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Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Unbridled precision

SY is the second EP from Brazilian progressive metal band Vitalism, released in 2017. The EP is an impressive showcase of the band's instrumental prowess, combining complex rhythms, intricate melodies, and heavy grooves in a way that is both technical and accessible.

One of the most notable aspects of SY is the band's use of unconventional time signatures and polyrhythms. From the opening track "Pagan, Pt. 2," which features a driving 7/8 groove, to the atmospheric "Ayahuasca," which incorporates a 9/8 rhythm, the album constantly keeps the listener engaged and on their toes. Despite the complexity of the music, Vitalism manages to make it feel organic and natural, never sacrificing musicality for technicality.

Another standout element of SY is the band's use of melody. The album is full of memorable and emotive guitar lines, often played in unison with the bass or keyboards. Songs like "Favela" showcase the band's ability to create lush, cinematic soundscapes, while tracks like "Yami Obi" feature catchy hooks that stick in your head long after the album has ended. Inclusions of math rock sections as well as jazz sections are featured to broaden the soundscapes even further.

One of the most impressive aspects of this EP is the masterful musicianship on display. The instrumental arrangements are complex, intricate, and precise, with each member of the band contributing their own unique style and flair to the overall sound. Guitarists Ed Garcia and Lucas Moscardini in particular shine on this EP, displaying an incredible level of technical proficiency and creativity throughout each and every track.

In addition to the impressive instrumental performances, SY also features excellent production and mixing. The EP has a polished, modern sound that doesn't sacrifice the raw energy and emotion of the band's performance. The drums in particular sound fantastic, with a powerful, punchy tone that propels the music forward.

Overall, SY is an excellent EP that showcases Vitalism's impressive musicianship and songwriting abilities. It's a must-listen for fans of progressive metal, but even those who aren't typically into the genre will find something to appreciate in the band's catchy melodies and dynamic arrangements. With SY, Vitalism has cemented themselves as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the modern metal scene.

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Contributing Reviewer
March 24th 2023


Nice little streak you’ve got going also once again good rev

March 24th 2023


Sounds interesting. If I'm going to dislike a prog album, it's usually because of the vocals, so this should be a safe thing to check out ;) Nice review.

March 24th 2023


Nice indeed! It is a little bare bones but the bones are solid.

I am more inclined to 'trust' a brief thing that knows how paragraph works (develop / synthesize 1 idea) than I am a thing with chonky paragraphs that go allllll over the place

but you set good boundaries with your paragraphs and if there's a flaw in it it's that i would've read more if you'd said more

March 24th 2023


Album Rating: 5.0

I am aware of the bare bones aspect, though this format allows me to be more comfortable with my writing. I will take into consideration and will attempt to expand maybe in another review, though I dunno if it will go well, but thanks for the feedback and kind words.

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