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Havukruunu Uinuos Syömein Sota4.0
Xibalba Años En Infierno3.5
Mekaal Hasan Band Andholan (Special Edition)4.5
Nyrst Orsök4.0
Along with Helfr� (Helfro), these guys are showing that Iceland is about to have a GREAT
year in the atmospheric black metal scene.
The Four Owls Nocturnal Instinct4.0
Feminazgul No Dawn for Men3.5
Burzum Thulêan Mysteries3.0
Beneath the Massacre Fearmonger3.0
Yuri Gagarin The Outskirts of Reality4.0
Onoe Caponoe Invisible War1.5
Fucking hate this retard so much.
KK's Priest 1.0

K-Rino Mind Vision4.5
Blood Incantation Hidden History of the Human Race4.0
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast - Re-Mistressed5.0
Alcest Spiritual Instinct1.0
Horrocious Depleted Light and the Death of Uniqueness4.0
Mayhem Daemon3.5
Dawn Ray'd Behold Sedition Plainsong3.5
1349 The Infernal Pathway4.0
Blut Aus Nord Hallucinogen4.0
Opeth In Cauda Venenum1.0
Tool Fear Inoculum2.5
Sacred Son Arthurian Catacombs4.0
Okay. At this point, if you don't take this band seriously, that's on you. And you are the
real black metal meme.
Shadow Of Intent Melancholy3.5
Bykurius The Veins ov History5.0
Breethoven Bree che Dire5.0
Tomb Mold Planetary Clairvoyance3.5
Lingua Ignota Caligula4.5
Sent the IP addresses of all those who have rated this early to the FBI for illegally downloading and not supporting the artist. They've already responded to let me know they're on their way to your houses with kill-squads. Srynotsry.
Batushka HOSPODI2.0
feeling banterous, might later idk x
Elder (USA-MA) The Gold and Silver Sessions3.0
Yellow Eyes Rare Field Ceiling3.5
State Faults Clairvoyant4.0
Diabolic The Disconnect4.5
I swear to God... This will be hip-hop AOTY...
Jaddah EP4.0
Darkthrone Old Star3.5
Neckbeard Deathcamp SO MUCH FOR THE TOLERANT LEFT5.0
A classic in the genre of retard-metal.
Misthyrming Algleymi4.0
Datkid Confessions of a Crud Lord (prod. Leaf Dog)4.5
Warforged I: Voice3.0
Amon Amarth Berserker1.0
Not heard the album but I am rating this 1 because I hear Johan Hegg is a huge fan of the website and I want to play my part in him seeing an Amon Amarth album being in the 2.8 range. Maybe give him the incentive he needs to take extra care with the next one.
Kampfar Ofidians manifest4.0
Advent Sorrow Kali Yuga Crown4.0
Belzebubs Pantheon of the Nightside Gods3.5
CZARFACE Double Dose of Danger3.5
Diabolic Collusion (Prod. Vanderslice)4.0
Lowkey Soundtrack to the Struggle 24.5
About to listen to this for the first time, but the rating is because I know that Lowkey is 1 in 1,000,000. Rating will change if necessary. Much love to the realest.
Onoe Caponoe Surf or Die2.0
witchface Fryktelig For Alltid3.5
Sinmara Hvísl Stjarnanna4.0
Candlemass The Door To Doom4.0
Hilltop Hoods The Great Expanse4.0
Czarface and Ghostface Killah Czarface Meets Ghostface3.5
Saor Forgotten Paths4.0
K-Rino 3 Weeks Later (The 4-Piece Collection #3)5.0
K-Rino The 'S' Project (The 4-Piece Collection #4)5.0
K-Rino Lightning Language (The 4-Piece Collection #1)4.5
K-Rino Then... And Now... (The 4-Piece Collection #2)4.0
Cenris Autumn Moon4.0
Extirpation A Damnation's Stairway to the Altar of Failure4.0
This rips all the way through. Love the vocals, riffs etc. Close to a 4.5 tbh.

Nekrofilth Worm Ritual3.5
Dirty Dike Acrylic Snail4.0
KOAN Sound Polychrome4.0
Brothers of the Stone Return to Stoney Island4.0
Chapel of Disease ...And As We Have Seen The Storm4.0
Death metal vocals over... not necessarily death metal music. And it works surprisingly well. Listen to the last 3 tracks in a row and you'll see what I mean.
Obliteration Cenotaph Obscure4.0
Marxthrone A Blaze In The Western Sky5.0
Tenacious D Post-Apocalypto5.0
Selvans Faunalia3.5
Beyond Creation Algorythm4.0
Horrendous Idol4.0
Sorcier Des Glaces Sorcier Des Glaces3.5
Satan Cruel Magic3.5
Fliptrix Inexhale4.5
Had to be upped to a 4.5. Probably my favourite album since Theory of Rhyme, overtaking Patterns of Escapism.
Ashbury Eye Of The Stygian Witches4.0
Crossfaith Ex_Machina1.5
subarctic break EP4.0
Carriage Visions4.0
Neckbeard Deathcamp White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers5.0
Shylmagoghnar Transience4.5
Love how instrumentally focused this album is. There are at least 2 instrumental tracks on here totaling more than 20 minutes. And both are excellent.r**Edit: Album's a grower as well.
Jedi Mind Tricks The Bridge and the Abyss2.5
JMT have been so painfully average for over a decade now.
Hoth Astral Necromancy4.0
This album make peepee hard
Cor Scorpii Ruin4.0
Tomb Mold Manor of Infinite Forms4.5
Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy4.0
Lautreamont Silence of the Deceased4.0
Ghastly (FIN) Death Velour4.0
Sleep The Sciences3.0
Our Place of Worship is Silence With Inexorable Suffering4.0
Panopticon The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness4.0
Cardi B Invasion of Privacy1.0
Thirty Seconds to Mars America1.0
Lychgate The Contagion in Nine Steps4.0
Primordial Exile Amongst the Ruins3.5
Vallendusk Fortress of Primal Grace4.5
CZARFACE and MF DOOM Czarface Meets Metal Face3.5
Mournful Congregation The Incubus of Karma4.0
Cries Of Your Sins Cries Of Your Sins4.0
This is really, really solid.
Judas Priest Firepower4.0
Cover looks like Screaming for Vengeance. rHopefully sounds like it!
Slugdge Esoteric Malacology4.0
Calling it now, this is gonna end up with a 3.9 average.
Apathy The Widow's Son4.0
K-Rino Mightier Than The Sword4.5
Ocean Wisdom Wizville3.5
Upped to 3.5 cus there are a couple of bangers on here. Really do hope he starts writing
about other things than how him and his clique are sick and u man r waste, though.
Esoctrilihum Pandaemorthium4.0
Yhdarl Loss4.0
Soggy Butt Queef The Ass-Shank Redemption5.0
Hamferd Támsins likam1.0
Angrywank Frylock's Revenge5.0
Looks like Frylock's had a stroke.
Weedpecker III4.0

