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August 26th, 2006 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

I remember in my years as being known as a preteen, I heard of a band on much music. I saw there video premier and was instantly in love. Due to my terrible memory alas, I forgot their name and they faded into nothingness. Until one day my older sister showed me a song and I kinda liked it. So I check out more of this "band". She tells me their called "Alexisonfire" ok so off to the store I go with my allowance and I pick up my brand new Alexisonfire cd. NOO!! I cried I couldn’t believe it all the songs I loved were missing, no waterwings, no 44. caliber love letter. I had picked up watch out instead and well after the pain of not having the cd of my dreams I had WATCH OUT! and wasn’t disappointed at all.

track one - accidents
a powerful guitar riff sets a fantastic mood for this song and album. George soon joins in the fun for this dark sing along. Some great guitar play from Dallas and Wade. Then Dallas beautiful voice joins in with to create a more serious mood. With some gang vocals the songs comes to a very good bass solo with eerie moans from Dallas. "LETS REDEFINE" soon abrupt the eeriness. For Georges’ triumphant return. with more Dallas and gang vocals along for the ride. It is a really good dancing sing along, and it is also the first single to come from Watch Out!

track 2- control
A Hard hitting blast as this song makes its ways to your ears with more of that old signature Alexis style. BAM! What happened this isn’t Alexis anymore is it" George is here it must be, but its calm. Who’s this man coming out from the shadows of Alexis. He has been fighting his way to the fore front and here he is. Dallas Green. Pushing George and Wade behind in his dust. He Brings something new and exciting, a really beautiful, sexy, eerie, emotion filled voice. He lets you hear his talent, with a really nice guitar riff. Once the chorus arrives George shows he still strong and fighting with some powerful screams. A dead silence follows to let Dallas melodic voice fill the air. The hard rock soon returns with Dallas still here to impress. George makes another comeback though. and Wade gains some vocal time as well. The song slows don’t to a dark guitar part almost a slow solo, which send tingles up your spine. With abrupt bursts of bass. With a nice loud complex ending this song is a emotional roller coaster, but in a good way.

track 3 - it was fear of my self that made me odd
This song starts out with a magical calm which makes me feel weightless. Dallas then enters with terrifying lyrics of crushing mountains and such, sung so beautifully they seem to be peaceful. Some nice complex and basic guitar fills the air and it mixes with Dallas' voice amazingly. Then George comes in with his screams as to remind Dallas this is post hardcore not light rock. The band follows Georges lead with some heavy instrumental work. Dallas finally sings like a he’s in a rock band. He still has an amazing voice but its more edgy and belongs in rock n' roll. George has a short screaming time until repeating drum beat and bass. Calm before the storm. Then the band storms in with a orgy of screaming and vocals and complex guitar riffs, more like the self titled. Ending with George's screams as the music fades.
3.8/5 defiantly one of the weakest on the album.

track 4- side walks when she walks
This isn’t an alexisonfire song. This is a Dallas Green and band song. I wonder what George does during live shows when this song is being played. But this still starts out with some punk/posthardcore sounding music, to then mellow out. This songs has some really good bass and piano work, and it leaves the guitar in the back seat until it speeds up again. Only to return to its previous state this time with some orchestral bringing a real mood. Then back to the ROCK! A complex repeating riff of guitars blazing with high pitched squeal that are some how pleasing to the ear. Wade helps end this song off powerfully. Before Dallas comes in for an outro with a almost acoustic guitar and his vocals. His vocals and almost acoustic guitar is also being played in revers which give a creepiness that sends more tingles down my spine.

track 5- hey, its your funeral mama.
The third single is probably one of Alexis' most simplistic songs to date. But yet it stands out of the crowd and is a fan favorite. Power chords fill the air throughout this song and really catchy riff. George then starts screaming his story about his nightmare about a go kart track. and Dallas comes in for only the chorus a real surprise. And Wades vocals tag along for the ride, with the most singing he has all album. More Dallas Wade and a painful but pleasant scream by George. The song starts coming to an end with one final chorus to wrap up all the fun in this happy go lucky tune. And also the intro to the following song comes afer hey its your funeral mama is finished.

track 6 - no transitory
this song is there 2nd single off this album. It brought many fans to Alexis, who would have never listened before. This is due to Dallas stealing the show again, with only a tiny bit of screaming, a hint of guitar. Jessie and Chris also get some time in the spot light as they are the only thing to really listen to other then Dallas for much of this song. Screaming comes back for a fast hard hitting "And this knife, this knife, This is my most, this is my most, this is my most important appendage, This is my most, this is my most, this is my most important appendage AHHHHH!!!" Dallas then makes one more chorus refrain and another chorus to neatly tie this tune all together. But then Unwrapped with one more scream of "AHHHHH!!!" some very nice technical drumming through out.

track 7 - sharks and danger
the creepy rewound and regular guitar. with a man talking to a mental health line. His disturbing call appears several times through out this song. With Dallas doing some singing until and eerie abrupt "I'll never sleep." George finally gets invited to this creepy call and brings Wade as a guest. they all sing there separate parts as one. until George screams an evil sinister "razor wire" as you hear the phone line dead. leaving many questions about if the caller is still alive.

track 8 - that girl possessed
This is a new for the band tackling such a serious topic as rape. This song conveys much hardcore screamo to its purist. Dallas and Wade get in the vocal action too. after some time it mellows out to comeback with more Wade and Dallas with George bringing up the rear here. until the very end. Not much to say simply a great dark mature song.

track 9 -white devil
Another very serious song this time about drug abuse. This song Explains how this "white devil" (cocaine) can make your life a "***ing disaster." Not much to say here either just hard hitting Alexis style music. with the screams nearing the end so ruff and sounding painful. With Dallas relieving George for some time.

track 10 - get fighted
this is my 2nd favorite Alexisonfire song. A pounding strong beat that will have you dancing in seconds. A great message is present in this song, life is short have fun, and remember music is about the fun not the fashion. Everyone calm down relax and just have some old fashion fun. The lyrics all stay tight to this theory. "Maybe music isn’t dead maybe we just forgot what it ***ing sounded like" stands out a lot. It is powerful and got me thinking that’s why I adore this song, o yeah and its catchy beat.

track 11- happiness by the kilowatt
A smooth eerie song with lyrics that made me feel the emotion Dallas' voice shows in this song. It is mellow and mature and perfect. It is all in a metaphor of home decorating, and I still not quite sure the real message is. This song made me think about my life also. I love it. A chant of "wake up wake" haunts the air for some time. George comes in to tell of a horrible accident. Then back to more pain and emotion bellowing from the depths of Dallas. "Wake up wake" returns to haunt your dreams for ever after. Wade gets one last go at vocals and has a good chunk in the song.

overall an amazing album

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August 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

o i meant to say 4/5 for white devil

Two-Headed Boy
August 26th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

Pretty good review, but Alexis was a crazy showgirl, not a man.

September 7th 2006


Yeah not a bad review, just add some actual sentences at the end and have a conclusion. You are off to a good start though.

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