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by FilteredSeaMen USER (3 Reviews)
December 19th, 2019 | 16 replies

Release Date: 08/15/2019 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A thrill-ride that may cleanse your musical palette and alter your taste.

I like to think of myself as a man of musical merit. A man who's taste and range of musical knowledge stretches towards the horizon. One of my requirements to continue this delusion is to listen to Jazz amongst other esoteric bullshit like scat-auto tune. After watching a large-headed neo-Nazi on YouTube, he recommended a fancy jazz album from the Sons of Kemet. As I consider myself a very "woke" person I could not review something that was too mainstream so I went for King Shabaka's side project to put the plebs off the scent.

This album starts by demanding patience from you. A rather atmospheric mars-synth opener to get the juices moving. But any motility the opener gave your juices is immediately quashed by the shitest song on the album [i]Birth of Creation" A rather dull affair that sounds like a Glitch Mob B-side.

Fear not as Shabba goes from a shriveled micro-penis to the musical equivalent of a 12-inch flesh ferret with the third track Summon the Fire. If I lived on the Total Recall (1990) Mars I would do a bunch of drugs and listen to this song as I ride through the scarlet desert on my space-motorcycle. If that was not an option I would put on red-tinted glasses do a bunch of Meth and run barefoot to the nearest beach.
If MC ride from death grips was a brass instrument he would sound like the sax in parts of these songs. A sax full of sassy attitude, it's brassy squeaks embody an attention-demanding vocal-like presence in the mix. This fantastic sax is accompanied by other cool brass shit and an overall extraterrestrial sci-fi vibe.

Blood of the past continues the ball-biting momentum from the previous track. A track where Shabba lets his doomsday sax go to town and back, accompanied by a bassy synth. However, Shabbas groove is halted by the songs feature from an Anarchist, grime-leftist named Kate Tempest. Personally I find her a bit of an arduous pest especially on repeated listens as she rants for just over two minutes. I can't remember exactly what she says but I remember the line "The new Coldplay album is a 4.5/5" a questionable remark that might furrow some peoples brows, especially sputnik user "The MightyScoop"

The two tracks that follow showcase the drummer Max "Betamax" Hallets talent as he sets a fiery flurry of hits and licks with his sticks to accompany Shabbas continued saxual intercourse.

After a poor song eerily similar to Birth of Creation the album finishes off with a super erratic sax-sex freestyle accompanied by the THX theme. The exact way every good jazz album should end. Miles Davies eat your dick off.

So what is this album at the end of the day? If it was up to me I would do what all the highly esteemed staff do on this site. Give it a 3.9 (.5 ratings are for commoners) make it the featured review and let out an arousing guffaw as I remove the vote for how poorly written this review is. But alas I'm a non-staff rat and have no tools to separate me from the vermin.

As I sit on my leather-bound chair and put my 6000 dollar headphones to one side I look for outside talent to help me find the answer to the aforementioned question. Knowing that sputniks users are of high-brow and high IQ I keep my investigation in-house. I look to the most popular comment made about the album by a man dubbed "TheSupernatural" He states that he

"Tried playing this for my girlfriend in the car, halfway through the first track she turns to me and
asks; is this whole album just going to be one self-important horn?"

Now before I respond to this remark by said sputniks user girlfriend I must forgive you all as I indulge myself. Assuming "thesupernaturals" position in the car I ready myself to respond to this low hanging fruit.

I do so not only to tear into this unsuspecting victim but also to momentarily feel what it's like to have a girlfriend.

As Barbara's eyes meet mine longing for a response to her question, I take my hand and rest it on her cheek using my thumb to slide a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Is this whole car ride just going to be one self-important bitch flapping her gums?"

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December 19th 2019


Album Rating: 4.0

This review goes out to all the fans of my Coldplay review that Sinternet really liked.

December 19th 2019



Demon of the Fall
December 19th 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

Review confuses me and for some reason I like it.

Album confuses me and for some reason I like it.

At least this now has a review - much needed considering this made the staff list despite not having one.

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December 19th 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

Oh damn, I never realized this album didn't have a review until now. Just kind of assumed it always did. LOL'd at the last line.

But it makes me sad because 'Birth of Creation' is awesome :'(

Digging: Hop Along - Painted Shut

December 19th 2019


Band rules.

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December 19th 2019


Album Rating: 4.0

Miles Davis eat your dick off

December 19th 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

"Shabba goes from a shriveled micro-penis to the musical equivalent of a 12-inch flesh ferret'

"If MC ride from death grips was a brass instrument he would sound like the sax in parts of these songs"

High praise if ever there was

Glad to see a review of this

December 20th 2019


Good to see this get a review, great album

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Contributing Reviewer
December 20th 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

I toyed with the idea of writing this one up but it got a bit overwhleming, idk.

Glad that someone did it.

""Is this whole car ride just going to be one self-important bitch flapping her gums?""

This cracked me up lol. Have a pos.

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December 20th 2019


Lmao didn't even see that line. That soundoff is hilarious though ngl

December 20th 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

just watched part of their tiny desk concert, shit was wild!

December 20th 2019


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah their Tiny Desk blew me away. 4:45 they keyboardist leaves this plane.

Also I love the Kate Tempest feature on this, I think it complements the track perfectly. good stuff tho

December 21st 2019


Album Rating: 3.5

Wtf just on that tiny desk now and it's insane

So sad the record doesn't capture this level of energy

December 24th 2019


quite impressive in places um

January 12th 2020


second track is pretty sweet

Digging: Philip Glass - Glassworks

January 23rd 2020


Album Rating: 4.0

Was a little harsh on it for sure.

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