Vexovoid Call of the Starforger1.0
The Faceless In Becoming a Ghost3.0
How to ruin the future of a promising band.rStep 1: Michael Meame.
Datkid Teeth Ledger4.0
Desolate Shrine Deliverance From The Godless Void4.0
Oooooooooooooooh, pretty.
Inconcessus Lux Lucis The Crowning Quietus4.0
La Torture des Tenebres IV - Memoirs of a Machine Girl3.5

Wow. Ok then.
Ne Obliviscaris Urn4.0
Zgard Within the Swirl of Black Vigor4.0
Enslaved E3.5
Dodsrit Dödsrit4.0
CunninLynguists Rose Azura Njano4.5
Kno is such a god damn amazing producer. Not just in how he creates his beats but... Fuck, man. Just so good. And Deacon and Natti are such good lyricists. In terms of actual HH groups are there actually any better than Cunninlynguists? Maybe The Four Owls from the UK. But even then, it's a stretch... Nothing but loooove, brothers.
Dawn Ray'd The Unlawful Assembly3.5
Closer to a 4 than a 3.5, but the fact that I can't display that is Dawn Ray'd's problem.
Arckanum Den Förstfödde3.5
Only heard this album twice, but for people checking to see if anyone has given any information other than a rating, then here is a small amount.rThis album is slower than most (if not all) of Arckanum's previous albums.rThe solos in here fucking shred.rShit's pretty ca$h, yo.
Jag Panzer The Deviant Chord4.0
Kauan Kaiho4.0
Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay4.0
Sacred Son Sacred Son4.0
Lol at all the trve kvlt gatekeepers rating this so lowly because of the artwork / band name. The songwriting and musical content is better than 80% of the black metal I will hear this year, but it had an average of 3.2.rThis is what you get for not conforming to the scene! A scene which supposedly admires individualism and doing what the fuck you want because fuck everyone else's opinion.
Cormorant Diaspora4.0
Bil Next Weedmasons EP4.0
Bil Next comes in with that RAW shit like Harpo Marx used to do, boosting through like a crack addict in a Subaru.
Others By No One Book I: Dr. Breacher4.0
Necrot Blood Offerings4.0
Lingua Ignota ALL BITCHES DIE5.0
FUCK. That was such an interesting listen. rGreat vocals, along with excellent lyrics.rAmazing atmosphere throughout.rI really wanna fuck the girl on the cover, I'm gonna keep pretending it's the vocalist.
Elder (USA-MA) Reflections of a Floating World4.5
Nokturnal Mortum Verity4.5
This album is getting an undeserved amount of hate so I'm 4.5ing it from a 4 to hopefully bring the rating up to at least 3.7. Fuck the haters, listen to the music and not the opinions of others!
Artificial Brain Infrared Horizon4.0
Leaf Dog Dyslexic Disciple4.0
Necrowretch Satanic Slavery3.5
Asira Efference5.0
CunninLynguists The Rose EP4.0
Pillorian Obsidian Arc3.5
Dabbla Chapsville3.0
Power Trip Nightmare Logic3.5
Lingua Ignota Let the Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him4.0

Fliptrix Patterns of Escapism4.0
K-Rino Welcome to Life (The Big Seven #6)4.5
It truly is incredible how K shits out 7 albums in a single day and each one is better than 80+% of all releases from all other genres. I mean, is there even any point doing something if K-Rino does it first? Sure, you'll have done well and people will appreciate what you've done, but you'll always be in the shadow of K-Rino. It's genuinely almost uncomfortable how real he remains with the quality he puts out.
K-Rino American Heroes (The Big Seven #5)4.0
K-Rino Enter The Iron Trap (The Big Seven # 3)4.0
If this was any other rapper this would be a 5...
K-Rino Conception Of Concept (The Big Seven #2)5.0
Had to change this to a 5. Possibly my favourite from the entire #7. The only thing that I dislike about this album is the chorus on '1 Nite Stand', which is possibly the gayest (no homophobo) thing I've ever heard from K-Rino. The rest fucking slays.
Ellende Todbringer4.0
Selvans / Downfall Of Nur Selvans / Downfall of Nur4.0
Anal Trump That Makes Me Smart!5.0
Avenged Sevenfold The Stage4.0
Anaal Nathrakh The Whole of the Law3.5
Myrkgrav Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen4.0
Waldgefluster Ruinen4.0
Alcest Kodama4.5
Eastern Front EmpirE4.0
Eastern Front's best work to date. 4.2 / 5.rA bigger focus on melody and vastly improved vocal dimensions make this the album of the month.
Virvum Illuminance4.5
Absolutely love the vibe in this album. Anyone able to recommend anything that sounds similar in the neutral/positive guitar tones?
Dabbla Year Of The Monkey3.5
Solution .45 Nightmares in the Waking State, Pt. 23.5
Cairiss Fall5.0
This is my friend's band
Mistur In Memoriam4.5
Some bands try too hard. This is not Mistur.rSome bands focus on catchy hooks instead of songwriting. This is not Mistur.rSome bands don't distinguish between ambition and ability. Again - this is not Mistur.
Six Feet Under Graveyard Classics IV: The Number Of The Priest1.0
First Fragment Dasein3.5
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool4.0
Vektor Terminal Redux5.0
Had to come back and change this to a 5. Can't believe how often I'm spinning this. The last 3 tracks are literal musical perfection.
Perturbator The Uncanny Valley4.0
Darkestrah Turan4.0
Only listened to this fully twice but definitely seeming like a solid 4. Replay value is there are it's standardly an interesting piece of black metal from The Kyrgyzstani group.
Uada Devoid of Light3.5
Not too shabby tbf
Negative Voice Cold Redrafted4.5
Kawir Father Sun Mother Moon3.0
Pretty good album. But for those (like me) who were hoping they would keep the style of 'Isotheos', you will be ever-so-slightly disappointed. They kinda return to their earlier style which, while some people love it, I personally don't find quite as appealing.
Moonsorrow Jumalten aika4.5
xSPONGEXCOREx The Panty Raid5.0
Great job, buddy... It took us 3 days to make that potato salad... THREE DAAAAYS!!!!
Ivar Bjornson and Einar Selvik Skuggsja: A Piece for Mind & Mirror3.0
Album stream here: http://www.popmatters.com/post/skuggsja-a-piece-for-mind-mirror-album-stream-premiere-and-interview/?mc_cid=ebcda42950&mc_eid=1ff1dae04cr

