Tired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon



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September 17th, 2015 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Review Summary: no one cares

This is some of the filthiest shit it is possible to hear in of perhaps all time. Decrepit played really decrepit sounding d-crust fuckened thrash fury with the most unhinged vocals and manic word saying ever rudely inseminated all over the sacred clitoris of musical recording. These stupid nasty boys know just how stupid and nasty they are and made some music all about it. It is up to you just get a little whiff of the riffs they oozed out in the depths of their triumphant crusty squalor.

Put your ear right next to the speakers and roll your stupid unseeing eyes back in your head when you hear that first riff in '"Extortion"' because that is all you can do about it. Unmitigated hatred abound in these fucktacular riffs; put down your guitar because you will never play it this fast and good or even get within orbit of this makes-you-feel-like-you-need-to-brush-your-teeth-afterwards guitar tone. YOU ARE SHIT. ALWAYS BEEN SHIT. And then the words start rasping out of the guys mouth and are surprisingly well enunciated considering how eager they sound to get out of the reek of his stinky alcohol deposit hole and the horrific truth becomes clear and then just when you thought you were safe there is a fucking bass solo which is really good and suddenly you have shat out most of your important organs.

No weird poser ass jackets required here folks this is some completely stripped down to the rawest most tender bone of all crust punk you can probably even know about. Only the spookiest of skeletons could even play these riffs because the cursed weak flesh of a human hand can not move around on guitar strings like this. I CANT SEE STRAIGHT. I'VE LOST MY MIND are just one or two or even several of the good words to be heard atop the throbbing bass and dumpster stench guitar.

Meanwhile there are the d-beatingest drums featuring at least fourteen million seriously intense fills and the most immediate tempo shifts to ever cheekily and unexpectedly gouge your eyeball whilst simultaneously going in for the rare hay-maker headbutt. If my dad ever heard the drums he would say that poor man will take his own teeth out with his drum sticks because that is how out of control he is. NO ONE CARES. Decrepit barely need even a small percentage of a moment of your time to get their point across with their incinerating riffs incendiary vocals and inspasticating (a cool word that I just made up) drum hits which is pretty obvious if you look at the song lengths IDIOT.

It's true there are lots of samples here and there but they are samples of raw truth FILTH IS BAD you learned it here first everybody please cite this review if referenced in future. The Twilight Zone and Hellraiser are just some of the good places that this album type whatever no one cares gets its noises from. If you have got any cares, which studies have shown is the case with most people, it would be worth your while to press play on your media player with this album queued up because perhaps you will finally understand that no one cares.

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September 17th 2015


Album Rating: 3.5


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September 17th 2015



September 17th 2015


helluvan opening sentence you got there.

September 17th 2015


lmfao best reviews

September 17th 2015


Album Rating: 3.5

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