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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Band: My Chemical Romance
Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Released: June 7th, 2004 (June 8th, 2004 for America)

This is the first time I've actually heard this band. I'd heard plenty of talk about them and their debut album "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought My Your Love", and I saw lots of hype about their sophomore effort. So I wanted in. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. And I'm glad I did.

Helena - 7/10
This has a weird intro. The main riffs and drum beats are quite basic, but the vocals really make this song work better, including the backing vocals. The chorus is what makes the song really, as it has a lot of power in it's lyrics and vocal work, and the music puts it together.

Give 'Em Hell, Kid - 10/10
My favourite track on the record. With amazingly addictive lyrics, scratchy vocals and fast guitar work, this song is 2 minutes of sheer enjoyment. The mood switches a lot throughout the verses, choruses and bridge, and MCR do it nicely.

To The End - 8/10
This song isn't bad either. The intro is very grim, as are the vocals, but the melody in the verse and the main chorus makes it slightly more normal. I love the way the verses sound so dark, it makes them very interesting to listen to.

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison - 9/10
Another of my favourites. The way the music sounds in the verses really goes with the vocal work, and the chorus is just crazy and all out. The second verse picks up where the chorus left off, and the song from there is pretty basic. But it's the first verse that got me, it's so melodic, yet you know it's leading to something big.

I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - 8/10
For MCR, quite a cheerful song. The verses have a very emo feel to it, unlike the others where it is hidden slightly. The chrous is pretty basic (I'm not OK Repeated) but effective for the song. Overall, it isn't musically the best, but they pull it off well.

The Ghost Of You - 7/10
This song is slower than the previous lot, and in effect more moving. The lyrics are clearer and the vocal work is what really makes the song. The chorus kinda picks up, but not as much. It's a great song lyrically, but musically they could've done better.

The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You - 8/10
Like a faster version of The Ghost..., this carries the lyrical value of the previous song and steps the music up a notch. The guitar work is impressive to me, and the drumming is great as well (Not a drummer so I can't really judge). Overall, I liked the whole song.

Interlude - 6/10
How do you compare this to the rest of the album" It is incredibly slow, the vocals are much quieter and it's only 1 minute. Still, it does carry some value. The lyrics are good for a 1 minute song. Erm... yeah...

Thank You For The Venom - 9/10
A great song in my opinion. After the lead-up of Interlude, this doesn't disappoint. With excellent lyric, above-standard lyrics and fast music work, this song is one of the best on the album. Also, the solo is amazing!

Hang 'Em High - 8/10
Whistling intro, and then straight into another hardcore MCR song. The verses are pretty standard, and the vocals aren't bad. But the music, again, is what makes this song memorable. The guitar in the verses is great, and it's songs like this where you can see their musical talent.

It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Deathwish - 8/10
Again, a pretty standard song. The vocal work in the verses is great and shows his abilities, and the music isn't bad either. The bridge is very basic as well, which pretty much wraps up the song. Also, it has a kickass title!

Cemetery Drive - 6/10
The worst song on the album. However, that doesn't mean it isn't bad. The guitar melodies and the vocal work fit nicely, but it just isn't MCR. It doesn't go with the rest of the album, and in turn I didn't find it that interesting.

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living - 7/10
After about an hours worth of hardcore songs from this incredible bunch, it does get tiring. This is a great song, and the music and lyrics go together well again, but now I'm getting bored of the sound. Not the best song on the album, and not really memorable. But good nonetheless.

Overall, I was amazed and very impressed with this album. I don't know how it compares to their debut, but this one had catchy lyrics, amazing vocals and all-round good music. I suggest you buy this, now I know what all the hype was about!

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June 10th 2004


I got their debut aggeeees ago before anyone had heard them and i was very impressed, i really dont like punk and i still like MCR, so im looking forward to this offering.

Also, very cool review, well done

June 10th 2004


Didnt Bert McCracken of The Used do some vocals on this cd?

...Good review even though I havent heard it yet. I hope to soon.

June 10th 2004


MCR are awesome. I have the song this is the best day ever from the first cd, on an eyeball sampler i got for buying Waiting by Thursday. Check out Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer and Murder by Death on Eyeball records. If you have the first CD you should review that.