This is a good album. Nothing stands out that much though. Written by Enslaved?s Ivar Bj�rnson
and Einar Selvik of Wardruna, for the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.
Sorcier Des Glaces North4.0
Ocean Wisdom Chaos 93'4.0
Graveland/Nokturnal Mortum The Spirit Never Dies3.0
Nokturnal Mortum's side: 4.5rGraveland's side: 2rOverall: 3
Sorrow Plagues Sorrow Plagues4.0
Eldamar The Force of the Ancient Land3.5
Hyperion (SWE) Seraphical Euphony4.0
Fuath I3.5
Also, what's the deal with so many albums simply being called 'I'?
Chthe'ilist Le Dernier Crépuscule4.0
Split Prophets Delta Bravo Kilo4.0
Nadra Allir vegir til glötunar4.0
Nordjevel Nordjevel4.0

Batushka Litourgiya3.5
Yuri Gagarin At The Center Of All Infinity4.0
Zgard Totem4.0
Excellent release, as per usual. For those familiar with Zgard's sound, this album sees them take a heavier, raw approach with less emphasis on folk/melody (though it's still definitely there), with the vocals taking a more 'howling' approach than before. rFor those unfamiliar with Zgard's sound, become familiar with it.
Weeping Birth The Crushed Harmony4.0
Holy fuck. 'Meant To Be Wrecked' is literally a rip-fest, I think it just tore my sphincter.
Enisum Arpitanian Lands4.0
Horrendous Anareta4.5
Selvans Lupercalia4.5
This is a really, really fucking good album. A more intense folk influenced black metal record.
Heimdallr Капище Отцов4.0
Gravsang La dine Taarer livet Begrave4.5
Tortured vocals, atmospheric guitars and a general, well-executed sound make this an excellent DSBM album.
The Arcane Order Cult Of None4.0
Dirty Dike Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight3.5
Sivyj Yar Burial Shrouds4.0
Iron Maiden The Book of Souls4.0
Cruciamentum Charnel Passages4.5
Myrkur M2.0
Advent Sorrow As All Light Leaves Her4.5
I just want to say that I've not heard their EP. But the tags suggest this band is symphonic
black metal. No way. Don't believe the tags. A little bit of piano occasionally, but other
than that this is quite simply an excellent DSBM effort. I would class this genre as DSBM
definitely - very accessible for the genre. The vocals are genuinely monolothic in effect.

It takes a lot for a scream to affect me in BM, but some of the moments that appear on this
album are... genuinely painstaking. You can feel the emotion coursing through. Massively
surprised, very good album.

EDIT: Repeated listens confirm this to be, in my opinion, a solid 4.5. Really, really killer
Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction4.0
Black Fast Terms of Surrender3.5
If this band didn't have such a consistently average vocalist, they could be serious challengers in the scene.
Sangre de Muerdago O Camino das Mans Valeiras4.5
Tempel (USA-AZ) The Moon Lit Our Path4.0
Midnight Odyssey Shards of Silver Fade4.5
People know this is out, right? 2 ratings? This is motherfucking Midnight Odyssey we're talking about. Album's been out a week.
Vallendusk Homeward Path4.0
Feral Where Dead Dreams Dwell4.0
Obsequiae Aria of Vernal Tombs4.0
Turnover Peripheral Vision4.0
Haven't heard this album but I really wanted to be vote number 666.
Merzbob men's nipples5.0
Occultus Nuctemeron3.5
Irreversible Mechanism Infinite Fields4.0
Galar De Gjenlevende4.5
Fuck, this album is filled with killer riffs. One riff stops, another starts and BLERGH, face melted. Vocals are also naiiiiice.
Enslaved In Times4.0
Elder (USA-MA) Lore4.5
Macabre Omen Gods Of War - At War4.5
The Four Owls Natural Order4.5
Azelisassath Total Desecration of Existence4.0
Voices (UK) London4.5
Vocals on this highlight are amazing. And as someone who doesn't like Akercocke, I must say the music here is so much better... and heavier.
Thurisaz Live & Acoustic4.5
Satan's Host Pre-Dating God Part 24.0
Satan's Host Pre-Dating God Part 14.5
Chapel of Disease The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art4.5
Mr. Key and Greenwood Sharps Yesterday's Futures4.0
Dead Players Freshly Skeletal3.5

Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen4.0
Job for a Cowboy Sun Eater4.0
Ne Obliviscaris Citadel4.0
Mare Cognitum Phobos Monolith4.0
Horrendous Ecdysis4.5
Army Of The Pharaohs Heavy Lies The Crown2.5
The members only have to write 1 verse per song (maximum) and somehow they still manage to be shite 80% of the time. Put some effort in, lads.
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry4.0
Bykurius Sons Ov Southern Hampton5.0

