a few cheap chuckles. Definitely won't sound nice if you aren't already in a good mood. 3.3/5
Sergei Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances, Op. 454.0
An exhilarating listen, definitely one Rachmaninoff's better compositions. 4.2/5
Refused The Shape of Punk to Come5.0
Light-years ahead of its time in sound and perfect in embodying the "Punk/Hardcore" texture. Definitely an album no true fan of great music should be without. 4.8/5
Yo-Yo Ma and Others The Goat Rodeo Sessions4.0
Fantastic... just fantastic. The perfect mix of heartland Americana and brilliant musicianship. 4.2/5
The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico4.0
Not immediately a life-changing album, but underneath it all I can sense great promise. With repeated listens I'm sure I'll discover the depth that other people jizz over for this album.
John Adams Guide to Strange Places2.0
Doctor Atomic Symphony minus all the things that made it good. Really just a tiresome and boring listen. 2.1/5
Aaron Copland Quiet City4.0
Crisp, delicate, and quaint. Nothing over-the-top bombastic or exhilarating, but beautiful in a gentle way. 3.9/5
Talking Heads Remain in Light4.5
While not a masterpiece or an album with myriad singles, this album is still definitely a solid 4.5. The flow of the songs track-to-track works extremely well. "Born Under Punches(The Heat Goes On)" is quite possibly the very best opening song for an album ever recorded. 4.6/5
Cloudkicker Beacons3.5
As with all instru-metal, repetition is to be expected, and in that aspect "Beacons" doesn't diverge from the pack. However, don't think that just because I said that, that this is just the same riff strummed over-and-over-and-over again, because it isn't; there is more than enough variation to stand separate from the rest of the herd. Not the a classic, masterpiece, or anything of the sort by a long shot, but definitely worthy in its own right. 3.4/5
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross The Social Network4.0
Though maybe not the greatest soundtrack to grace the annals of film history, a pleasant listen well deserving of more than a cursory listen. Just what I expected in a soundtrack affiliated with Trent Reznor. 3.8/5
Lento Icon3.0
Hymen was good...and so was the title track...but...I can't really say much for the rest of it. For me this falls oh-so-slightly above the "enjoyable" mark on my music yardstick, so this is probably not going to get too many spins after the first. 2.9/5
Antonin Dvorak Carnival Overture, Op. 92, B. 1694.0
Certainly festive, but not long enough or exhilarating enough to be placed in the annals of all time greatest overtures. Overall a good overture. 3.8/5r
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out5.0
All-around fantastic jazz. Evenly interspersed fast-paced and slow-paced parts create an equilibrium that few albums of the genre seem to find leaving the listener (or at least me) with a feeling of satisfaction. 4.8/5
Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 6 in D major, Op. 60, B. 1123.5
Pretty mediocre with brief hints of grandeur in the first 2 movements. However, when the 3rd movement hits, things really pick up. Good enough to call a success, but still not an over-arching display of classical brilliance like the kind you find in the New World Symphony. 3.74/5
Buddy Holly The Chirping Crickets4.0
Although being born 35 years after its creation makes me a bit removed from the generation, I don't find it hard to find why people loved this guy. Definitely check this out if you're interested in who that guy that Weezer sings about is... 4.1/5
La Dispute Wildlife4.5
The PERFECT follow-up. Though maybe not perfect in the sense that they hit every note perfectly or move you with every listen, perfect in that it is a beautiful display of how a second album
should be. What initially came across as both chaotic and kinetic in "Somewhere Between..." has been focused into clarity while still retaining that rough, indie, non-mainstream filth sound.
Judging by their recent tour with Thrice (and by the fact that half that crowd came specifically for them) I see big things in La Dispute's future. Here's to hoping they don't lose what
makes them great on the long road ahead. 4.4/5
Steve Reich Octet/Music For a Large Ensemble/Violin Phase3.5
Repetitive, though not monotonous; Just like great post-rock. An eclectic collection of interesting and odd music by a musician who played in integral part in shaping "modern" music. Definitely worth listening even if just for the novelty of it. 3.7/5
Steve Reich Drumming4.0
Like most "Modern" music, it is more trance-like or "whitenoise"-esqe than anything. Still, it is interesting and takes a creative mind to understand. Nothing life-altering or paradigm-shifting, but an enjoyable listen for the most part. 4.0/5
Aaron Copland Copland: Our Town, The Red Pony, El Salon Mexico2.5
...really... I don't know what to say... Appalachian Spring is phenomenal, but everthing
other than that (and his symphonies) just seems uninspired and honestly quite boring. Just
pass this over, There is WAY better contemporary classical out there. 2.7/5
Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 2 in B♭ major, Op. 4, B. 124.5
Quite an experience. The first movement is eye-opening, the second movement is cerebral and eerie, the third movement is exhilarating, and the crescendo at finale is fantastic. The perfect mixture of slow calculation and explosive excitement. 4.4/5
Nine Inch Nails Year Zero4.5
Basically everything a great Industrial album should be; abrupt synth, smoky monologues, and an overall mechanical feel to it. Not surprising seeing as this is Trent Reznor we're talking about... 4.3/5
Henryk Gorecki String Quartets No. 1 & 2, Ops. 62 & 643.0
Nope... Still impossible to get into. I just don't understand the depression of the piece I
guess. 3.1/5
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist4.0
A bit irregular, while at the same time retaining the unique "Deftones" sound; a statement that could be said about any of their albums. It is not the greatest album ever conceived... but anyone who hands-down abhors this album obviously has something wrong with their head. 4.0/5
Antonin Dvorak Symphony No. 3 in E♭ major, Op. 10, B. 343.5
Definitely has some thought put into it... but it just doesn't work out the way I assume he wanted it to. Another classical symphony that doesn't stand up to the ages and falls out of human memory. 3.3/5
A Backward Glance on a Travel Road A Backward Glance on a Travel Road4.0
2 Years after initially discovering this I finally give it a listen; I'm pleasantly surprised. It's not overly heavy, instead focusing on harmony and being delicate with the overall flow of the album. Very Avant-Garde and definitely not for inexperienced sputniker. 3.8/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 in B♭ Minor5.0
Why the f**k did this not click the other day??? I mean, I must've been seriously f**ked to not immediately notice the Brilliance of this beast. Seriously one of the most brilliant piano pieces I've ever heard. The way the piano virtuosity is blatantly out in the fore-front, while at the same time gently harmonizing with the rest of the ensemble. Impeccable, in every sense of the word. 5/5
Steve Vai Sex & Religion3.5
Quite enjoyable. It still definitely has that signature 80's sound, but the addition of HevyDevy vocals (at least to this individual) makes the listening experience 10 times better. Still... this album hits just under the "worth checking out" line... unless, like me, you're horrifically gay for Devin Townsend. 3.74/5
Firebird Double Diamond4.0
Death Metal god turned Honky-Tonk Blues rock, sounds exactly how you'd expect it to sound. On a couple tracks you can really hear Steer's Carcass/Napalm Death days coming through. Overall though? Above par. If you're into that kind of music, it's definitely very listenable... but if you're looking for something like Scum or Necroticism look elsewhere, because that's as far from this as you can get. Check it out. 4.0/5
Aaron Copland Dance Symphony, For Orchestra3.0
Not nearly as good as some of his other works, but a starting point if you really want to get into American Classical. 3.1/5
Aaron Copland Symphony No. 34.0
Quite an amazing piece. Loud, surprising, and full of energy. A Great display of Post-WW classical. 4.2/5
Cloudkicker Portmanteau2.0
Do you Like Ice Cream...?, That's what I though. How about a tall stack of syrupy, buttery flapjacks...? A nice juicy steak? While it's true all three of these are great on their own, together they make an unappetizing mess... that is what this album is. If I had multiple ears, maybe this would be a different album... but that not being so, this album is way too complicated and convoluted to really enjoy. 2.1/5
Miles Davis Relaxin' With the Miles Davis Quintet4.0
Quite Enjoyable... and just enough to keep around. There might just be something to this "JAZZ" thing. 3.8/5
Caravels Floorboards4.0
Ah, Skramz... How I love thee. Ire, you do not disappoint. 4.0/5
Pteradon VIVA!3.0
Garage punk through and through. "Fun", in a word, but overall too few identifiable differences when compared to contemporary bands. It's not horrible... but in the end, just too mediocre to merit further listens. 2.9/5
Jeff Buckley Live at Sin-é3.5
Philip Glass Glassworks4.5
Eerie, Surreal, Ephemeral, and 14 other ghostly sounding adjectives. A truly mind-bending listen. As with Glass' other works, an almost trance-like nature falls over the piece creating a field that affects the listener (positively for some, negatively for others). An interesting sample of the minimalism movement that should be the starter album for anyone intending to get into "art" music. 4.4/5
Antonin Dvorak Hussite Overture, Op. 67, B. 1323.0
Okay, I guess... but not worth keeping around. Much better pieces out there by Dvorak, as well as other composers. 2.9/5
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road4.0
as much as I hate pop (as well as most 70s music as a whole) this is actually a very listenable album. Though I'm not the premier resource for gay pianists, I can say without a doubt, on this album at the very least, Elton John is a brilliant musician. Don't judge a book by its cover. 4.0/5
Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch!2.0
I can understand when people pick out avant-garde people who throw into importance once though unnecessary aspects of music, but this is just... too far gone. For music to be enjoyable, there has to be at least a semblance of melody or direction. All I heard with this was incomprehensible randomness. When you can explain to me the brilliance of this in regular human words come get me. Only when the reasoning for this album's superb status can be explained to a toddler will I try this again. 2.2/5
Red End of Silence2.5
George Gershwin An American in Paris4.0
Seeing as Gershwin is practically synonymous with broadway music, this fits perfectly with that image. Lively and exciting, but would probably fit better as a soundtrack or as a companion to a show. Nevertheless, the music is beautiful. Definitely a must-listen for those interested in early (pre-60s) American Music. 4.2/5
George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue4.5
A classic from broadway. I don't understand what there isn't to like. It may go on a little longer than wanted, but the slow parts are still far from uninteresting. A Classic of the American Classics. 4.7/5
Nick Drake Pink Moon4.5
As like Elliott Smith down the road, Nick Drake was an undeniably brilliant musician that had his bright and shining life cut tragically short. While we may never know what may have become of him, we are left with the gems that he left during his lifetime. A classic of not just the folk/indie singer-songwriter subgenre, but of the whole of music. It may take a listen or two to fully root in the listener's heart, but this is one of the great pieces of music that, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to escape its allure. 4.5/5
Aaron Copland Three Latin American Sketches for Orchestra3.0
Interesting enough, but not long enough to keep more than a cursory interest but just long enough to feel tiring. 3.1
Chotto Ghetto 5 Magical Years: The Ox Chronicles3.5
It's a live session from an LA radio station, so needless to say the quality suffers when compared to their other releases (even given the underground status of the band.) Not to mention that the band gets a little (by which I mean really) goofy after each set. Still a good light-hearted listen for fans of the band. 3.6/5

Download it free here - -
Aaron Copland Symphony No. 2, "Short Symphony"3.0
One of those extremely passable classical pieces. It's obviously well put together, but nothing in the piece ever reaches out or makes me take recognition. 2.9/5
Mihai Edrisch Un Jour Sans Lendemain4.0
Just because you can't understand a f**king word doesn't mean it isn't amazing. Beautiful skramz, no two ways about it. Listen. Now. 4.2/5
Bomb the Music Industry! Vacation4.5
My thoughts a couple months ago: "Jeff has been making progressively more amazing albums with each release ever since I started listening to him... I mean there has to be a limit, he can't just keep on making more and more amazing music each and every time... There has to be a ceiling!"rVacation releases: "......................fuck...................."
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 18 Pieces, For Piano, Op. 724.0
Sup Pyotr... Still making amazing music? oh, you're dead?!!............oh yeah... well... whatever, Amazing collection nonetheless. 3.8/5
Soundtrack (Television) Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog4.0
No brilliant writing, instrumentation is lacking, and it's a bit short... but DAMN IS IT CATCHY!!! 4.1/5
Frederic Chopin Etudes, Op. 254.0
Good and Relaxing, I can tell how he's matured in the time since his first etude collection. And just like last time, GLORIOUS finale. 3.9/5
Thelonious Monk Brilliant Corners4.5
While it may not be an utter perfection of an album, this definitely ranks way up there. Enjoyable at every minute and very easy to listen to, no freelance additions to distract from the enjoyment you get from absorbing the music as a whole. 4.3/5
The Pillows Runners High3.0
Good, just not amazing.................. I Miss FLCL 3/5
Paul Baribeau Unbearable4.0
Good, very very good. With small-time folk you usually get what you expect, but with this you can be pleasantly surprised. Yes the lyrics aren't written by God himself, but Paul puts just enough emotion into the lyrics to make them sound golden, and that's really what it's all about. Also, you can't really get a better price than FREE. Check it out. 3.9/5 (Download here: )
Flow Game4.0
Pop-punk with actual variety. At least with this album, Flow does J-rock/J-punk right and, though I may be a little biased due to rthe spending of my early teens watching naruto subs on youtube for days on end, I stand by my conviction. 4.1/5
Frederic Chopin Etudes, Op. 103.5
If all the pieces of this set were like no. 12 it'd be a different story... but the truth is that this is a chore to listen to barring its finale. Honestly I recommend skipping through the first eleven pieces and then setting No. 12 on repeat. 3.4/5
Caravels Caravels4.0
Short, but beautiful all the same. This is exactly what I'm looking for in skramz. 3.9/5
Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction4.0
While on paper the concept of taking a god of metal and paring him with other demigods of metal sounds ingenious, what ultimately plays out here is less than monumental. There are more than enough great riffs, great vocals, and a large enough (signature HevyDevy) sound wall to suffocate a small elephant, but when taken as a whole, everything feels completely disjointed and a hair bland. Songs like "Planet of the Apes" and "The Mighty Masturbator" have their moments, but honestly go on way too long meandering into nothingness. The album was great, but could have easily been a 4.5 or a 5 with some of the fat trimmed. 3.8/5
Flow Splash!!!3.5
Japan's Sum 41/Simple Plan/Blink-182. But honestly, it's not as bad as it sounds. If you can get past the language barrier, a little auto-tuning, and the whole j-pop sound... it is probably one of the most listenable bands to come from the Country.

Though this album isn't what I'd call one of their highlights, it's still a pretty good listen. 3.6/5
Steve Reich Daniel Variations3.0
Again, slightly to monotonous for my tastes. Adios Steve, 2.9/5
Steve Reich You Are (Variations)3.0
Interesting, but honestly just a tad too boring to hold my interest past a first listen. 3.1/5
Kylesa To Walk A Middle Course3.5
Overall, a listenable album, but as is the norm with the genre, each song sound the tiniest bit too much like the previous to be overly enjoyable. Finishing great barely bumps it up above the average sputink rating. 3.6/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 3 in E-flat minor, Op. 304.0
More sombre than his previous quartets... but not bad in-and-of itself. Not his greatest, but definitely worth not skipping over. 4.0/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 2 in F Major, Op. 224.0
Slightly less astounding as his first quartet, but just as brilliant. 4.2/5

Shameless plug. Read "Emma" by the mangaka Kaoru Mori.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky String Quartet No. 1 in D Major, Op. 114.5
Seeing as I'm listening to this while I'm reading a Victorian romance I may be embellishing a bit, but I can easily say this is one of the best quartet pieces I've listened to quite a while. Amazingly well done you damn brilliant Ruskie. 4.3/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37b3.5
as beautiful as it may be, nothing in the piece ever (imo) wowed me or made me take notice. Though I don't expect the splendor of his symphonies, many of his other works outside of that setting easily top this. 3.4/5
Bjork Vespertine2.5
Sup Bjork.... you're eccentric, something that always leads to mainstream success (see Lady Gaga). Too bad I'm to much of a hipster impersonator to really care.

