Kawaleria Szatana



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December 16th, 2013 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1986 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A masterpiece. Truely one of the best Speed/Thrash album ever.

Simple, one of the best Speed/Thrash albums of history. Obviously, from the point of view of the writer. The review might end here.
It's a shame as Turbo are not very well known in Heavy Metal, because they are and have always been a great band that knows how to make great music in great quality.
Maybe it's because many of their albums are written in Polish that many have not heard them, and it is a real shame. And yes, because albums like this where I'm going
to speak , " Kawaleria Szatana", there are very few . Started in 1980 as a good and promising band of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal , Turbo build their two very pleasant first album,
" Dorosle Dzieci " and " Smak Ciszy ". But it is with the change of the genre in 1986 that the band reaches its true form. They become a Speed/Thrash band, with a very personal sound that certainly has nothing to do with Metallica or Slayer, since in those years began to tick off a lot of bands who wanted to copy the great masters of the genre.
But Turbo doesn't do it, because like many other bands they began to build their own Thrash sound , not obtained and ***ing epic .
Nine songs that have made the history of thrash metal, but unfortunately they are not familiar to many fans of the genre, even the most hardened
Nine huge, epic, fast, furious songs with the great voice of Grzegorz Kupczyk, the legendary singer of the band.

And immediately the album starts with a bang, " Zolnierz fortuny ", which is my second favorite track of the whole work, is something to be missed . Fast, furious, straddling, all you want from a Thrash track. See if you do not want to sing the chorus every time that the song starts!
And then the whole thing goes on, more and more murderess , with " dlon potwora ". It starts with a very interesting instrumental intro, and then hurl the ears of the listeners of healthy , fast and destructive Thrash metal. The album proof of not having dips in quality due to the short but very passionate song " Sztuczne oddychanie " which possesses great riffs and totally epic rhythmic that involve more and more with each passing second the listener. Then comes a pretty long song, of five and a half minutes, " Kometa Halleya ", which starts with a beautiful intro and
then down to unleash Heavy-Oriented bone-crushing and merciless Thrash riffs, always alternating with very convincing rounds of Bass.
And then unleashed the greates top of this masterpiece, a Thrash Metal song really like no other: the title track " Kawaleria Szatana cz . I". It's Fast, fierce, steamroller, you could give him any positive adjective. Especially thanks to a great and beautiful solo, which is probably the best moment this great masterpiece.
The longest song is " Wybacz wszystkim wrogom ". It's fast and rough with a very various songwriting, perhaps the most various songwriting of the entire album. Another great gem.
And then comes the second part of the title track , " Kawaleria Szatana cz II". Unfortunately it is not as convincing as the first part, but it is not a problem, because it is a great
song worthy to be in this job. The penultimate track is " Ostatni grzeszników placz ", another great test for the absolute talent of the band. A song that starts disturbingly,
and then go on fast and straddling Speed/Thrash riffs, supported by a large battery work. Of course in the previous tracks there was a very good job of battery , but it is in this
when drummer Alan Sors gives the best of himself . And it all ends with an instrumental song, " Bramy galaktyk ", which starts with a great drum intro, while slowly arrive fresh and fast
riffs of the two guitarists. In short, a perfect way to end this great masterpiece.

Finally, it's just a must for any metallers, not just for Thrashers. It's something you can not do without, and the few (which in Poland are not so few) who know it must be quiet because they're lucky . The band will release another great masterpiece , "Last Warrior", and many other valid albums, but the epic music achieved thanks to this not ever meet again.
But it is not a problem, because it certainly does not lower the magnitude of this disc. Obviously recommended for all those who believe they know good music.

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December 15th 2013


seems cvlt enough

December 16th 2013


im gg-g-g-g-g-gg-g-going TURBO!!

December 16th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

hell fuckin yes

December 16th 2013


woah this actually got reviewd i must be lucid dreaming

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December 16th 2013


the band's entire fanbase is itt right nao

December 16th 2013


lol hard truth

March 22nd 2015


Band rules hard, someone should add the rest of their albums to the database, at least the 80s stuff. (they have a lot)

April 6th 2017


Someone teach me polish

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