Ten Times the World Lied



by MiguelAngel USER (3 Reviews)
September 14th, 2020 | 4 replies

Release Date: 04/01/2020 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "It’s a plunge further inward, and usually forces you to address all kinds of things you maybe didn’t even want to, depending on your personality and mental constitution".- Brock Van Wey

This music is intensely personal.

It is hard to ignore how deeply emotional and unafraid Brock Van Wey is. Seeming too sentimental or pretentious to those unwilling to take it on its own terms. It's the kind of uncompromising approach that's led to fervent fans like me to start listening to the Bvdub label.

This album will begin by defining the possible friendship between you and Brock, a concept that, according to my understanding, is difficult to explain and is subject to the subjectivity of all people, especially talking about art and music. If you just don’t like it, you don’t like it, there’s no way to evoke any feeling outside of that conglomerate of opinions you might have. Nontheless, i have to specify the characteristics of the so-called "true nostalgia" that is distinguished from other types of nostalgia that we can appreciate in artists like William Basinski.
This nostalia is already differentiated by each person and that, according to even philosophers, can only be achieve between people who desire each other’s good, who know each other but do not judge each other, and that are sincere but to the right degree, without harming each other. I believe Brock has achieve such nostalgia.

Not only do you feel like drawing a sad landscape while you listen to this album, but you feel relieved to be able to feel this nostalgia so intimate, and sometimes so abused by fear, that you really seem to have opened yourself up to an old friend.

This just isn't music that finds you. In a way you find it and it becomes personal that way. Your own soundtrack for further finding. It seems intimate that way. And that is so hard to find nowdays. With this album, i truly had the chance to finally open up old wounds and start to heal.

Brock obviously has a gift for making music that can seem soothing and easy to make. He is able to reach out to deep emotions in his listeners that, they feel like he can invite them into a barn and have a relatable conversation about their past, their problems, their doubts... Maybe you take that for granted, with big names like Burial, Earthen Sea and even Echospace and Deepchord, but there is something truly special and humane with Bvdub that the others do not have, and that is the ability to evoke real nostalgia without hurting you, without invading your personal thoughts or experiences. The kind of intimate trust you want to have with only one person in your lifetime.

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Contributing Reviewer
September 14th 2020


This sounds interesting, will check.

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September 14th 2020


Album Rating: 3.5

this is pretty good

hope we get another East of Oceans LP at some point tho

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September 15th 2020


o i like da bee vee dub.

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Contributing Reviewer
September 15th 2020


I quite like a few of his other releases, will check this for sure.

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