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Gorguts Colored Sands5.0
Holy fucking shit, it's 2013 and the return of death metal titans Gorguts and they have once again come up trumps. As with many people, I was skeptical to say the least as to how they would make their return from a 12-year hiatus from the death metal scene, but this is a band that takes your preconceptions and fucks them beyond any recognition. The riffs here are as hard hitting as possible in their dissonant style that Gorguts helped pioneer, whilst the new drummer makes perfect use of his hands and feet in laying down an ever-changing string of rhythms for this album. Luc sounds tortured on the vocals, shrieking his fucking tits off, whilst the bass dude keeps up with it all, so good job bass dude!
Falling in Reverse Fashionably Late3.0
An album that took a few spins to really grow on me but when it did I really enjoyed it. This is a solid enough album that has a few selling points and then a lot that also drags it down and keeps it as merely an average release. The rap flows are consistently tight on the tracks where they appear-no matter how much of a queefing turd Ronnie Radke is in general, he can at least rap. Also, the screams are a little better than first time around, and the guitar riffs can occasionally be engaging. This is also an album with quite a bit of variety to it, including even a semi-country song toward the latter half of it. Sadly, it is let down by the silly breakdowns found on some songs and some of the most flat-out retarded lyrics ever put to record. "I got that white boy swagger"... Sure Ronnie, whatever you say.
Deeds of Flesh Portals to Canaan1.5
Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones - Part 23.5
Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal4.0
Bring Me The Horizon are a band that nearly everybody who has heard of metal music under the sun knows about for the simple fact that the majority of their material is supposedly god awful. Thankfully, Sempiternal, their 2013 outing, rectifies many of these errors. Whilst the riffs are nothing new, they definitely spice the album up and keep it thundering forward whilst Oli shows some awesome clean vocals, particularly drawing the atmosphere-centered song And The Snaked Start To Sing. Whilst the instrumentals are nothing stellar, the lyrics drip with emotion and the breakdowns are a force to be reckoned with. The House Of Wolves and Sleepwalking have two of the best breakdowns ever recorded and this is an awesome album and you should buy it.

Forgotten Tomb ...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil2.0
Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones - Part 14.5
Whitechapel Whitechapel1.5
Whitechapel have never been the most inventive of bands, sticking to the generic deathcore genre for their first two releases and then shifting into a very sub-par style of death metal for A New Era Of Corruption but this is arguably their worst effort to date. Whilst the band has grown in their technical proficiency massively, the songs are too drawn out and by the half-way mark the riffs seem to blend into one and just become dull. For every strong point the album has, such as Hate Creation, there are a tonne of really bad points to it, including the fact that every member of this band seems to be creating a mish-mash of noise that doesn't fit together and then just getting vocalist Phil Bozeman to make a noise over the top of it, despite the fact that his performance is at least tolerable.
Kreator Phantom Antichrist4.5
Make Them Suffer Neverbloom3.5
Carach Angren Where the Corpses Sink Forever5.0
One of the most beautiful and yet horrifying albums ever recorded. Carach Angren's third abum ditches the ghost stories and urban legends of their past two albums in favor of one of their own stories, the tale of seven soldiers who trap a man in a curse in which he must relive those seven soldiers torments for eternity. The vocal performance is varied and absolutely tortured, whilst the lyrics pretty much carry this album through. The guitar work is littered with catchy hooks here and there whilst keeping an intense feel, the drums switch between mid-paced beats and blast beats in a flash and the orchestral work and keyboards are just perfect for this. This album is absolutely amazing and deserves a listen from everyone.
Hour of Penance Sedition3.0
Spawn of Possession Incurso1.5
Happy Days Cause of Death: Life3.5

Forgotten Tomb Under Saturn Retrograde1.5
Nocturnal Depression Suicidal Thoughts MMXI2.5

Stone Sour Audio Secrecy3.0
Nocturnal Depression The Cult of Negation3.0
Decrepit Birth Polarity3.0
Black Veil Brides We Stitch These Wounds5.0
Perfect albums are very rarely released, and when they are, there are always the skeptics that say the album sucks or that it is not as good as X album. Take many Opeth albums for instance, people always say its not as good as another album in their discography, no matter how fucking awesome it is. Black veil Brides are a band that received far more hate than is customary for releasing a perfect album that transcends all existing music so much that people just didn't get it and completely slept on it. They said that Andy's voice is monotonous, which isn't true, he has a beautiful voice as is evidenced by the song Morticians Daughter, an acoustic song that tugs on the heart strings with every beautiful vocal line. The guitar work is insane, as songs like Perfect Weapon show with their awesome and intricate riffs, and the solos to this album are also good, with the title track and Children Surrender standing out the most. This is one of the most fantastic, amazing, soul-destroying albums out there that will enlighten even the most seasoned veteran of the music industry with its riffs of truth, beautiful lyrics and one of the most gorgeous frontmen ever
Hour of Penance Paradogma3.0