Fuckin lel
Fliptrix Polyhymnia3.5
Volahn Aq Ab Al4.0
K-Rino Deprogrammed5.0
xSPONGEXCOREx How Tough Are Yah?5.0
Eastern Front Descent Into Genocide4.0
Wayfarer Children of the Iron Age4.0
Svarga Spirit of the Land4.0
The Morningside Letters From The Empty Towns3.0
I don't care what anybody says, Ghost Lights is a fucking great song.
Byzanthian Neckbeard From the Clutches of Oblivion5.0
Zgard Contemplation4.5
Completely underrated album. Folk-black metal magic.
Stworz Coz po zyznych ziemiach...4.0
Mayhem Esoteric Warfare3.5
Saor Aura4.0
Burzum The Ways of Yore3.0
Hoth Oathbreaker4.5
Agalloch The Serpent and the Sphere3.0
Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath4.0
Vocalist sounds a lot like Ozzy but without seeming to try very hard to do so. The actual album itself is a quality rendition of Sabbath's early classics, with just enough of the band's unique interpretations of each song to make each interesting and different while maintaining the original sound. The jazz influences really suit early Sabbath.
The Arcane Order Promo 20144.0
Dornenreich Freiheit4.0
Spectral Lore III4.0
Thantifaxath Sacred White Noise4.0
Nocturnal Breed Napalm Nights4.0
Given the quality of the 2 tracks on YouTube at the moment, I would say that this album will be at least a 4, most probably a 4.5-5.rDon't want to vote on it before it's released though; watch this space!
Shylmagoghnar Emergence4.5
Red Forest Red Forest4.0
Nasheim Solens Vemod4.0
Find a Band A Collection of Fucky Instrumentals4.5
Fucking hell
Sorcier Des Glaces Ritual of the End4.5
Under the Moonlight and Morbid Ritual are so good. Each song is excellent in their own individual ways. Amazing album.
Kampfar Djevelmakt4.5
Descend Wither4.5
Astrophobos Remnants of Forgotten Horrors4.0
Alcest Shelter3.0
Aenaon Extance4.5
Diabolic Fightin Words4.5
Adorn Grace3.5
Ultimate neckbeard band description

Heiden A kdybys uz nebyla, vymyslím si te4.5
I don't get sad about much, but the fact that these guys will never be listened to by anyone
on this site is just.... Such a shame...
Hell (UK) Curse and Chapter4.5
Satan's Host Virgin Sails5.0
Obliteration Black Death Horizon4.5
Hamferd Evst4.5
Yuri Gagarin Yuri Gagarin3.5
Natti Still Motion4.0
Gorguts Colored Sands4.0
Dead Players Dead Players3.5
K-Rino Plantation Rebellion4.5
Thy Light No Morrow Shall Dawn5.0
Power Trip Manifest Decimation3.5
Black Sabbath 134.0
Dirty Dike Return of the Twat3.5
K-Rino The Maven5.0
Vallendusk Black Clouds Gathering4.5
Saor Roots4.5
Demigodz KILLmatic3.5
Zgard Astral Glow3.5
Brothers of the Stone Brothers of the Stone4.0
Fanisk Insularum4.0
Departure Rose Golden is an easy 5 star track. Fucking classic. Arrival Lotus Black would be a 4.5 star track. Unfortunately, the middle track, Endormintroeum (or whatever) is a largely worthless atmospheric track that is cool in the context of the album but way too long.
Dirty Dike The Sloshpot3.5

Xanthochroid Blessed He With Boils4.0
Fliptrix The Road to the Interdimensional Piff Highway4.0
Chapel of Disease Summoning Black Gods3.5
Elderwind The Magic of Nature4.0
Vinnie Paz God of the Serengeti3.0
Anaal Nathrakh Vanitas4.0
Kawir Isotheos4.5
Enslaved RIITIIR4.5
Oak Pantheon From a Whisper4.0
Brother Ali Mourning In America Dreaming In Color4.0
KOAN Sound The Adventures of Mr. Fox4.0
Katatonia Dead End Kings4.0
The Faceless Autotheism3.5
Autotheist Movements p.1-3 are damn good but the rest of the album is unremarkable. Not bad, just not great.
Visigoth Final Spell4.0
Just a disclaimer, I know very little of this band... I am just giving them a rating because they don't have one at the moment and they deserve one. Creature of Desire is a quality song and they've got a couple more quality songs but I've not heard anything else.rThe lead singer is also the guy who does everything in Gallowbraid! He's awesome.
Tempel (USA-AZ) On the Steps of the Temple4.0
Advent Sorrow Before the Dimming Light3.5
Miseration Tragedy Has Spoken3.5
Rush Clockwork Angels4.5
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I5.0
The Hives Lex Hives3.0
Akala Knowledge is Power Vol.14.5
Make Them Suffer Neverbloom4.0
Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix4.0
Fliptrix Third Eye of the Storm5.0
The kingpin of High Focus weaves his web of lyrical mastery for the third time in a row with "Third Eye of the Storm."rIn terms of musical diversity, flow and lyrical topics, Fliptrix raises the bar yet again with a release that would put 99% of other MCs to shame...... And it's all while running a record label and pulling live performance after performance out of his ass.rI cannot stress just how immaculately produced this album is, and Fliptrix does an incredible job laying down his thoughts over it. He, and the rest of his High Focus crew (check out The Four Owls) really are paving the way for UK hip hop at the moment.rEvery. Single. Track. Is. Incredible - that is something I NEVER get to say after listening to an album, let alone one with 16 tracks.rDo me a favour, do Fliptrix a favour, and most importantly do yourself a favour by checking this album out. You will not regret it.
If These Trees Could Talk Red Forest4.0
Datkid Home By 84.5
It's been 6 years, but Datkid is finally getting the recognition he deserves. There are few UK rappers that can match his technique, flow or rhymes. Standout tracks include 'Home By 8' / 'Natural Born Killaz' / 'Bang' / '6-Rizla Spliff', and 'Family Fortunez'. You'd be hard-pressed to find better storytelling, even by someone like Nas, in the latter recommendation.
Alcest Les Voyages De L'Âme4.0
Horrendous The Chills4.0
Omega Centauri Universum Infinitum4.0
Upped to a 4. This has some seriously impressive moments and is a strong album overall.

