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  • Oceandrowned keep listening to your schlong-hop infidel
    January 21 10:17 PM
  • Oceandrowned chick avatar, posting gay in every metal review, i see where you coming from hahha
    January 21 10:16 PM
  • robin spreading myself thinly across the internet
    August 5 04:56 PM
  • robin omg i too have a twitter i check every 10 minutes. party
    August 5 01:33 PM
  • robin we need to get back in touch big time, are you anywhere but sput? x
    August 4 03:10 PM
  • kitsch hey man would you be interested in reviewing an upcoming split release i [assimilation] have with drekka? were both bloomington atmospheric industrial projects. we played a show together and recorded it. then we traded the material from each other's sets and remixed it. if you are interested, hit me back and i'll hook you up with a promo. you're the staff that i think would "get" this music the most.
    March 1 03:35 PM
  • klap dubious i mean silveri isn't walking through that door
    February 4 11:58 AM
  • klap 100% agreed so why aren't you doing it again?
    February 4 02:44 AM
  • klap coming in HOT on irving
    February 4 01:20 AM
  • kitsch whats up man? you should trek down to bloomington next month and see me play with drekka
    August 31 12:10 PM
  • robin i find i appreciate this site most drunk and least hungover, yessir. writing for this site drunk is also my only mode of being staff anymore. that swans album is pretty ****ing intense, don't know if i can process it at the moment. folk punk is my life tho. although really i just live off ghost mice
    July 25 01:53 PM
  • robin yes! ghost mice have been ruling my life lately. like AJJ but sincere. sounds like a good balance buddy. i'm exactly the same on the drinking side of things and as of today also on the work side, altho it's volunteer work so the drinking side may vanish soon. our lives are in sync obv
    July 24 04:17 PM
  • robin what is up my man :3
    July 22 11:52 AM
  • chambered69 the money store is some delicious s*** man
    April 29 09:54 AM
  • chambered69 kill for loveeeeeeeeeee
    April 18 10:23 AM
  • X3ni92 5/5 for Perfume - GAME. May I ask why?
    February 19 07:05 PM
  • robin downloaded it. :)
    June 4 01:42 PM
  • Winesburgohio Thanks brah, w/r/t plot strands left untangled I would've expected those even had he completed The Pale King before eliminating his map for keeps. Infinite Jest kind of ambiguously alludes to resolutions in it's first segment but yeah it was all pretty vague. Plus I'm okay with it being unfinished-2666 was equally as stunning, if not more so, than 'Savage Detectives'. It was just whether or not he went overboard on the intellectual flourish thing that concerned me. ANYWAY Thank you very much, I
    May 31 04:31 AM
  • klap just started reading stoner, thanks for the rec baby. also picked up infinite jest
    May 29 08:52 PM
  • Winesburgohio Hey joshuatree, I see that you rec'd 'The Pale King' on the Klap4books list. What's it like? I live in New Zealand/ cultural wasteland and they're selling for 50 bucks a pop and the public library haven't ordered any copies. :'(. Is it worth the investment? I adore pretty much everything DFW has put his name too but idk it's unfinished so ARGH ADVICE PLZ
    May 27 09:25 AM
  • chambered89 you rock as of late, near perfect ratings :]
    May 16 03:10 PM
  • jorge22s crazy c*nt
    April 26 02:30 PM
  • kanecooper "just saw your little comment thingy, and just realized you've already listened to both titus albums enough to make really s***ty opinions about them"haha i love you
    February 7 10:27 PM
  • DaveyBoy Cool. Ta for that.
    February 4 01:05 AM
  • DaveyBoy Quick question on Titus. Your rating from album 1 to 2 jumped significantly. Why.
    January 27 06:27 AM
  • robin you're lovely. :)
    January 14 03:40 AM
  • robin you're like the guy i'd most want to hear grampa-simpson esque stories from. only now i just bother you relentlessly on this.
