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Medeia Iconoclastic4.0
Havok Unnatural Selection4.0
Children of Bodom Halo of Blood3.5
Black Tongue Falsifier4.0
Amorphis Circle4.0
Queensryche Frequency Unknown1.0 #Willpower1.0
Thy Art Is Murder Hate4.0
Fallujah Nomadic4.5
Nails Abandon All Life4.0
Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal4.0
Kvelertak Meir4.0
Northlane Singularity3.5
Lost Society Fast Loud Death4.5
Lost Society's debut is a fucking awesome blast of explosive and energetic thrash metal
with lots of really sweet riffage and awesome musicianship, with some nice punk influence
(short song lengths and overall not-giving-a-fuck). Every fan of thrash must check this out
Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience4.5
Darkthrone The Underground Resistance3.0
Brutality Ruins of Humans4.0
One Morning Left Our Sceneration3.0
Omnium Gatherum Beyond4.0
Suffocation Pinnacle of Bedlam4.0
Shai Hulud Reach Beyond the Sun4.0
Bullet For My Valentine Temper Temper2.0
Rings of Saturn Dingir4.0
Coheed and Cambria The Afterman: Descension4.0
Those Who Fear Unholy Anger2.5
Heart in Hand Almost There4.0
Pomegranate Tiger Entities4.5
Necrowretch Putrid Death Sorcery4.0
A very awesome old-school death metal album which is surprisingly not Swedish (or Finnish), but French. You've heard this sort of stuff so many times before but when it's this well-made, it's hard to resist. Not an album I'm going to listen to a whole lot, but when in need of some 90's-spirited swedeath worship, you could do much worse than this.
Vorum Poisoned Void3.5
Polyenso One Big Particular Loop4.5
Bad Religion True North4.0
The Plot In You Could You Watch Your Children Burn3.5
Auras Panacea3.5
Katalepsy Autopsychosis4.5
Some of the best brutal death metal I've ever heard! The 2013 of metal couldn't start any
better than this album.
Black Veil Brides Wretched and Divine1.5

Capture Til Death1.0
Infant Annihilator The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution4.0
Circle of Contempt Entwine the Threads3.5
Unraveller Kinship Synthesis3.0
Mestis Basal Ganglia4.0
I Am Abomination Let The Future Tell The Truth3.5
Kuolemanlaakso Uljas uusi maailma4.0
A very solid slab of melodic death/doom metal, similar to Swallow the Sun, except I feel Kuolemanlaakso is a bit heavier. The vocalist actually is from StS, and I recommend this great album to every fan of this style of music. Best song is probably "Etsin".
Woe, Is Me Genesi[s]1.0
As I (and many others) expected, this is easily one of the worst albums of the year. There ris absolutely nothing interesting in this incredibly boring release, it just chugs, chugs rand chugs. And CHUGS. STOP IT. Occassionally you might also hear some 3p1c synth and rtotally not overused glitchy effects, and let's not forget about the bland "choruses"! I rwon't lie, the vocalists are quite skilled, and that's the only thing which might lead rpeople into believing that Woe, Is Me has any talent. They even got Matty Mullings, one of rmy favorite vocalists to feature in this album and the song he's in is some kind of a pop-rpunky "epic anthem" closer. And it fucking blows! I won't even delve into the lyrics, if ryou're reading this you've probably seen the "I've Told You Once" lyric video and that is renough.rEdit: Seems like the song Matty's in is actually "The Walking Dead". Whatever, they're all rshit. The fact that I didn't notice shows how much I care
Crown the Empire The Fallout3.0
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up1.0