Still don't get you and don't think I ever will. 2.3/5
Blonde Redhead Penny Sparkle2.5
"Background music". There's no other way for me think of this... It's not unpleasant, but neither is it really different from all the other "Indie" (now the new "Alternative") I now hear far too often. 2.7/5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Voyevoda, Op. 78 (Symphonic Ballad)3.0
good, as expected by Tchaikovsky, but just not great. No memorable crescendos, and the overall flow is a little wonky IMO. 3.2/5
Frederick Delius Florida Suite3.5
Honestly, REALLY good for a first composition... but still obviously in need of improvement. Check it out if you live in Florida... though honestly, to me it doesn't sound a thing like "Florida". At most it's just some generic Romantic-Classical. 3.3/5
Aye Nako Demo 20103.0
More listenable than the drivel the mainstream populace is force-fed on a daily basis, but still not anything superbly substantial. All in all, a middle of the road album, not a pain to listen to... but nothing really noteworthy either. 2.9/5
Radiohead Kid A4.0
The best Radiohead album? No. The album of the decade? No. But an awesomely eerie and creepy album that knocks your f**king socks off? Yes. 4.2/5
Igor Stravinsky Le Sacre du Printemps4.5
Not what I'd call "heavy" but powerful nonetheless. The primeval and threatening aura that this work exudes is breathtaking. Definitely one of the landmark opuses of the 20th Century. 4.6/5
Igor Stravinsky Suite Itallienne (from Pulcinella)3.5
Great neoclassical piece... but basically it's just a reiteration of what Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven mastered. Go to that before checking stuff like this out. 3.6/5
Louis Armstrong The Definitive Collection4.0
Some really good stuff, I just don't see myself consistently listening to this on a daily basis. 4/5
Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys4.0
Amazing, Albeit not what I was expecting. One problem though, with the amazingness comes a non-shortness, so don't be ready to sit down...listen...and leave. This needs to be enjoyed in full, and that'll take a good 45 mins. So grab a drink, get comfy, and be prepared for a hell of a live album. 4.2/5
Philip Glass Einstein on the Beach4.0
Surprising as it may seem, this is actually extremely listenable for me. The repetitiveness may be grating for some, but for me repetition is rsomewhat calming and sets up a pseudo trance where focusing on something singular is extremely easy. Also it makes me feel good pretending I actually know a thing about minimalism and crap. 4.0/5
The Pillows Living Field3.5
Can't really say much about the lyrics seeing as I.... uhh.... don't speak Japanese, but the music itself is entertaining (assuming you're already familiar with j-pop/rock)

.............not too entertaining though. 3.4/5
Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie Bird & Diz2.5
What was supposed to be a collaboration between to amazing musicians turns out to be just a let down. Unless you have an unhealthy fascination with both these musicians it'd probably be better to just pass this one by. 2.7/5
Various Artists Tastemakers Magazine's Sargent House Compilation3.5
Gets better as it goes on. The first half was a little iffy, but as soon as it hit #7 or so, it got a lot better. This thing also introduced me to Fang Island and This Town Needs Guns. I guess I'm off to check them out now. 3.7/5
Sergei Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 2 in E minor, Op. 274.0
Just as always, some great Russian romanticism. Melody is bright, and though the body of the work is your pretty standard fare, the finale is absolutely fantastic. 3.9/5
(This is coming from a music connoisseur, if you don't already like baroque/classical/romantic/ect. you probably won't like this).
The Blackout The Best in Town3.5
Obviously not anything really amazing, but some very listenable pop post-hardcore/punk. 3.7/5
The Beatles The Beatles3.5
Sadly, it has the same problem all post-golden days Beatles albums have; amazing songs here and there drowning in a sea of mediocrity. "As My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Rocky Raccoon" and 2-3 others re the only really enjoyable songs on here. The real problem with the Beatles is that they didn't know which songs to keep and which to toss. With most bands, the bad songs are tossed, or if the album is good, get placed on a B-side. With the Beatles we're stuck with both the good and bad... for better or worse. 3.3/5
Steve Vai Passion and Warfare3.0
Van Dragonforce, in a word. I know Van Halen came before and Dragonforce came after, but that's what this album is. Endless wankery that sometimes sounds really awesome, but most of the time just gets tiring. Not to the completely deplorable level of crab-core, but still a chore to listen to in my opinion. 3.1/5
Cee Lo Green The Lady Killer3.5
Pretty good but not anything sputnik would or should go crazy for. Singles rule the pop/hip-hop/R&B world and this album obviously does it right. 3.7/5
Extol Synergy3.5
Kind of what I was expecting but still a somewhat of a letdown. More -core than DM. 3.4/5
Sigur Ros Agætis byrjun5.0
Truly Jonsi and the gang's best, and that's not just for hipster points, this the pinnacle of beauty; few manage to even make it into the ballpark and this masterpiece is a motherf**king grand-slam. 5/5.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy-Overture4.0
Not as astounding or as spectacular as some of his Symphonies, but there is more than enough emotional/harmonic range to be sufficient. Very recognizable and short enough to where the classinewbz won't get bored. 3.85/4
Gustav Holst The Planets, Op. 325.0
Surprising, Invigorating, Diverse and everything that makes classics like this amazing. The way the movements flow; the thought put behind every note; the sheer diversity. From crushing crescendos in and threatening marches in "Mars", to serene and personal pianissimo sets in "Venus", to the complete and utter headspins that come with "Jupiter" EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS IS PURE AMAZEMENT. Truly a perfect album if I ever heard one.
Laura Stevenson A Record4.0
Jeff Mangum's girlfriend if Jeff Mangum didn't already have a girlfriend in Anne Frank.
The influence is immediately noticeable... but that isn't really all that bad seeing as it's some pretty good emulation. Not to mention that Laura has one HELL of a Folk Voice. 3.9/5

Legal Free Download:
Epeus Richenback Etherized1.0
Wait... this is supposed to be music??? I thought it was just random samplings of random noises that some guy picked up when his cell phone microphone accidentally turned itself on.

But seriously, this is boring in every sense of the word. At least post-rock and ambient actually have some substance to them... this is just absolutely devoid of anything that makes music good. 1.1/5
Meet Me in St. Louis Variations on Swing3.5
Basically what this site thrives for; a semi-obscure band that definitely has a unique and interesting sound, but in reality isn't that dynamically different enough to really set it apart from the others in an overtly significant way. Great post-hardcore nonetheless. If post-hardcore is your forte you will definitely like this, but if you're just a cursory post-hardcore listener and only listen to it every now then then I would say this will just go in one ear and out the other. 3.6/5
Johann Sebastian Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G major, BWV 10494.0
Yeah!!! Harpsichord Solo!!!! Rock On!!!!
But really, an amazingly virtuosic display right there. 3.8/5
Very Okay Small Loud3.5
Exactly as the band's name describes; "very okay". The heterodox super-group (a hipster term if there ever was one)does a great job of staying above the s**t-line where most bands today fall below but don't ever get more than a few inches away. Like a sweet sweet love-making, there is only limited time in which to find bliss; With "Small Loud", Very Okay was obviously making a valiant effort but sadly ran out of time before finding that one sweet spot. 3.6/5
Rush Moving Pictures4.0
Some may say it's Rush's greatest, and some may say it's their greatest commercial success. I myself sit in the second camp. Nonetheless, Moving Pictures is a hell of an album and was (and still is) crucial in the framework of our current progressive-metal genre. 3.8/5
Rush Hemispheres4.0
An invigorating album that really makes one realize how much Rush has affected what we have come to know as "Prog-Metal" today. Looking at almost any band with the prefix "prog-" and it is physically impossible not to immediately notice the overwhelming influence. However, as with all paradigm shifts, there are two sides to the new coin, both a good side (amazing technicality and diverse/creative lyrics and concepts) and bad a (unmerciful noodling). Nonetheless, this album as a whole proves to be an amazing album, smack-dab in the middle of Rush's golden year. Well worth buying on the spot given the opportunity. 4.2/5
Rush A Farewell to Kings4.5
Sufjan Stevens The BQE3.5
In all honesty, this album makes for a pretty difficult to listen to soundtrack, and to anyone who attempts to argue for the opposite I commend you. Nonetheless, this album in its entirety turns out being really beautiful. Along with keeping some of the Sufjan-ey spriteness, this album displays beautifully the more experimental side in him that is realized to a greater extent in "The Age of Adz". Not as perfect as Illinoise and not as confusing as some of his earlier work, but amazing background music if you need something pretty to listen to while focusing on something else. 3.7/5
Hard Girls Hello3.5
Basically what you'd expect a free release from a fairly unknown punk band to be. Not "OMGHOLYF**KAWESOME" but well worth checking out if you're between the ages of 1 & 100 and are looking for some well above average tunes to blast. 3.5/5
Clutch The Elephant Riders3.5
Obviously this isn't as great as Blast Tyrant or the S/T. As such, don't expect it to be. Nevertheless, "Elephant Riders" turns out to be a pretty enjoyable album. Less refined than the masterpieces of Exodus and Blast but with more substance than their earlier work.

*sigh* Basically I'm just BSing all over the place in an effort to explain that this is the middle of the road for clutch; worth checking out if you like the genre or Clutch themselves, but not the best for almost anyone else. 3.6/5
Thousandaires Million Dollar Move, Two Dollar Shot4.0
Not anything astoundingly different from what they provided for us a year or so ago. They've cleaned up their sound a little, sounding just good enough to not be playing in a garage, but that's that's the only that's progressed in the time since. Would be a 4.5 but they lose points for not progressing much in the musical sense. 4.0/5 (also, great lyrics as always)
Tabula Rasa (USA - PA) People3.5
Interesting, and well worth a listen... but not anything over-the-top amazing in my opinion. It's good, but not astoundingly different when compared to the many other prog/metal, subtle jazz influence bands out there. 3.7/5
Mouse On The Keys Sezession4.5
Great short Piano/Keyboard + Drums set. This is exactly what I want when asking for some good contemporary piano virtuosity when the Classical gets a bit old. A bit shorter than most like it, but the skill that these jazz-fusion nuts have more than makes up for it. 4.3/5
Antonio Vivaldi Gloria, RV 5892.0
Crap... Absolute Crap. When one composer makes literally thousands of pieces it is obvious that quite a few of them will be utter bores. This is one of those pieces. 2/5
Alexander Borodin Petite Suite4.0
A fairly somber piece with brief flashes of energy. Great if you're in the mood for some soft and calming pianowork. 3.8/5
Franz Schubert Symphony No. 5 in B♭ major, D. 4853.5
Basically the epitome of classical music. A name that seems vaguely familiar accompanied by music that is obviously beautiful and well thought out, but even in spite of that you feel it just isn't "your kind of music." Overall it's an great album, but it never exceeds that "meh" emotional plateau. 3.6/5
The Mothers of Invention We're Only in It for the Money4.0
Three words and three words alone can describe this album (as well as practically any other album in his amazing career) "Weird. Ass. Shit." As long as you stand that, this is a pretty solid album. 3.8/5
Cursive Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes3.5
Basically everything you expected. If you've listened to later Cursive, this is what came before. With immaturity comes pros and cons. As always with Cursive's music, emotion is at the forefront. On this debut, it is noticeably less refined, but still listenable. How much enjoyment you get from basically ends on how coarse you like your music. For me, this album is a weak point... but well serves as a more than decent debut for a band that I have come to love so much. 3.7/5
Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 2 in C minor, "Resurrection"4.0
Very Fluid, just how I like my classical. It may take a few listens to absorb all that's going on, but just like most classical music it is well worth getting into. Don't give up on the first or second listen because there are layers upon layers of brilliance hidden in the music just waiting to be discovered. 4.0/5
Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere4.0
An amazing collaboration if I've ever heard one. Cee-Lo's scaling clean voice complemented perfectly by Danger Mouse's amazing work on the musical side. 3.9/5
Helado Negro Pasajero2.5
I honestly just downloaded this because it was free. Slightly disappointed, but maybe I just don't "get" it. It's spacey and ghostly, whether that's good or bad is up to the listener. To me it doesn't break the "glad I checked this out" cusp. 2.7/5

Anyway, here's the link:
Blueneck Twelve Days2.5
Basically, a depressionization of some of the songs in the Great American Songbook (Christmas Edition.) May be interesting to a Drone/Post-Metal/Depressive Post-Rock lover, but not to me. 2.7/5
The Mothers of Invention Freak Out!4.0
A seriously interesting album. This is one of those severely odd albums, quite like "In the Court...", that is either a classic above all other classics, or a series of WTFs. As for I, it is still growing but could easily fall into the previous classification. Thanks for the Zappa Recs Ire. 4.1/5 (for now)
Rx Bandits Those Damn Bandits3.0
Not the RX Bandits that you know and love now, but not bad. Energetic, fun, and catchy just as all ska should be. 3.1/5
Brian Eno Ambient 1: Music For Airports3.5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture, Op. 494.0
Long enough to be considered a full work and not just a lone movement, but short enough to be listenable when you don't want the length of a Symphony or Concerto. And as always from Tchaikovsky, f**king brilliant finale to cap things off. 4.1/5
Rush Exit...Stage Left4.0
Barring the infamous endless drum solo on YYZ, this album proves to be an exceptional live album. Usually live albums turn out to be compilation-like in form and are wholly disappointing; this album is exactly the opposite. "Exit..." hits all the good songs, but it doesn't feel forced like I expected it to be. Definitely a win in my book. 4.2/5
Bad Brains Banned in DC: Bad Brains' Greatest Riffs3.0
Bad Religion The Dissent of Man4.0
Not nearly as solid as some of the classic BR albums, but then again, of course it wouldn't be. Still, it's a great album over all. Though Greg may look more like your dad than your buddy now, he still has what it takes and made more than passable album; Wrong Way Kids being and amazing high point. Overall the album was great and would be great for any Punk fan. 3.85/5
Various Artists (Punk) Germs Of Perfection: A Tribute To Bad Religion3.5
Pedro hit the nail on the head with his summary of this album; experimental, while not f**king it up. Although I may disagree with him in which songs stand out and which ones fail, it is all meaningless to argue when the album as a whole is great. Definitely worth picking up if you're interested in something weird and interesting. 3.6/5
Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Children4.0
a very "chill" album. The overall lack of vocals or anything distracting I see this as a great album to go to if looking for something to study to. Although fairly monotonous, it isn't boring like I sort of expected it to be; it has enough variation in it to keep me interested, but not distract me. I also assume that this is probably one of those albums you probably have to be tripping balls while listening to to fully appreciate. 4.0/5
The Beatles Rubber Soul4.5
At first this seemed to me a more depressing version of 'Help!" but after repeated listens the album starts diversifying itself. What at first appeared to be depressing copies now are obviously more diverse, more interesting, and are leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor in terms of songwriting, dark though it may be. 4.6/5
The Beatles Help!3.5
Whomever up here is bagging on "HELP!" about being too poppy, not doped out enough, or containing an over-rated song or two, just settle down and appreciate the album for what it is; enjoyable. Finally getting around to trying out one of the most impressive and renown bands of all time (after ignoring them for several years for some reason I still have yet to remember) I find "HELP!" an amazing starting point. While it may not be as memorable as some of their later albums, it still proves to be more than entertaining. If their later work proves to be at least on par with this I'll be more than satisfied. 3.6/5
Loma Prieta Life/Less2.0
Seriously Ire, what the hell do you see in this?....... skramz sucks..... at least this skramz does
Wilco Wilco (The Album)3.5
This to me is just one of "Those" indie bands. There are thousands of "indie" bands out there and the vast majority of them are great, but it seems impossible for me to fully appreciate them unless I forcibly make the conscious effort to. Not a bad album and better than YFH in my opinion, but it just feel that even if I bought this I would forget about it every time I looked away from it for more than 30 minutes............3.7/5
Cadaver Disposal Signum Gloriae Demo4.0
Pretty good Death Metuhl. This is not OSDM, it's not Progressive Death Metal, It's not Melodeth, and it's not death-core; It's something in the middle of all of them. It's slightly melodic, and it's fairly accessible, but this is in no way shape or form Melodeth; would much more at home touring with the likes of Morbid Angel than they would be with bands like In Flames. 3.78/5 (Drummer is ex-member of Belphegor)