    January 10 12:46 PM
  • robin my sputnik grampa
    January 6 03:48 PM
  • plane i feel we are slipping apart. get on AIM more
    December 22 02:52 PM
  • robin you'll never be that to me!
    November 16 11:20 AM
  • thebhoy and William Walton. Also, checkout some Antonin Dvorak, particularly Humuresque in G, Op. 32 and Yo-Yo Ma does a great version of his cello concerto no. 16 I believe. Also, Frederic Chopin's Serenade for Strings and Piano is lovely. That should be a good start.
    November 15 12:19 AM
  • thebhoy hmm well in terms of choral music I don't have a very wide vocabulary. As for classical: Edward Elgar - Enigma Variations is one of my favourite pieces ever, you would probably recognize Variation No. 10 (or 9? I forget) "Nimrod", famous in movies, etc. Ralph Vaughan-Williams - A London Symphony, or Fantasia on a Theme from Thomas Tallis Gustav Holst - The Planets Check out my review of James Ehnes, a violinst who does a symphony each from Elrich Korngold, Samuel Barber (not Adeggio)...
    November 15 12:17 AM
  • robin im having a really hard time listening to anything old/new really. id say i'm just obsessed with sufjan but i'm just at loss as to what to listen to. :( x what choo been doing?
    November 13 06:19 PM
  • robin i am okay cam second name, thankyoou. about to go to work for the first time on a weekday, i feel the gloom seeping in. how have you been keeping? x
    November 11 11:38 AM
  • robin helloooo cam.
    November 10 07:11 AM
  • plane avey tare avey tare avey tare avey tareyou of all people please
    November 8 02:00 PM
  • Enotron i actually have a really hyperbolic review for it as a 5, so by all means you should write one for it. my review is mainly just payin my respects and what not.
    October 30 10:16 AM
  • Enotron also in case you were wondering, massiveattack is a complete toolbag (js)
    October 29 06:46 PM
  • Enotron oh is it streaming? I've only heard the one track that I found streaming, but it was really great. almost sounded a little noise-rock influenced. if it's out there though, i'll be listening right when I get home.
    October 29 01:55 PM
  • plane i'm holding off to the release date. my friend and i are planning to go downtown to buy it so the trip home we can hear the whole thing. in the meantime i'm avoiding all deerhunter talk
    September 16 09:38 PM
  • plane bored. are you on fb?
    September 16 12:51 PM
  • plane miss you buddy
    September 15 10:26 AM
  • brutebeard "123"... what does this mean?
    September 12 11:39 PM
  • robertsona i may have asked you this but im always wondering what ur opinion on the actual album the joshua tree is
    September 11 09:50 PM
  • Enotron it appears the troof has been spoken good sir
    September 8 11:48 PM
  • TMobotron "new album rules but i remember this being kinda gayy"This is about Tera Melos's untitled if you dont remember, but IDK what kind of music you're into, but that album is hands down the best math rock album ever IMO. It's instrumental though so liking Patagonian Rats doesn't at all mean you'll like that, but if you think you might be into it you should give it another listen.
    September 7 11:49 PM
  • chambered89 yeah it took about 4 months for me to really love leaves turn inside you but tonight i was walking home from my friends house in backwoods streets and i put it on and it was awesome thanks for showing me
    September 6 01:14 AM
  • chambered89 ur 100% correct about leaves turn inside you it's incredible ty
    September 5 10:47 PM
  • plane close enough
    July 26 01:03 AM
  • plane who cares about ratings everything's a 5!
    July 26 12:39 AM
  • plane musical neighbors 8)
    July 25 11:55 PM
  • klap sweet, it's really grown on me although i have no idea what to write haha
    June 29 04:21 PM
  • klap yeah i definitely like it better than zoomer but it still hasnt clicked yet i dk i need to listen more
    June 22 01:47 PM
  • klap hey man what are your thoughts on expo 86? im torn
    June 21 09:07 PM
  • MichaelJordan Yeah, what I meant was that bands like Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, and Unwound strike me as a qualitatively different kind of indie than indie groups that came out after the indie explosion in the early 2000s
    May 6 06:22 PM
  • MichaelJordan Hey man yeah unwound is great. Back when indie was indie
    May 5 10:36 AM
  • kitsch im studying a lot too. got two finals tmrw. i live in terre haute, its about 80 miles east of indy. you got aim or sth?