Issues Black Diamonds2.5
Deftones Koi No Yokan4.5
Tardive Dyskinesia Static Apathy in Fast Forward3.5
Hacktivist Hacktivist4.0
Graveyard (SWE) Lights Out4.0
War from a Harlots Mouth Voyeur4.0
The Seeking Yours Forever3.5
Parkway Drive Atlas3.5
Dweller The Reality Vector3.5
Intervals In Time4.5
Intervals' debut EP "The Space Between" was incredible. Everything felt just perfect rto me, I loved every song to death and I wouldn't hesitate to call it my favorite rinstrumental album of all time. This EP is a bit different. They have gotten more djenty rand this EP has a lot more Periphery influence than before. Also, the songs and the riffs rin general just are not as good as on "The Space Between". But who cares!! It's still a rpure pleasure to listen to. Especially the solos are really amazing this time around, and rAnup Sastry's drumwork is insanely good as expected. "Momento" is really great, best song ron the album.
Being As An Ocean Dear G-d3.5
BATS The Sleep of Reason4.0
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!4.0
In Fear and Faith In Fear and Faith 4.5
Anberlin Vital4.0
Wintersun Time I3.5
I mean it's epic and grandiose and all that shit but that epic feeling should be carried out by killer melodies and amazing songwriting and not through layers and layers and layers of synth, even though I also enjoy that sound. It's a fun listen but it's short and it isn't that memorable to be honest, plus the drum sound is terrible which is not good because Kai Hahto is awesome. Honestly, I like their self titled a lot better, and even though this is also a very good record, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed.
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind4.5
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax II: Future Sequence4.0
Texas in July Texas in July3.5
Their best album yet! I had lost hope in this band after their godawful and sleep inducing previous album One Reality (Magnolia was awesome though) but this self-titled record manages to be a really entertaining listen. Riffs are quick and techy just as I like them and the breakdowns are really fun at best. Adam Gray's drumming is also way better this time around. The biggest problem, of course, is still that many of the songs sound a bit alike each other and they reuse the tricks in their bag a bit too often, but it's not that bad because the album ends soon enough and there also are glimpses of creativity found here and there, including an above-average instrumental. Vocals are still pretty much the same, a bit monotone but they didn't get on my nerves. If you like metalcore, I doubt you'll be disappointed with this album.
Coheed and Cambria The Afterman: Ascension4.0
The Acacia Strain Death Is the Only Mortal3.0
August Burns Red Sleddin' Hill4.5
Water's Edge An Abstract Collapse4.0
The Paramedic Smoke & Mirrors2.0
This is some fairly stupid stuff. I enjoy some of the instrumental work, but the synth is
extremely uninspired. I feel like some of the vocal melodies would be pretty good without
autotune tacked on them. I still wonder how people aren't tired of making albums full of
breakdowns yet, like is it impossible for these bands to write songs without chugging it up
every chance possible? This is much better than the new Abandon All Ships though so I guess
a 2 will do. I really like listening to crappy music like this more than "just average"
music for some reason, makes me feel better for my lackluster instrumental ability. If
you're also like me, check out this album for some laughs.

