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February 3rd, 2014 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Review Summary: 'It's just a hand in the bush'

Recorded during his stop at Nippon Budokan Hall on February 15,2002 during his 'Down to Earth' Tour, Ozzy and his band, consisting of his longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo (soon to be Metallica's) on bass, Mike Bordin (Faith No More) on drums and 'a guy you never see' John Sinclair on keyboards, take Japan by storm

First of all I have to make a statement about the crowd: I think that the Japanese and Brazilian crowds are pretty much the best crowds when it comes to rock concerts. Here you have one big loud audience but when you watch the DVD you don't really see a bunch of die-hard metal fans moshing or anything like that, you see regular everyday normal guys. They don't look like an usual Ozzy Osbourne audience. They're really loud in-between songs and on a number of occasions they sing along but most of the time they just nod and pay attention to the music. For some people this may seem like a strange thing but I believe that this shows a lot of respect for the music.

The setlist is fairly good but nothing extravagant. The thing that really bugs me about Ozzy's concerts is that as soon as the new album is released he forgets about the previous one. There is no song from The Ultimate Sin, No Rest for the Wicked or Ozzmosis. I can understand that with every band there are some live standard songs that pretty much have to be in every concert but considering that he was going to release this performance you'd think he was going to try and play a 'Shot in the Dark', maybe a 'Bloodbath in Paradise' or a Perry Mason. He did all of those before, why not now" I know his voice isn't the same as before but he could find a song or two from those album that could fit his range. Hell, during the previous tour he sang 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'. It sucked, but just the fact that he played the song was great. Bottom line is that the set is good but I expected a little bit more.

The band is spot on. I like the fact that Robert Trujillo is high enough in the mix so you can really hear him and also Mike Bordin's drumming manages to cover a lot of ground, so much that there's really not an empty spot and it always catches your attention. Zakk's playing is as good as it always was. Sure he did a lot of pinch harmonics but you have to understand that that's his style. Take it or leave it. Although on every song he was really great I have to give him more credit for the songs 'Junkie' and 'Gets me Through' because I think they sound way better than on the album (especially 'Junkie') because on the album they're more produced, here they are free and it really elevates the song making it more heavy.

As far as Ozzy's voice goes you have to admit that he was never this amazing singer, although he had a bigger range in the past. He got where he is because his voice is unique and that's what makes him interesting. I don't know how much of this album was later retouched in the studio but his voice sounds pretty good actually. It's nowhere near perfect but has it ever been perfect" Overall he put out a great performance and that's what really matters.

No More Tears

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February 3rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

I didn't want to get into details about songs in particular because every album he released has at least one review so I thought there was no need for that.

February 3rd 2014


The band is spot on.I like the fact that Robert Trujillo

he sang 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'.It sucked, but just the fact that

was great.Bottom line is that the set is good

Set space after each dot. Sounds basic, but mistakes like these make for a more awkward review.

This isn't a bad review, but I think it could use more detail. Some tips:

-Describe the album's flow: is it easy to get through? Are there any bad tracks?

-Explain if this album is essential for an Ozzy fan or not. Explain why.

-Does the band sound at their best here? Why or why not?

Just a few suggestions.

February 3rd 2014


i bet you really like ozzy

February 3rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

What gave me away?

Thx for the suggestions.

February 3rd 2014


Also, try to use "I" as little as possible when reviewing, it looks unprofessional. Find ways to describe things without saying "I like" or "I think", etc.

February 3rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Very good concert, actually. The older stuff played here in particular is enjoyable; then again I'm partial to Zakk's heavier, harmonic-loaded version of everything.

February 3rd 2014


Amazing live album

Digging: Monster Magnet - Dopes to Infinity

February 3rd 2014


i wonder how many albums there are called 'live at budokan' seems like everybody has one.

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