    May 2 10:42 PM
  • kitsch hey man, whats up? you live in indiana right?
    May 2 03:18 PM
  • robin cant find port entropy anywhere gimme gimme gimme
    April 27 11:43 AM
  • Kiran have (and really like) hex enduction hour and this nations saving grace, my dad was a big fan :x and with smith always going off about pavement ripping them off, i was bound to check them out eventually
    April 26 08:56 AM
  • Kiran hows the new fall album?
    April 25 12:10 PM
  • Kiran its nothing ill really listen to past the summer but if youre in the mood for tropical, balearic dance stuff, its the best youll get. a bit like air france except with vocals that follow song structure (verse, chorus). fun though, puts me in a good mood. listen to "stay close", its a good indication of the rest of the album.
    April 24 06:03 AM
  • Kiran sweet, i'm on it
    April 16 01:38 PM
  • Kiran cendre rules
    April 15 08:34 AM
  • Plutonio good to see a few on here.
    April 14 11:15 PM
  • hydeyomoney hey most played artist Ghostface Killah, awesome.
    April 11 01:48 PM
  • Plutonio ooohhhh a stars of the lid fan
    April 10 10:41 PM
  • SeaAnemone just scoured your ratings/decade list to find some new music... 90 Day Men is absolutely fantastic... To Everybody is easily one of my best discoveries in a looooong time
    April 6 06:21 PM
  • klap word, yeah i'm from florida but all my relatives are still in indy so i'm there a fair amount. IU is a sweet campus
    April 5 10:43 PM
  • klap yo fag i have a bunch of friends at IU, are you from indy by any chance? that's where they all come from (my family's from there)
    April 5 10:29 PM
  • Skimaskcheck Haha! okay, phew!
    March 31 04:54 AM
  • Skimaskcheck Sorry if you've had to explain this before, but how come you've got Hospice rated as a 1 now? That feels criminal hah!
    March 30 07:25 PM
  • SeaAnemone fixed the review up, that one you were an asshole on... check it out if you want, if not no biggie.
    March 15 07:39 PM
  • SeaAnemone seriously though Cam, thanks for the critique. I appreciate it. You're probably right... while I still stand by my opinions your observation makes me think they probably don't belong in the review.
    March 15 12:01 AM
  • JulesWin whose your profile pic?
    March 14 11:43 PM
  • ck_ck yeh u beta undastood
    March 14 06:29 PM
  • ck_ck sundays used to be metal sundays but im gettn lazy.. thursdays are colored thursdays you know black s***, also don't really have to follow that. post as much as you like or as little as you like whenever you want. only rule i guess is dont post something you dont like.
    March 14 12:14 PM
  • ck_ck invite sent via world wide web
    March 14 01:09 AM
  • ck_ck send yr email to my
    March 14 12:55 AM
  • ck_ck you should join me in my quest to internet supremacy
    March 14 12:46 AM
  • Bulldog O HAI CAM. yo dog, what be up?
    March 13 11:48 PM
  • ck_ck yo yo caminator what it do where yo blog at
    March 13 07:23 PM
  • Aids "maybe if i didn't have a penis i'd like this more"
    March 10 05:31 PM
  • robin i need a cam-era to my eye
    March 9 06:21 PM
  • charles2000 change yer name to caminator
    February 27 12:40 PM
  • charles2000 elim likes it? 5/5
    February 27 12:29 AM
  • iarescientists if by weakest you mean josuatree-est
    February 11 10:51 PM
  • iarescientists you gave repetition a 2.5 =(
    February 11 01:35 AM
  • Electric City I might with the 2 you gave Choirs of the Eye!
