Form And Function



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October 11th, 2013 | 17 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Dear Diary: My Form & Function Tour

I was a happy freshman of the Electronic Music School (EMS). I had taken the obligatory course on DnB for first-year students, TRONICS98: Rhythms & Shapes: An Introduction To Drum & Bass, of which a man named Professor Dev was the teacher. Professor Dev was hardcore. Starting early September, we had until the exam in mid-December to listen to just about 90 DnB albums and compilations, the quarter of which we were asked to analyse and review in homeworks. One of the highlights of this class was a visit we paid to the Photek Laboratory, which featured for the first time that semester - how lucky my folks and I were - the Form & Function Tour. We went there in October and we had a final paper to write about it. It is one of the best things I have done in my years at the Electronic Music School.

The Tour would begin in early afternoon on that day. If I recall, I think it lasted approximately two hours. And I mean two hours of cutting edge and un-like-any-thing drum & bass that enchanted and initiated our virgin ears. Of course the whole class was there, including the Professor. You didn't want to miss that - and not just because of the final paper.

I was first impressed when we entered the Photek Laboratory. It reminded me on the one hand of a beautiful planetarium, for its noble pensive character and its fascination about harmony and hugeness, and on the other hand of something like an insectary, because DnB specimens over there were studied and manipulated as if they were living beings. Even though it was quiet in the main hall, you would always hear some work-in-progress DnB piece blasting from afar. At that time, the Photek Laboratory was recently built in the urban landscape, as modern as it could be and filled with informative posters about DnB and electronic music in general. Epic events were held in one specific section of the building at least once or twice a month. It was a concrete and elegantly architectural Resident Advisor.

Our guide for the Tour quickly arrived and spoke to us:

"Greetings and welcome to the Form & Function Tour. My name is Rupert Parkes. Today you will experience drum & bass like you have never heard it anywhere else. Each piece of the Tour has its own room and its own theme. We will proceed in each and every one of them. It is yours to discover what is hidden in those rooms. You will wear 3D glasses for the panoramic screens as well as earplugs, because the volume and the frequencies will be extreme."

Well fair enough. He went on and added: "Drum & Bass is all about rhythms & shapes. More than a framework, it adds a dimension - a thickness - to any matter and it plays with the measures of things. It is first and foremost a fuel."

We then followed him. And so here is the recount of the Form & Function Tour I made in my final paper:

The Knitevision Room: Obscure & dense & brooding. Out from the ninja-moving shadows, a throbbing kick breaks through. Drums start whirling like staves of the mind, absolutely crisp and unstoppable. The bassline emerges, fades away, reappears, vanishes, echoes through-and-through from the deep, as quick as a ghost, and like a mysterious silhouette that takes off around us in bigger-than-life heartbeats, invisible though almost palpable. 1Thessalonians: 5:2 For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. Indeed we are in the Drum & Bass Monastery, very dim lights open at Compline, for the Knitevision utters the word of the grand abyss and slips its discreet but strong way into our silent corridors. Drums play swift & to the point; the misty bass is awake for the vigil. It is a chameleon-like and ontological piece that offers an answer to the conundrum: Why is there something rather than nothing"

The Lightening Room: Electrical and dizzy drums. Each time one of them hits the floor, colourful lightning strikes and sprinkles the vast area. Unlike the Knitevision, the Lightening is a playground of brief flashes. My head spins under the magical and tireless weather of the track. I meet a DnB Jewelcrafter, who lends me some of the vivid precious stones that fly around him in circular motion. I try to catch one or two with my hands, however they escape any grip. They have the spark of lasers, as well as the knockout force of rather sophisticated Bigfoot Trucks. Drums & Diamonds alike, Bass & Rubies altogether parade over us in a heavy fashion.

The Santiago Room: And here we cast off! Clouds break into pieces. Our bassline literally conjures up the sun: boiling hot, weighty, encompassing, slow-burner of afternoons. As for the drums, just look at our boat made for the Great Cruises: rock-solid, refined, definite, bursting like a frank and joyful laugh. The Santiago is as bright and neat as anything. Everything about it is thick. It vibrates with confidence. Over the sea of idle beaches we go navigate and explore. Our boat produces waves rather than it is the waves that come at us. Pirates dare not a thing in a hundred years; mermaids keep quiet; sea monsters hurt their ugly heads that bump into our shell. Track is green, blue, white, and wears sharp sunglasses.

The Seven Samurai Room: But a more serious matter awaits. The duel is about to begin in this deserted courtyard of lost glories. I must fight the ominous and faceless visitor who has come from the void, for I am the DnB Keeper who seals it. Basslines float around like dust clouds or rusty bits and pieces. Sounds of the Samurai Age emanate as though they were sung by austere birds perched on broken pillars. The Seven Samurai Room is clinical, metallic, resonant, chaotic too; it honors its DnB duty of living fully in the spaces and giving them a rhythm or two. Here, the drums embody a thousand swords that hit each other with complete precision and harmony; they tell a rather pummeling tale. Piercing right through the atmosphere makes their whip-strike harder than the most violent winds.

The Margin '98 Room: Rebuild! Reconstruct! Reform! Titan-pounding drums, with sticky and tight glue-basslines who lay the foundations, erect and revive the places that have haunted our dreams. At the speed of light, and through a formidable kaleidoscope of space and time, the Margin '98 Room extracts, stretches, assembles, shapes anew. I see the Tower of Babel suddenly DnB'd high up in the skies, the Library of Alexandria DnB'd back from the very fire that destroyed it, the whole Atlantis DnB'd out of the deep water, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World all freakin' DnB'd from scratch into a splendid return to form. It sounds like the earth becoming one big ball of planetary drums & basses.