FUCK YOUR JUDGMENT!! chug chug chug chug chug chug
This or the Apocalypse Dead Years3.5
In Dying Arms Boundaries3.0
Rita Ora ORA1.0
Witchcraft Legend4.0
Devin Townsend Project Epicloud4.5
Dysphoria To the Perfect Form of Modern Species4.0
Cryptopsy Cryptopsy4.0
The Chariot One Wing4.5
Skrillex Make It Bun Dem After Hours1.0
In Hearts Wake Divination3.5
Wide Eyes Volume4.0
AngelMaker Decay3.0
Don Broco Priorities3.5
While She Sleeps This Is the Six4.5
Gaza No Absolutes in Human Suffering4.0
A Million Dead Birds Laughing Xen3.0
Dark Time Sunshine ANX4.5
Barrier Dark Days3.5
Bury Tomorrow The Union Of Crowns5.0
The Contortionist Intrinsic3.5
Woe, Is Me Number[s] (Reissue)1.0
House Of Heroes Cold Hard Want4.5
Aesop Rock Skelethon4.0
The Word Alive Life Cycles2.5
On itself, this album is not bad, and makes up for an okay listen. But compared to Deceiver,
which was catchy as hell, had some awesome guitarwork and was very energetic all around, it
seems like the band has lost their touch. Nothing sticks to your head from this album,
unlike Deceiver, where every song had something which separated it from others. Every song
in Life Cycles feels like the same song all over again. Where is the fun? This is a very
disappointing album from a band I have always loved to listen to.
Periphery Periphery II: This Time It's Personal4.0
Abandon All Ships Infamous1.0
Bro my god!! I mean the first album was a guilty pleasure but this? I feel physical pain
for knowing this is actually a signed band, especially after seeing some recent "live
Wolves at the Gate Captors4.0
Nile At the Gate of Sethu3.5
Memphis May Fire Challenger4.0
Signal The Firing Squad Abnegate2.5
Icarus the Owl Love Always, Leviathan4.0
Dying Fetus Reign Supreme4.5
Chelsea Grin Evolve2.5
The Ghost Inside Get What You Give4.0
Devin Townsend Project By A Thread: Live in London 20115.0
Justin Bieber Believe1.5
Rush Clockwork Angels4.0
Numbers Numbers3.5
Abnormality Contaminating the Hive Mind4.0
Art By Numbers Reticence: The Musical4.5
Grand Magus The Hunt4.0
Make Them Suffer Neverbloom3.0
Make Them Suffer's debut album is definitely a good one. Too bad all of the 10 tracks use the same tricks again and again. There's a lot of blast beats, epic piano and breakdowns. It sounds great but it gets very tiring to listen to for a full album. EP was better, and shorter so it was not as boring, and I hope MTS tries to make their music more interesting in the future instead of filling the album with constant symphonic brutality.
Jess And The Ancient Ones Jess And The Ancient Ones4.5
Visceral Throne Omnipotent Asperity4.0
Resist the Thought Sovereignty3.5
Calmed By The Tides Of Rain Phaeton3.5
Lapko ΓΟΛΕ4.5
With their newest album Lapko trade some of their melancholicism to a more rockish and energetic sound, and it works really well for them. Lapko's formula in the album is simple - great riffs, soaring, catchy choruses and a very organic feeling. But in the end, all that matters is songwriting, and Lapko has definitely mastered that, offering songs like "Dragons" and "River Venom", which stick with you from the first listen and make you hunger for more. Not many weak moments are heard in this modern rock masterpiece, so do yourself a favor and take a listen.
Oddland The Treachery of Senses5.0
This album has 10 brilliant songs with each of them having their own memorable compositions
and all those "wow" moments. After half a year of frequent listening, it's still just as
awesome. AOTY 5/5
Bermuda The Wandering3.5
Fatal FE Speed Of Light4.0
Skyharbor Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos4.5
Mandroid Echostar Mandroid Echostar4.0
His Statue Falls Mistaken For Trophies2.0
Emmure Slave to the Game3.5
Gatling Beforemath4.0
High on Fire De Vermis Mysteriis4.0
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded1.0
Mr. Oizo Stade 33.0
Make Me Famous It's Now or Never2.5
Meshuggah Koloss4.0
Hour of Penance Sedition3.5
Black Breath Sentenced To Life4.5
Wretched (USA-NC) Son of Perdition3.5
It's a good metal album for sure but after the incredible Beyond the Gate I hoped for
something much more "WOW"-inducing. The old vocalist fit the band a bit better. They seem to
have upped the heaviness but reduced the catchiness, which isn't what I hoped. I am
disappointed, hopefully it will grow on me. The instrumentals are good, yet a bit short this
time around, and "Repeat" is a badass song.
Eskimo Callboy Bury Me in Fucking Vegas2.5
De Lirium's Order Veniversum4.5
Impending Doom Baptized in Filth3.5
Gorod A Perfect Absolution4.5
Lord Mantis Pervertor4.0
Every Time I Die Ex Lives3.5
Slice the Cake The Man With No Face4.0
Ascariasis Ocean of Colour4.5
T.R.A.M. Lingua Franca4.5
Veil of Maya Eclipse4.0
Abominable Putridity The Anomalies of Artificial Origin4.0
Terrorizer Hordes of Zombies2.0
Napalm Death Utilitarian4.5
The Omega Experiment The Omega Experiment3.0
Stam1na Nocebo4.0
Sithu Aye Isles4.5
Zelliack Noir Tone4.0
Palisades I'm Not Dying Today4.0
Palisades deliver a quality debut EP here. The band sounds like Memphis May Fire in every aspect, but as a massive MMF fan I don't really care. With great vocals and good songwriting, this is a very enjoyable release from a band with much potential to be awesome in the future.
Swallow the Sun Emerald Forest and the Blackbird4.5
My Ticket Home To Create a Cure4.0
Bleeding Through The Great Fire3.5
Dyscarnate And So It Came To Pass4.5
Attack Attack! (US) This Means War3.0
Enter Shikari A Flash Flood of Colour3.5
Tharsis They Ominous Silence4.5
Xibalba Hasta La Muerte3.5