Aquilus Griseus4.5
The Four Owls Nature's Greatest Mystery4.5
Vektor Outer Isolation4.0
Satan's Host Celebration: For the Love of Satan4.5
Celph Titled and Buckwild Nineteen Ninety More3.5
Midnight Satanic Royalty4.0
Immortal Technique The Martyr4.0
Lowkey Soundtrack to the Struggle5.0
This is a genuine classic for conscious and political hiphop. This is an MC with all the boxes ticked for talent: lyricism, flow and rhyme-scheme. rBeautifully crafted musically, incredibly powerful message delivered even more successfully. Albums with this level of significance occur every decade or so. Listen to it and try to internalise the strife that Lowkey is imploring you to see. It's there, and he put his Blood, Sweat and Tears into helping you see it.
Split Prophets Scribbled Thoughts5.0
This IS, almost indisputably, a classic in the UKHH scene. This is SP before they opened the floodgates and allowed some unfortunately underwhelming rappers to their ranks. Res and Upfront's lyrics and flows are unparalleled in this. This is real music, for real people! Production top notch as well. HOLLA DAT.
Eastern Front Blood on Snow4.0
Elder (USA-MA) Dead Roots Stirring4.5
Midnight Odyssey Funerals from the Astral Sphere4.5
Outerspace My Brothers Keeper4.5
K-Rino The Day Of The Storm4.5
Jehst The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family4.0
Aenaon Cendres Et Sang3.5
Tech N9ne All 6's and 7's4.0
Elzhi Elmatic5.0
Satan's Host By The Hands of The Devil5.0
Primordial Redemption at the Puritan's Hand4.0
Torchbearer Death Meditations4.5
Qayaas Uss Paar3.5
Sangre de Muerdago Sangre de Muerdago4.0
Beyond Creation The Aura4.0
CunninLynguists Oneirology5.0
Dirty Dike Constant Dikestar4.5
Dornenreich Flammentriebe4.5
K-Rino Deeper Elevation4.5
Impiety Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny4.0
This is one 38 minute song. First 15 minutes are so are really good quality blackened thrash and the rest is basically a slower paced, kind of doom-ish outro riff - the outro is good but while it doesn't stand up to the first half of the CD it does add atmosphere well.
Alda Tahoma4.5
Kroda Schwarzpfad3.0
A shame, really... Musically really good but the vocals just get on my nerves. i love Kroda's old vocalist and this guy simply doesn't do it for me, unfortunately.
Leaf Dog From A Scarecrow's Perspective4.5
Niggas With Guitars Ethnic Frenzy2.0
Too many blacks.

Hamferd Vilst er Síðsta Fet4.5
Hideous Miscreation Delusions Of Grandeur EP4.0
Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy4.5
Great album but slightly let down, in my opinion, by an excessive amount of singing and not enough rap, as well as some fucking AWFUL track features who provide nothing but lazy and talentless lyrics. Luckily, this doesn't take too much away from what is, overall, a quality album.
The Meads of Asphodel The Murder Of Jesus The Jew4.5
Devlin Bud, Sweat and Beers4.0
Celph Titled and Buckwild Nineteen Ninety Now4.5
Ghost (SWE) Opus Eponymous3.5
Superb album, saw a load of people with Ghost shirts at Bloodstock 2012 so thought I'd check them out - FUCKING INSANE - Awesome dark feel throughout the whole album, even when the lyrics aren't about Hungarian Countesses who kidnap, torture and murder hundreds of people and then bathe in their blood. The musical element is also top class, instruments are used well and coalesce to make an impressive overall sound.rEach song has its own particular merits.rThe ONE thing I didn't like so much about this album was the closing track, Genesis. Not the most entertaining listen, but not awful. Also, why would genesis, meaning beginning, be at the end? I'm babbling, I know, but I would strongly recommend this album to any heavy metal fan or anyone who likes their Satan
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini5.0
Opeth In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall4.5
Gallowbraid Ashen Eidolon4.0
K-Rino Annihilation of the Evil Machine5.0
K-Rino Solitary Confinement4.0
Pathfinder Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time4.0
Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare3.5
Klashnekoff Back To The Sagas3.5
A man who left us abruptly in his prime. It's not quite how we remember him, but we welcome him back with open arms nonetheless.
And Hell Followed With Proprioception4.0
Vinnie Paz Season of the Assassin3.5
Standard Vinnie Paz. A lot of filler, but it's not particularly bad filler - it's just not
anything near close to what he can actually do. A lot of grammatical shortcuts to make the
flow cleaner, but that's part of his style these days.

He does have some sick bars though, still.