Vektor Black Future4.5
Of all the debut's in modern thrash metal, this easily takes the cake as being the best of the lot. The vocals are absolutely demented, sounding like a raging wilderbeats, the drumming is chaotic and the bass work is stupendous. It is the guitar work that really leaps out here, however, from the sweep-picked soloing madness to the madness-inspiring riffs across the entire album, each track here is a classic. This is progressive/technical thrash metal done properly, with style and with balls of truth, as every song flows fantastically and this release will not bore throughout its entire hour-long duration. This is how to make a modern thrash metal album, Havok, sit up and take note.
Slayer World Painted Blood4.0
At War Infidel4.5
Fit for Rivals Steady Damage5.0
One of the most flat out perfect albums ever recorded, this album rules so hard that it is hard for me to find the words to put it into. However, I shall give it a go. The guitars go hard, I mean wow they rule. The guitars are probably the best ever written, check out Get With Me and Hallelujah for chords of truth, meanwhile the latter of those two songs also opens with drums of truth that go hard I mean wow. The vocals are probably the best in the world ever and Renee Phoenis is hot to boot. One thing left to say - fuck deviant.
Kreator Hordes of Chaos4.5

Nocturnal Depression Reflections of a Sad Soul4.0
Deeds of Flesh Of What's to Come2.5
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone3.0
Whitechapel This Is Exile4.0
For saying deathcore comes under so much fire, Whitechapel really did them some good with their first two albums, and their second is probably the better of the two. This takes the solid riffs of the first album and diversifies them a bit so that all three guitarists play some interesting segments of each song whilst Phil Bozeman is still a possessed man behind the microphone, screaming his lungs out across each song. Exalt is a perfect example of this, with some intense guitar work, fantastic drumming and a stellar vocal performance. The lyrical content shifts more towards blasphemy for this album and it suits it again and remains quite well written, making for a solid enough complete package. Also, that album art is fucking brutal.
Hour of Penance The Vile Conception3.5
Decrepit Birth Diminishing Between Worlds4.0

Whitechapel The Somatic Defilement3.5
For saying that deathcore (rightfully) comes under so much fire, Whitechapel really put out a solid album with their debut. This is a hard-hitting album on which every member clearly has a lot of chops on their instruments, from the ridiculously low, guttural vocals of Phil Bozeman on the title track to the crunching riffs that bite you up the ass on Vicer Exciser. The lyrics to this are also rather interesting, dealing exclusively with teh Jack The Ripper killings and being dark and well written, a first for deathcore. This is a good album that I highly recommend.
Inveracity Extermination of Millions3.5
Nocturnal Depression Soundtrack for a Suicide - Opus II4.5
Forgotten Tomb Negative Megalomania4.5

Mushroomhead Savior Sorrow2.0
Slayer Christ Illusion3.0
Stone Sour Come What(ever) May4.5
Nocturnal Depression Four Seasons to a Depression4.5
Spawn of Possession Noctambulant1.5
Nocturnal Depression Nostalgia: Fragments Of A Broken Past5.0

Hour of Penance Pageantry For Martyrs2.0
Deeds of Flesh Crown of Souls4.0
Nocturnal Depression Fuck off Parisian Black Metal Scene1.5
Nocturnal Depression Soundtrack for a Suicide4.0
Kreator Enemy of God3.5

Forgotten Tomb Love's Burial Ground2.0
Necrophagist Epitaph4.5
Slipknot Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses4.0

Decrepit Birth ...And Time Begins3.5
Forgotten Tomb Springtime Depression4.5
Deeds of Flesh Reduced to Ashes4.5
Hour of Penance Disturbance3.5
Spawn of Possession Cabinet3.0
Inveracity Circle Of Perversion1.5
Mushroomhead XIII4.0

Stone Sour Stone Sour3.0
Forgotten Tomb Songs to Leave4.0

Mushroomhead XX3.5
Kreator Violent Revolution3.5
Slayer God Hates Us All3.5
Slipknot Iowa3.0
Deeds of Flesh Mark of the Legion4.0

Necrophagist Onset of Putrefaction4.0
Slipknot Slipknot4.5
Deeds of Flesh Path of the Weakening3.5
Mushroomhead M33.5
Kreator Endorama1.5

Slayer Diabolus in Musica1.5
Deeds of Flesh Inbreeding the Anthropophagi3.0

Kreator Outcast3.0

Slipknot Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.2.5
Mushroomhead Superbuick3.0
Deeds of Flesh Trading Pieces2.5
Slayer Undisputed Attitude1.0

Mushroomhead Mushroomhead2.0
Kreator Cause for Conflict3.0

Slayer Divine Intervention2.5
Demolition Hammer Time Bomb2.0

Kreator Renewal1.0
Exhorder The Law3.0
Demolition Hammer Epidemic of Violence4.5

Demolition Hammer Tortured Existence4.5
Kreator Coma of Souls5.0
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss4.5
Exhorder Slaughter in the Vatican4.5

Kreator Extreme Aggression4.5

Slayer South of Heaven4.0
At War Retaliatory Strike4.0

Kreator Terrible Certainty4.0

Slayer Reign in Blood4.0
Kreator Pleasure to Kill4.0

Kreator Endless Pain4.0
Slayer Hell Awaits4.5

Slayer Show No Mercy4.5

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