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Blonde on Blonde



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January 14th, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1966 | Tracklist

This record represents Dylan's top at songwriting. Published in 1966, after the singer's motorbike accident, it was the result of tense and difficult recording sessions in which walls were pulled down and with the musicians in a constant state of nervousness. They were professional musicians from Nashville never used to the drugs Dylan introduced them to.
The album is pervaded with an eerie sense of madness we can find in its carnivalesque, crazy fair sound. This is clear in songs such as the fabulous starting, "Rainy Day Women #12 &35" (WHAT A TITLE!); "One of Us Must Know"; the lovely "I Want You" (my favourite); "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again"; "Most Likely You Go your Way and I'll Go Mine"; or "Absolutely Sweet Marie".
Lyrically it represents a superb poetic effort. We can definitely state that Dylan has sharpened his pen in precise depictions (though a bit altered by his drug fondness) of personal love & loveless relationships. These incredible images we can find in "Visions of Johanna" or the huge "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" dedicated to his wife Sara Lowndes. If we spice this with some moments of intense delicacy ("Just Like a Woman", "Fourth time Around") and the more "traditional" blues type in "Obviously Five Believers", "Temporary Like Achilles", "Pledging my Time" or "Leopard-Skin Pil- Box Hat", we have the recipe complete.
This is one of the towers of the 20th century. I'd say the highest one. A supreme masterpiece that will never grow old, and my favourite record ever. 5/5

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July 14th 2004


Not exactly a great review im afraid.

There is a lack of depth and little information about the album itself.

Despite this, what you have written is quite good but really could do with a bit more to it.

Nice try:thumb:

July 14th 2004


"Acid - Blues"? Well, that doesn't give off any signs of him being a Folk artist or a Rock artist. It says he's a Psychedelic using Blues artist.

July 14th 2004


Wow, people are crazy. This is a very well written review. People whine when you don't write track-by-track reviews, but 90% of them don't read them if you do. They basically check to see that the review is long, then they say it's good. If you look up any professional review from a magazine or whatever, they will never do track by track, and will always go about as in depth as you just did. However, the set of standards on MX are different from that of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE or ALL MUSIC GUIDE.

July 14th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0

good album....bad review

el doctor
July 14th 2004


It's not so bad, but it's just not a review most people tend to find helpful. Incredible album though.
[QUOTE=DBS Rock My Socks!]I disliked this, stop making them![/QUOTE]
And why must you always fool around with your silly scripts or whatever they may be? It's pretty annoying.

July 14th 2004


well, thanks for your compliments ZAPPA. And for the rest I've tried to do my best writing the review I'd like to read. I don't like track-by-track reviews, and I think that this one gives you a whole vision of the album. Yet, that's my humble opinion.

July 14th 2004


"Acid - Blues"? Well, that doesn't give off any signs of him being a Folk artist or a Rock artist. It says he's a Psychedelic using Blues artist.

I don't think it's a folk album, maybe it could be called rock, but acid-blues is a construction I think defines this album. Of course this genre doesn't exist, but I was trying to be creative.

Staff Reviewer
January 3rd 2016


This album needs a better default review heh

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