"Y'all know the flow is precise, you don't owe me ya life, but that could change one roll of
the dice - And if homie try to go for his knife, i'll levitate his body in the air until he
homies with Christ."
Nas and Damian Marley Distant Relatives4.0
Rings of Saturn Embryonic Anomaly3.0
Akala Doublethink3.5
Rhyme Asylum Solitary Confinement5.0
So many metaphors, such amazing flow and delivery. Excellent production. This was very close to a 5.
Solution .45 For Aeons Past4.0
Really good album. Doesn't follow the old SS formula in songwriting.rWirethrone, Clandestiny Now, Gravitational Lensing and Into Shadow are the standout tracks for me.rChristian's death vocals are still as good as ever but some of the cleans do sound really pop-like.
Diabolic Liar & A Thief4.5
Alcest Écailles De Lune4.5
Fliptrix Theory of Rhyme5.0
K-Rino Alien Baby5.0
Ashbury Something Funny Going On3.5
Impaled Northern Moonforest Return Of The Necrowizard5.0
Nokturnal Mortum The Voice of Steel5.0
Obliteration Nekropsalms4.5
Vektor Black Future4.0
The Morningside Moving Crosscurrent of Time4.0
Miseration The Mirroring Shadow4.0
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Saldorian Spell4.0
The Few Against Many Sot4.0
Christian Alvestam yet again showcases his aptitude for ear-splitting vocal performances, this time over some beautifully melodic backing, all while maintaining a sense of brutality and unrelenting power throughout the whole album - well put together, well produced (although I understand that my opinion on over-crisp prod. is subjective).rUnfortunately only 8 tracks long, but Christian has over 9000 other bands you can check him out in.rThis release is reminiscent of Miseration's "The Mirroring Shadow" in terms of the pummelling fast pace and brutal vocals, but it has a melodic side that is the polar opposite of TMS, which, in my personal opinion is one of the only aspects that could have been added to TMS.rSICK album, check it out for yourselves before deciding. It's mostly on Youtube anyway
Megadeth Endgame3.5
P Money Money Over Everyone4.5
Mistur Attende4.5
Contact Play Champion Fraff4.5
Listen to this album. This is a group of mates having a great time on the mic. Can be vulgar and aggressive, but they don't give a fuck. Everything is really well done. Check it out.
Bowling for Soup My Wena2.5
Arguably some of the most important musical artwork ever created.
Divine Heresy Bringer of Plagues3.5
Anaal Nathrakh In the Constellation of the Black Widow4.0
The Crimson Armada Guardians4.0
Chali 2na Fish Outta Water3.5
Hilltop Hoods State of the Art4.5
Oceano Depths3.0
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars5.0
The Lonely Island Incredibad3.5
Lyrinx Ending the Circle of Life4.0
Varied, melancholic, emotionally frustrated, doesn't overstay its welcome.rRecommended.

Sputnik Christmas At Our House1.0
Ikuinen Kaamos Closure4.5
Nocte Obducta Sequenzen einer Wanderung4.5
K-Rino The Blood Doctrine5.0
The Faceless Planetary Duality4.5
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God4.0
Psycroptic Ob(Servant)4.0
Elzhi The Preface4.0
Dirty Dike Bogies & Alcohol4.0
Sick Religion is a song that is genuinely up there with some of the best rap songs, lyrically.
Whitechapel This Is Exile4.0
Immortal Technique The 3rd World3.5
Rhyme Asylum State Of Lunacy5.0
K-Rino Triple Darkness 3: Coalition Ambush CD3.5
Eldrig Mysterion3.5
EMC The Show4.5
K-Rino Triple Darkness 2: Lyrics CD4.5
Agalloch The White4.0
The Arcane Order In The Wake of Collisions5.0
Lowkey Dear Listener4.5
Cor Scorpii Monument4.5

Damaar Triumph Through Spears Of Sacrilege4.0
Fliptrix Force Fed Imagery3.5
Primordial To the Nameless Dead4.5
Demigodz The Godz Must Be Crazier4.0
Hymen Holocaust Hymen Holocaust3.5
Nightwish Dark Passion Play3.5
Army Of The Pharaohs Ritual Of Battle4.0
The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal4.5
Thy Light Suici.De.pression4.0
The Devil Wears Prada Plagues3.0
Alcest Souvenirs D'Un Autre Monde4.0
At The Throne of Judgment The Arcanum Order4.0
Nocturnal Breed Fields of Rot4.5
Job for a Cowboy Genesis3.5
Thurisaz Circadian Rhythm4.0
Moonsorrow Viides luku - Hävitetty4.5
Wrust Soulless Machine4.5
Brother Ali The Undisputed Truth4.5
Soundtrack (Film) Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film.4.5
Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank2.5
Diabolic Foul Play Mixtape4.5
Kroda Fimbulvinter4.0
Darkestrah Epos4.5
Lunar Aurora Andacht4.0
The Arcane Order The Machinery of Oblivion3.5
Children of the Damned Tourettes Camp4.0
Basically dark / evil / minimalistic hip hop beats with a wide variety of quality MCs. rLyrics focus on murder / death / criminality.rOne of the most unique hip hop album's I've heard.
Dr. Syntax Self Taught4.0
Divine Heresy Bleed the Fifth4.0

Forteresse Métal Noir Québécois4.0
Dornenreich Durch Den Traum4.5
Clipse Hell Hath No Fury4.5
Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny4.0
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss4.5
Myrkgrav Trollskau, Skromt og Kolabrenning4.0
One of you cunts needs to write a review for this beast.
Celph Titled The Gatalog: A Collection Of Chaos4.0
Cradle of Filth Thornography4.0
Anaal Nathrakh Eschaton4.0
Amon Amarth With Oden on Our Side4.0
Inhale Exhale The Lost, the Sick, the Sacred3.5
Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death4.0
Apathy and Celph Titled No Place Like Chrome4.0
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain4.5
Three Days Grace One-X3.5
K-Rino Time Traveler5.0
Dissection Reinkaos3.0
Akala It's Not A Rumour4.0
Apathy Eastern Philosophy4.0
Army Of The Pharaohs The Torture Papers4.0
Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis4.0
CunninLynguists A Piece Of Strange5.0
Mirrorthrone Carriers of Dust4.5
Miseration Your Demons ~ Their Angels4.0
The Morningside The Wind, The Trees And The Shadows...4.5

Cor Scorpii Attergangar4.5
Job for a Cowboy Doom3.5
Roadrunner United The All-Star Sessions3.5
1349 Hellfire4.0
Bullet For My Valentine The Poison3.0
Cyne Evolution Fight4.5
Pendulum Hold Your Colour4.0
The Black Dahlia Murder Miasma4.0
Temnozor Folkstorm of the Azure Nights5.0
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil4.5
Kataxu Hunger of Elements4.5
Bruce Dickinson Tyranny of Souls4.0
Candlemass Candlemass4.0
Kawir Arai3.5
Bloodsimple A Cruel World3.5
Taake Hordalands Doedskvad4.0
Moonsorrow Verisäkeet5.0
Primordial The Gathering Wilderness4.5

