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February 26th, 2017 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2017 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Acres deliver an emotional set of songs on this short EP, giving a solid first effort with their new vocalist.

Acres are a 5 piece melodic/post hardcore band from the South Coast of England, UK. Back in 2015, Acres parted ways with their vocalist and began seeking out a new front man, something I actually auditioned for. I didn't make the cut, however, listening to this EP, I'm glad I didn't, as their new vocalist Ben Lumber fits in perfectly and gives an exceptional performance on these tracks.

From the very first track, the instrumentation on this release is noticeably heavier than their previous two EPs. The blistering new riffs are accompanied by a familiar ambient lead swimming in reverb, a staple of melodic hardcore and Acres' sound, and proves heavily reminiscent of Devil Sold His Soul, which is always a good thing. Emotional lyrics and excellent sounding clean vocals are commonplace throughout these tracks, something I'm glad was retained from their earlier efforts.

The lead single off this EP, ''Miles Apart'', was released back in September of 2015, and appears here re-recorded, sounding better than ever. A fresh set of vocal recordings and more pronounced harmonies in the chorus give this song an extra level of depth, and it's one that often gets stuck in my head. This track also has an alternative version featured on this EP, affectionately labeled as ''Miles Apart-Sad Song Version'' on the bands spotify. This rendition of the song features clean, ambient guitars and turns the soaring chorus down into a softly climbing melody, proving Acres' adaptability as song writers.

As for the other tracks on the album, Acres do what they do best, and that is creating an atmosphere. The monotone screams that find home in this genre coupled with the huge ambiance of the lead guitars give their music a certain aesthetic, something I consider a hallmark of knowing your own sound. On the song ''Gloom'', another single released before this EP you'll find incredibly effective group vocals singing what is another emotional set of lyrics in beautiful chorus. On the EP's title track, a fantastic lead guitar can be heard throughout, and the song provides a sense of emotion from the word Go.

The only real criticism I can give this EP is it's lack of diversity between the bulk of the songs. Whilst each track is distinct from the other, you will find a lot of similar sounds here. However, that's nothing to be frowned at, as what is there is done to a very high standard, and I think this is both an excellent EP and a fine example of what Acres have yet to come. If ambient melodic hardcore is your thing, then this band is for you. A very
solid effort from Acres.

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February 25th 2017


3 reviews in a day nice

February 25th 2017


Pretty decent review, just chop this up into smaller paragraphs because right now it's just a wall of text. I liked Solace a lot, as well as their debut self-titled EP, but what I've heard with the new vocalist hasn't really clicked with me

Also yea, try not to clog the front page with your reviews

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February 25th 2017


stop posting reviews jeez

Digging: Glassjaw - Material Control

February 25th 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

I apologize for over-doing it on the reviews, I'm very new to this site and this is something I enjoy a lot, I didn't realize that the homepage displayed the most recent reviews primarily, I assumed it worked on a ''most popular'' kind of system and highlighted that kind of thing, didn't even notice I was on there til you pointed it out. Regardless I appreciate the feedback I've received on each of my reviews and I will likely keep writing them, but maybe not as frequently. Cheers x

March 1st 2017


Solid review my man. That last line is odd how it's just singled out like that without reason though. Also maybe this is personally me but I usually don't like people making obscure music references to explain a bands sound. Like if I had never heard "Devil Sold His Soul" (which I haven't) i'd have no idea what you're talking about comparing this to that.

March 1st 2017


Album Rating: 2.5

This sounds exactly like a bad Devil Sold His Soul clone so the comparsion is spot on and justified imo. But I can agree on describing a bands sound with "obscure" references doesn't really work

March 1st 2017


Ok so as it turns out the bands relatively big but i'm not super versed in hardcore, like I know the big bands but not too much else.

March 1st 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

I like the addition of the cleans, but their old vocalist had better harsh vocals and lyrics imo

March 2nd 2017


Don't listen to these elitist fucks , great review man and do as many as you want 🤘

March 22nd 2017


Good review, hope you keep it up

March 23rd 2017


I really like Miles Apart (sad version). Just came on my shuffle and its pretty kick ass.

March 23rd 2017


You should check Solace and their s/t if you haven't

March 23rd 2017


I checked out their self titled a long long time ago and I remember enjoying it so maybe ill give those a spin. I love the atmosphere of their songs

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