Free LEGAL Download Here:
The Sleep Design All That Is Not Music Is Silence4.5
A post-rock candy bar with a delicious alt-indie nougat center. At first I want to call this instrumental or progressive alternative, but at the same time I want to call it the post-rock messiah. Truly an amazing album, being incredibly accessible while at the same time keeping all the uniqueness that is oh so often lost in in favor of that mainstream factor. Brilliant, just Brilliant; and hey, you can't get much cheaper than FREE!!! 4.35/5

Download here:
Kronos Quartet Henryk Górecki: String Quartet No. 32.5
Maybe I just don't understand avant-garde... this is just to hard to follow. Maybe some of his other stuff is more accessible. I'll come back to this in a year or so. 2.3/5
LCD Soundsystem Sound of Silver3.0
Good, just not anything amazing. I remember there being a surge of people raising a hubbub over this a while ago and didn't understand it; I still don't understand. I can sort of see why some people find this enjoyable, but there are so many others albums out there that this album doesn't even hold a flame to. I might as well keep this though, just for the random happenstance that I may be in the mood for it a long way down the road. Some people may tout this as king, but as for me, when I'm in the mood for some post-punk I'll break out the ol' "Remain in Light". 3.24/5
Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons4.5
Truly amazing, beautiful and moving in every sense of the word. Each season conveying subtle emotions, each unique and mystical in their own sense. It truly sickens me that in this day and age "Classical" music is such an overlooked genre. 4.5/5
Atheist Beyond '88 Demo3.0
No hints of progression or the Jazz influence on here, all DM. It's still some pretty listenable DM, but the quality of the production is just so horrible (seeing as there is none, this was recorded on regular old dollar Cassette tapes from Walmart) it really pains me to listen to this. If you want theist just go with their later albums; you can't really go wrong with anything except this. 2.8/5
Direct Hit! #53.5
A small step down from the quality pop-punk of "#4", but it's still worth checking out. 3.7/5
Direct Hit! #43.5
Great catchy pop-punk. Accessible and enjoyable while being just short enough to not get boring. All the songs sound vaguely similar, but that's nothing bad when the pop-punk is this good. 3.5/5
Moviegoer 64 FPS4.5
Seeing that it's from way back in '99 you'd expect an old sound, but surprisingly, along with that mathy/old-school, loosely nu-metallic sound, there is an underlying inclination that it would feel right at home if released just yesterday. Contrary to my previous notion, this album is more a post-hardcore/punk album at its heart, though honestly a concrete genre specification escapes me. For a random album that I picked up on impulse for less than 1 USD I can honestly say I was surprised. 4.27/5

To give a little more info on the sound, I'll just list a few phrases that came to mind over the past couple listens. Post-Hardcorish, vaguely Tool-esque on a couple songs, Horse the Band minus the balls, soft-industrial on one or two songs.
Think Big! Losing Ground3.5
It's just what you expect; some easy and energetic pop-punk. If you want some accessible and fun pop-punk that's great for just easy listening give this a download.... just don't expect any deep lyrical content or really anything new at all. 3.4/5
Ludwig van Beethoven "Pastoral" Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 684.5
Disregard any previous soundoffs, this is fantastic. 4.4/5
Various Artists (Punk) We Can't Be Everything We Wanted to Be3.5
A Free Sampler Album Released by "Death To False Hope Records", an online distributor for all the unknown or under-appreciated punk bands that so sadly get utterly lost in the woodwork. As expected, being thirty-three long, the majority of the album is full of pop-punk that has a reason for being unknown. However, you might come to find that quite a few bands are able to necks out and shine, for me they were: Direct Hit!, Let Me Run, Mixtapes, The Please & Thank Yous, The Dirty Little Heaters, White Tiger and the Bed of Roses, Joey Cape, The Fresh Kills, and Jazz Hands. Overall it's a good album to play in the background at a party, but it probably isn't the best album if you're looking for deep lyrics, diverse musicianship, diversity in general. However, props to DTFH Records for actually giving all these great guys an actual voice. 4.3 for the guys over at DTFH, but a 3.4 for the musicians themselves.
Sufjan Stevens Michigan4.0
Being the starting point of such a massive undertaking as "the Fifty States Project", many see it just as the start of a career-long gimmick. However, overall it proves to be an excellent album in it's own right; displaying that unique Sufjan elegance that we've come to love, while still leaving room for improvement and experimentation down the road. When compared to "Illinois" it is softer; containing more subtle messages and being less boisterous than its successor. 3.92/5
Metallica Metallica4.0
Ginger Ten (Two)2.5
"This Bed is on Fire" has quite possibly just taken the no. 1 place in my list of favorite Mondegreens. Album would do SO much better back in the 80's where it belongs. 2.4/5
The Please and Thank Yous Mind Your P's & Q's4.0
Kind of surprising, it has a very vaguely ska-esqe vibe running through the whole album. Great non-generic pop-punk. It's what most pop-punk should be instead of the poop-punk we get like FYS, Green Day, and NFG. A couple songs have a loose emo influence, though its obviously diluted; overall a really great album. Pick this up if your looking for some very accessible pop-punk/emo/ska. 4.0/5
Adam Sandler What The Hell Happened To Me!3.5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker, Op. 714.0
Quite possibly one of the more over-rated albums of Tchaikovsky. However, just as with Brand New's "TDaGaRIM", that doesn't mean it has to be bad. Being a soundtrack for a play, it doesn't have that freedom that Symphonies do; however, in exchange it appeals to a much larger audience and is more accessible for those who aren't Classical Music buffs. Has quite a few great moments and would really recommend for those trying to get into Tchaikovsky... as long as they don't mind long albums. 3.9/5
Miles Davis Kind of Blue4.5
Silent Lapse Birthright4.0
Progressive metal at it's most average. This album is neither good nor bad. It has it's moments when you're astounded like at the beginning of "Final Error", and then there are times when you sit back and wonder, "haven't I heard this 10,000 times already?" Overall I'd say it's worth a listen, but not worth paying for or keeping unless you are a SERIOUS prog metal-head. 3.8/5
Yo La Tengo Summer Sun3.5
A summer, but a very depressing summer. This isn't the summer feeling that I get from Bomb the Music Industry's "Everybody That You Love". I envision summer as Vibrant, Fun, and Alive! This album just has a dreary and lucid vein that keeps running and running the whole album through. Not crap, but definitely not Yo La Tengo's highest point. 3.3/5
Sakee Sed Alle Basi Della Roncola4.0
If Elliott Smith, Jeff Mangum, and Les Claypool had a child.... in Italy. With music that is turns out to be just as confusing as the album cover, you'll never know what's around the next corner. Going back and forth between freaky Claypool-esque funk to melodic masterpieces like "Waltzer" and straight back again can be jarring to some listeners, but for those willing to stick it out and have an open mind/ear I can assure you you won't be disappointed. 4.2/5
Revisionist! Thoughts...2.5
Folksy acoustic indie with a tinge of emo. The guitar is obviously out of time a number of times each song and the vocalist doesn't have the voice for the genre (his voice is in that middle-ground between 'normal' vocals and vocals that are so discordant and angsty that it's amazing) Not horrible, but not something I'd waste my time on when there are so many more bands out there that this guy can't even hold a candle to. 2.4/5
Eschaton (AUT) An Instrument of Darkness3.5
6 years for 2 fairly skippable songs? I expected more Eschaton. With their new EP, Eschaton has evolved and changed. While the new contains inklings of that BM sound contained on "Godmode" it is severely diluted on this new EP. It's less BM and now more or less a DM/Doom blend with a BM sprinkling. Not horrible, but not really worth downloading unless you're really on a Blacked DM binge. 3.3/5
Antigua y Barbuda Try Future3.5
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 1 in G minor, Op. 134.0
Not bad for a first symphony. As with all of Tchaikovsky's work it is fairly accessible while still showing us those awe-inspiring explosions of intricate beauty. Not Pyotr's best work, but definitely not bad. 4.1/5
Teenage Poster Computer Club Demo4.0
The first of three songs on this Demo is "Great Britain's Most Expensive Teenager Stole a Sheep" and from the very start they don't mess around. It starts with some subtle yet interesting guitar and continue bring more instruments (and a voice) in as it leads to the chorus. Overall it is a pretty well put together opener and helps in intriguing the listener to "see what's inside."

The middle track is named "The Last Petit" and it has a slightly more progressive/ambient feel and it better displays each musician's talent; most of the track being instrumental helps show the creativity in the way they structure songs. Whereas most instrumental ballads come across as too long and repetitive, each second of this song proves to be wholly enjoyable, from beginning to end.

The final song, "Wren: Hero of the Jungle" is fairly comparable to "The Last Petit" but it comes across a little softer and helps end the demo by providing a couple mellow grooves and soft velvety vocals to set the listener down gently.

If this demo shows even the tiniest fraction of what these guys are capable of, I expect to see their name a lot more often in the near future. 4.1/5
Circa Survive Blue Sky Noise4.5
Circa took a lesson in mainstream accessibility and succeeded without selling out. Truly a perfect album for the time and the place. 4.5/5
Sunn O))) and Boris Altar2.5
I have the same problem with this album that I do with almost every other drone album. There is no substance to the album. If compared to the average album it takes WAY less writing and skill to make; and yet all the 1337 snobs gawk and ogle saying it's the most awesome-est music ever when it's not. The songs are most often grating and drag on forever, which I suppose is their appeal, but I don't get how that is "appealing" at all. Nonetheless, it's one of the better drone albums I've heard. 2.5/5
Cursive Domestica4.0
It's a good album, it's just lacking that melodic-ness and crisp-ness that made me fall in love with The Ugly Organ. Needless to say, a bunch of great songs on this album. I like it and all, it just doesn't have that beauty and flow that its successor has. 4/5
Cursive Happy Hollow2.5
See review if you want to hear my opinion on this album with more than 50 characters
Fierce Brosnan Basement Demo 20073.5
great emo-punk with fair to horrible production. Good music that doesn't drag on too often, but isn't good enough to be called really exceptional music. Enjoyable, but not enjoyable enough to waste the precious limited space of my mp3 on. 3.6
Botch We Are the Romans4.5
Why the F**k did this take so long to click?..... anyway, whogivesaf**k... it's amazing now! 4.6/5
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss3.5
With "Seasons in the Abyss" Slayer create a slightly more accessible album than they did with Reign in Blood, but they also retain a lot of the problems they had (which will continue to follow them for the entirety of their career.) Slayer keep the rage and aggression, but neglect to try something different for a change; each song having vaguely the same riff, with only minor key changes. While the album does succeed at being fun and energetic, only a few songs stand out as "different." 'Spirit in Black' & 'Skeletons of Society' are the only really NEW songs I can pick out on here. If you want some down-home thrash metal, then pick this up. But stay way from this band as a whole if you have even slightest inkling of expecting any evolution or progression. 3.7/5
So Long Forgotten Things We Can See and Things We Cannot3.0
Strike one for absence of creativity. With "Things we Can See & Things we Cannot" just rehash a genre already overstuffed with completely identical contenders. Yes, the music is enjoyable, but it's just the same Jesus-tinged Indie-ternative that everybody and their friend seem to making in rural America now-a-days. If you want something interesting, provocative, and new, don't listen to this because you'll find nothing whatsoever. But. If you're looking for something family-friendly to play in the background of your local church's youth-group, then slap this baby right on! 2.9/5
Bomb the Music Industry! Everybody That You Love4.0
Sup Jeff, Still Making Amazing Music? Yup. Still horribly underappreciated? Yup. Still giving me and Satty raging hard-ons? Yup.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 In F Minor, Op. 364.0
I have no idea whether this is amazing, or a flop in the classical world (seeing as it's my introduction into the genre). All I know is I like it.
The Knife Tomorrow, In a Year3.5
Ya' know those warnings before the start of movies or video games that say "may cause seizures" or something like that? Then yeah, that's probably all you need to know.
Sufjan Stevens The Age of Adz4.0
Not Exactly the direction any of us expected nor wanted Sufjan to go, but that's where he went. Down an electro-symphonic road, Sufjan has lost his sense of self. This new route is plagued with an abundance of meaningless off-shoots and round-abouts, but makes up for its indirectness in beauty. "The Age of Adz" is a scenic route and should be enjoyed for what it is and not what we want it to be. 3.9/5
I Wish You Were Here 5 Parsecs to Home3.0
Wow...................... some really crappy stuff comes from the recesses of the internet. Basically Imagine Oliver Skyes skramming over some music could very easily pass as listenable if not for his horrible voice chiming in at the most inopportune times. Thankfully the horrid vocals are only on the first and last songs. The almost post-rock-esque music on the interior 3 tracks are pretty good, but none of them are exceptionally memorable. Album would be near a 4 if not for the horrible vox and horrid drumming. 3.2/5
Futile 7 Nightmares3.5
Basically a less dynamic, less experimental, and less interesting Tool. Every now and then I can hear a bit of a "gothic" influence (if that's what you call it) in the vein of Lacuna Coil, except with exceptional male vocals. It has far less progression than contemporaries and after about half an hour it gets a bit boring. Altogether a good-but-not-great prog-metal outfit that, if they can up-play good points and down-play bad ones, will exceed greatly in the genre. 3.7/5
Rx Bandits ...And the Battle Begun4.0
Though this album doesn't come across as energetic or fun as "Progress" did back when RX had more of a Ska influence, they undoubtedly did something right while writing "...and the Battle Begun". Although I myself prefer a more "bouncy", ska-esqe sound to their brand of music, they don't fail in providing that progressive heart to the music that they lacked back in the day. While the majority of the music on this album leans more on the 'prog' side, it still keeps that tiny bit of ska to keep me interested; something they've lost on their most recent album. Still, a great overall album. 3.9/5
Junker Better in the End3.5
One of the better bands off Death to False Hope Records' website. Fun, aggressive, melodic, and even beautiful at times. Definitely not a just another throw-away, small-town, punk band! 3.4/5
Jeff Mangum Live at Jittery Joe's4.5
Just how I've always imagined the divine being that is Jeff Mangum would sound live. Just as good... hell, even better than he does on 'In
an Aeroplane'. Packed chock-full of emotion and beauty, nary missing a beat. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Jeff Mangum, you are
now officially on my "I'm Completely Gay for You" list. 4.4/5
Oceans (Hardcore) The Great Divide4.0
Progressive + Hardcore + Free + Canada = Major Win
The White Stripes White Blood Cells3.0
I kind of understand why some people sort of like these guys, but it's just not that great. There are one or two really good songs, but honestly... the vast majority of the songs on here are just not that great. 3.1/5
Broken Social Scene Forgiveness Rock Record4.0
Soft, Squishy, Moist, and Delicious. Everything a good indie album should be. Each song is delectably unique and enjoyable. A Vast improvement over the S/T album. Good Job BSS! (this one's going on the best of 2010 list) 4.1/5
Bonedust When you die and your bones are rotting...1.5
drone and random (grating might I add) screeching spread out over 6 tracks. May be up a die-hard noiz/drone/BM maniac's alley, but it ain't up mine. 1.3/5
Japanese Cartoon In the Jaws of the Lords of Death4.0
Nice Album; fun and interesting through and through. I've never listened to Lupe Fiasco but thanks to this I am definitely going to. Not what most people would expect coming from a Hip-Hop artist, but I'm sure all who decide to check this out will be pleasantly surprised! (Also, I love the English accent) 3.9/5
Domo Genesis Rolling Papers3.0
I don't listen to hip-hop/rap. I don't know what to think of this, but it just feels lazy to me.
Queen The Game4.0
A Severely Under-rated Queen Album. Not a perfect hit with each song, but definitely deserving of a little thing called love... 3.8/5
Slow Dreams Einn Ár Seinna3.5
Not-horrible ambient noodling. Interesting and not a pain to listen to, but not my cup 'o tea. The way the sound-bytes were worked in and the choice of sound-bytes works perfectly with the music. Just dissonant and distorted enough to be eerie yet not be annoying. 3.7/5
Good Weather for an Airstrike As We're Both Just Standing Still3.0
Basically just like this guy's other releases. They're not horrible, and they're pretty good if you want some ambient stuff to chill to... but would it kill the guy to make more than 10 minutes of music and call it a release? Seriously... 2.9/5
Good Weather for an Airstrike The Beginning of the Rest of our Lives2.0
A couple sound-bytes slapped onto a couple of lucid waves of mellow sound. Not much here, for the love of music, the whole thing doesn't breach the 6 minute mark. 2/5
Good Weather for an Airstrike Signals3.5
pleasant, minimalistic, and calming. May bore some, but is no more boring than the average post-rock album. Even softer and gentler than many post-rock bands, the drums ruin it when they come in though on track 4 though. 3.7/5
Anathema A Natural Disaster4.0
More Than Life Love Let Me Go3.5
Not anything amazing or overly groundbreaking, but a good album overall.
Rites of Spring End on End4.0
A nice album overall, it has that Fugazi-esque, old-school punk/hardcore sound that is oh so wonderful. However, just like many others (Drive like Jehu for instance) it is way over-rated. A 3.9/5 at best. (have to admit "End on End" is one hell of a closer though)
Nerd Alert Demo 20093.0
Nothing really to say about this, it's normal, everyday skate-punk. Bad Production, lack of lyrical development, and over-used riffs abound in this album to no surprise. Overall it isn't bad music, it's just not that great either. 3.2/5
Narcoleptica The Modular Explanation3.0
Weird, noizy, and interesting... but not in the good way. The zenith of the album is definitely 'The Modular Explanation II' which actually gets pretty interesting and fun to listen to at times, if only the rest of the album were so good. The band is attempting noiz, but they aren't succeeding. At many times through the album I was even tempted to just shut it of since the music had deteriorated into several atypical instruments in complete and utter disharmony. If you're a hardcore Noiz fan, I guess I'd rec this to you, but if not, stay far away. 3.2/5
Sufjan Stevens All Delighted People4.0
A fantastic display of how well-rounded Sufjan is as a musician. This "EP" (if you can call it that, being nearly an hour long) follows standard Sufjan form by displaying the man's eclectic nature while still remaining a cohesive structure that can be easily followed. Without a doubt, this album is just another reason to for me love the man; with each successive album maintaining such a level of quality, I can't wait to se what he has in store for us next. 4.2/5
Invisible Elephant The Lights Go Out2.5
psych-noise with iffy production at times (the vocals and drums sound vastly more distorted than the guitar, which I don't think is intentional). If you like simple, easy to follow music, that's also free, then this is for you; but for those who prefer music with a little more substance to their music this is not for you. 2.7/5
David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars4.5
"Sup Ire. Sorry, but this is just another 70s rock album. It had its day, but that day has passed. Music has progressed and evolved since that time and I've clung closer to that music than the music than the music in my parents' day. Although this will probably forever be in many a person's heart regarded as the best album of all time, I am not one of those people."

