Bleeding the False



by Dissonant USER (2 Reviews)
July 31st, 2017 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Poor in every department, an overall forgettable debut from the Swedish death metal band Aeon

You'll never catch me cherry picking lyrics, especially in death metal - unless it's a singer-songwriter, or a band expressively known for lyrics or wordplay, I generally focus almost entirely on the music itself (chord progressions, structures, etc); I guess that's fair reasoning for the most part. Unfortunately, I can counteract that statement with Aeon's debut effort, Bleeding the False, which is horribly flawed in the lyrical department, as is the band's writing style in general. Have you ever listened to an album where the lyrics are so revolting that the music suffers" This is the case with Bleeding the False, which although has a few redeeming qualities, is an overall poorly executed death metal record.

Bleeding the False has about as much oxygen in it as does roadkill. Not only are the lyrics poor, the music is incredibly straightforward and hardly technical or innovative. The biggest issue is that the music acts like a dog chasing its tail; it leads absolutely nowhere, and gets more and more frustrating as it progresses. The songs all start out with a single riff, and nothing changes - sure, they might add in another riff for good measure, but the music feels aimless. There are moments on this album where a few sunspots occur, however only for underwhelming seconds at a time. This is the type of death metal album where if you've heard a few tracks, you've heard the entire album - very dull, unimaginative musicianship without any sense of variety whatsoever, just constant dead weight. Plenty of death metal acts have made stellar records without the need of variety, Bleeding the False feels more of a like a chore to get through in a single sitting.

Did I mention the lyrics" Yeah, they are downright awful on this record - in general, the band lacks heavily in this department, but that's for another story. Anything but creative, the lyrics are a marathon of incredibly thoughtless, childish, anti-christian themed lyrics, going off on how "god hates queers" and the obvious eyebrow raising question of "where is your god now"" Take 'Satanic Victory' for example - listen to these strong, insightful anti-christian lyrics: "Free from all god's children!!/Victory!! to my dark world!!/I watch you die!!/I masturbate upon your graves!/Satanic victory/Kill/Kill, how many do I have to kill/To get rid of them." Be prepared - this album is littered with these types of lyrics, certainly nothing substantial or engrossing.

Overall, while the band itself is by no means horrible (their follow-up, Rise to Dominate is surprisingly decent), their debut fails to live up to any standard in death metal whatsoever. Of course, the music itself is brutal, ruthless, and never tones down, but it's soulless and tries its absolute hardest to do so without any redeeming qualities that would otherwise say so. The end result is nothing more than a generically executed slab of death metal.

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July 31st 2017


Album Rating: 1.5

Probably reads more like a rant but w.e

July 31st 2017


Aeons Black is great but this one never appealed to me at all

July 31st 2017


Album Rating: 1.5

AB was close to fantastic for me, it clicked much faster than this did.

July 31st 2017


Album Rating: 3.0

If you are a false don't entry. Now leave the hall before the nuclear drums crush your brain.

God gives head in heaven

he will swallow it all

your filthy Christian seed

it ain't no big surprise

this is how your god is like.

August 1st 2017


Good review, I thought this album was rather unoriginal too.


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