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November 4th, 2006 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This cd is a classic for me, Take a listen at

The band got started in 2002, when the three original members reformed their old punk band (then known as No Tagbacks) into a new Christian one. They released their first album, What You Want Is Now, in 2003.

In 2005, Toby McKeehan signed them to Gotee Records, and the band released their self-titled album. This band quickly became huge in the underground christian scene.

1. Buckets For Bullet Wounds - Great opener for the cd. Kicks off with drum beat, Awsome bass line. The guitar riff and the bass riff go along with the vocals which has a pretty cool sound to it. The Chorus is extremly catchy, the lyrics are pretty creative in this song too.

2. Fast Enough - The song starts out with a stactoed guitar riff and a pretty sick bass line. This entire song is just catchy and is one of my favorites, after the first chorus theres sort of a..Chorus/breakdown thingy of just a great guitar riff. It ALMOST makes you want to headbang which is not normal for a pop/punk band. I found that interesting.
Kind of near the end of the song they hit a bridge where everything goes quiet and then all you hear is the lead singer/guitarist singing. Then he starts playing a light guitar solo in the background, this completly just makes the song

3. Friday Night - This is one of House Of Heroes' anthem songs. Probubly the most up-beat song on the cd and the cheesiest. It starts out with the lead singer just softly singing "I don't wanna spend this friday night...Like I had to spend last friday night, Dying by the record machine". The chorus is pretty strong with all the members in the band singing and such. Pretty good, yet cheesy song over all

4. Mercaedes Baby - Yet another very cheesy song. But another catchy one. The first verse is just bass, about halfway through the verse some random guitar gets thrown in. Then the ever-extremly catchy chorus. Nothing really else to say about this song except the guitar fills are nice sounding. and the outro is my favorite part of the song when he plays a beefy riff. It's almost headbang-able. another very un-common thing for pop/punk

5. Serial Sleepers - This is the single from the cd. And a darn good one, This probubly represents the band the best. A very powerful chorus with all three band members singing. This song kinda has a dark-retro feel to it, The lyrics are a great bonus to the song too. At the end of the song it goes into an almost...Reggae-ish sound then ends.

6. Make A Face Like You Mean It (Vampires) - This is my favorite song off the cd, It also represents the band's sound pretty well. The verse is stacato'd to give it a kind of bouncy feel. The chorus chants "The Vampires want your blood, You can't always get what you want, But they do. And they know. The truth is what they want it to be." The entire song flows togather perfectly with good bass and guitar fills.

7. Metaphor In Parentheses - One of my least favorite songs on the cd, The verse is very slow with the lead singer softly singing with some chords being strummed in the background. Theres pretty much no build up to the chorus. It just kinda..Happends. The whole song is just obnoxious and this is the only song I skip when listening to this cd.

8. Pulling Back The Skin - This song stands out to me for some reason. The versus are relaxing with some creative lyrics. The chorus has a great beat that just rolls off the tongue while singing along to it. After the chorus theres a great sounding guitar riff that reminds me of Korn for some reason. Anytime I'm feeling down I listen to this song for some reason. It just happends. Anyway, This is a great song.

9. The Bois d'Arc Circus - This is a relaxing instrumental with a carnival/circus sound to it. For a pop/punk instrumental this one is great.

10. Suicide Baby - Has a retro rock sound to it. Kinda average. Nothing special about it, The chorus reminds me of somthing I'd hear from Franz Ferdinand or The Cars.

11. Angels In Top Hats - Another average song, But its still pretty good for a closer. Nothing to really say about it. decent guitar riff though

Overall - this cd is a classic for me. I'm more of a metal/metalcore guy and usually don't really get into pop/punk. But I absolutly love this cd, So no matter what Genre your into I'd give these guys a listen at

I feel like I've had this cd forever and I listen to it no matter what mood im in. Although their a christian band, The lyrics have absoltuly nothing to do with christianity. Also if you have a chance to see them live, Definatly take it. They put on quite an ammusing live show.

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November 8th 2006


I heard "Serial Sleepers", sounds quite weird, but quite catchy though. Don't know waht to think of it.

November 14th 2006


C'mon guys. No feedback?

February 12th 2007



February 26th 2008


i like serial sleepers but thats all ive heard

June 20th 2008


awful summary, can you s this band's D anymore in this review?

Staff Reviewer
June 27th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Following their excellent debut LP, Ohio-based outfit House of Heroes tighten things up on their self-titled 2nd album. Seemingly playing straight-forward guitar-driven rock that includes some killer riffs, there are many quirks & dynamics here to differentiate their sound from the pack. The subtle use of dual vocals adds hooks, while the lyrics are especially impressive (even moreso for a Christian band). The highs may not quite reach that of 'What You Want Is Now' (ie: the 2 versions of 'Mercedes Baby'), but this LPs consistency puts it on par with it. Recommended Tracks: Mercedes Baby, Friday Night, Buckets For Bullet Wounds & Suicide Baby.

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