Who the F**k said this? because it's the f**king stupidest thing I've ever heard. 4.6/5
Talking Heads Fear of Music3.5
Good... but doesn't push the boundaries like Remain in Light does. Also, it doesn't have any "hit" songs, so only TRUE fans of the band can really take the time to honestly process this for what it is. 3.7/10
Andrew W.K. The Wolf2.5
A catch album overall, but honestly that's all Andrew W.K. has going for him. The Songs all sound vaguely the same and there is little if any experimentation. Try again next time A.W.K., 2.3/5
Error Error3.5
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith4.5
Just what I expected as well as wanted from early Elliott. It displays an unrefined quality that makes it all the more relatable, which sadly worms its way out of Elliott's later work (on the up side, it's in exchange for many greater nuances unstated here). As always, each and every song is amazing lyrically as well as musically. 4.32/5
Frightened Rabbit The Winter of Mixed Drinks4.0
Lana Avacada The Warehouse3.0
Some better than average modern Emo. None of the songs are 'bad' per say, but none of them really stand out or grab you either. 3.2/5
Pandora 101 Hourglass2.0
Honestly, just a rehash of what thousands have done before. There are a couple good riffs here and some awesome solos there, but it isn't really something I'd want to waste the limited space on my mp3 player on.
Poison the Well You Come Before You3.5
Mechanism Inspired Horrific3.0
Khann Tofutopia4.0
Aeon Spoke Above the Buried Cry3.5
Clutch Jam Room3.5
Bathory Hammerheart4.0
Old-School BM at one of its finest points. Screeching guitars and pummeling drums provide for an intensely heavy experience. A great album for both beginners to the genre and experienced BM Veterans. 4.1/5
Noumenon Party Mathematics2.5
Pretty average instrumental mathcore. Not horrible or cheezy like the crap you can find whoring themselves at Warped, but not really great either.
Rx Bandits Progress4.0
Alkaline Trio Goddamnit4.0
Catchy, Accessible, yet still holding on to that immature punk sound that we expect of the genre. Not the greatest punk album ever made, but this is what I expect when I hear the word 'punk'. Good job Alkaline Trio, your later albums may not be up to par, but with this you hit it out of the park. 4.1/5
The Flaming Tsunamis Zombies vs Robots!4.0
The Who Who's Next3.5
Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions2.5
Cro-Mags Age of Quarrel3.5
Cold Electrics Y'know, for Charity2.5
The Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt4.5
For Serious This Time When You're In It3.5
The Sweet Revenge Creatures of Routine3.5
Mainstream, but not in a bad sense like Green Day/Sum 41/Blink-182/ect. It's catchy, fun, and not to mention free. Recommended for anyone who's looking for something quick and catchy to listen to. Can be downloaded here (
Scryer Necessary Evils4.0
The Receiving End of Sirens Between the Heart and the Synapse3.5
Fear Factory Mechanize3.0
Panopticon Collapse3.0
Glory Bound Glory Bound2.0
Glassjaw Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence4.5
Less refined than its successor "Worship & Tribute" but just as ingenious. Aggressive hardcore punk angst interspersed with a melodic air that at first thought would seem out of place but in actuality works out perfectly. You can still taste the nu-metal in this, but it isn't overwhelming like the majority of contenders in the genre. 4.65/5
Intronaut Void3.5
Arcade Fire The Suburbs3.5
Atheist Unquestionable Presence4.0
Shadowcast Sun Lie; Up; Sky; Scroll2.5
Beat Noir The Bay Street Superstars EP2.5
Bark Cat Bark Mathilde3.5
Authors The Smile3.0
Basically good 'ol garage punk/post-hardcore. Nothing amazing, but it's one of the better albums/bands from Death to False Hope Records.
Northern Sword Demo 20103.0
I definitely see these guys getting a record deal... not so much because they're good, but that they're pretty accessible and are just another band that sounds good in an already overstuffed genre.
Touche Amore/La Dispute Searching for a Pulse/The Worth of the World4.0
While it still doesn't live up to the hyperbolic hype that it attained, both bands do an excellent job on this split making for an easy 4.0/5.
Yo La Tengo Popular Songs4.0
Absu Absu4.0
Arliss Nancy Truckstop Roses3.0
Shadowcast Sun Lucid; Dreamscape; Remedy;2.5
Overly lengthy songs and little if any progression. All the songs sound the same and it's all buildup and no delivery. It's not deserving of a troll ranking, but it's still not worth anything higher than 2.5.
Michael Ashford This River4.0
Frank Zappa Hot Rats4.0
Sunn O))) Black One3.0
A Wilhelm Scream A Wilhelm Scream3.0
Iron Thrones The Wretched Sun3.5
Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue3.5
Acid Bath When the Kite String Pops4.0
Acid Bath Paegan Terrorism Tactics4.0
Eucharist Mirrorworlds4.0
More Than Life Prelude4.0
Anberlin Cities3.0
Rage Against The Machine The Battle of Los Angeles2.5
Oskoreien Demo 20093.5
Embers Memoria in Aeterna2.5
Embers Split w/ Book of Belial3.0
Embers side of the Split available for free at their bandcamp page.
Cheeky Choke on a Cheesburger3.0
Nadja When I See The Sun Always Shines on TV2.0
All That Remains Overcome2.0
Shai Hulud That Within Blood Ill-Tempered4.0
Bjork Homogenic3.5
The Receiving End of Sirens The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi3.0
Sufjan Stevens Illinois5.0
Hypno5e Des Deux l'une Est l'autre4.5
Amazing album from an even more amazing band. Never before have I been enticed to buy an album 2 songs in. It is very progressive metal with an experimental tinge. Why had nobody told me about this sooner. Best thing to come from France since fries.
Helium Horse Fly A Dispute to Redefine Clearly Frontiers Between...3.5
In the vein of Lacuna Coil and Evanescence; Gothic and symphonic, but with a gruff undertone. Not unlistenable, but definitely lacking a certain something that would bring them up from obscurity into the mainstream. 3.6/5
The Hold Steady Heaven Is Whenever3.5
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation3.5
A fantastic shoegaze album, but I don't know... this one seems to have grown off of me a bit... 3.7/5
Sons of God The Genesis Prologue4.0
Whoa, WAY better than I was expecting judging from the semi-pretentious band name and the fact that I got it for free. A really great, accessible, Alternative/Indie-ish EP with loads of replay value. Download it free here:
A Sunny Day in Glasgow Live at Primavera Sound May 28, 20103.5
A pretty solid live set. Continual beautiful music and it doesn't come much cheaper at FREE! Download it Here: ://
tobyMac Welcome to Diverse City3.0
Matthew West History3.0
Coalesce Functioning on Impatience4.0
Andrew Bird Armchair Apocrypha3.5
A great album in its own right, I just feel I've heard it so many times before. 3.6
Off Minor The Heat Death of the Universe3.5
Sun Kil Moon Admiral Fell Promises3.5
Somewhat of a letdown. I hear that Mark Kozelek has quite a devout following... but I don't exactly see why. He has a nice voice, and his guitar-work is obviously above par... but that's all he has going for him (on this album at least). I've heard better lyrics, and there is almost no change in emotion or sound from song to song. Hopefully if I listen to some of his earlier work I might find something to hold my interest... but judging from this album, I don't expect much. 3.3/5
Giant Squid Metridium Fields3.5
If you can get past the vocalist's sometimes a bit too "Serj-ey" style of delivery, this album has more than a fair amount of enjoyable music. I will admit however, this is one of their weaker performances. Their two subsequent releases are a bit stronger performances (at least in my opinion). 3.7/5
Shadowcast Sun Void;2.5
Mike Patton Mondo Cane4.0
Surprisingly this is quite enjoyable. It brings back memories of California while giving a whole different vibe (in addition to being entirely in Italian). 4.0/5
White Collar Sideshow White Collar Sideshow2.0
Noodley crap. Stay Very far away from this or be at risk for listless, peakless, boring wankery.
East of the Wall Split3.5
Poison The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock3.0
Operation Ivy Hectic4.0
Operation Ivy Energy4.5
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses3.5
The Dear Hunter Act III: Life and Death4.0
Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene3.0
Broken Bells Broken Bells3.5
Not great, not horrible. Before giving this a listen one might look at the two people that birthed this child, Danger Mouse and the Brian Burton of the Shins. At first glance it would seem that great (DM) + good (BB) would = pretty good, but it just doesn't. It is an enjoyable listen, but it doesn't break away from the norm or shock, which is what most people (including me) want in their music. In this case the algorithm that has been used so many times before (supergroups) still results in a slight disappointment. 3.5/5
Season's First Rain split w/ Spray Paint the Sun1.0
Just............... CRAP! One of THE worst things I've EVER heard. I do not recommend this to ANYONE!
Emery ...In Shallow Seas We Sail4.0
Not an album I would replay over and over, and definitely not "the album of '09", but a great album. Definitely better than a lot of other crap and a great album for those just getting into the post-hardcore genre. The album appeals to a younger audience, the angsty audience one that still needs some help and guidance. If I were 3 years younger this would probably be much higher. 3.8/5
Derelict Earth Sins of the Siblings3.0
Deerhunter Carve Your Initials into the Walls of the Night1.5
Some Really great stuff right here. Almost as in-depth and though-provoking as some of Sunn O)))'s early stuff
Kvelertak Kvelertak4.5
Deftones Adrenaline3.5
So this is where it all started. In a word, I'd say it sounds like "immature" deftones, because that exactly what it is, it's a debut. You can definitely hear a lot more angst and rage than the melodic-ness found later on down the road and that is interpreted as a upside or a downside depending on personal preference. For me this sits as a solid 3.5/5
The Max Levine Ensemble Ben Weasel Split 7"4.0
Ben Weasel can kiss my a**. These guys win 10 ways to Sunday.
NOFX Punk in Drublic4.0
What I consider the iconic "punk" album. Copious amounts of beer, good-times, and one too many stories we'd probably rather forget went into this album and will continue to if NoFX has anything to say about it. Truly an enjoyable album through-and-through 4/5
Various Artists (Metal) God of War: Blood and Metal2.0
Mutiny Within = Trivium > Opeth >> Taking Dawn >>>>> Dream Theater > Killswitch Engage. It was no surprise that this was going to be crap. The only scraps of listenable music are surprisingly created by Mutiny Within and Trivium. The band most would expect to be the best (Opeth) comes off as lackadaisical and uninspired which only serves to crash the dreams of those expecting a tiny morsel of good stuff amid a collective of generic metalcore. Truly an abomination of an EP
Various Artists (Metal) Kerrang Remastered: Master of Puppets...2.5
Machine Head and Mastodon did well, but the majority of the other artists totally made a mockery of the original songs.
Sammath Naur The Anhedony Domain2.5
Hacksaw to the Throat Seppuku2.0
Available for free download an their site,
OVERDUB 20093.5
Less noodle-ey Dream Theater with female vocalist = OVERDUB. What you're getting is a Female gothic/symphonic metal vocalist (think Nightwish or Lacuna Coil) and pairing her up with a John Petrucci wanabee. However, get past the fact that they're just recycling used methods and you'll find some pretty great music. The Bassist definitely knows his way around his instrument and as you get closer to the back tracks it starts sounding less re-hashy and repeated. Any of you out there that love the aforementioned bands definitely check this out. 3.3/5 Available for free download at bandcamp here:
Opeth Deliverance3.5
Holding Onto Hope Of The Sea3.0
This Screams "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"
Anaal Nathrakh Eschaton3.5
Darkside Journey Pervasive Solitary4.0
Great Instrumental Prog-Metal. Think Scale the Summit, but more of A Death Metal Feel like Hacksaw to the Throat and Iron Thrones. A good comparative soloist would be Cloudkicker
Modest Mouse The Moon & Antarctica3.0
Cave In Perfect Pitch Black3.5
Wino Punctuated Equilibrium4.0
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II4.0
The Alchemy Index could be said to be a perfect concept series. Each album has the band going in different directions and experimenting while still maintaining a signature unmistakable "Thrice" sound. With 'Fire' Thrice try out a heavier and more aggressive, solidly post-hardcore sound (which they perform phenomenally I might add). 'Water' however is much more mellow with Thrice skirting the post-rock and ambient genres at times. Fire: 4.2/5, Water: 3.9/5
Kidcrash Snacks3.5
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding2.5
The Mars Volta Frances the Mute4.0
Has the same problem a lot of people say Gojira has; the songs just drag on for far too long. If you find that kind of wankery enjoyable, then good for you. As for the rest of us we basically zone out by the end of "L'Via L'Viaquez". 4/5
Deftones Diamond Eyes3.5
Jeff Buckley Grace Around the World4.0
Cursive The Ugly Organ4.5
Radiohead OK Computer4.0
Has grown quite a bit over the years, but still isn't the "PERFECT" album some believe it to be. Still, you've gotta' admit that Yorke has a hell of an emotional voice, albeit sounding a bit wobbly. 4.2/5
Gospel The Moon Is a Dead World4.0
Edge of Sanity Crimson4.5
I knew I heard Akerfeldt in there! But honestly, this is absolutely fantastic. With a song of such length you'd expect it to get stale after the first 15 minutes or so, but it doesn't. The riffs vary, but compliment each other well and the repeating one that pops its head in every so often as if to say "yup, still me!" is infectious. Definitely one of the first things I'd recommend for someone intending to get into DM, though that doesn't mean that the experienced can't thrash to it on a weekly basis. 4.4/5
Trophy Scars Alphabet Alphabets3.5
Eschaton (AUT) GodMode3.5
First coming into this album I was totally expecting nothing seeing as I found this on "". However, I am pleasantly surprised after listen. The drums (almost sounding like bongos sometimes) can get very annoying very quickly but most listeners will be able to ignore them for the most part after a song or two and the other instrumentation on the album helps in making than makes up for it. If not for the drums this would be my go-to BDM album. 3.7/5
Rx Bandits Live At Park Avenue3.5
Since Park Ave is THE main place I go for my music needs (other than amazon) I guess I'd better give this a spin...