Capture Capture the Crown1.5
Intervals The Space Between5.0
Etienne Sin Behold The Renaissance1.0
Ever Forthright Ever Forthright4.5
Black Veil Brides Rebels2.0
ERRA Impulse4.0
Crown the Empire Limitless3.0
Vildhjarta Masstaden4.0
Eat a Helicopter Descend Into Darkness3.5
Nerve End Axis4.0
Vektor Outer Isolation5.0
Fallujah The Harvest Wombs4.5
Iron Savior The Landing3.0
Cloudkicker Let Yourself Be Huge4.0
Northlane Discoveries4.5
A very good album in a genre mostly known of dullness. Dispossession is fucking awesome. Absolutely great for a debut album, recommended.
Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy4.0
Animals As Leaders Weightless3.5
Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe1.0
Lou Reed and Metallica Lulu1.5
Vore Gravehammer3.5
Carnifex Until I Feel Nothing3.5
Structures Divided By3.0
Evile Five Serpent's Teeth4.5
Immolation Providence4.5
A Lot Like Birds Conversation Piece4.5
Reckless Love Animal Attraction2.0
Blotted Science The Animation of Entomology4.5
Transit Listen and Forgive4.5
Friend For A Foe Source of Isolation3.5
Profane Omen Destroy!3.5
Warbringer Worlds Torn Asunder4.0
Oh, Sleeper Children Of Fire4.5
Volumes Via2.5
Man Overboard Man Overboard3.5
Mastodon The Hunter4.5
Betraying the Martyrs Breathe In Life4.0
Wormrot Noise4.5
The Atlas Moth An Ache for the Distance4.0
We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown to Be2.0
The Devil Wears Prada Dead Throne3.5
Substructure Monolith4.5
Blood Red Throne Brutalitarian Regime3.5
One Morning Left The Bree-Teenz4.0
Ghost Brigade Until Fear No Longer Defines Us4.0
Design the Skyline Nevaeh3.0
Aliases Safer Than Reality3.5
Fleshgod Apocalypse Agony3.0
Vale of Pnath The Prodigal Empire3.5
Unkind Harhakuvat4.0
Death Toll 80k Harsh Realities5.0
Iwrestledabearonce Ruining It for Everybody3.0
All Shall Perish This Is Where It Ends4.0
Serianna Inheritors3.5
Falling in Reverse The Drug in Me Is You2.0
I Am Abomination The Passion Of The Heist3.5
Nekrogoblikon Stench3.5
Annotations Of An Autopsy Dark Days1.5
Feastem World Delirium3.5
Spawn From Deceit At Least We Did Care4.0
Medeia Abandon All4.5
Suicide Silence The Black Crown3.5
Cannabis Corpse Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise4.5
Super creative and fun death metal with some very good ideas in almost every song. Kicks the
shit out of almost any other death metal band these days!
Beheading of a King Quasar: Preserving Legacy4.0
Exhumed All Guts, No Glory3.5
Devin Townsend Project Ghost3.5
The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual4.0
August Burns Red Leveler4.0
Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction4.0
The Dear Hunter Blue3.5
The Dear Hunter Green4.5
The Dear Hunter Yellow4.5
Of Mice and Men The Flood5.0
I don't care about other people's opinions, I love this album to death. It's generic metalcore, but who cares? It's generic metalcore done so well that the other bands don't have anything to put against this. Well, except Memphis May Fire. The riffs are so simple but oh so good and both vocalists show awesome ability in building catchy choruses and fun breakdowns. There just is something special in The Flood.
Black Veil Brides Set the World on Fire1.5
The Air I Breathe Great Faith In Fools4.5
Amorphis The Beginning of Times4.0
Touche Amore Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me3.5
Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus1.5
Djevel Dodssanger3.0
Autopsy Macabre Eternal4.5
Shining (SWE) VII: Fodd Forlorare4.0
Putridity Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria3.0
It's brutal, it's fucking fast, but that's pretty much all there is to it. Insane drumming is the best thing here! Not much to be seen in the songwriting department.
NAMI Fragile Alignments4.5
Nader Sadek In the Flesh4.0
Beastwars Beastwars3.5
Year of the Goat Lucem Ferre4.0
Really good occult rock. If you like that genre you should absolutely check this out.
Ana Kefr The Burial Tree (II)4.5
Memphis May Fire The Hollow5.0
Lions!Tigers!Bears! Shallow Waters, Endless Depth4.0
Quite a good album, felt a bit boring at first but now it feels fresh and energetic. If you like post-hardcore, this is a very good listen. The album sounds good and powerful and the screams are great.
Texas in July One Reality2.0
Amaranthe Amaranthe2.5
Foo Fighters Wasting Light5.0
Last Chance to Reason Level 24.5
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues3.5
Archspire All Shall Align5.0
Asking Alexandria Reckless and Relentless2.5
Breakdown of Sanity Mirrors2.5
Amon Amarth Surtur Rising4.5
Havok Time Is Up4.5
Wormrot Dirge4.0
Born of Osiris The Discovery4.5
Protest the Hero Scurrilous4.0
TesseracT One4.0
Benighted Asylum Cave4.5
Rotten Sound Cursed4.0
Children of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever2.5
Dance Gavin Dance Downtown Battle Mountain II4.0
Rainbowdragoneyes The Primordial Booze5.0
Scale the Summit The Collective4.5
Omnium Gatherum New World Shadows4.5
Emmure Speaker of the Dead4.0
Macabre Grim Scary Tales2.5
Asking Alexandria Stepped Up and Scratched1.0
Apparitions The Human Collapse3.5
These Hearts Forever Ended Yesterday1.5

