Beneath the Veiled Embrace



by Mister Twister USER (28 Reviews)
August 9th, 2013 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: It's enjoyable, but not really much beyond that.

Ever notice how with some albums, it's difficult to say they are flawed, and yet you can't really praise them as a pinnacle of their genre" Beneath the Veiled Embrace is kind of an example. The album is quite fun and enjoyable, with enough to entertain the listener for multiple listens, but nothing is really done to a degree that it stands out as an album that deserves to be lauded over as a classic, definitive symphonic metal release.

There isn't really a great deal that can be said about the album. It's quite theatrical and orchestral, with beautiful female vocals that fit their niche well, and the music is entertaining enough to hold the listener in for a full listen. Some shining moments aid the album in not feeling excessively homogenized, such as the standout track Army of the Damned. Tracks such as Sarah (Bury Me) show off the more emotional side of the music well, and bolster the release. What it essentially boils down to is that the album is a solid listen that will entertain those within its target demographic, but won't leave a truly long-lasting impression. It has plenty of elements at work in a fashion that is not unexpected, but still performed in a satisfying manner.

Pythia isn't making any sort of innovative moves, or incorporating writing decisions that will turn heads out of interest or spite. They are simply creating a solid, fun symphonic metal release that can hold its own amongst the other bands it may need to compete with. Expecting the wheel to be reinvented will lead to disappointment; there is very little done here that can be considered unique. But for an album that can catch your attention and please you a few times, you could do worse than Beneath the Veiled Embrace.

Sarah (Bury Me)
Eternal Darkness
Army of the Damned

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Mister Twister
August 9th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Hard to write about this. Not much to say, it's solid, enjoyable, and that's about it. Apologies if this review is sub-par.

August 9th 2013


"Ever notice how with some albums, it's difficult to say they are flawed, and yet you can't really praise them as a pinnacle of their genre?"

I found this sentence kinda weird since this pretty much applies to 99% of all the music out there. Solid review though, man! Short and sweet. Pos'd!

Contributing Reviewer
August 9th 2013


I read about this band a few months ago, and apparently the vocalist has written two novels. I gave the band a listen a while ago ut there's nothing special about them in all honesty. Pretty good review though.

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