2nd: Pretty nice acoustic session. He goes on a bit of a tirade about not playing back catalogs half-way through which is kind of weird, but most of this is pretty enjoyable
The Frozen Ocean The Frozen Ocean1.5
Auto-tuned, low quality praise-and-worship musicians touting themselves as post-rockers anyone?
The Mars Volta Scab Dates3.0
Year of No Light Nord4.0
Cowards Solitude3.5
calculator These Roots Grow Deep...3.5
Much Better Skramz than I was expecting. Will probably whore these guys down the road.
Season's First Rain Season's First Rain2.0
Crappy, Low-quality Russian screamo. Definitely stay far away from this.
P.O.S Never Better4.0
Contaigeon Death at the Gates of Delerium3.0
The Olivia Tremor Control California Demise2.5
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John Frusciante3.5
A City Safe From Sea Throw Me Through Walls4.0
Good catchy music, the vocals are a little weird, but their not so bad as they are different. These guys could go places with a little radio time.
The Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quartet Sepulcros De Miel3.0
Basically all that wankery stuff on FtM sped up/slowed down a bit. For fans of the boring parts of TMV's albums 2.9
Sunny Day Real Estate Diary5.0
Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot3.5
Giant Squid/Grayceon Giant Squid/Grayceon Split3.5
How to Destroy Angels How To Destroy Angels3.5
Death Spiritual Healing4.0
Arms ARMS2.5
Daughtry Daughtry2.0
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea5.0
good for an indie band, but I just don't like this kind of music. (Fall '09 Soundoff)

Music Changes people and peoples' taste change in turn. If you don't like this right now odds are you aren't going to like after 5 straight listens; it's just one of those kinds of bands. All I can tell you is keep an open mind and re-try music after a couple months. (Summer '10 Soundoff)
Kowloon Walled City Gambling On The Richter Scale4.0
SOMEONE NEEDS TO REVIEW THIS NOW!!!! Severely Underrated album IMO.
Archipelago Have Here4.0
First, say hello to Sigur Ros. Next, meet Elliott Smith. Now make them have a way better than expected lovechild. This album has an inventive indie-tastic sound with quite a nice bit of ambient post-rock glaze to satisfy even the most disenchanted. Sponsored by the Almighty god known as Jeff Rosenstock, how could this ever fail?
Anacrusis Reason3.5
Kidcrash Jokes4.0
I Am Abomination To Our Forefathers3.0
Everett Destinations2.0
Boring Praise and Worship music minus any vocalization or variety whatsoever. As boring as it can ever get in my opinion... Man, I expected more from you Dallas (Taylor of Underoath and Maylene fame)
Brother/Ghost Black Ice4.0
Bad Religion 30 Years Live4.5
Grayceon Grayceon4.0
Some really great, overlooked music right here. Post-Metal that is continually changing and keeping things interesting throughout the whole album. Up and coming Post-Metallers should take from these guys' example.
The Decemberists Picaresque3.5
Ihora & Fragment. Split Bittersweet2.5
Pretty all around blah. If you like droning music (not serene and slow like a lot of post-rock is... I mean DRONING) then I guess I'd rec. this, but you'd have to be in a really lazy mood. I give it a 2.5
Arctic Monkeys Humbug3.5
Various Artists (Indie) Dark Was The Night3.5
Kowloon Walled City Turk Street3.5
Sludgy... That's what this is. If you like that stoner-sludge stuff done by bands John Baizley does artwork for, odds are that you'll like this. This one is more on the sludge side than the stoner one.
maudlin of the Well Part the Second4.0
Black Tusk Taste The Sin3.5
Isis Celestial3.5
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV4.0
Immolation Majesty and Decay4.0
Harvey Milk A Small Turn of Human Kindness3.5
Can anyone say, "Heavy as a ton of bricks"? Because that describes this music to a T at most times.
Buckethead Enter the Chicken3.0
Phenomenally weird just like any other Buckethead release. "Nottingham Lace" is beautiful, and really stands out from the rest of the album. He's done better and he's done worse; if you like Buckethead's style of avant-garde music, you'll probably like this. 3.1/5
Coheed and Cambria Year of the Black Rainbow3.0
Not Coheed's strongest outing by any stretch of the imagination, but when it comes down to it the good songs balance out crappy ones. Thankfully Coheed got their act together with "Ascension" and we can try to forget about this and "GA:V2." 3.2/5
Cynic Re-Traced3.5
A Progressive EP from a Progressive Death Metal Band. It sounds a bit different from the normal Cynic, but that's to be expected with progression. Not necessarily the wrong direction for the band, but much of this EP just sounds like the musical equivalent of microwaved turkey a week after Thanksgiving; originally delicious, but something happened to it in the re-heating process and now it's a bit unappetizing. 3.3/5
Toby Driver In the L..L..Library Loft3.0
Immolation Close to a World Below4.0
Ion Dissonance Breathing Is Irrelevant4.0
Pressure Points Remorses to Remember4.0
Mudvayne Mudvayne3.5
Mindflow Just the Two of Us... Me and Them3.0
Amorphis Am Universum3.5
Scale the Summit Monument3.5
While not as fully fleshed out as subsequent albums, it is still an entertaining album and is a must-listen for the prog-metal wankery fanboy. 3.5/5
Finch Say Hello to Sunshine3.5
Andrew W.K. I Get Wet3.5
Circa Survive On Letting Go4.0
Noticeably somewhat less accessible then their most recent "Blue Sky Noise" But not bad. Great, catchy nu-prog that is continually improving on itself while still keeping a unique sound that sets it apart from the rest of the sheep. 4.1/5
Mindflow Mind Over Body3.5
Progmetaltastic. Sounds like a slightly rougher, more manly version of Dream Theater. The Vocals remind me a lot of LaBrie so much so that I many times think I'm listening to him instead.
The Nibiruan The Nibiruan 2010 Demo3.5
Progressive Metal from Finland. This stuff is pretty good! They make some good music and come off as a good sounding cross between SYL and Slipknot. Give these guys a try if you're interested in anything like that.
Coheed and Cambria From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness4.0
This in my mind was Coheed's last hurrah before their 7 year lul, as well as the album that brought the band to my attention. I remember hearing Welcome Home for the first time back when rock band came out, I though it was a fantastic song but never gave it much thought. How I wish I could've discovered these guys so much sooner... 4.1/5
Cloudkicker The Map Is Not the Territory3.5
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness4.0
Tiamat A Deeper Kind of Slumber3.0
You Slut! Critical Meat3.5
Entertaining from a technical standpoint, but lacking something definitive as a whole. The melodies are shaped well and the instrumentation is top notch... but it all sounds a bit too mechanical.
(Such is the main drawback for a lot of math-rock, just look at Scale the Summit's earlier albums for another example.)
Still worth listening, but definitely lacking a key aspect that would set it apart from all the rest. 3.7/5
Defeater Travels4.0
Mogwai The Hawk Is Howling3.0
Joe Satriani Surfing With The Alien3.5
Porcupine Tree Voyage 34: The Complete Trip3.0
AFI Sing the Sorrow3.5
Pavement Wowee Zowee - Sordid Sentinels Edition4.0
Weezer Pinkerton4.0
Cast Of Cheers Chariot3.0
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral4.5
Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill3.5
To start things off, OS Hip-Hop has been by far the hardest genre for me to get into and I'm still struggling on this album. However, in spite of this; "Licensed to Ill" was a pretty enjoyable listen. The first 5 or so tracks were a bit lacking, but as soon as 'Fight for your Right' hit the album as a whole got a lot better. Tighter rhymes, better grooves, and overall a much more cohesive 2nd half. 3.6/5
Celeste Morte(s) Nee(s)4.0
Misanthrope(s) is still better, but this gives it a run for its money. Great album from an amazingly consistently solid band!
Hacksaw to the Throat Wastelands4.0
American War Rhetoric3.5
Scryer Pointless Dissent and Several Lost Causes4.0
A bit -CORE-ish, and a bit more prog metal wankery than is preferred, but the overall
experience of the album makes up for it. It's a good listen overall, but nothing that
hasn't been done before. Good nonetheless. 3.8/5
Battle Of Mice A Day Of Nights3.5
Thursday Full Collapse2.5
The appeal of this album still escapes me years after first attempting to listen to it. When compared to contemporary "Classic" Post-Hardcore albums, each and every one is more accessible and easily has overall better musicianship. I don't think I'll ever understand this album. 2.7/5
Circa Survive Juturna3.5
Yeah, it's not as accessible as Blue Sky Noise, but it's still great. It's enjoyable, it's a little different, and there's nothing like Anthony Green's voice. Not perfect, but well worth a listen. 3.7/5
Coheed and Cambria Live At The Avalon4.0
Coheed Live > Coheed Studio. Very First time I've ever thought that about any band.....EVER. Only bad part on this EP is the screaming vocals on IKS.
Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness3.5
Les Claypool Of Fungi and Foe3.0
Definitely the weaker of the two Les Claypool solo outings I've listened to. While the man has a specific sound that he excels at, this outing feels quite monotonous and downright bland by Les' standards. 2.9/5
Glassjaw Impossible Shot2.5
If they made a cleaner recording of this the rating would skyrocket. Really not that bad, just.... it's a demo made who knows how long ago with who knows what kind of equipment, so what do you really expect.
Queens of the Stone Age Rated R3.5
Jonsi Go4.5
Surprisingly fantastic for a solo album. 99.999% of the time solo projects turn out to be absolute horse manure, but this is beautiful in a different way than Sigur Ros. 4.4/5
Midlake The Courage Of Others3.5
dredg Catch Without Arms3.5
Metallica St. Anger2.0
Buckethead Pepper's Ghost4.0
Built to Spill You in Reverse3.0
Captain, We're Sinking It's a Trap3.5
Due to repeated listens, maybe I'll finally learn to spell Captain correctly.
Arcade Fire Funeral4.0
Tool Lateralus4.0
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge3.0
Helios Eingya4.0
Skeletonwitch Breathing the Fire3.5
Opeth Ghost Reveries4.5
The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis4.0
Animal Collective Feels3.0
Tears for the Dead Gods Tears for the Dead Gods3.0
I'll Eat Your Face Irritant3.5
Some Pretty good Instrumental Grind/Math. Could serve as a really good starting point for those looking to get into the Genre.
At the Drive-In This Station Is Non-Operational3.0
Have a Nice Life Time of Land3.5
underwhelming, exciting, creepy and intriguing are four words that can describe this album... and they all describe it perfectly. An odd clump of songs from an even more odd and awe-inspiring album 3.4/5
United Nations United Nations4.0
Oceano Depths1.0
Family Force 5 Dance or Die1.5
Family Force 5 Business Up Front, Party In The Back2.5
Puddle of Mudd Come Clean1.5
Run-D.M.C. King Of Rock3.0
"King of Rock" is the only redeeming song of this album, then again I hate hip-hop with a vengeance.
Aqua Aquarium2.0
Nickelback Dark Horse1.5
Nickelback All the Right Reasons2.0
Helmet Unsung: The Best of Helmet 1991-19972.5
Bring Me The Horizon Suicide Season1.0
Children of Bodom Skeletons in the Closet2.0
Sounds nothing like what CoB should sound like and they cover horrible songs. Although they may be butchering their street cred by doing a cover album, they've done a pretty good job of it. I honestly would never be caught in broad daylight while holding this, but they do a good job of doing metal versions of songs I'd never listen to if I hadn't picked this up. Horrible as a CoB album, good as a cover album.
Scratch that, this sucks, the first 6-7 songs are the only bearable ones.
Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper4.5
Xipe Totec Rebirth Into Existence2.0
Armor for the Broken Inspiring Stories of Hope and Love1.5
Stumbled across this on apeswithguns, since almost everything there is good I thought this would be interesting, but man was I wrong. This is the most disappointing piece of crap I've listened to all year. It is soulless synth-centered post-hardcore that sounds like it was mixed in someone's garage.
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Don't You Fake It2.5
The Showdown Temptation Come My Way2.0
The Showdown Back Breaker2.5
The Devil Wears Prada Plagues2.5
Toni Peres A Strange World2.0
Could possibly do good as a soundtrack, but as a stand alone album it is empty and void of anything interesting.
The xx xx2.5
Skeleton of God Primordial Dominion2.5
Saliva Blood Stained Love Story2.0
Saliva Cinco Diablo2.5
Newsboys Adoration: The Worsip Album1.5
Newsboys Take Me To Your Leader2.5
Newsboys Shine: The Hits3.0
Newsboys Devotion2.0
Mushroomhead Savior Sorrow2.0
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory3.0
Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight2.0
Eric Johnson Ah Via Musicom2.0
Divine Heresy Bringer of Plagues2.5
Creed My Own Prison2.0
Face of Ruin Face of Ruin [Ep]1.5
A couple good riffs sprinkled here or there, but overall falls short of good
Hinder Take It to the Limit1.5
Mainstream Bullshit that can't stand up to any real music at all, but the best mainstream I've heard for a long while.
Dismal Lapse Eon Fragmentation2.5
Brian Head Welch Save Me From Myself2.5
Breaking Benjamin Phobia2.0
Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day2.5
Clutch Pitchfork and Lost Needles2.5
Apocalyptica Amplified: A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello3.0
Apocalyptica Worlds Collide3.0
3 Doors Down Away from the Sun1.5
Wow, Owls! Pick Your Patterns3.5
Best Band Name Ever. Good music too, definitely look these guys up.
Weezer Weezer4.5
Weezer The Red Album2.5
Thousand Foot Krutch The Art of Breaking3.0
Victor! Fix the Sun Retracable Claws2.5
The Taxpayers A Rhythm in the Cages3.5
The Riot Before So Long, The Lighthouse3.0
The Matt Kurz One Impending Doom is No Excuse!1.5
The Matt Kurz One If You Can't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em2.0
Not a great album overall, but one of the best one-man-bands I've ever heard.
The Matt Kurz One Debt Sounds2.5
The Human Abstract Nocturne3.0
The Beatles Abbey Road4.0
Great songs abound on here and 'Abbey Road' is undoubtedly their most commercially successful and well known release, but for the most
part it is vastly overrated. The flow of the album from song to song is grating going from a great 'Serious' song a (though just as good)
'silly' song and back again *see first five or so tracks*. If this album was split in two or the tracklist were seriously overhauled I
could possibly start to see the allure of this album but until then earlier albums like 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver'. 3.7/5