Fatal FE Transfornation4.0
Burning The Masses Offspring of Time4.0
After the Burial In Dreams4.0
The Chariot Long Live4.0
Your Memorial Atonement3.5
Yngwie Malmsteen Relentless2.0
My Chemical Romance Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys1.5
Nicki Minaj Pink Friday1.0
A Day To Remember What Separates Me from You2.5
Signal The Firing Squad Earth Harvest4.0
brokeNCYDE Will Never Die1.0
Atheist Jupiter4.5
Memphis May Fire Between the Lies4.5
Electric Wizard Black Masses4.0
dB soundworks Super Meat Boy!5.0
Amberian Dawn End of Eden4.5
Halcyon Way Building the Towers3.5
Motionless in White Creatures3.0
Abandon All Ships Geeving2.5
Bring Me The Horizon There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It...3.0
Make Them Suffer Lord of Woe 4.0
Cloudkicker Beacons4.5
Beneath the Massacre Marée Noire4.0
Autopsy The Tomb Within4.0
Rorcal Heliogabalus4.5
The Contortionist Exoplanet5.0
The Word Alive Deceiver4.5
Woe, Is Me Number[s]2.5
The Devil Wears Prada Zombie4.0
Cerebral Bore Maniacal Miscreation4.5
Bonded by Blood Exiled to Earth3.0
Waking the Cadaver Beyond Cops, Beyond God2.0
Wretched (USA-NC) Beyond The Gate5.0
Black Veil Brides We Stitch These Wounds1.0
Inherit Disease Visceral Transcendence3.5
Lapko A New Bohemia5.0
A New Bohemia is an amazing album. Catchy riffs, amazing drums and vocals and truly inspiring songwriting which leave me speechless. I agree with the other dude, this should be HUGE.
GAF Cultivate Disdain4.5
Pierce the Veil Selfish Machines4.0
Kvelertak Kvelertak5.0
Attack Attack! (US) Attack Attack!4.0
I Declare War Malevolence2.0
Stick To Your Guns The Hope Division4.0
Rings of Saturn Embryonic Anomaly3.0
Brain Drill Quantum Catastrophe3.0
Misery Index Heirs To Thievery4.0
Deftones Diamond Eyes5.0
Dyscarnate Enduring the Massacre4.0
Periphery Periphery4.5
Periphery Periphery (Instrumental)4.5
letlive. Fake History4.5
Hour of Penance Paradogma4.5
Mokoma Sydänjuuret4.0
Justin Bieber My World 2.01.0
The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis4.5
Black Breath Heavy Breathing4.0
Immolation Majesty and Decay4.5
Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men3.5
Anamanaguchi Airbrushed5.0
His Statue Falls Collisions3.5
Nails Unsilent Death4.5
Carnifex Hell Chose Me3.0
Stam1na Viimeinen Atlantis4.5
Deathbound Non Compos Mentis3.0
Shining (NOR) Blackjazz4.0
Annotations Of An Autopsy II: The Reign of Darkness2.5
Etienne Sin The Art of Stealing Hearts1.0
Souleye PPPPPP5.0
Oh how I love this game and this soundtrack. It's very relaxing, fun, incredibly catchy, well composed and sounds amazing. If you like chiptune YOU BETTER listen to this for a week straight at least. And buy VVVVVV.
Sotajumala Kuolemanpalvelus3.5
Undergang Indhentet af Døden4.0
Nokturnal Mortum The Voice of Steel5.0
Rishloo Feathergun5.0
Chimp Spanner At the Dream's Edge4.0
An Endless Sporadic An Endless Sporadic4.0
Circle of Contempt Artifacts in Motion3.5
Devin Townsend Project Addicted5.0
Justin Bieber My World1.0
Vektor Black Future5.0
Swallow the Sun New Moon4.5
Gama Bomb Tales From the Grave in Space4.0
Nile Those Whom the Gods Detest5.0
Slayer World Painted Blood3.0
Between the Buried and Me The Great Misdirect4.5
Bury Tomorrow Portraits3.0
Converge Axe to Fall5.0
Evile Infected Nations4.0
Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity4.0
Asking Alexandria Stand Up and Scream3.0
Megadeth Endgame4.0
Muse The Resistance4.0
Oh, Sleeper Son Of The Morning3.5
Ghost Brigade Isolation Songs5.0
Emmure Felony2.0
Hexen State of Insurgency3.5
Kraanium The Art of Female Sodomy3.0
Vomit the Soul Apostles of Inexpression4.0
The Word Alive Empire4.0
Memphis May Fire Sleepwalking4.0
For the Fallen Dreams Relentless3.5
August Burns Red Constellations4.5
The Crimson Armada Guardians3.5
Suicide Silence No Time to Bleed2.5
Amorphis Skyforger4.5
brokeNCYDE I'm Not a Fan, but the Kids Like It!1.0
Magrudergrind Magrudergrind5.0
Dance Gavin Dance Happiness4.5
Iwrestledabearonce It's All Happening4.0
Krypts Open the Crypt4.0
Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix4.5
Devin Townsend Project Ki4.5
Amberian Dawn The Clouds of Northland Thunder5.0
Animals As Leaders Animals as Leaders4.5
Church of Misery Houses of the Unholy4.5
Warbringer Waking into Nightmares5.0
Mastodon Crack the Skye4.5
Wretched (USA-NC) The Exodus of Autonomy3.5
Of Machines As If Everything Was Held In Place3.5
Lazarus A.D. The Onslaught5.0
Fleshgod Apocalypse Oracles4.5
Viraemia Viraemia4.5
This is honestly a ridiculously good tech death EP! The endless wanking actually is the biggest strength of the band, as they manage to create incredibly catchy riffs and leads with the excessive technicality. Even though it seems really extreme at first, it's actually a very easy listen after you get used to it. Combined with some impressive drumwork, fun breakdowns and really good and memorable songwriting it's a brilliant EP. I enjoy listening to Viraemia immensely and I really hope this won't be their only output.
Obscura Cosmogenesis4.0
CiLiCe Deranged Headtrip4.5
Free Spirit Pale Sister of Light4.5
A Day To Remember Homesick3.0
Architects Hollow Crown4.0
ABACABB Survivalist2.0
Medeia Cult4.5
Wormrot Abuse4.5
Vorum Grim Death Awaits4.5
An awesome little EP of death metal perfection, full of beastly songs with really catchy yet heavy riffs. One of my all time favorites.
Texas in July I Am3.5