    February 6 10:40 PM
  • Electric City i never understood the irony in rating an album you love a 1
    February 6 04:53 PM
  • tigergolf06 Did you ever get to check out Discouraged Ones by Katatonia?
    February 4 01:26 PM
  • YouAreMySilence Its cool, I found how to get .rar. Its sooo good, Im not sure about the rating yet though.
    February 3 09:12 PM
  • YouAreMySilence Hey broheim can I ask you the biggest favour? Anyway you can send me Brian McBride's When The Detail Lost Its Freedom for zip file? Cannot find it anywhere.
    January 31 03:20 AM
  • anotherBriOnline I love the fact you got deerhunter and discharge in the same great category
    January 30 07:57 PM
  • plane i meant you've got me starting it again. i just obtained storm and stress' debut and it is weird.
    January 28 10:00 AM
  • plane now you've started it again
    January 27 09:57 PM
  • plane i have a similar issue
    January 27 09:49 PM
  • Aids So I just listened to Popular Songs by Yo La Tengo for the third time and after thinking "good not great" through the first two spins, I think I'm starting to get why you think it's so good. I looked up reviews while listening (obviously) and your praise intrigued me. Anyway, thanks for that.
    January 27 04:07 AM
  • robin :// this made me smile lots
    January 26 06:12 PM
  • Waior where does one start his yo la tengo journey?
    January 26 03:01 PM
  • thebhoy thanks a lot man
    January 21 05:32 PM
  • robin nope, im in what we call 'college' which is essentially the last two years of high school (so ages 16-18 basically). i go to uni next september but have to choose my course like now which is ugh. so yeah im young stuff on sputnik =( i imagine american uni like yours is all frisbees and um that 'frat' word everyone always uses ;)
    January 21 03:52 PM
  • robin been good, sadly pretty much nothing happening in lame south england right now, hence minor influx of reviews and obsession with getting back on da sputnik ball. hows indiana/some other college place you live??
    January 21 02:56 PM
  • robin sounds like i'll learn to love it a.k.a this is ****ing weird
    January 21 01:39 PM
  • robin i cant find this sisterworld album =(
    January 21 01:05 PM
  • klap let's just say that i should probably stay away from all stimulating substances for the foreseeable future
    January 18 09:23 PM
  • klap haha thanks, i still feel like s*** and predict a massive comedown lasting all week. thank god for martin luther king jr.
    January 18 04:36 PM
  • klap hey man waffles just opened up invites, e-mail me your e-mail account (make sure spam filter is off) at my email is being gay atm but i should get it later. i'll let you know
    December 25 10:43 PM
  • Electric City "blurbs" for 26-50, but I'll probably write a soundoff anyway
    December 24 08:12 PM
  • Electric City Could I nab Logos from you for the staff feature?
    December 24 02:13 PM
  • Minus The Flair hey dude, add me on am - minustheflair
    December 20 06:14 AM
  • CelestialDust man that girl is so hot
    December 12 04:49 PM
  • klap ironic that you should ask me - i have 2, one is going to kirgasm and the other is cam? anyways waffles closed down invites for a bit but it'll be back in a week or two
    December 2 07:12 PM
  • klap rude!
    December 1 08:00 PM
  • Waior going to be counting all night basically, woo
    November 30 11:17 PM
  • klap cam i'm still confused as to why you disliked phoenix so much. enlighten me
    November 30 04:49 PM
  • Minus The Flair okay well i should have two reviews out in the next fortnight - sunny day in glasgow and washed out. haven't heard much of the former but the latter is really cool.and is crazy mad with ipod scrobbling, though i do ****ing love that album.
    November 23 05:24 AM
  • Minus The Flair why is finding good new music before other people so hard this year? last year was easy. this year, no. now all the good stuff already has good reviews.**** it, i'll probably just review a record from seven years ago that no one cares about just to get back into the swing.
    November 20 08:56 AM
  • robin so i was listening to to everybody and was like... i need some elite recs xx
    November 5 03:53 PM
  • StreetlightRock Dude if you're not on to Pyramids With Nadja yet I suggest you get your s*** in order son.