After a few more listens, I still stand by the belief that this doesn't deserve a 5... but I have grown to enjoy it more. The dichotomy
between the songs is a lot less noticeable and I can better appreciate the album for what it is. I no longer feel that a re-working of
the album would make it any better and feel that there are very few "weak" songs on the album. Still, although there are many "great"
songs, I do not feel as spiritual connection with the band though this album like some seem to claim. I'm willing to raise my rating to a
4.1 or 4.2, but that's as high as I feel this will ever be for me. 4.15/5
Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown3.0
Staind Chapter V2.0
Staind Break The Cycle2.0
Sunn O))) Flight of the Behemoth2.5
Sunn O))) Monoliths and Dimensions3.0
Shrinebuilder Shrinebuilder3.0
Sky Eats Airplane Sky Eats Airplane3.0
"World Between Us" was the shining moment on the album for me. I find them a little better than the average metalcore band, but just by a hair.
Silversun Pickups Swoon3.5
Silversun Pickups Carnavas3.0
Scary Kids Scaring Kids Scary Kids Scaring Kids3.0
Reverse The Curse Paths3.0
O Pioneers!!! Neon Creeps3.0
Nine Inch Nails Ghosts I-IV3.0
Ghost I is soothing and meditative. Ghost II is raucous and drone-ey but at times beautiful and majestic. Ghost III is somewhere between the two. And Ghost IV... is something altogether foreign and out of frame.... Ghost has proven to be a very interesting listen. Sadly, for me, interesting doesn't always transform perfectly into enjoyable. I'd rather listen to Year Zero or The Downward Spiral any day. 2.9/5
Nine Inch Nails The Slip3.0
Nymphea Aurora Promo 20082.0
and no that is not a typo. It is promo 2008, but was released in 2009
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell3.0
MyChildren MyBride Unbreakable2.0
Madina Lake From Them, Through Us, To You2.5
Living Colour The Chair in the Doorway2.0
Living Colour Everything is Possible: The Very Best of...2.5
Let Me Crazy Virgin Metal3.0
Kodiak Kodiak3.0
Jay Reatard Watch Me Fall3.0
Joy Division Substance3.0
Into Eternity The Incurable Tragedy2.0
Inhale Exhale I Swear...2.5
iLiKETRAiNS Elegies to Lessons Learnt3.0
After listening to GY!BE, Sigur Ros, Yndi Halda, and Mono, post-rock just doesn't sound right with clear English vocals.
Husker Du New Day Rising3.0
Her Name Is Calla Long Grass 10"3.0
An Albatross Blessphemy (Of The Peace-Beast Feastgive3.5
Genghis Tron Board Up the House3.0
Genghis Tron Cloak of Love3.5
Dirty Projectors Bitte Orca3.0
Disturbed The Sickness2.5
Disturbed Believe1.5
Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists3.0
Disturbed Indestructible2.5
God Forbid Earthsblood3.0
Gorod Process of a New Decline3.0
Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon3.0
Destroy The Runner I, Lucifer3.0
Chimaira Chimaira3.0
Chimaira Resurrection2.5
Chimaira The Infection1.5
Dangers Messy, Isn't It?3.0
Cancer Bats Hail Destroyer3.0
Caliban The Awakening1.5
Bury Your Dead Beauty and the Breakdown2.0
Barnaby Jones Barnaby Jones2.5
Becoming The Archetype The Physics Of Fire3.0
Becoming The Archetype Dichotomy3.5
Black Tide Light From Above2.0
A bunch of kids playing music they enjoy, the music doesn't have much sustenance and is clearly heavily doctored. Overall a fairly enjoyable album if you're a fan of A7X and bands of the like.
And The Hero Fails Empire Smiles3.5
Animosity Animal2.5
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God3.0
Pretty good Metal from a bunch of crazy awesome guys... I just can't get into it though
AC/DC Back In Black2.5
AC/DC Live3.0
AC/DC Black Ice2.0
A Day To Remember Homesick3.0
3 Inches of Blood Fire Up The Blades2.5
Ink and Dagger The Fine Art of Original Sin3.0
Pelican What We All Come to Need3.5
Year of No Light Demo 20043.5
A Good listen and I definitely see why they were signed after this, but a couple tracks seem sorta' dirty and unrefined, even by post-metal standards. Then again, demos aren't supposed to be perfect.
Why? Alopecia4.0
Just as good as I remember it, great spacey indie with a unique hip-hop flair. Not overly-produced (which is the downfall of a lot of great music), but simple and clean. 3.8/5
Zero System Meridian3.0
A marriage of Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal, taking along both the good and bad of both genres.
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures3.5
Three Days Grace One-X2.5
The Stone Roses The Stone Roses3.5
The Reptilian Boys Life EP3.0
Team Teamwork Vinyl Fantasy VII3.0
Team Teamwork The Ocarina of Rhyme3.5
The addition of the Zelda Music feels a little forced at times, but there are definitely a few keepers. I'll keep it
Tenacious D Tenacious D3.5
The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen3.5
Great music overall, no songs that really strike me as bad or anything. It just isn't really that exciting.
The Antlers Hospice3.5
I guess I'm just too ingrained into the monstrous behemoth of the genre known as metal; I just can't seem to get into much indie anywhere.
Struck By Lightning Serpents3.5
Pretty good, But I'm not seeing much more than that. Hopefully with the next release these guys will have something that sets them apart from the rest of the herd.
Sixx:A.M. Heroin Diaries Soundtrack3.0
Shinobu Strange Spring Air3.5
Fairly enjoyable Record. One of the better Non-Rosenstock bands signed with "".
She Loves Pablo Mother of All3.5
Good wholesome sludgy stoner metal. Seeing that they were from Croatia, and also that they themselves were releasing the whole album for free, I didn't think they had it in them, but they pulled off one heck of an album if you like this sorta' stuff.
Sabhankra Our Kingdom Shall Rise3.0
Get a vocalist like King Diamond and put him in a death metal band that has the chops of a thrash band. Though there is some pretty crappy production and vocals throughout, the band does a pretty good job of making some pretty good riffs. When you play the first song you'll laugh out loud from the mixing of the guitars, but don't worry, it settles down pretty soon and becomes more enjoyable.