Attack Attack! (US) Someday Came Suddenly1.0
The Faceless Planetary Duality4.5
Cynic Traced in Air4.5
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery4.5
CHON Demo 20084.5
Hooded Menace Fulfill the Curse4.5
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God5.0
Bring Me The Horizon Suicide Season3.5
Omnium Gatherum The Redshift4.5
All That Remains Overcome3.0
Metallica Death Magnetic3.0
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone2.5
Dance Gavin Dance Dance Gavin Dance4.0
Deuteronomium From the Midst of the Battle4.0
After the Burial Rareform5.0
Misery Signals Controller4.0
Whitechapel This Is Exile3.5
Fellsilent The Hidden Words3.5
Cryptopsy The Unspoken King2.0
Venetian Snares Detrimentalist4.0
GAF Mongofied4.0
Emmure The Respect Issue2.0
Children of Bodom Blooddrunk2.0
An Endless Sporadic Ameliorate5.0
Desert Planet Moonrocks3.5
Meshuggah obZen4.5
Hour of Penance The Vile Conception4.5
Heaven Shall Burn Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance)3.0
Protest the Hero Fortress4.5
Rotten Sound Cycles4.0
For the Fallen Dreams Changes3.0

Memphis May Fire Memphis May Fire3.5
Mokoma Luihin ja ytimiin4.0
Waking the Cadaver Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler2.0
Sotajumala Teloitus4.0
Oh, Sleeper When I Am God4.0
The Ghost Inside Fury and the Fallen Ones3.5
Parkway Drive Horizons4.0
Between the Buried and Me Colors4.5
Suicide Silence The Cleansing2.5
The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal4.5
Benighted Icon4.5
Amorphis Silent Waters4.0
The Devil Wears Prada Plagues2.5
Nile Ithyphallic4.0
Darkest Hour Deliver Us4.5
Evile Enter the Grave4.5
Akercocke Antichrist4.5
Devin Townsend Ziltoid the Omniscient4.5
Rishloo Eidolon3.5
Dance Gavin Dance Downtown Battle Mountain4.5
Dark Tranquillity Fiction4.5
Trap Them Sleepwell Deconstructor4.0
Emmure Goodbye to the Gallows3.0
Buckethead Pepper's Ghost4.5
The Berzerker Animosity4.5
Brain Drill Apocalyptic Feasting3.0
Distance My Demons4.5
A Day To Remember For Those Who Have Heart3.0
Lunar Aurora Andacht4.0
Walknut Graveforests And Their Shadows4.5