ISIS Panopticon4.5
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine4.0
22-20s 22-20s4.5
Amon Amarth Fate of Norns4.0
Necrophagist Epitaph5.0
Masta Ace A Long Hot Summer5.0
The Hives Tyrannosaurus Hives4.0
Outerspace Blood and Ashes4.0
7L & Esoteric DC2: Bars of Death4.5
Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God5.0
Fuckin' creepy album. I can wank off to this for many moons to come.
1349 Beyond the Apocalypse4.0
Thurisaz Scent of a Dream4.5
Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News4.0
Lunar Aurora Elixir of Sorrow4.5
Max Richter The Blue Notebooks4.0
K-Rino Fear No Evil5.0
Enslaved Isa3.5
Twista Kamikaze4.0
Evil Scarecrow Crowcifiction4.0
Only heard the album once and it sounded insane but when I saw these guys live I knew I just
had to create their page, so I am just doing typing this now because it's telling me to rate
*EXOSKELETITANIUM!!!*rFirst impressions of this album are very good, kinda hard to describe
the genre, but I guess I would liken it to kind of blackened thrash (with a humorous side)
here is their hilarious video for the song ROBOTOTRON on youtube
Another good song is Blacken The Everything.rI know this isn't a great description, but as I
said, I haven't heard the album enough to give it a proper explanation.
Crotchduster Big Fat Box of Shit4.5
Jag Panzer Casting the Stones4.0
Kroda Cry To Me River4.0
Kanye West The College Dropout4.5
Klashnekoff The Sagas of Klashnekoff5.0
Arckanum Kaos Svarta Mar4.0
Illogic Celestial Clockwork4.0
Skinnyman Council Estate Of Mind4.5

The Offspring Splinter3.5
Weeping Birth A Painting of Raven and Rape4.0
Edge of Sanity Crimson II4.0
Fuck what I said before, this IS at least a 4.rFuck that guy I was.rFuckkkkk.
Avenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen4.0
Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 25.0
Canibus Rip The Jacker5.0
Louis Logic Sin-A-Matic4.0
Fanisk Noontide5.0
Stereophonics You Gotta Go There To Come Back3.5
Moonsorrow Kivenkantaja5.0
Brother Ali Shadows On The Sun4.5
1349 Liberation4.0
CunninLynguists Southernunderground4.0
Windir Likferd5.0
Amon Amarth Versus the World4.0
Enslaved Below the Lights4.5
The Black Dahlia Murder Unhallowed4.0

Nas God's Son4.5
Manilla Road Mark of the Beast4.5
TiiiiiIIiiiIIiiiiiime TRAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp
Nazgul De Expugnatione Elfmuth4.0
7L & Esoteric Dangerous Connection4.0
CunninLynguists Will Rap For Food4.0
Agalloch The Mantle5.0
Fanisk Die and Become5.0
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors3.0
Ritual Day Sky Lake4.0
Jehst The Return of the Drifter4.5

Nas STILLmatic4.0
Windir 11845.0
Anaal Nathrakh The Codex Necro4.5
I gave this a rating of 4.5 / 5 because, for what this album is, and for the purposes that I listen to it (for crushing, hate-inducing extreme metal) it is superb.rSure, it's not the most varied release, nor one that many people might find particularly easy to listen to from beginning to end; this is why it is not a classic... Just a superb album from an absolutely excellent band.r
Masta Ace Disposable Arts4.5
Tenacious D Tenacious D4.0
Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 14.5
System of a Down Toxicity5.0
Converge Jane Doe3.5
7L & Esoteric Soul Purpose5.0
Absu Tara4.0
Opeth Blackwater Park4.5
One of my favorite albums of all time, every song is perfect in it's own right. Also great review but disagree with you on the part where you said that The Funeral Portrait was the most forgettable songs on the album, I fucking love that tune.r5 motherfucking stars
Martyr Warp Zone3.5

The Offspring Conspiracy of One3.5
Primordial Spirit the Earth Aflame4.0
Cradle of Filth Midian4.5
Hampton The Hampster Hampsterdance the Album5.0
Radiohead Kid A5.0
The Hives Veni Vidi Vicious4.0
The Darksend Antichrist in Excelsis4.0
How the fuck has this not got any ratings?rThis album is ca$h as fuck, yo!
Big L The Big Picture4.0
Modest Mouse The Moon & Antarctica5.0
Iron Maiden Brave New World4.5
Modest Mouse Building Nothing Out of Something4.5
Anaal Nathrakh Total Fucking Necro4.5
Boris Flood3.0

Taake Nattestid Ser Porten Vid4.5
Necrophagist Onset of Putrefaction4.0
Opeth Still Life4.5
Windir Arntor5.0
Dornenreich Bitter ist's dem Tod zu dienen4.5
Summoning Stronghold4.5
Autumn Leaves As Night Conquers Day4.0
7L & Esoteric Speaking Real Words EP4.5
Agalloch Pale Folklore4.5
Crimson Glory Astronomica1.0
Fuck, I hate this album so much.
Koopsta Knicca Da Devil's Playground4.0
Deep Puddle Dynamics The Taste of Rain...Why Kneel?4.5
Windham Hell Reflective Depths Imbibe3.5

