We Are Not Your Kind



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January 27th, 2020 | 5 replies

Release Date: 08/09/2019 | Tracklist

Review Summary: I mean - it's Slipknot - think whatever.

I’ll be honest, I’m shocked myself to be talking about a Slipknot album in the year not named 2003. These are dude's wearing masks “singing” about stuff -that I suppose their children are going through when we first heard these themes as children. So, again, I get it. I’ve never personally enjoyed the band's 85 drummers and hammerers it's a little too much for me. I get it though. And now that jokes have been made I’ll explain why I think this is a very OK album.

This is a hard sell. I, realize that, and I bet they did as well which is why we have a title named ‘We Are Not Your Kind’. So we’re in for a treat depending how you like your snacks. Now, as I’ve grown older I’ve had my own self crises, but some of the ones I heard in the first 10 second were screaming uh-oh. Again, been there done that made the fetch shirt about it. But this opener screams “Metallica can still be relevant somehow!”. The song is not bad. Mind you, but, boy oh boy, can you hear the age in “Unsainted”.

So it’s not a good first batter - that’s fine, did Barry Bonds hit it out of the park every night? For some reason I kept listening though. Why are these men so angry and what other instruments did they find to play in the garbage? So I went to their music videos and as MTV as they were I think that’s where I understood what was happening. (Who on Earth would call themselves a maggot is beyond me but-) I think I became a fan.I don’t think anybody is denying the ability of any member of Slipknot. Their famous video, that I don’t even have to name, of basically massive destruction is credit to their vision buuuuuuuutttttt…

Anyway. Let me talk about why this is a cool album. So “Unsainted” sucks, cool. Moving on; In terms of what Slipknot has given us they have definitely evolved. It’s always been the evolution that's been in questioning, arguing the former is idiotic.”Nero Forte” is some fun interplay of ‘IOWA” and where they’ve decided to go now - heavy rhythms with, well just that melody/rhythms.. This is the same with “Red Flag” and “Spiders”. However this all falls apart constantly because of the dumb-ass risks they take; and I say dumb-ass because they should know better than to allow over half this album to become this mundane "we're turning into Stone Sour Shhhhhh". I understand they have percussionists but c’mon people.

So, yes, I believed in this album while writing about it, but, writing about I’ve learned to be very disheartening. Would I listen to it right now? Oh-heavens no; but yes I do think this is a good Daughtry metal album made by people who are upset about the fact their child spilled their cheerios while their Spotify suggested them Black Sabbath on accident. Yes - That I do believe to be true and I would gladly take opposable evidence. Either way I have all the blast beats one could handle over here.

Yo, I still like this album.

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January 27th 2020


Album Rating: 4.0

i wrote this cause of the news of kobe tbh.

January 27th 2020


Album Rating: 4.0

yo i still like this album

Digging: Three Knee Deep - Three Knee Deep

January 27th 2020


Album Rating: 4.0

Yo, I still like this album

January 28th 2020


Had a few drinks, eh?

January 28th 2020


Album Rating: 5.0

I like this album quite a bit too, but this review does look like it was written when you were drunk haha

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