Deftones Saturday Night Wrist4.5
Amon Amarth With Oden on Our Side4.5
Violator Chemical Assault3.5
Mastodon Blood Mountain4.5
Justin Timberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds3.5
The Devil Wears Prada Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord1.0
Guthrie Govan Erotic Cakes4.0
Slayer Christ Illusion3.0
Muse Black Holes & Revelations4.5
All That Remains The Fall of Ideals4.0
Anata The Conductor's Departure5.0
SikTh Death of a Dead Day5.0
Drop Dead, Gorgeous In Vogue3.0
Gadget The Funeral March3.5
Amorphis Eclipse4.5
Frightmare Bringing Back The Bloodshed4.5
After the Burial Forging a Future Self3.5
Mokoma Kuoleman laulukunnaat4.5
Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem of 12 Stars3.0
Bury Your Dead Beauty and the Breakdown3.0
Last Days of Humanity Putrefaction in Progress3.5
The Faceless Akeldama4.5
Bit Shifter Information Chase5.0
No wonder Bit Shifter hasn't released anything after this little EP, because the chiptune
music contained here is just perfect, it's next to impossible to follow it up. Deceptively
simple, but the melodies and the songs themselves... they're incredible. Here's a download
link to this legendary EP:
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal5.0
Deathchain Deathrash Assault4.0
Johnny Truant In the Library of Horrific Events4.5
Amoral Decrowning4.5
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet?4.5
Parkway Drive Killing with a Smile4.0
Between the Buried and Me Alaska4.5
Protest the Hero Kezia4.5
Darkest Hour Undoing Ruin3.5
Centinex World Declension4.0
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree3.5
Gorillaz Demon Days5.0
Venetian Snares Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett4.5
Gospel The Moon Is a Dead World4.5
Desert Planet Mario Built My Hot Rod4.5
Terasbetoni Metallitotuus5.0
Nile Annihilation of the Wicked4.0
Kent Du & Jag Doden5.0
Judas Priest Angel of Retribution3.0
Taake Hordalands Doedskvad4.5
Evoken Antithesis of Light4.5
The Mars Volta Frances the Mute4.5
Rotten Sound Exit5.0
Kiuas The Spirit of Ukko4.5

Amoral Wound Creations4.5
Sum 41 Chuck3.5
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh4.5
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake4.0
Converge You Fail Me4.0
Mastodon Leviathan5.0
Necrophagist Epitaph4.0
Meshuggah I4.0
Slipknot Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses3.5
Anata Under a Stone With No Inscription4.5

Muse Absolution4.5
Oceansize Effloresce4.0
Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll4.0
Macabre Murder Metal4.5
Rifles at Recess To Whisper in Tongues4.0
Poison the Well You Come Before You4.5
Metallica St. Anger2.0
Deftones Deftones3.5
Intestine Baalism Banquet in the Darkness4.5
Melechesh Sphynx4.0
Amon Amarth Versus the World4.0
SikTh The Trees Are Dead and Dried Out 5.0
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb4.5

Sum 41 Does This Look Infected?3.5
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage4.5
The Berzerker Dissimulate4.0
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf4.5
Glassjaw Worship and Tribute4.0
Meshuggah Nothing4.0
Rush Vapor Trails3.5
Poison the Well Tear From the Red4.0
Nile In Their Darkened Shrines3.5
Rotten Sound Murderworks3.5

Windir 11844.5
Converge Jane Doe4.5
Slipknot Iowa3.5
Bjork Vespertine5.0
Muse Origin of Symmetry4.5
Devin Townsend Terria4.0
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler4.5
Gorillaz Gorillaz4.0
Daft Punk Discovery4.5
Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate4.5
Alien Ant Farm ANThology4.0
The Bouncing Souls How I Spent My Summer Vacation4.0
Grand Belial's Key Judeobeast Assassination4.0
King's Evil Deletion of Humanoise3.5

Macabre Dahmer3.5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven3.5
Morbid Angel Gateways to Annihilation2.5
Electric Wizard Dopethrone5.0
At the Drive-In Relationship of Command5.0
Dying Fetus Destroy the Opposition4.5
Deftones White Pony4.0
Vader Litany3.5
Millencolin Pennybridge Pioneers4.5
Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper5.0
Immolation Close to a World Below4.5
Discordance Axis The Inalienable Dreamless3.0

Eiffel 65 Europop4.0
Botch We Are the Romans4.0
Necrophagist Onset of Putrefaction4.5
GZA Beneath the Surface4.0
Slipknot Slipknot4.0
Children of Bodom Hatebreeder5.0
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada4.0
AFI All Hallow's E.P.4.0
Sonata Arctica Ecliptica4.5
Fu Manchu Eatin' Dust4.0
Poison the Well The Opposite of December4.0