Bruce Dickinson The Chemical Wedding4.5
Canibus Can-I-Bus3.5
Fat Joe Don Cartagena4.0
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse4.0
Anal Cunt Picnic of Love4.0
Modest Mouse/764-Hero Whenever You See Fit4.0
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast4.0
Big Pun Capital Punishment5.0
Cannibal Corpse Gallery of Suicide4.0
420 Reality5.0
dank nugs
Jag Panzer Age of Mastery4.5
Primordial A Journey's End4.0
UNKLE Psyence Fiction4.0
Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West5.0
Andrea Bocelli Romanza5.0
Dornenreich Nicht um zu sterben4.5
Twista Adrenaline Rush5.0
Radiohead OK Computer5.0
Windir Soknardalr4.0
Ulver Nattens Madrigal4.5
Impaled Northern Moonforest Impaled Northern Moonforest5.0
Anal Cunt I Like It When You Die3.5
The Offspring Ixnay on the Hombre4.0
Bruce Dickinson Accident of Birth4.5
Mithotyn In The Sign Of The Ravens4.5
Jag Panzer The Fourth Judgement4.0
Kawir To Cavirs3.0
Nokturnal Mortum Goat Horns4.0
Arckanum Kostogher4.5
Atmosphere on this thing is awesome. Such an underrated album!
The Eye Supremacy4.5
Burzum Daudi Baldrs3.5

Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace4.5
Modest Mouse Interstate 84.0
Crowded House Recurring Dream5.0
Opeth Morningrise4.0
Punky Bruster Cooked on Phonics3.5
Cradle of Filth Vempire or Dark Faerytales in Phalluste 4.5
Modest Mouse This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About5.0
Edge of Sanity Crimson5.0
In Flames The Jester Race5.0
Cryptopsy None So Vile4.5
Ulver Kveldssanger4.0
Nokturnal Mortum Lunar Poetry4.0
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Ages4.5
Nas It Was Written4.5
Sacramentum Far Away from the Sun4.5
Burzum Filosofem4.5
Katatonia Brave Murder Day4.5

K-Rino Danger Zone4.5
AZ Doe or Die4.5
Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory?4.5
Radiohead The Bends4.5
Big L Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous4.5
Death Symbolic5.0
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler5.0
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane5.0
Zyklon-B Blood Must Be Shed3.0
Arckanum Fran Marder4.0
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul4.5
Unanimated Ancient God of Evil4.0
Windir Det Gamle Riket3.5
Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band Hulk Rules5.0
Primordial Imrama3.5
To Enter Pagan is GOAT Primordial, fucking fite me
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger5.0
Nas Illmatic5.0
The Offspring Smash4.0
Cradle of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh4.0
Windir Sogneriket3.5
Katatonia For Funerals to Come...4.0
Burzum Hvis lyset tar oss4.5
Memento Mori Life, Death, and Other Morbid Tales4.0
Burzum Det som engang var5.0
Da King and I Contemporary Jeep Music5.0
Radiohead Pablo Honey3.5
K-Rino Stories From The Black Book4.0
Dissection The Somberlain4.5
Lord Foul Killing, Raping, Burning3.5
Apocalypse Faithless5.0
Brutality Screams of Anguish4.5

Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky4.0
Kyuss Blues for the Red Sun4.0
Twista Runnin' Off at da Mouth3.5
Holocaust (UK) Hypnosis of Birds4.0
Aspid Extravasation4.5
Dark Millennium Ashore the Celestial Burden4.0
The Offspring Ignition4.0

Atheist Unquestionable Presence4.5
Pearl Jam Ten4.5
Crowded House Woodface4.5
Heathen Victims of Deception4.5
Crimson Glory Strange and Beautiful4.0
This isn't anywhere near as bad as people are making it out to be. Total departure from the epic, soaring melodic stylings of the previous 2 albums, but an interesting album that, in all honesty, was executed pretty well in terms of what I assume they were going for. That saxophone in 'In the Mood' is done incredibly well, as are most of the intros/outros to songs. They just never "get going" as the prior albums did.rStrongest songs here are 'In the Mood' and 'Deep Inside Your Heart', with the latter being just as good as anything on the 2 classics.r
Megadeth Rust in Peace5.0
Judas Priest Painkiller5.0
Cancer To the Gory End4.0

Candlemass Tales of Creation4.0
King Diamond Conspiracy5.0
Toxik Think This5.0

Candlemass Ancient Dreams4.5
King Diamond ''Them''4.5
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son5.0
Crimson Glory Transcendence 5.0
Muslimgauze The Rape Of Palestine4.0

Candlemass Nightfall4.5
King Diamond Abigail5.0
Tankard Chemical Invasion4.0
Toxik World Circus4.0
Anthrax Among the Living5.0
Manilla Road Mystification4.5
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time5.0
Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus5.0
King Diamond Fatal Portrait4.0
Satan's Host Metal from Hell4.5
Crimson Glory Crimson Glory4.0
Manilla Road The Deluge5.0
Anthrax Spreading the Disease5.0
Possessed Seven Churches4.0
Morton Feldman For Bunita Marcus2.5
NGL this is pretty shit

Iron Maiden Powerslave4.5
Jag Panzer Ample Destruction5.0
Scorpions Love At First Sting4.0
Flux of Pink Indians The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks4.5
Tokyo Blade Night of the Blade3.5

Slayer Show No Mercy4.0
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind4.0
Manilla Road Crystal Logic5.0
Ashbury Endless Skies4.5

Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance4.5
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast4.5
Diamanda Galas The Litanies of Satan4.5

Black Sabbath Mob Rules4.0
Rush Moving Pictures5.0
Samson Shock Tactics3.5

Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell4.5
Luciano Pavarotti Pavarotti's Greatest Hits5.0

Rush Hemispheres4.5
Rainbow Long Live Rock 'n' Roll4.5
X-Ray Spex Germfree Adolescents4.5

Rainbow Rising4.5
Rush 21125.0
Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny5.0

Rush Caress of Steel4.0
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow4.0
Black Sabbath Sabotage5.0

King Crimson Red4.5

Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath4.5
Genesis Selling England by the Pound4.5

Black Sabbath Vol. 44.5
Cymande Cymande4.5

Black Sabbath Master of Reality4.0

Vashti Bunyan Just Another Diamond Day4.5
Black Sabbath Paranoid4.0
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath4.5
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King5.0

Small Faces There Are But Four Small Faces4.5
The 13th Floor Elevators Easter Everywhere4.0
Tom Lehrer Songs by Tom Lehrer5.0

Klashnekoff Focus Mode4.0

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