The Rings Around Saturn Room: Enter the unknown Garden of Saturn. Let us discover a flora & a fauna of cosmic qualities. I feel I'm in an important expedition, wearing a helmet with the desire to remove it so I can breathe the New Air. So far everything is harmless, I say to my ship. I will collect some more samples. I can't even describe the colours. And so, no maps are yet drawn of this land; our compasses look as confused as we are. But how superb the Garden is, shaken by smooth DnB in both exotic and luxurious manners! It foams with the intensity of a Coke & Menthos experience. Rainy, lushy, fizzy, fleshy drums swing around with sinuousness; they incarnate what was once - and still is actually - unknown matter for us. Welcoming basslines walk pacifically as if they were inoffensive animals. Strings and windwhispers create new sunrises and new sunsets on this track which is neither day or night.

The Water Margin Room: At first, an eerie and humid tension. And then, a release of anthemic and temple-in-the-jungle proportions. The Water Margin Room takes us in its grasp like a network of ivy. It is the ultimate dance adventure of the Form & Function Tour, set in both a wonderful and toxic vegetation. The liquid drums tighten up and contract as much as they spatter and accelerate, their dynamics resembling a dinosaur who chases us and smashes the clustered surrounding trees and unfortunate frogs. The wild bassline enters the ear in the shape of multiple gigantic raindrops. Halfway through the Water Margin event, I can hear a river murmur its secrets - I can sense its enchantress pull and its terrific attraction, but I fall. I get up. I fall again. I get up once more and jump away like a DnB Tarzan. My mind is spinning, only I am dancing nonetheless.

The UFO Room: A feverish night of December. Here in the forest it is not pitch-black. Puzzling lights. There is something out there. The atmosphere is so tense and full of cold shivers. I hear voices. There is no doubt about it – there’s some type of strange flashing red light ahead. /// Sir, it's yellow. /// I saw a yellow tinge in it, too. Weird! It appears to be maybe moving a little bit this way" It’s brighter than it has been. At every turn, at every cross I feel we are getting nearer & nearer. But are we" The forest is weighty of ambient enigmas. We’re picking up heat reflection off the trees. [...] Looking directly overhead one can see an opening in the trees, plus some freshly broken pine branches on the ground underneath. Looks like some of ‘em came off about 15 to 20 feet up. The bass whirs like a nightly creature. I feel we are making history. Right on this position here. Straight ahead, in between the trees – there it is again. Watch – straight ahead, off my flashlight there, sir. There it is. /// Hey, I see it too. The drums appear at last, nervous, paranoid, jerky, along with an ever so shadowy bassline, both engaged in a worrying race as if the former represented us frenetic humans and the latter embodied the elusive UFO - human drums & alien bass. Right on this position here. Straight ahead, in between the trees – there it is again. Watch – straight ahead, off my flashlight there, sir. There it is. /// Hey, I see it too. Sometimes I discern a frightening and otherworldly sound, rawhrowhrawhrowh, mutter in the forest. Bass weaves in & out, twists & reverbs. Drums hammer their adrenaline rush. Just jumped up towards seven tenths. /// Seven tenths" Right there in the centre" /// Uh huh. [...] We’re getting very positive readings. Winds & cracks make the soundtrack of this cinematic suspense. Something of the Unknown is out there. It's coming this way. It's definitely coming this way.

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October 11th 2013


Groundbreaking drum & bass. Listen to it! Album could surprise you if DnB is not your usual cup of tea. Form & Function is comprised of two halves: six remixes and six singles. The remixes rely a little more on drum programming (heavy-hitting tracks), while the singles play more with a particular theme and a particular atmosphere. While the singles are absolute and mind-blowing DnB superstars, the remixes are all interesting in their own way.

The extraordinary sampling work Photek made in "UFO" is derived from the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident that happened in December 1980. Here are the links to the full tape:

(The famous "Watch straight ahead off my flashlight there, sir /// Hey I see it too" is at 3:28 of part 2!!!)

Hope you enjoy =)
Sorry for any weird or improper grammar/syntax.

Links to the singles:
"The Seven Samurai":
"Rings Around Saturn":
"The Water Margin":

October 11th 2013


Nooooooo, artwork :[
I messed up sorry!
Oh wait, the album title is the same in the database. Could anyone fix this? D:

October 11th 2013



October 11th 2013


they should get rid of all the ampersands, they cause nothing but trouble

October 11th 2013


ask the mods btw

October 11th 2013


SOS Photek!
edit: Yeah those bloody ampersands.............grrrrrrr

October 11th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Not as good as Modus Operandi, but still a case for why Photek will forever by my fav dnb artist.

Massive block of text! Pretty funny though.

Staff Reviewer
October 11th 2013


Needs more KJZ, but otherwise it's still Photek.

October 11th 2013


@clerc: Thanks; I admit it was meant to be a little funny ;P
And believe it or not I still have not heard Modus Operandi! Am I in for a treat? Hehe ;)

October 11th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

If you gave this a 5 already, expect your brain to explode. ;]

October 11th 2013


Then it is next on my list ^__^

October 11th 2013


About time this got a review. Modus Operandi is the shit.

October 11th 2013


yeah it's crazy

Staff Reviewer
October 11th 2013


Best he's ever done

Fixed the entry for you as well

October 11th 2013


Woohoo, thanks to whoever fixed the artwork!

edit: ahhhh yes, thanks Dev!

January 9th 2014


You manage to illustrate every song with your own sort of extravagant slant, which i like. Some people
might find it over-the-top but i think it's cool

Never been big fan of Photek or this album, but it's an important landmark

January 22nd 2017


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