June 11th 2004


I've got their first album and it's amazing. The songs I've heard of this album are awesome too!
Great job on the review by the way!

June 11th 2004


Don't some of their songs have a gothic tone?

July 3rd 2004


I love this band... this album is better than their first, imo

July 3rd 2004


Im not a huge fan but this album is really catchy i liked it!

July 4th 2004


this is a decent album, but it is definately **** compared to the last one (brilliant). im not going to say they sold out, what with them moving to a major label, but they made a few bad changes in their sound. for one thing, the singer changed his voice to the point where its border-line annoying (he used to remind me of cedric from at the drive-in, but with more screaming), and the song-writing definitely took a hit; its all verse-chorus-verse..., and every song seems to have a pop-punk chorus, that, while catchy, doesnt add much, and brings the dreaded "emo" label to mind. in general their new songs arent nearly as intense or original as those on their old cd. but on the up-side theyre still one of the most talented and hardworking bands around, the guitar lines are amazing, and they seem to have expanded their range of musical influences to include bands like the mars volta and coheed and cambria (and i like the interlude where he sings radiohead-style). i give it a 3/5 and hope their next album is a little less emo-pop-punk-whatever, and closer to their hardcore roots.

July 7th 2004


Album Rating: 2.5

This cd is undeniably catchy.

July 8th 2004


this cd is awesome. theres nothing bad about it. except the interlude, i dont get. and they do not sound like coheed and cambria whatsoever. or taking back sunday. now thats EMO! emo is cool tho, im not a closeminded asshole, who thinks i'm too punk rock to listen to music with meaningful lyrics. this cd needs more praise, for being so awesome. the singer kicks ***. i've seen them live twice, and they are soooooooo good. rock on!...and btw....MCR is not hardcore....get a clue dip****. MCR puts together a great mix of punk, emo, and scary almost gothic tones, but there not at all marilyn manson scary stuff. just purely awesome. perfect.

July 8th 2004


Is there any screaming?

July 8th 2004



July 9th 2004


good review, good cd, good band

July 9th 2004


[QUOTE=cbmartinez24]MCR are awesome. I have the song this is the best day ever from the first cd, on an eyeball sampler i got for buying Waiting by Thursday. Check out Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer and Murder by Death on Eyeball records. If you have the first CD you should review that.[/QUOTE]

I'm checking them out now. :thumb:

July 20th 2004


this band is something different i love their lyrics....really poetic awsome stuff

July 21st 2004


Bert McCracken does make and appearance in "Do you know what they do to guys like us in Prison". This C.D is AMAZING not a single bad song. Like everyone else said, the interlude is different from the rest of the cd, but its not bad. I really don't see how this is a mix of MCR, coheed and TBS though. Not at all a mix of those bands. It feels like theres a little bit of The Used in there, But not those bands

July 23rd 2004


amazing review, basically right now as usual...MCR is just a great band, solid at what they do and they dont miss a beat, this cd is near perfection to me, i dont really see the comparison to coheed, as u can see by my user name i'm a huge coheed fan but i nvr thought of that...i hear the biggist comparison between at the drive in mars volta stuff, overall this cd is lyrically brilliant, thats the best part.....

July 25th 2004


i saw them live and they were terrible. the guy really cant sing live. i have the first album.. and i downloaded im not okay i promise.. i wasnt very impressed.
if you dont believe me about his inability to sing live download the video from punkrockvids

iro bot
August 17th 2004


i saw MCR at warped tour and they were amazin. i just think sum people just don't know about music. it was so cool he flipped his microphone around and it hit him in the mouth and he was bleedin but still continued and sung perfectly. also i am a huge coheed fan and they sound nothin like them. maybe i just listen to coheed too much, but it think thats impossible cause coheed and cambria are the best.

September 5th 2004


well i was listening to this cd when i saw this so i had to check it out. i gotta say they're great. i actually just got into them a few days ago and i don't regret it. i really want to check out their previous album. love pretty much every song on the cd. thought the band (at least this album) does come pretty close to getting big fat emo label (which isn't nessacarily bad) they're still f***in awesome!!!

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