    November 3 08:05 AM
  • Kashmir09 I know I'm with you; I feel even though it gets recognition, Popular Songs is still criminally underrated. My favorite is still in question, it could literally be any of their five newer albums. I even love "Summer Sun", kaboom
    October 31 07:40 PM
  • Kashmir09 What's your favorite Yo La Tengo record? And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out?
    October 30 04:02 PM
  • KILL3 u frontin or playin cant tell
    October 30 02:32 PM
  • KILL3 fager
    October 30 07:47 AM
  • Kashmir09 Your top 2 on make me very happy =) Popular Songs and Embryonic both own 2009 like nobody's business
    October 26 02:26 AM
  • klap they all rule **** :/
    October 23 07:20 PM
  • klap yeah cam i almost put xo over the s/t because about 4 of my all-time smith songs are on xo, but overall i just couldn't do it. sweet adeline, waltz 2, baby britain...i could go on
    October 23 07:20 PM
  • Tits McGee yeah i've been pretty busy with uni and all that s*** as well. i'm assuming fall break is a thing for northern schools cause my friend at Notre Dame has it but we don't down here
    October 18 08:31 PM
  • Essence yo sup cam
    October 18 04:44 PM
  • Tits McGee sup man, don't see you around as much
    October 18 03:08 PM
  • Roach you are my musical neighbour and i am your musical neighbour this is so nice i feel tingly in my peni
    October 2 08:08 PM
  • robin up that lips rating you douche etc. miss you =(
    September 29 02:00 PM
  • holyroach Whose this unholy roach ****er below me?
    September 24 06:00 PM
  • breesuschrist just wanted to tell you personally that Love Tara is amazing and I pretty much only have your review to credit this discovery to. So thanks much. Know of a site with its lyrics by any chance?
    September 21 09:29 PM
  • Essence zipper that happened... in february or whatever? no promises cam
    September 4 02:32 PM
  • Zip Yeah I'm really slow... lol
    September 3 11:23 PM
  • Roach "its a 4 really but kane sent it to me over msn so i want to seem appreciative so sshhhh"lol i gave that album a 4 anyway
    September 3 06:44 PM
  • Zip holy s*** staff now? Cool
    September 3 10:31 AM
  • Essence sup
    August 27 09:42 AM
  • Bsmith7 You have the best profile picture on Sputnik.
    August 19 11:18 PM
  • robin yeah idk they're no robert pollard. should i check out bonnie "PRINCE" billy by the way?
    August 16 05:52 PM
  • robin its a 4 really but kane sent it to me over msn so i want to seem appreciative so sshhhh
    August 16 02:03 PM
  • now this is my account hey cam im your fan
    August 16 02:12 AM
  • danse underoath's drummer
    August 16 02:05 AM
  • rasputin yeah dude im digging the album so hard right now, charlesfishowitz rec'd me it and it's just ughhhhhhh
    August 16 01:18 AM
  • rasputin Trespassers William - Different StarsBedhead - WhatFunLifeWaswas gonna rec you incantation BUT YOU ONLY GAVE IT A 3Ataraxie - Slow Transcending AgonyExtortion - DegenerateThe Van Pelt - Sultans of Sentiment
    August 15 11:08 PM
  • danse coheed and CAMbria os***
    August 15 09:07 PM
    August 15 07:41 PM
  • shindip your wheel thing looks cool its like half blue and half blackey-brown
    August 15 01:39 PM
  • Roach i hope it dies out by tonight
    August 15 12:54 PM
  • iarescientists yeah. s***'s so crunchy.
    August 15 12:34 PM
  • rasputin CAM IS THE MAN
    August 15 08:14 AM
  • Roach *not to mention i cant spell feel oh shi
    August 15 02:55 AM
  • Roach he didnt know what was good for himself yo dig? this is weird having shoutboxes it makes me ffel like i have to comment otherwise i'm gonna look like a not cool user
    August 15 02:55 AM

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