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June 20th, 2006 | 24 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

A collection of tracks by rising stars and one slightly older, that attempt to do justice to one of the most widely loved metal albums of all time. The original sounds dated now but this is all about updating the tracks and giving them more relevance to a new generation of metal heads. Try and find it as it isn�t on proper release (I recommend ebay). Good Luck, you won�t regret it.

Battery- Machine Head
As incendiary now as it was 20 years ago, this version by Machine Head benefits from Rob Flynn�s vocal style as opposed to James Hetfield who I felt just didn�t cut it vocally till The Black Album. The galloping riff complements the verse and fast paced drums. The guitar work is good on the main riff and great for the interlude. 4/5

Master of Puppets- Trivium
This song has had it�s detractors and I�m afraid that I�m one of them. This version merely benefits from the modern sound quality. The quality of the guitar from Matt Heafy and co is good but the vocals are uninspiring and bland. As the original was pretty poor I�ll admit this is and improvement but still not the awe-inspiring track it is supposed to be. 3/5

The Thing that should not be- Mendeed
Mendeed do well to make a song about all sorts of fantasy stuff as boring as hell, the worst track on the album, it suffers from a terrible chorus and verses. The only redeeming quality is that of the chugging main riff that just holds the song together from being a bit of a train wreck. Don�t like the vocal style as it is too unrefined (even by a Hetfield track�s standards). 2/5

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)- Bullet for My Valentine
This track is good with a deep and brooding quality that is evident in this version. Again the sound quality is improved and the vocals are much more palatable compared to the original. Matt Tuck�s voice effects suit the intro verse nicely until the song builds into a good riff and cascades into the chorus which benefits from the modern guitar sound afforded by Bullet for My Valentine. The song breaks-down into a maelstrom of guitar and makes this one of my favourite tracks. 4.5/5

Disposable Heroes- Chimaira
What a voice for this track! Frankly the leather throated growl emanating from my speakers is terrifying and complements the song�s subject and styling perfectly. The Machine gun riff and drums create a great war-torn atmosphere and the lyrics are just as applicable now as they were on the album�s release.
�You will die when I say/ You must die/ Back to the front�
Best track on the album. 5/5

Leper Messiah- Fightstar
Odd track that isn�t lyrically strong but is carried off with merit by the Fightstar crew. S****** those who know what else rhymes with �Fight� but this version is superior in almost every way to the original. The sound is updated and made more audible and Charlie Simpson�s vocal delivery is odd on this track but suits it in a weird way. A great riff and solo section are pulled off by Chaz (laugh now you arrogant rock snobs! Ha!) 4/5

Orion- Mastadon
A great track by Mastadon who claimed they didn�t wish to do a vocal song as they might not do it justice. Their instrumental effort is stunning: beautiful and threatening in equal measure it soars on some great riffs and Solo sections from all the band. Hard to put into words how great this version is. 4.5/5

Damage, inc.- Funeral for a Friend
Funeral for a Friend�s Matt Davis�s delivery is a serious departure of style that encompasses the raw fury of this track with ease. The sledgehammer riff is present with a great sense of swirling chaos as the song descends into one of the best solos on the album and brings this cover album to it�s triumphant conclusion.

Style over substance" A little. Great songs, great bands" Defiantly!
The original sounds alittle dated but it was ground breaking and a piece of metal greatness for sure.

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Storm In A Teacup
June 20th 2006


Whoa, didn't expect to ever see anything like this.

June 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I know it was kinda out of the blue but definately a good release by Kerrang! standards. ("cough!!!....Pussy ass trendys.. cough!!")

June 20th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

Two things - Firstly, the original sounds 'dated'? Last time i listened to it, a couple of days ago, it as STILL the best metal album ever released. But maybe that's my opinion. Secondly, the vocals for 'Damage INC.' weren't done by Matt Davies but by their drummer/screamer Ryan Richards.

I thought the CD was quite a good freebie, but as a standalone it feels disjointed and the Mendeed and Funeral For A Friend contributions were pretty poor. I liked the Fightstar version of 'Leper Messiah', 'Battery' by Machine Head and also 'Orion' by Mastodon. I didn't think the rest were fantastic, mainly cos the other bands are kinda weak in my opinion, and their style is quite different to the band they were covering - i think that out of the recent 'new-wave' (as such) metal bands, only Mastodon are close in style to Metallica.

June 20th 2006


This is a rather good album, purely on the fact that it was Metallica covers, but I dont think I can give it as high as the original. Yet some songs like Leper Messiah Master of puppets and battey were done very well. A surprising result.This Message Edited On 06.20.06

June 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I dunno Mastadon haven't atained the same level of instant listenable accessability that Metallica had throughout their albums. The sheer mammoth heaviness of Mastadon's releases (less so Leviathan) places then slightly away from Metallica.

With the whole dated thing, the poitn is not to discredit a high class album, merely to point out that this album builds on that quality with some 20th century technical wizardry as well.This Message Edited On 06.20.06

June 20th 2006


Matt of FFAF doesn't sing Damage Inc. it is handled by the drummer. I don't know his name lol.

June 20th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

It was good, but I dont find that Master Of Puppets was the best metal album of all time. Even so, this was really cool to listen to.

June 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

i liked all the covers tbh, especially the mendeed one (they added a fast bit, which is what the song was originally missing i felt...), although the vocal style in the FFAF one just doesn't fit at all...

June 20th 2006


How is the original version of master poor(the song).

June 20th 2006


I downloaded all the songs and I do not think like you...

June 21st 2006


I like MoP the first time round, Matt Heafy does a decent job.

Mister Mop
September 25th 2006


hard to imagine one of the Busted boys doing Leper Messiah

March 30th 2007


Of course Trivium would have to cover a Metallica song.

April 19th 2007


this album displays just how average todays metal is compared to heavy metal of the past.

February 12th 2008


TRIVIUM's cover is great.... the best...

"this album displays just how average todays metal is compared to heavy metal of the past."

i don't think so...:
Protest the hero, between the buried and me, children of bodom, opeth... and more....

February 12th 2008


what a surprise! trivium on a metallica cover cd.

they try to sound exactly like them anyway.

August 26th 2008


Album Rating: 3.5

Pretty good album, but a bit disappointing see two bands on their that have their tongue firmly planted up Metallica's back passage (Bullet, Trivium). Also most of these bands are pretty popular, which is a bit of shame as more bands who aren't as big could have done a track. Would have loved to have heard Opeth, Soulfly or 36 Crazyfists on here. Not too bad an album, but with a couple of exceptions stuck too closely to the original.

On a side note, has no one noticed BFMV only seem to do covers now? They've done an Ozzy one, a Pantera one and two Metallica covers. I wish their band would just flop and be done with it.

August 26th 2008


"i don't think so...:

Protest the hero, between the buried and me, children of bodom, opeth... and more...."

Wow, I must've misread things. I was lead to believe that PtH, BtBam, CoB and Opeth were not bands that took part in this project.

December 18th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

It's not a great album, by any means, but there are a couple of songs that are worthy of listening to.

May 16th 2010


so i just found this and i think i will check it out just for the shits and giggles, might be fun though

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