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Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb3.5
Pixies Surfer Rosa2.5
Pixies Doolittle3.0
Pegasuses-XL The Midnight Aquarium3.0
Pegasuses-XL Untitled [EP]3.5
Pegasuses-XL Pegasuses-XL3.0
Panzerballett Starke Stücke3.5
Opus Dai Tïerra Trágame4.0
Opus Dai Touch the Sun3.5
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade3.0
Moonface Dreamland EP: Marimba and Shit-Drums3.5
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake2.5
Lamb of God Sacrament2.0
Motley Crue Greatest Hits (1998)2.5
Motley Crue New Tattoo2.0
Motley Crue Saints of Los Angeles1.5
Native Wrestling Moves3.0
Korn Follow the Leader2.5
Korn Take a Look in the Mirror2.0
Korn See You on the Other Side2.5
Trophy Scars Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language4.0
Basically a just a great post-hardcore/screamo EP. The 25 minute run-time really helps it; it's long enough to have substance, but not too long that it drags on and becomes repetitive (something sadly all too common in the genre). It's not the greatest music ever made, but it's a long-shot from being the worst and could help some casual P-HxC listeners in getting into the real dissonance and experimental-ness of most Skramz. Overall a good album for casual listening. 3.8/5
Kom Ink2.5
Sort of directionless and meandering in a structural sense. You can tell the band isn't completely devoid of talent... it's just that their talents can obviously be better used elsewhere. 2.4/5
Kidcrash I Haven't Had A Date In 4 Years EP3.5
Kidcrash New Ruins2.5
Journey The Essential Journey (2-Disc)2.5
Other than the first few songs this gets tiring VERY fast.
Keelhaul Keelhaul's Triumphant Return To Obscurity3.5
Progressive and experimental, but sometimes the wankery gets in the way of the music trying to get through. 3.65/5
Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes3.5
Iwrestledabearonce It's All Happening1.5
Iced Earth The Glorious Burden3.0
Impending Doom The Serpent Servant2.5
HORSE the band Desperate Living3.5
Definitely sporadic, but still an enjoyable album. Albums like this are the right way to merge electronic music and post-hardcore; pretty much the "Right" to every Sturgis-core ever's "Wrong". 3.7/5
I Am Abomination Jaw Dropper3.0
Hollywood Undead Swan Songs1.5
Honestly one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but so as to not perpetrate the belief that REALLY f**king awful music is actually good I'm giving this a 1.5
High on Fire Death Is This Communion3.0
Have Heart Songs to Scream at the Sun3.0
Haste the Day When Everything Falls3.5
Haste the Day Pressure the Hinges2.5
Haste the Day Dreamer2.5
God Is an Astronaut The End of the Beginning4.0
Goatwhore Carving Out The Eyes Of God2.5
Giant Squid The Ichthyologist4.0
Follow The White Rabbit Follow The White Rabbit EP3.0
Fragments of Unbecoming Sterling Black Icon3.0
When I downloaded a single off the Metal Blade Records' site, I d the song right after I heard it. It really takes a whole album to fully understand a band I guess, this is no different. This is pretty good, but my main problem is that the vocals are really rough and the drums are a little simplistic, if you can get past that, this turns out to be a pretty enjoyable album.
FACT Fact3.0
Fleshgod Apocalypse Oracles3.5
Evanescence Fallen2.5
Escape Act Loosely Based on Fiction2.5
Empalot Tous Aux Cèpes4.0
The Duplanteir brothers were in this before they started Gojira. So imagine going back and forth between that and one of Patton's more experimental bands; very weird going back and forth between DM riffs and spastic scat-singing. 3.8/5
Embrace The End Ley Lines3.0
Dysrhythmia Barriers And Passages3.0
Dysrhythmia Pretest3.0
Dysrhythmia Psychic Maps3.0
DragonForce Sonic Firestorm3.0
DragonForce Inhuman Rampage2.5
DragonForce Ultra Beatdown2.5
Otep Smash the Control Machine1.5
Zao The Funeral of God3.5
Slipknot Slipknot3.0
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone2.5
Demon Hunter Storm the Gates of Hell2.5
Demon Hunter The Triptych3.0
Dead Mountain Mouth Unveil2.5
Cursive Mama, I'm Swollen3.0
Converge Caring and Killing3.5
An unrefined and unlearned form of the Converge we've come to know and lube, but this record is not disappointing in any way shape or form.
Cheap Girls Find Me a Drink Home3.0
Saw this on QuoteUnquote Records. Good, and probably one of the label's better bands, but nothing amazingly diverse.
Bullet For My Valentine Hand of Blood2.5
Bullet For My Valentine The Poison2.5
Bullet For My Valentine Scream, Aim, Fire2.0
Blind Melon For My Friends3.5
Between the Buried and Me The Anatomy Of3.0
Big D and the Kids Table Strictly Rude3.5
Battles Mirrored3.5
Aerosmith Honkin' on Bobo2.0
Aerosmith Greatest Hits3.0
Aerosmith Devil's Got A New Disguise2.5
Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits2.5
Avenged Sevenfold Sounding the Seventh Trumpet2.5
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil2.5
Avenged Sevenfold Diamonds in the Rough1.0
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold1.5
Anlace Transmutación2.5
Album is good but vocals are crap. A vast improvement from their previous attempt. If this album is any indication of where they're heading it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this band.
Anlace Bleeding Your Hate1.5
Armed For Apocalypse Defeat3.0
Pretty good, worth a listen, but I've heard better.
Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion3.5
An Infinite Dream Sequence Masquerade of the Dead [Demo]2.0
Acid Death Random's Manifest2.5
Essentially a watered down version of Heartwork. (with a little jazz thrown in, though that doesn't help it much)
Weird Al Yankovic Poodle Hat3.5
Nothing really new or out of the ordinary for Weird Al, but fun nonetheless. 3.3/5
Weird Al Yankovic Straight Outta Lynwood3.0
Yes Close to the Edge4.0
Unique, thought-provoking, and a little weird. Although Yes is an easily recognizable name in the progressive world, ask anyone on the street and they will agree that they are nowhere near as renown as names like Pink Floyd or King Crimson. This fact a bit depressing (seeing as the music is still brilliant) but well deserved. No matter which way I listen to them, not of Yes' works hit that "Perfect" sound that I yearn for and achieve other bands. This album proves to be a incredibly solid album and is a delight to listen to, but it is just being held back by something that escapes my grasp. Nevertheless, this is definitely a recommended album for any prog lover. 4.0/5
Transistor Transistor Erase All Name and Likeness4.0
Thrice The Illusion of Safety4.0
Thousandaires Thousandaires3.5
The Wild The Wild4.0
The Pax Cecilia Blessed Are The Bonds4.0
I had heard a little bit about this band previously and had ever so slightly had the inkling to check them out; I was not disappointed. These guys are masters at combining several different sounds and yet still retaining their original sound.r(Update) Over a year since first listening and I still don't know what to make of this... Amazing nonetheless. 4.1/5
The Sawtooth Grin Cuddlemonster3.0
The Number Twelve Looks Like You Nuclear, Sad, Nuclear2.5
The Number Twelve Looks Like You Worse Than Alone3.5
The Mayan Factor In Lake 'CH4.0
The Gaslight Anthem The '59 Sound4.0
The Format Dog Problems3.5
The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics3.0
The Flaming Lips Embryonic2.5
Very "out-there" and Wayne Coyne-esque, but this just doesn't have the lasting power of Yoshimi or The Soft Bulletin. 2.7/5
The Decemberists The Hazards of Love3.5
The Faceless Planetary Duality3.0
The Cancer Conspiracy Omega2.5
Talk Talk Laughing Stock4.0
Talking Heads The Best of Talking Heads3.5
Strung Out Agents of the Underground3.0
Spiritual Beggars Ad Astra4.0
Snowing Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit3.5
Sigh Infidel Art3.5
I'm liking this album more and more as the tracks go on. A very under-appreciated album in the Atmospheric Black Metal World.
Say Anything Say Anything3.5
Enjoyable album overall, tough it does tend to drag a bit at times. 3.5/5
Sabaton Primo Victoria4.0
Rimfrost Veraldar Nagli2.5
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication3.0
Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits2.0
Raised Fist Veil Of Ignorance4.0
This guys' vocals leave something to be desired, but the band plays pretty well and shows a pretty good representation of hardcore.
Pg. 99 Document #12.5
Propagandhi Supporting Caste3.0
Not nearly as good as I remember it being. I think I need to give this another listen. Until then, this sits at a low 3. 2.9/5
Probot Probot3.5
Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us3.5
Paul Dempsey Everything Is True3.5
Nirvana Nirvana3.0
Norma Jean Redeemer3.0
Norma Jean O' God The Aftermath3.0
Norma Jean The Anti Mother2.5
The Chariot The Fiancee1.0
The Chariot Wars and Rumors of Wars1.5
Oh, Sleeper When I Am God3.5
Oh, Sleeper Son Of The Morning3.0
Suffocation Blood Oath2.5
Behemoth The Apostasy2.0
Behemoth Evangelion2.5
Nile Ithyphallic2.0
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague3.0
Morbid Angel Covenant4.0
Minus the Bear Planet of Ice4.0
And So I Watch You From Afar And So I Watch You From Afar4.0
Maybeshewill Not For Want Of Trying3.5
...This is very hard to explain... At times the music is undoubtedly post-rock, with its lilting melodies quietly plucking at your heartstrings; then at other times it wouldn't be wrong to call it metal. Though not pulled off the most perfectly in this album, it's been a while and I've been looking for something exactly like this so I think I'll definitely give the rest of their Full-Lenth discography a listen. 3.6/5
Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything to Nothing4.0
Living Sacrifice The Infinite Order3.5
Lines Into Phoenix Aries3.5
Nightwish Century Child4.0
Within Temptation The Heart of Everything2.5
Lacuna Coil Comalies3.0
Lacuna Coil Karmacode3.0
Lacuna Coil Shallow Life2.5
The Sword Gods of the Earth3.5
Kylesa Static Tensions4.0
Much better than Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Where the previous album was drowning in repetition and monotony, this album really branches out and creates a unique sound for the band. A natural and much appreciated evolution for the band. 3.8/5
Kudrow Lando4.0
Katatonia Night Is the New Day3.5
Karnivool Themata4.0
Jonsi and Alex Riceboy Sleeps3.0
Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 34.5
More polished, cleaner, and just as fun as SSTB, just a hair weaker. Where the aforementioned album has not a single weak track, this has a bit of a lull in the middle. Truthfully though, that is the only thing holding this back. 4.3/5
Coheed and Cambria The Second Stage Turbine Blade5.0
One of the few albums that I have classic'd out of sheer enjoyment. Listening to the album, it is easy to notice how under-developed their sound was, and how stilted it feels compared to their later albums. However, despite all its flaws, Claudio and company make this a hell of an album. Catchy lyrics and riffs, exaggerated yet still classy vocals, and an intense story-line created a crevice in my heart that no other band can fill. 4.8/5
Despised Icon Day of Mourning3.0
Job for a Cowboy Genesis2.5
Job for a Cowboy Ruination3.0
Iron And Wine Our Endless Numbered Days4.0
Great modern folk. Honest, soothing, folk from the soul that isn't trying to be something it's not or trying to copy someone who it isn't. A Great album if you want to make an already mellow day even easier. 3.8/5
I Have Dreams Three Days 'Til Christmas3.0
Heirs Alchera2.5
Grown Ups Songs4.0
Hatebreed Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire3.0
A lot of very short fast songs, still better than anything they have created since
Hatebreed Supremacy2.5
Blink-182 Greatest Hits1.5
Green Day American Idiot2.5
Goes Cube Another Day Has Passed4.0
Gama Bomb Tales From the Grave in Space3.5
A new thrash metal band releases an album free online, though I thought this was going to be crap (it's free for heaven's sake) it is surprisingly awesome. A Fresh take on a genre recently being overrun by old farts trying to relive "The Old Days". These guys easily rival and overtake Slayer's new album.
Fugazi Margin Walker4.0
An Iconic punk masterpiece. Fresh with each listen while still retaining that specific sound of an era and of a time. 4.0/5
Fugazi Repeater4.0
An enjoyable listen... but I can't agree with some of the "Classic Punk" nuts who thing this record is golden. Don't get me wrong, there are some great songs, and it works well as an album as a whole, but doesn't really hold a flame to Margin Walker or the S/T-EP. 3.75/5
Fugazi 13 Songs4.0
Fugazi Fugazi4.0
Fugazi 3 Songs2.0
For Those Who Can't Wait For Those Who Can't Wait3.5
Mainstream punkish post-hardcore minus the connotations that come with the word mainstream. FTWCW's create a very accessible
album with their debut that almost anyone would probably enjoy. Definitely check this out. 3.7/5
This is available free from the artist here >> ://
Flyleaf Flyleaf2.5
Bat For Lashes Two Suns2.5
Florence and the Machine Lungs3.5
Finch Finch3.0
Extortion Loose Screws3.5
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo I Have Made My Bed in Darkness3.0
A reasonably well performed progressive post-hardcore album. It is easy to see the technical skill of the musicians, but by around the 6th or seventh track the songs started to blend together. With this and similar genres, it's understandable that it's difficult to create differentiation (seeing as the sound is already pretty hectic), but I've heard other bands do it a bit better than EAPZ. 3.2/5
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP4.0
Eminem The Slim Shady LP3.5
Exivious Exivious3.5
Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity3.0
Queensryche Empire2.5
Dream Theater Greatest Hit2.5
The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal3.0
The Black Dahlia Murder Miasma2.0
The Black Dahlia Murder Deflorate2.5
Darkest Hour Deliver Us3.0
Darkest Hour The Eternal Return3.0
Diablo Swing Orchestra The Butcher's Ballroom3.5
The Fall of Troy Manipulator2.5
It sounds like a bunch of guys trying to impersonate The Mars Volta........and utterly failing.
Dance Gavin Dance Dance Gavin Dance3.0
Dance Gavin Dance Happiness3.5
Daitro Y4.0
Cult of Luna Salvation4.0
Cormorant Metazoa4.0
Criminal White Hell2.5
Cave In Jupiter3.5
Cave In Antenna2.5
Great musicianship, but mind-numbingly formulaic. The band's skill is self-evident, but each and every song is nothing but the same mildly progressive alt-rock song. Nothing about this album makes me want to set this band apart from the hundreds of other new-prog rockers out there. 2.7/5
Cave In Planets of Old 3.5
Coalesce OX3.5
Chewing On Tinfoil Get Rich Or Try Dyin'3.5
Exactly as I remember it, good ska-punk... just nothing amazing. Immeasurable growth
between this and Marrowbone Lane. 3.3/5
Century Black Ocean3.0
Carnage Dark Recollections4.0
Immortal All Shall Fall4.0
Burzum Hvis lyset tar oss2.5
Repetitive, monotonous, and dull in the exact way metal should not be. Whatever genre of music you may be a fan of, whether it be electronica, post-hardcore, indie-pop, or Death Metal, if music is good it should be able to stand up on its own two feet; this album can't do that. In my opinion the only thing "propping up" Varg's music career is the corpse of his dear Euronymous. If not for the absolutely fantastic "Tomhet", this would easily be a 1.5. 2.4/5
Napalm Death Scum3.0
Bolt Thrower War Master4.0
pretty repetitive but a solid death metal album. If you want a poster child for "what is True Death Metal" then you have this album right here.
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal4.0
The Offspring Americana3.0
Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal3.5
not the best metal around but deserves at least a 4 for funniness alone.
Misery Signals Of Malice and the Magnum Heart4.5
August Burns Red Thrill Seeker2.5
Horrible, Just Horrible Generic Metalcore A Real Chore To Listen To
August Burns Red Lost Messengers: The Outtakes3.0
August Burns Red Messengers3.5
August Burns Red Constellations3.5
Deerhunter Microcastle3.5
Deerhunter Weird Era Cont.3.0
Atlas Sound Logos2.5
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul4.0
All That Remains The Fall of Ideals3.0
Killswitch Engage The End of Heartache3.5
Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies3.0
Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage II3.0
Unearth III: In the Eyes of Fire3.0
Unearth The Oncoming Storm3.5
Unearth The March2.5
As I Lay Dying Beneath the Encasing of Ashes1.5
As I Lay Dying Shadows Are Security3.0
As I Lay Dying A Long March: The First Recordings2.0
As Tall As Lions You Can't Take It With You3.5
a light nu-prog album with heavy indie influences. This album does nothing but repackage already present parties.... but in actuality they don't do a bad job of it. Anyone with a working ear can tell that these guys are just copying and reiterating what RX Bandits and TMV have done before; so in that sense they're kind of drab. However, if you like that kind of music, enjoy, it's great, albiet a great facsimile. 3.7/5 (Also, Dan Nigro does a hell of a job as a Jeff Buckley impersonator on "Duermete")
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors4.0
Across the Sun Pestilence & Rapture3.0
Melodic metalcore in the vein of Killswitch Engage and other bands like them, only they are a little better than average. Some pretty catchy choruses and good guitar work, but is about as generic and appealing as the aforementioned band. Good music for those who are looking to get into the metal scene.
The Binary Code Watch The Skies Collapse [Demo]2.5
Their most recent demo is the best, but this has a few shining moments
The Binary Code Demo 20083.0
Good quality production for a Demo. Progressive, Technical, and catch as hell; I definitely see this band going places.
The Binary Code The Black Phantasma [Demo]1.5
The Binary Code Suspension Of Disbelief3.5
Abriosis Abriosis EP3.0
Thrice Vheissu4.5
The Red Chord Fused Together in Revolving Doors4.5
The Red Chord Fed Through the Teeth Machine4.0
The Red Chord Prey for Eyes2.5
Soundgarden Superunknown4.0
Shpongle Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland4.0
Rodrigo y Gabriela Rodrigo y Gabriela4.0
Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:114.0
Lye By Mistake Arrangements for Fulminating Vective4.0
Learned about these guys when BTBAM talked about the bands they listened to lately. The Vocalist isn't that great, but the rest it is pretty unique.
The Dillinger Escape Plan Under the Running Board3.5
The Dillinger Escape Plan Irony Is a Dead Scene4.0
The Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works3.5
The Dillinger Escape Plan Miss Machine4.0
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity4.0
SikTh Death of a Dead Day4.0
SikTh How May I Help You?4.0
Revocation Empire of the Obscene3.5
Amazing, very good musicianship. I'm really glad that these guys got signed.
Revocation Existence Is Futile3.5
Protest the Hero A Calculated Use of Sound2.0
A far cry from the quality of Kezia or Fortress, but still enjoyable at times. I am so glad that Rody got singing lessons.
A Perfect Circle Mer de Noms2.0
A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step2.5
Tool Ænima4.0
Tool Undertow4.0
Tool 10,000 Days4.5
Porcupine Tree Deadwing4.0
Porcupine Tree In Absentia4.5
Utterly indescribable in words. Not just this album, but the band as a whole. Comparisons can be made and meaningless sub-sub-sub-genres can be created to describe this music, but such efforts are still vein. The ability to go from a lucid dreamscape where velvety whispers lull you to nirvana into a sing-a-long chorus with a vibrant atmosphere and chords resounding into a hurricane of sound is... unique. 4.4/5
Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet4.0
Parliament Mothership Connection4.0
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz4.0
Ozzy Osbourne Down to Earth3.5
Ozzy Osbourne The Ozzman Cometh3.0
O'Brother The Death of Day4.5
Mono Hymn to the Immortal Wind4.0
It has its moments of boredom, but for the most part this is a fresh and very enjoyable album. Would be a solid 4.5 if not for those few snooze-inducing clumps in an otherwise pristine post-rock masterpiece. 4.2/5
Slayer Reign in Blood4.5
Slayer World Painted Blood2.0
a real letdown from their early years. They sound like early Metallica at times rather than Slayer.
Kreator Hordes of Chaos3.0
Kreator Enemy of God3.0
Testament The Formation of Damnation4.0
Metallica Ride the Lightning3.5
Metallica Kill 'Em All4.0
Metallica Master of Puppets4.0
Metallica ...And Justice for All4.0
Metallica Reload2.5
Metallica Death Magnetic3.0
Meshuggah Nothing3.0
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree3.0
Still good TDM, it just doesn't have that individual sound that make obZen or some of their other work so much more enjoyable. All I hear with this is Chug-after-Chug-after-Chug. 3.1/5
Meshuggah obZen4.0
Just what I'm looking for in excellent TDM, but like a lot of "instru-metal" it just feels like it's lacking that certain something that will push it from "great" to "fantastic." For those looking to get into the band, this is a good place to start as any IMO. 3.8/5
King Diamond Give Me Your Soul...Please2.0
Mercyful Fate Don't Break the Oath4.0
Maximum the Hormone Bu-ikikaesu4.5