Meshuggah Chaosphere4.0
Refused The Shape of Punk to Come5.0
Death The Sound of Perseverance4.0
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse3.5
Nile Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka4.0
Amon Amarth Once Sent from the Golden Hall4.0
Dan Swano Moontower5.0
Nightwish Oceanborn4.5
Gorguts Obscura4.0

Deftones Around the Fur4.0
Bjork Homogenic4.5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞3.5
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine: Biomech5.0
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape4.5
Children of Bodom Something Wild3.5

Opeth Morningrise4.5
Adramelech Psychostasia4.5
Amorphis Elegy4.0
Edge of Sanity Crimson4.5
Cryptopsy None So Vile5.0

GZA Liquid Swords4.5
Meshuggah Destroy Erase Improve4.0
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters4.0
Bjork Post4.0
Carcass Swansong2.5
Paradise Lost Draconian Times4.0
Death Symbolic5.0
Vader De Profundis3.0
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul5.0
Amorphis Tales From the Thousand Lakes5.0
At the Gates Terminal Spirit Disease3.5
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Let Love In4.5
The Offspring Smash4.5
Gang Starr Hard to Earn4.5
Green Day Dookie3.0
Cryptopsy Blasphemy Made Flesh4.0
Kingston Wall III - Tri-Logy4.0
Bolt Thrower ...For Victory4.0

Morbid Angel Covenant4.0
Bjork Debut4.0
At the Gates With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness4.0
Demilich Nespithe5.0
Carcass Heartwork4.5
diSEMBOWELMENT Transcendence into the Peripheral4.5
Cynic Focus5.0
Kingston Wall Kingston Wall II5.0
Entombed Wolverine Blues4.5
Coroner Grin3.5

Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus4.0
Bolt Thrower The IVth Crusade4.5
At the Gates The Red in the Sky Is Ours4.0
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction3.5
Deicide Legion4.5
Kingston Wall Kingston Wall I5.0
Aspid Extravasation4.0
Convulse World Without God4.0

Death Human4.5
Atheist Unquestionable Presence4.5
Pearl Jam Ten5.0
Metallica Metallica4.0
Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick4.0
Autopsy Mental Funeral5.0
Immolation Dawn of Possession4.0
Carcass Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious5.0
Entombed Clandestine4.5
Asphyx The Rack4.0
Coroner Mental Vortex4.0

Slayer Seasons in the Abyss3.5
Megadeth Rust in Peace5.0
Judas Priest Painkiller4.5
Anthrax Persistence of Time3.5
Deicide Deicide4.0
Depeche Mode Violator4.5
Entombed Left Hand Path5.0
Death Spiritual Healing4.0
Napalm Death Harmony Corruption4.0

Rush Presto2.0
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness5.0
Coroner No More Color4.5
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness5.0
The Offspring The Offspring4.0
Autopsy Severed Survival4.0
Pixies Doolittle4.0
Terrorizer World Downfall5.0
Bolt Thrower Realm of Chaos4.5

Death Leprosy4.0
Bad Religion Suffer3.5
Napalm Death From Enslavement to Obliteration5.0
Metallica ...And Justice for All4.5
Carcass Reek of Putrefaction3.0
Slayer South of Heaven4.0
Voivod Dimension Hatross4.5
Riot Thundersteel4.5
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!3.0
Bolt Thrower In Battle There Is No Law!3.0
Rick Astley Whenever You Need Somebody5.0
Eric B and Rakim Paid in Full3.0
Anthrax Among the Living4.5
Coroner R.I.P.4.0
Napalm Death Scum4.0
Death Scream Bloody Gore4.0
Slayer Reign in Blood5.0
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?4.5
Metallica Master of Puppets4.5
Kreator Pleasure to Kill4.0

Anthrax Spreading the Disease4.0
Tears for Fears Songs from the Big Chair5.0

Iron Maiden Powerslave4.5
Metallica Ride the Lightning4.5
Rush Grace Under Pressure4.0

Slayer Show No Mercy4.5
Metallica Kill 'Em All4.5
Tears for Fears The Hurting4.0

Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance4.5
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast4.0
Descendents Milo Goes to College4.0

Black Flag Damaged4.5
Rush Moving Pictures5.0

Judas Priest British Steel3.5
Rush Permanent Waves4.5

Rush Hemispheres4.5

Rush A Farewell to Kings4.5
Al Di Meola Elegant Gypsy5.0
Television Marquee Moon5.0

Rush 21124.5

Rush Fly by Night3.5
King Crimson Red5.0
Rush Rush3.5

Black Sabbath Master of Reality4.5
Black Sabbath Paranoid5.0

King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King4.5
The Beatles Abbey Road4.5

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold as Love4.5
The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band5.0

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