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Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: With more solo's than you can poke a stick at, the album is definitely a must listen for anyone interested in good power or prog metal.

Scientic is a small independent band based in Denmark consisting of four members, Arian Odabaei (Lead guitarist and founder), Rob Lundgren (Vocals), Hans Brian Christensen (Guitars, Bass) and Rene F Laursen (drums). Now I do not know much of the background to this band so I will just focus on the music. The music is a blend of Power Metal and Progressive Metal, the theme of this band is a distopian future and uprising against the oppressive power. This, their debut album "Empire of the Mind" is a fantastic first album, showcasing technical skill as well as a passion for music. The name Empire of the Mind is inspired by the book by Michael Strangelove of the same name. The songs take direct ideas from the book and throw them at you with immense force. The band combines Power and Progressive Metal to great effect. Showing the technical prowess of a prog band and the cheese of a power band without going too far in either direction.

The track-listing is:

1. Inside the Mind of Empire: A short instrumental with an array of synthesizers to create an atmosphere of what's to come. It is a great start to the album although the ending is rather sudden and could have flowed into the next one. Not much more to say about this.

2. Reality Lost: This song is a complete contrast of the first one, it's loud and heavy. The pace of this song does not let up, your ears are treated to some terrific shredding from Odebaei and Christensen, and terrific drumming from Laursen. About 40 seconds into the song Lundgren's vocals kick in. But they're not what you'd expect, with music this heavy you'd expect some strong growls and screams, but Lundgren unleashes some of the most powerful and beautiful cleans I've heard. Truly one of the best voices I have heard in metal. There are also some great solo's from both guitarists to top off an already awesome song. In fact every song but the first has at least one solo, awesome huh"

3. Oceania: This song shows of Lundgren's vocals the most in the album, ranging from high's to low's. With a catchy chorus this song will be stuck in your head for a while. While being catchy it is also quite cheesy, with lyrics sometimes being a little too simple and over the top. Still a very good song showing off the talents of all the band members.

4. The New Imperialism: My personal favourite song from the album displaying Laursen's drumming skills in full flight. It's fast and heavy, with memorable riffs and solo's, as usual, and a chant that would do great for crowd involvement at live shows.

5. Anthropegnic: The most catchy song on the album is also the most cheesy. Who would have though that in power metal" The main theme of this song is protection of Mother Earth from the big fat greedy companies. It still shows of great skill from all participants and will be stuck in your head even longer than Oceania.

6. Holonomic Confusion: Another strong song for Lundgren on this, his vocals pushing this song from what could be mediocrity to pretty god dam good. The addition of a piano through the chorus is also a nice touch to keep the audience attentive and refreshed from the constant shredding and doublekick.

7. Dialetic Liberty: Probably the weakest song on the album, it starts off well enough with Odabaei's fingers blowing you away on the guitar, then the main riff hits in and the song seems to slowly move along, it sounds a lot like the previous songs, not much has changed over all. There is still great skill in this song, but Lundgren's vocals do take the spotlight once again. The main riffs slow the song down around the blistering solo's and intense drumming.

8. Empire of the Mind: The title track of the album is definitely one of the top songs on the album, this song starts with more of a build up than the other songs on the album, it is also the longest song coming in at just over 9.5 minutes. All the previous songs strengths come together to form a fantastic song in which all members talents are shown off to full effect.

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June 6th 2014


Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound Off

First review, any suggestions?

June 6th 2014


Track by track reviews are kinda frowned upon here

April 17th 2016


Album Rating: 4.0

I don't know, they may be frowned upon but I personally prefer track by track reviews. They may not be literary masterpieces but they're more helpful to me than a jumble of words. By the way, the review was good and reflected my own thoughts, reality lost is my personal favourite.

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