One of the weirdest things you'll ever hear... and at the same time, probably the most fun (that is if you like Japan.)rAnother way I like to describe this band is that they're the Japanese equivalent of early (good) SoaD; totally f**king psycho riffs and a lot of aggression accompanied by the "pop" music of the time (in the US, nu-metal was the "pop", in Japan "J-pop" was used). a high 3.5 is where this album should really sit musically, but I'm gonna give it a 4.3/5 for nostalgia and personal preference sake.
Shadows Fall The War Within3.5
good 'ol metalcore, just like I remember it; a genre full of over-used riffs that brings nothing new to the table. It's not that this album is all that horrible at its heart, but it just perpetuates the same crap that every other metalcore album does. Though on this album there is a bit of progression and experimentation (which is what in the end pulls it up above a 3 rating) it just can't hold my attention. It brings up some seemingly bad-a** riffs and awesome solos, but at it's heart it is just another face in the crowd; slightly different, but in the big picture indistinguishable from the rest. 3.4/5
Shadows Fall Threads of Life2.0
Shadows Fall Retribution2.5
Machine Head The Blackening3.5
Lykathea Aflame Elvenefris4.0
mewithoutYou Brother, Sister4.0
mewithoutYou It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!4.0
Even at their weakest, mewithoutyou prove that they're without a doubt one of the best indie-folk groups out there and an undeniable force to be reckoned with. 3.9/5
La Dispute Here, Hear. II3.5
La Dispute Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair 4.0
La Dispute Here, Hear. III3.5
La Dispute Untitled 4.0
This 7" works out to be everything La Dispute fully intended it to be. It isn't too long, but in the short time given it completely displays who La Dispute is. Emotional, coarse, melodic, and addictive; a mix you very rarely find, especially all-together. Truly an amazing listen. 3.8/5
La Dispute Here, Hear.3.5
La Dispute Winter Tour Holiday CD-R3.0
Finally!!! A holiday CD I don't feel gay listening to out of season.
Radiohead Pablo Honey3.5
Radiohead The Bends4.0
Muse Origin of Symmetry4.0
Quite possibly the single greatest opener of all time. Oh, and the rest of the album is almost perfect as well... It's the times that I listen to this that I cry thinking what Muse has become. 4.2/5
Muse Absolution4.0
Muse Black Holes & Revelations3.5
Muse The Resistance2.0
Jeff Buckley Grace4.5
Iron Thrones Visions of Light4.0
Mihai Edrisch L'un Sans L'Autre4.0
Fairly well executed emo with a hint of experimental/post-rock nuggets of goodness. It's French, so you can't make out a thing they're saying (but were you really going to understand anything to begin with?). Good to try if you have an ear for the genre, but may just sound like complete and utter s**t to the uninitiated. 3.8/5
Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort4.0
Can't understand a damn thing, but the skill that these guys have makes up for my idiocy 100 times over. An amazing album that shifts back and forth between Post-Rock bliss and Hardcore/Screamo aggressive rampages. Available for free download at Denovali Records.
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast4.0
Iron Maiden Powerslave4.5
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time3.5
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind3.0
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death2.5
He Is Legend It Hates You2.5
He Is Legend I Am Hollywood4.0
Gojira Terra Incognita3.5
Gojira From Mars to Sirius4.5
Gojira The Way of All Flesh4.0
Fear Before The Always Open Mouth4.5
F**k. There need be no explanation for why this album is amazing. The riffs are amazing, the vocals are perfect (for the genre), and don't even get me started on the rest of the amazing-ness on this album. 4.8/5
Fear Before Art Damage4.0
Dream Theater Images and Words4.0
Dream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence4.0
Dream Theater Octavarium3.5
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos2.5
Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings3.0
dredg El Cielo4.0
dredg The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion3.0
Doomriders Darkness Come Alive3.5
Dir En Grey Uroboros4.0
Scary and unsettling but beautiful and inspiring, all at the same time, Japanese metal done right. 4.1/5
Cynic Demo 19912.5
Cynic Focus4.5
Cynic Traced in Air4.5
Cloudkicker The Discovery3.5
Instru-metal handled well. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely enjoyable. Cut back a little on having too much going on at the same time and it'd be perfect. 3.6/5
Cloudkicker ]]][[[3.0
Quite repetitive and borders on the mundane at times, but still an entertaining EP at the greatest price in the world; Free! Giving it a cursory listen won't harm anything and you just might like it. 3.2/5
Chotto Ghetto Rampage3.5
Yeah, Check these guys out
Free at QuoteUnquote to boot >> ://
Chotto Ghetto Walk is Godlike4.0
Chotto Ghetto create a progressive hardcore masterpiece. Interspersed in the aggressive, anger-filled hardcore affront are melodic intermissions creating just enough of a change to keep you interested but not getting sidetracked like many other bands that attempt the challenge. A great album that is just short enough to not get repetitive but long enough to interest you. 4.1/5
Colonel Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains The Big Eyeball In The Sky4.0
Buckethead Colma4.0
Buckethead The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell3.5
Picks up around half way through the album, good album by a very unique artist.
Buckethead Crime Slunk Scene4.0
Soothsayer Slays!!, I can see why GN'R recruited him.
Buckethead Shadows Between The Sky4.0
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh4.0
Protest the Hero Kezia4.0
Much more poetic than Fortress. Though their second album has more of a technical and intricate feel when it comes to the instruments, this album's appeal is the flowing and poetic lyrics. If this is the debut of the band I can't wait to see what they can make of themselves in the coming years.
Protest the Hero Fortress4.0
Technical and fun, but not anything that should be called perfect [and that goes for almost anything in the -core genre (other than Jane Doe)] 4.0/5
Bad Religion All Ages4.5
Bad Religion The Empire Strikes First3.5
Slint Spiderland4.5
Drive Like Jehu Yank Crime4.0
Bad Rabbits Stick Up Kids4.0
Definitely a horribly overlooked modern soul-funk band. Definitely check these guys out. Irepress' drummer is in here too. 4.1/5
At the Drive-In Relationship of Command4.5
Armchairpolitician Seven Segment Decoder4.5
AJJ People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People4.0
Anaal Nathrakh The Codex Necro3.0
Anaal Nathrakh Domine Non Es Dignus3.0
Anaal Nathrakh In the Constellation of the Black Widow3.0
Ancestors Of Sound Mind4.0
Alcest Souvenirs d'un autre monde4.5
Amogh Symphony Abolishing the Obsolete System3.5
Progressive, a bit technical, and weird at times. A great release from a, for the most part, completely unknown band. A long listen with a lot of eastern influences seeing as the band is Indian. Almost lyric-less except for some deaf vocals on the 6th track. It's good to finally see some people from this generation finally stepping up and creating something experimental, interesting, and inventive. 3.4/5 (for fans of Dream Theater)
Agalloch The Mantle4.0
If Pink Floyd played doom metal, this would be it. 3.9/5
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain4.0
Absu In the Eyes of Ioldánach3.5
Absu Tara3.5
A Lot Like Birds Plan B4.0
Solid progressive post-hardcore. The perfect amount of experimentation to match an excellent standard post-hardcore center. So glad to see that these guys are finally getting the face-time they undoubtedly deserve. 4.2/5
7 Angels 7 Plagues Jhazmyne's Lullaby4.0
Windir 11844.5
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss5.0
The Ocean Precambrian4.0
The Mars Volta De-Loused in the Comatorium4.5
The Mars Volta Tremulant3.5
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches All The Little Ones Are Rotting3.5
A nice, catchy album from the kings of ska, but it lacks a bit of the intensity and overall completeness found in Three Cheers for Disappointment
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches Three Cheers For Disappointment5.0
Holy crap is this a fun album! Fast-paced, Clever, Humorous, Accessible, and Catchy; every single facet of this album screams "AMAZING!!" more than the next! 5.0/5
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches This Is What You Get4.0
Ska-ification of maybe the greatest band of my generation? Yes please!!!
The Brittish sterotypes shouted during intermissions are entertaining as well. 3.8/5
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb Demo4.0
Streetlight Manifesto Somewhere in the Between4.0
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb4.5
Opeth Morningrise3.5
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse4.0
Opeth Apostle in Triumph2.5
Opeth Orchid4.0
Opeth Blackwater Park4.5
Opeth Damnation4.0
Opeth Still Life4.0
Opeth Watershed3.5
Probably not their best album but a really great album from a great band.
My Bloody Valentine Loveless5.0
Megadeth Rust in Peace4.5
Megadeth Greatest Hits: Back to the Start3.5
Megadeth Endgame3.5
Rx Bandits The Resignation4.0
Rx Bandits Mandala3.5
Yes Fragile4.0
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King4.5
King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic3.0
King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair2.5
King Crimson Red3.0
King Crimson The Power to Believe3.5
Pink Floyd The Piper at the Gates of Dawn3.0
This is a very confusing album... I mean it's interesting album in its own right... but an entirely different monster than Waters-led Pink Floyd. You might love it more than their classics of the 70's, but I for one don't feel from this what I do from "Wish You Were Here." 3.1/5
Pink Floyd The Wall4.0
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here5.0
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon4.5
Pink Floyd Animals4.5
Pink Floyd The Division Bell4.0
Umm... Well yeah, it's not The Wall, or Dark Side of the Moon, or Animals, or Wish You Were Here, but it's not bad. Seriously, if you give it a listen without having any pre-disposed notions of Floyd's Greatness, it still turns out be be a really great album. 4.0/5
Burst Lazarus Bird4.5
Saw these guys live just before they disbanded, such a shame too, brilliant band. Proggy, Sludgey, and fun as hell. 4.3/5
The Ocean Fogdiver4.5
The Ocean Islands/Tides3.0
This is not as amazing as Fogdiver or their Full Lengths, but I've heard much much worse demos. It is easy to see why they were signed shortly after they put this out.
Baroness First3.0
Baroness Second3.0
Baroness Red Album4.0
Baroness Blue Record3.5
Mastodon Leviathan4.5
Mastodon Remission4.0
Mastodon Blood Mountain3.0
Mastodon Crack the Skye3.5
Neurosis The Eye of Every Storm4.0
Neurosis Souls at Zero4.0
Isis Oceanic5.0
Isis Panopticon4.5
Isis In the Absence of Truth3.5
Isis Wavering Radiant4.0
Irepress Samus Octology4.0
Irepress Sol Eye Sea I4.5
Imagine wading through quicksand. As you're struggling for your life, your life flashes before your eyes. Compress all the emotions you feel (as well as the weight of the struggle for life itself) into a single record and there you have Sol Eye Sea I.rPronounced like "Irrepressible"
Tortoise Beacons of Ancestorship2.5
Mogwai Mr. Beast3.0
Explosions in the Sky All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone3.5
Sigur Ros Von3.5
Not really exemplary of Sigur Ros' later work... and to be honest, if it weren't Sigur Ros I probably wouldn't listen to this. Experimental without a doubt, but too firmly rooted in abstractness to get any real enjoyment out of (at least until the title song). 3.4/5
Sigur Ros ( )4.5
Sigur Ros Takk...3.5
Sigur Ros Untitled 12.5
WAYYYY Too Short. Basically, its a 'single' release from "( )" 2.7/5
Sigur Ros Hvarf/Heim4.0
Hvarf: A short collection of B-Sides/Rarities by the band. Overall it gives a general feeling of the justification in them being "B-sides"; none of them hold a candle to anything on any of the Full-Lenghts. 3.0/5rHeim: A beautiful yet short live session by the Icelandic gods. The quality is so perfect and the audience is so respectful on these that it's possible that these are on par with (if not better than) many of their studio recordings. 4.6/5rFinal Rating: 3.8/5
Sigur Ros Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust4.5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Yanqui U.X.O.3.0
Honestly, a disappointment. As a post-rock album it is moderately enjoyable, but when looking at it in context of GY!BE's pure brilliance, this just pales in comparison. Still, worth a listen if you've got about an hour to spare and nothing to do. 3.1/5r
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada4.5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven5.0
Heaven and Hell The Devil You Know2.5
Black Sabbath Paranoid4.5
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell3.0
Down Down III: Over the Under3.0
Pantera Cowboys From Hell4.0
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power4.0
Corrosion of Conformity In the Arms of God3.0
Clutch Blast Tyrant4.5
Clutch From Beale Street to Oblivion3.0
Clutch Strange Cousins From The West3.0
Mr. Bungle California5.0
Faith No More The Real Thing4.0
Faith No More Angel Dust4.5
*Looks at previous rating of 3.5* "WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU PAST TRAVIS!?!" Obviously this deserves much better. 4.6/10
Deftones White Pony4.5
A Crowning Achievement for the Nu-metal genre. For as long as I can remember, Deftones have been one of the most talked about bands in the genre; I never understood why this was, because they have such a personal sound that I don't hear in other bands of the genre. With 'White Pony' Deftones experimented, progressed, carved out a sound that was drastically different from most of their contemporaries. If you go back and listen to Adrenaline you can still hear their immaturity and lack of experience. With 'White Pony' you will notice how Deftones evolved since that time and admittedly marked their place in the annals of music history.
Deftones Deftones4.5
Glassjaw Worship and Tribute5.0
fun. Aim and Ignite4.0
When I first started sputnik, I had a closed mind when it came to music. I listened to metalcore and that was it. Thanks to the wonderful people of this site, I was directed to an album that would help open my mind, expand my horizons, and make me a much better person overall; this is that album. Each song is unique and beautiful thanks to Nate Ruess' (as well as the rest of fun.'s) brilliance when combining harmony and accessibility with tenacity and energy. Not many times in your life do find such a great album that you can still find new things to love even after 50+ listens; I am just happy that I found one. 4.1/5
Elliott Smith XO5.0
Elliott Smith Either/Or5.0
Elliott Smith Figure 85.0
Elliott Smith New Moon4.5
What the hell was this doing at a 3.5 ranking. Of course it isn't Elliott's best work but cut the guy some slack, this wasn't even intended to be released. Sadly, his music is now all we have to remember him by. May all wrath and damnation fall upon the wretched spawn of Satan whom struck down our Saint prematurely. 4.45/5
In Flames Come Clarity3.0
In Flames A Sense of Purpose2.5
Dethklok Dethalbum II3.0
Zimmer's Hole When You Were Shouting at the Devil...3.0
Sounds like Devin doing power metal. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it feels that a few songs are a little lacking.
Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad4.0
Yeah, no matter which way you cut it this isn't City 2, but never mind that, it's still a solid metal album and a welcome member of HevyDevy's massive discography. 3.9/5
Strapping Young Lad The New Black4.0
Not SYL's strongest, that would have to be City, but it has a bit of a progressive tinge found more blatantly on his solo work. It is without a doubt still a metal album first and foremost, but it might be a lighter introduction than the face-melting blitzkrieg of the aforementioned. 3.9/t
Strapping Young Lad Alien4.0
the upside is that it's f**king SYL; the downside is it's not City. Still, there's more than a handful of classic SYL face-melters on here, so it's a definite win for metalheads the world over. Check this out even if only for "Love?". 4.0/5
Strapping Young Lad City5.0
Hands-down the heaviest f**king thing on this earth, from the opening riff of 'All Hail the New Flesh' to Gene Hoglan's brutal drum mastery to HevyDevy's incredibly deep lyrics, there is not a single thing to dislike about this album.
Strapping Young Lad C:enter:###1.5
I love the anal sex reference in the title, I mean how much more Metal can it get?
Devin Townsend Project Addicted5.0
Devin Townsend Infinity4.5
Created in the wake of exiting a mental-health institution (where Townsend was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder), Infinity is everything it should be. Majestically melding the face-melting demon that is City and it's diametric opposite Ocean Machine: Biomech, Infinity finds a focus and direction when Devin was at a time I belive most musicians would've fallen flat on their faces. Honestly my words cannot do this album justice, PLEASE!!!! Listen to this album as soon as you can ; I promise you will not be disappointed. 4.4/5
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine: Biomech4.5
Kind of grown off of me over the past couple months. Still, an amazing album. 4.4/5
Devin Townsend Physicist3.5
With the exception of "Kingdom", the rest of this album just seems just a bit lacklustre by HevyDevy's standards. Still, an enjoyable album in the long run. 3.3/5
Devin Townsend The Hummer2.0
similar to devlab in that it is just post-rocky soft drone. It isn't anything that you really could call "music". This would feel more at home playing while waiting in line for a space ride at Disney World than it would on your iPod. Still, it gets a little atmospheric and enjoyable with the eastern music near the end.
Devin Townsend Devlab2.0
Devin Townsend Ziltoid the Omniscient3.5
Why do you guys complain about this so much? Yes, this is boring by HevyDevy's standards, and yes this is a half-baked concept album from hell, but it's 10X better than most of the "metal" gargled out on a regular basis by those XYZ-core f**ks. Give it a light-hearted listen before screaming "lame", I'm sure you'll find it at least tolerable. 3.7/5
Converge Jane Doe5.0
Converge Petitioning the Empty Sky4.0
Converge When Forever Comes Crashing3.5
Converge You Fail Me3.5
An all-around aggressive and entertaining album as well as a necessary step in solidifying their post-Jane Doe sound, but in the end it just doesn't come off as wholly copacetic or satisfying as both their earlier (post-Halo in a Haystack) or more recent albums. 3.3/5
Converge No Heroes4.0
Converge Axe to Fall4.5
Very catch riffs and a wide array of guest musicians combine to form an amazing record. The fast, in your face, attacks from "Dark Horse" and the title track incite a fist pumping mosh, while the ending tracks, "Cruel Bloom" and "Wretched World" have the makings of an aural orgasmic experience. Truly an album that has something for everybody and a great starter album if you are thinking of getting into Converge.
Circle Takes the Square Circle Takes the Square3.0
Circle Takes the Square/Pg. 99 Document #13: Pyramids In Cloth 2.0
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me4.5
Brand New Daisy4.0
Celeste Pessimiste(s)3.5
Celeste Nihiliste(s)4.0
Celeste Misanthrope(s)4.0
Carcass Swansong4.0
Carcass Tools of the Trade3.0
Carcass Heartwork5.0
The defining album in Melodic Death Metal. My life would be incomplete without it. 4.85/5
Carcass Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious4.5
Coming out 2 years before Heartwork, this album shows a slightly more agressive and unpolished sound. The adding of soundbytes before each tracks really exemplifies the band's interest in gore and, as the title says, the insalubrious. 4.70/5
Bomb the Music Industry! Get Warmer4.0
Bomb the Music Industry! Goodbye Cool World!4.5
Bomb the Music Industry! Album Minus Band4.5
Bomb the Music Industry! To Leave or Die in Long Island4.5
Bomb the Music Industry! Scrambles5.0
Bomb the Music Industry! Others! Others! Volume 13.0
Basically a b-sides and rarities album. Not as good as previous stuff.
Bomb the Music Industry! Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!!4.5
Jeff Rosenstock reaffirms his musical genius yet again. It truly breaks my heart that such amazing talent is unknown to the vast majority.
Nile Those Whom the Gods Detest4.0
Circle Takes the Square As the Roots Undo4.5
Love it or hate it, it is a landmark album for the "Screamo" genre. Give it a couple listens and if you don't like it now, try it again in a couple months... always keep an open mind.
Scale the Summit Carving Desert Canyons3.5
Really Great, honestly. But I agree with what another sputniker said a couple years ago. r"It's Like eating a bowl full of frosting. Yeah it's delicious at first, but if you just rcontinue with frosting, frosting, and more frosting, you're gonna' get a stomach-ache." r3.6/5

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