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Forsaken and Forgotten



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September 26th, 2013 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: With “Forsaken and Forgotten”, Shaded Enmity show that not only do they still care about their music, but also show how they have matured.

In America, playing Metal can be tough. Especially if your band doesn't appeal to the mainstream. But of course, if your passionate enough, and work hard, then chances are is that you might become recognized. Although sadly enough, many bands who are passionate, just never do become recognized. Melodic Death Metal band Shaded Enmity are one of those bands. And it's a real shame too, because Shaded Enmity have always astounded!

Since their formation in 2001, Shaded Enmity have always been on their own, and are still highly unknown. The band starts various kickstarter campaigns in order to get their funds, and have now successfully produced four full-length albums, each with crisp production. Every one of Shaded Enmity's albums are great, but their fourth and recently released album, titled “Forsaken and Forgotten”, proves to be their best work yet!

With “Forsaken and Forgotten”, Shaded Enmity show that not only do they still care about their music, but also show how they have matured. The brilliant musicianship, catchy melodies, fantastic drumming and raw emotion that fueled their previous material are still present, but are better than ever! Shaded Enmity give us what us Shaded Enmity fans want most, but have become more diverse with this release. And part of that thanks has to go to guitar lead Spencer Hodge, whose rip-roaring solos add a new dimension to the band. His work truly shows with tracks like “Sadness In Summer Rain”, "What Have You Done, Oxycontin” and my personal favorite “No Peudo Dormir”. The nice melodic interludes and even the little bit of piano that plays here also help as well.

Even with the brilliant musicianship, catchy melodies and all of the diversity, the sense of emotion wouldn't be as good if the vocals couldn't match up. Luckily, vocalist Joe Nurre still gives us his all! His style has usually just consisted of intense high-pitched shrieks in the past, but in "Forsaken and Forgotten", he also implores a big emphasis on some ferocious sounding screams. Though the emphasis is still a little more towards his shrieks. The more diverse vocals is also something that helps make the album itself more diverse as well. I should mention that Joe's powerful vocal performance also helps us realize the thoughtful and well-structured lyrics, which still touch upon the usual Shaded Enmity fair of life and humanity.

Shaded Enmity deliver us another spectacular album, but that tops their previous releases and is head-above-shoulders above many of it's competition! For any fan of Melodic Death Metal, this album is demanding “LISTEN TO US NOW!”, because every track here is incredible! The amount of passion they put into their music just fills us with wonder! So please, give this album a listen! It's a great start for new listeners, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed!

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September 26th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

a 5 ey? This sounds interesting. I will jam. Good review, pos'd.

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