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September 23rd, 2006 | 7 replies

Release Date: 1977 | Tracklist

The Ramones are Hard not to Love, and this is the best point. An album full of Fast raw guitars and melodies, Rocket ot Russia is the ultimate Ramones album combing both their fun Rock'n'Roll songs and Thrashed up Punk Rock for the brain. This is what I mean.

1.Cretin Hop:55 Great opener with a kicking intro and then jumps into the verse. The Chorus kicks in with both Dee Dee and Joey singing. They used to kick of their show woth it, and everyone would junp and mosh. Great anthem for Punks.

2.Rockaway Beach:55 Another Classic. The Songwriting is nice and popy, but the intruments are of course area at top notch speed and rawity (rawity hmm i should look that up), making the song to good for words.

3.Here Today Gone Tommorow: 45 Yes, the Ramones were totally Punk rock but they had a soft spot for Love songs, especially for Joey who sang this song wth all heart and emotion.

4.Locket Love: 45 Nice Little Pop song with inoccent lyrics, something new for these guys. Not much to say.

5.I Don't Care: 4.55 Even though they were a bit old, The Ramones always churned Teenage, frusturation perfectly and this shows man. Slower than most Ramones songs, it has a simple guitar and bass, so its a good song to play with a band cuz it's simple.

6.Sheena is a Punk Rocker: 55 The first song of the best three songs the Ramones have, which are this and the next three songs. Sheena has alot of surf rock influences and was their secind most succesful single ever. Dee Dee provides exceptionaly good backing vocals and bass.

7.We're a Happy Family:55 Very Underartted and especially good, Happy Family is the second classic middle three song. The lyrics are especially funny, clever, and they rhyme. The vocals are Frank yet very fitting. Fast and energetic this song RULES!!!

8.Teenage Lobotomy:55 A total anthem for the wanna be lobotomys, (HAHAHAHA!!THAT WAS GOOD!) Teenage Lobotmoy is the best song on the album and one of top three Punk songs of all time. It's one of the few songs were the Verses and the Chorus are equally catchy and sing-alongable. No words can describe it listen to it!

9.Do you wanna Dance:45 After the top three songs Do you wanna dance be sound like a letdown but its still a good cover. The song can easily get stuck in your , but if it does, its not bad at all. Very Catchy

10.I Wanna Be Well: 45 Though not as good as I Wanna Be Sedated, I Wanna Be Well is a great song to listen to when your bored. Its slower and te lyrics are drowning and simple.

11.I Can't Give you Anything: 35 One of the weaker tracks I Can't give you anything is a bit too poppy. Still Good.

12.Ramona: 45 A bit better song with good lyrics. a bit to much Shtick though..

13. Surfin bird: 55 One of the best songs on the album has one of Joey's best vocals preformances, streching his voice in all directions. Fun catchy and Fast, all of the pure ramones ingredients.

14.Why is it Always this way?: 4.55 Another great song, its a bit of an epligoue. Rocket to Russia could've been big, but Joey got hurt and The Sex Pistols came in. But in the end they both became legends.

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September 23rd 2006


Pretty short song reviews...

September 23rd 2006


i need to get a roamones cd thats not a greatest hits, think this is a good place to start?

September 23rd 2006


Yeah...not the greatest review, even if it is a first. Type it in Word so theres not so many spelling errors. And whats with the random capitilazations?

Digging: Woods - Strange To Explain

victim of changes
September 23rd 2006


My First Ramones album, truley a classic.

September 24th 2006


Yeah. I'll try to work on that. thanks!

September 30th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

Great record, best time for the Ramones

September 30th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

the first four ramones albums are the very best. and this is one of them. all the songs on rocket to russia are pure ramones greatness.

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